Lamar roasts franklin but it's a fever dream


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    1. Engineer gaming

      HUfast Just Gets Better And Better..........

    2. Zach - IDK

      every dream have a meaning my dreams:

    3. Pp mm

      0:11 لنجذب انتباه بعض الإناث لمنطقة الاعضاء التناسلية😂😂😂

    4. Griddy Boi

      Psychologist: dreams have meaning My dreams:

    5. Yark Jaxx


    6. Rakshithhh

      me when I ask what something means at school 0:24

    7. ninjaraven 19

      0:18 what did he throw

    8. Jimiel Bolasa


    9. Bruh Moment

      Whens the new music

    10. Ryan the Sonic fan#2

      Franklin is dressed up as CJ

    11. Christopher Kurt Sandoval Barrientos

      I actually got the fever since yesterday and this does not look funny anymore

    12. 2025.Julian Lodes

      Furries be like: 0:19

    13. The game Human 3.0

      I got recommended this a month after update?

    14. Atlas Corporation

      Never gonna give you up 2 pls

    15. Francesco Barbero

      Nen.... NEĒËĘN

    16. koamalama


    17. Orestas Arvasevičius


    18. FluteForD4Ys

      Hi pewdiepie

    19. Petko 15

      Request: Africa 2

    20. Dhruv Bhardwaj

      Imagine actually having this nightmare

    21. Bruhify soldat

      Oh better yet can a loc come up in a dog's ass to get rid of da poop

    22. Trần Tuấn Minh

      0:44 T-Pose rises again

    23. Mr Sol Gaming

      The intro is hilarious

    24. Mr Sol Gaming

      Lamar.exe has stopped working.

    25. Girlfriend

      i cant breathe oh my god

    26. rths mightiest

      "What?" "What the fu--" "What is you talking about?" "What?" "What?"

    27. Havtf2 尉違ツ-

      You edit Mrbeasts videos 😏

    28. Josh W

      Lamar: speaks Japanese but Spanish Franklin: What? What the fu-

    29. مايكل

      your good kid Franklin

    30. Vojtech Kroupa

      0:22 me, when my german teacher asks me a question in online class

    31. Rokasi Suwahl


    32. eduardo marques

      And in these moments when I think: -What I'm doing with my life

    33. BF FNF


    34. BF FNF

      Gta v: the fever dream

    35. BF FNF


    36. Degenerate Danny

      Nothing makes sense and I love it

    37. Joe Swanson

      "Nen. N. Ñ Ê Ñ"

    38. Foxy The Second Channel

    39. wreckz _


    40. Yeah, ImARandomDudeOnTheInternet

      A random dude: I had a dream I kissed my crush! My dreams:

    41. Fade

      Mom: go to the shop and buy the things from the shopping list The shopping list: 0:10

    42. Angelica Yankinson


    43. Aleksa Jakic

      Very cursed, i like it

    44. Crash Station Productions

      Make a: That vegan teacher has a mental breakdown. It would be funny AF.

    45. tahmidisww


    46. DrDoMemez

      Cocomelon diss track part 2 im waiting

    47. Zeysi Animations


      1. John Junel Palay

        Yea yo right🙃

    48. LDavid

      Never knew a 46 second video could make me

    49. Clixz Kun


      1. a black gentleman

        No f*ck anime

    50. C J

      Rap god 2 when?


      Had to comeback for memories man

    52. UFL_NakloV 28

      0:24 NeN

    53. Malik T Fortune

      Yep this are what my dreams look like

    54. Veerankutty Ponnadan

      Nieee nieeeeeeeegga

    55. Patryk Borzymowski


    56. ZaxooGaming

      watch at 144p for best experience.

    57. BBUCKS

      0:11 means translatet Yewsjbhs hshsjklp ggs gdgh eso hsjsjj

    58. EeeYeeRee

      for anyone wondering, at the part when he speaks spanish, he is saying, "maybe if you got rid of that yee-yee-[gotta keep it pg] haircut..."

    59. Blaze Cat

      I hath found the holy grail

    60. Yasin SEHAN

      0:27 this my favorite part 🤣🤣🤣

    61. CJay Ψ

      0:36 my dreams

    62. Pisi Song

      Imagine you had that dream

    63. eggs Benedict

      Wait...he is speaking the language of Gods

    64. Louis Johnson

      Hey Flying Kitty, You should do a parody of bad and Boujee

    65. Paulina K


    66. Justin Beckroege

      Watch this next time you smoke weed it'll fuk your mind if your high.

    67. Sleepy Alex!

      "Your dog's ass" i- what 😃✌️

    68. Yeetus Confuctus

      *N e N*

    69. Jonathan Simanjuntak

      Neeeen, nnnnnn.....

    70. Sbeast Bock

      3 MILLION

    71. Alek Sandrovish


    72. Shanglap Chowdhury

      We are waiting for your videos nigga

      1. Shanglap Chowdhury

        @Zach Stewart i have n-word pass😳

      2. Zach Stewart

        Why are you saying the n word bruh. You're literally not black 🤚😤


      Ayyye he just got to 3 mil

    74. Tadashi Yamaguchi

      My humor is definitely broken

    75. just your average youtube user

      mom: im pregnant dad: 0:29

    76. Ecena 7

      Die very rough 2?

    77. Hussein Sabah

      The Arabic translation 😂

    78. Minecraft

      This is Arabic 0:10

    79. TB

      when your arab and understood 0:11

      1. Mark Travers

        What does it say?

    80. fred roblox player

      0:07 lol

    81. ツMANIA

      the secret ending

    82. Dabeast_one

      Your memes is so funny

    83. dourspider

      To ten n word alternates: nen

    84. Denvide

      I like how before lamar said nén he broke like his neck

    85. FARREL5825

      GTA 3 ytp

    86. berryjaff


    87. DanteGaming777OMG

      "tal vez si te desasieses de ese repugnante corte de pelo que te hiciste guarr- *Windows error*" -- Lamar Domingo

    88. Venerdi

      Do coco di track

    89. skyline_ 284

      That's me when the

    90. Deep Mukherjee

      Your my man frankilin

    91. JimothyBiscuit • 14 years ago

      0:10 Translation: Chinese* Maybe if you get rid of the smiley hair and cum Arabic* will attract some attention towards the capitalist member area Japanese* Maybe Tanisha will call her ass for your dog.

    92. Purple guy

      Nen nnnnnnn N E N AaAaAaAaAaAaA

    93. TPAVLOV

      WAKE UP!

      1. TPAVLOV

        my Dreams is

    94. beautiful guy

      S U C K O

    95. TheHolyAstroMan

      Every dream means something My dream:

    96. oussama4games 2008

      do i see arabic? 🤔

    97. Zaid Al-tarawneh

      Is he dead.

    98. خالد الخطابي اخطبلك؟

      0:11 translate:- It will attract some female attention to the genital area