Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman



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    Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Official Audio)
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    Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Let Me Love You Like A Woman (Audio). A Polydor Records Release / An Interscope Records Release in the USA; © 2020 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. Michelle Pop

      I love her so much. Her music calms me.

    2. mancmal

      This is just another Lana Del Rey song which means it's absolutely brilliant another Classic

    3. kelsom Pinheiro

      Mais uma linda música da lana.. E ela cada vez mais rica.. Porra lana eu te amo! Suas músicas são perfeitas mas eu so queria um pouco do seu dinheiro.💕

    4. Sharik Herrera

      i came from a small town how about you?

    5. Carl Valderrama

      she is gross

      1. Ana P

        So why are u here

    6. Suane Caroline

      Eu amo tanto que eu não sei explicar 😔🖤

    7. Bogdan Kowalski

      Great song.

    8. Mariana rodrigues

      Minha diva#lana del rey ❤❤❤..

    9. Endah Wulandari, SE


    10. vida do pobre

      Tem BR ?

    11. Bruno Albuquerque

      So underrated

    12. •LipeSleh

      vindo aqui dnv falar como essa muie eh perfeitaaaaah"!!!!!!!!!

    13. bilprey bilperis

      Ohh the damn bridge brings me every time tears...!!! 😔😪

    14. KAI HAYNES

      I wish you would still love me forever Lizzy, and keep me close to you until i die in your arms this time. I will always love you Elizabeth, Billy xx

    15. Anna Katsavou

      I need the piano sheets please

    16. This Girl Again

      Let me love you like a baby

    17. •LipeSleh


    18. •LipeSleh


    19. Losers Club

      It upsets me to see people commenting stuff like "I miss the old Lana" like hun she found herself and back then she was wasn't doing so good, she did drugs and was in a lot of abusive relationships.

    20. S Flores

      I'm disappointed she's all plastic surgery. Everything's fake. She has an old soul though.

      1. katja Ikona

        the fuck man ?? she only has lip fillers and nose which she got done 10 years ago ...

    21. Eilen Payares


    22. Uli Sylphia

      Aw this song's warming my head u know🥰🥺

    23. Julia Escudero

      Great artist, it’s just a shame she was one of the worst live performer I ever seen in my life. Her live voice was weak and drowning even in a small venue. Hopefully, she might improve with time.

    24. Draco Malfoy

      MY QUEEN

    25. Niala BWilliams

      The queen is back and bigger and better than before

    26. Bradlee297

      This is beautiful

    27. nasiphi nyathela

      Her and Abel (The Weeknd) want to leave LA - maybe they will run away together!

    28. im just dreamer


    29. Isaac Garcia hello

    30. anne ferraro

      This has got to be one of her most amazing songs, it speaks to my heart so much

    31. Kenji Takahashi

      I'm here everyday

    32. Keith Thompson

      is this Mazzy Star?

    33. Heisel Heidi

      Nix klappt's

    34. ॐ xhelaz

      My queen 🥺🥺

    35. Pame Hernández

      TE AMO DIOSA 😻🇮🇹

    36. lyric hill


    37. Frank Rodgers

      Lana is a real person. Wish there were more in LA.

    38. Reginaldo Conceição

      Essa música me traz uma paz. ❤👏👏👏👏

    39. Prof. Adson Luan Seba

      I really appreciated your new album. Congratulations on your talent.

    40. Reda El Amrani

      Queen of alternative

    41. Chrislan Coelho

      I love this song!

    42. Emilia Campoverde

      My doctor: angels does not sing Me: How can you say that if Lana del rey exist?

    43. Jen


    44. Ouertani Malak

      If Noah beck was a woman :

    45. Duh Bruhh

      I’ll leave with you Lana ✨🤟🏼

    46. Zayra Hernández

      Esta canción es sumamente hermosa, al escucharla me da tranquilidad y su significado es hermoso, quiero pensar que todas las personas deseamos amar y ser amadas por quien realmente somos, que nos permitan crecer a lo que estamos destinados, que respeten nuestra esencia y amar a la otra persona, mimarla como si fuese un pequeñito. Cuando sintamos que esa persona indicada llegó podríamos abandonar lo que tenemos para escapar con ella a cualquier parte del mundo. Lana eres grande, eres poesía y eres arte, te amo.

    47. V̶i̶x̶e̶n̶

      Oh fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talking about

    48. Vintage Cult Vault

      her creativity is so stiff lately all her lyrics are about the same thing, I guess it's normal...

    49. Muriel Bellini

      lovely diosa

    50. Taylor Welch

      Keeping me alive during shutdown, Rest, Gary 🏋🏼‍♀️🥓🙎‍♂️

    51. Kevin Aguirre

      is anyone else crying?

    52. Natasha Owen


    53. L Rafael

      i'm lonely 🥺

    54. Notgamer


    55. manathalie espina

      0:56 to 1:00 I've saw a little Anne-Marie vibes on her face

    56. Dianna Andrade

      Miss you 😔✊

    57. Dianna Andrade

      You're the best

    58. Lucía Páez

      I love you Lana ❤

    59. Reginaldo Conceição

      She is the Q U E E N ❤👉👑

    60. Reginaldo Conceição

      Welcome Back! ❤

    61. Adam Engine

      golfcart shotgun is cahyooot

    62. Nhi Nguyen

      Lone your music. From Viet Nam

    63. Maurice Siamuzwe

      I love how she says want and need at the same time. Smh this genius 😭❤️

    64. hkff skype -hkffskiff хмельныцькій

      меня бесят твоі фейкі

    65. Boy Blue


    66. M Deedman

      did anyone else spot zella day at 3:35?

    67. Taylor Welch

      I really like what that means ...

    68. Carrie Ann LaShelle

      I love this so much, waiting hard for the album. My heart. xoxo

    69. Neighborhood Jerk

      This is easily one of my favorites by Lana. Thank you for this.

    70. Sergey Prazdnikov

      Who can promote body positive better?🤣

    71. мурлакин

      снято во время поездки в краснодар

    72. Şeyma İnci

      She's so gorgeous 🖤💜🖤

    73. अन्वेषक


    74. emmu 01

    75. jenny Diaz

      Esto es Arte. Dios mío 🙏💛

    76. Jüłïňhä

      Alguém do Brasil?

    77. 00Gerome00

      What a beautifuuuul song !!!

    78. Alexander Seewald

      she's such an phantastic artist

    79. William Nichols

      I can only imagine how lucky the person is who you're asking to leave with you 80 miles north or south will do I would have did it in a heartbeat

    80. Hugo Capurro


    81. Dr. Jorge Rice

      For me ... we will end up together

    82. Scott Hansley


    83. AR S


    84. Elle Odoba

      Such a beautiful song❤️❤️❤️

    85. Tal Maayan

      Seeing Zella Day here and knowing my two favorites are friends makes me so happy

    86. Alende Vergara

      From the bottom of the page up

    87. Made Line

      Glad to see Lana is living the best of her lifetime ❤

    88. samuel de beer

      Hi @Lana do your version of this ( song.

    89. samuel de beer

      The good old days beat 2020 blind folded. Thanks to Lana for sharing pieces of her good old days. This surely is worth more than money, status or fake obscene music videos which usually attract the mainstream like mis gaga. Love your songs.

    90. Carlos Arturo Velarde


    91. Lucas Ed

      People are complaining saying that the video "looks cheap" while I'm over here watching her character development throughout the video.

      1. No

        It’s the vintage aesthetic

    92. Cielo Huiza

      I remember many things 👌😞

    93. Cielo Huiza


    94. Rony Samaj

      How would this song be in Male Version? See the result:

    95. blank

      Your harmonies and vocal layering is unmatched, Lana

      1. Rony Samaj

        How would this song be in Male Version? See the result:

    96. Kybug 4 Life

      Lana deserves the world and you all should know that

      1. Rony Samaj

        How would this song be in Male Version? See the result:

    97. Eve Lugo

      1:40, I'm obsessed with her look!!

      1. Rony Samaj

        How would this song be in Male Version? See the result:

    98. Elvis Tec

      Florence & Lana in a collab?

      1. Rony Samaj

        How would this song be in Male Version? See the result:

    99. Chapstick Berry

      I love singing this song 🎤 🎶

      1. Rony Samaj

        How would this song be in Male Version? See the result:

    100. Riley Madison

      I'm happy to see she's going back to her roots with the homemade, retro-looking videos. That's what drew me to her in the first place (and the fact that her music is unlike anything currently out). Anybody complaining about it can KMA because this is how she started and if you don't know that, you're a fake fan. But, hey, the new generation only want overproduced, overpriced music videos that have no substance so it's not a surprise they're moaning about it.

      1. Edu D

        She's been doing cheap videos for a while

      2. Rony Samaj

        How would this song be in Male Version? See the result: