Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Official Music Video)


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    1. Ferhat Kurul

      We still do not give up hope left listening Greetings from Turkey 24.01.2021 😊😊

    2. Menteo Dejesus

      Who listening in 2037

    3. Aashin M shibu

      Where are the January 2021 listeners at, I can't be the only one?

    4. Hélder Almeida


    5. Hélder Almeida

      My favourite artists.

    6. Murhatta _:

      February button _:

      1. Murhatta _:

        @bleu animatie oho be sure when I listened to this, you didn't even know her

      2. bleu animatie

        Hii this song iş ver old :"(

    7. Ира Фокина

      в 2021 году я все еще смотрю этот клип

    8. Frederic Reid


    9. Dziadosz

      She sing sad songs before it was popular

    10. Emebet Alemayehu

      is it me or we all had a heartbreak happening on this song in 2014-2017 ?

    11. Dariuss Cheveresan

      I lisent lana forever ❤⚘❤

    12. İlayda Tamay

      I get joy every time I listen, you are wonderful

    13. Andrija

      She is a poor copy of Nancy Sinatra....

      1. Drew R

        The bridge at 2:22 in the music video is an old bridge in Pasadena, CA that has a local history of some suicides and people jumping off it. It even has a chain link fence now higher than the lamp posts and a suicide prevention hotline sign near the front. Lana knowing a little about that stuff and bringing that history forward in her music and storytelling is something I'm eternally grateful for.

    14. İlayda Tamay


    15. a. kn

      Are you here too?

    16. Bony Me

      This song makes me cry every time I hear it 19

    17. John Travolta

      Господи. это прекрасно

    18. Guillermo DelCo

      The best

    19. Andrew Mark Ramnath

      Sucks that this song doesn't have over 1B views

    20. Necmi Taskır

      Burdan amcama ve teyzemlere selamlar.Nede olsa anlamıyorlar gönder gitsin

    21. Z77 -

      "Wake me up when September ends"

    22. bailey metcalfe

      i used to be obsessed with this song 3-7 lmao

    23. Gia-Han Le


    24. Sefin Francis

      Am fuckin addicted 😘

    25. felipe jfp.

      Brasil.... Olha nos aí

    26. El Liyana

      My heart is always in summertime but i hope no sadness in it 😭😭

    27. Vincent Friebel

      cool!!!!!1! :)

    28. Mauro Ogami

      its so beautiful

    29. Marti Ty

      Hello from 2021 !!!

    30. itzselena


    31. Adrian Campos

      this is Adrian. Lana i will raise our kids

    32. Felipe Silva Oliveira

      BRASIL 🇧🇷

    33. Laura Sheakspeare


    34. FROGGIE - CHAN

      This is sad i cant take this i bet you are listening to this in 2021

    35. Яр Псих


    36. Mahnoor Freelances

      Her voice feels like wine: savoury and strong. And I have never tasted wine. But this is perhaps the best brand of it.

    37. Ay Çiçeği


    38. Ale

      Always .... january 22th, 2021

    39. Cameron Scott

      Thank you

    40. Yhuvier

      There's a part of this song that makes me think I'm listening to Miley Cirus "Wreking Ball."

    41. Wood y

      Let’s see how many people are listening to this today

    42. Jannatul Fardous Sinthia

      Kiss me hard before you go gives all the feelings all the goosebumps!still listening in 2021😭🖤

    43. Papaleta52

      Helo cavalo

    44. Bruno

      Lana ..... un mito 😉💋Mirella di bay Toronto

    45. Priscilla Costa Soares

      I 💜 Lana del Rey 💜

    46. נה כהמ

      Laa y aby

    47. Berik Yusupov

      Казактар 2021 келды... ептеалмайд

    48. h3ll0 k1tty

      lana te amo

    49. Anton U

      a feeling? a feeling... a feeling!!!

    50. rixhiwdh

      I see a lot of Legends here ✌🏼

    51. MİCRO

      şarkının asıl anlamını öğrendikten sonra daha da farklı gelmeye başladı şarkı

      1. Steve Steven

        Hi :D

    52. Bugra Ince

      Geliyorum gidiyorum şu koca 7 yılda şöyle kaliteli bir şarkı çıkmadı. 2010 ve 2016 yılları arası belkide yabancı müzik piyasası nirvanasını yaşadı

    53. Temαri ツ

      Sempre vai ser uma música perfeita n dá 🖤

    54. Carllean Åhr

      Isso fica melhor na versão forró KKKKK

    55. Andrey Malets


    56. dellie and clexa shipper

      I was: straight i became: bi i am: lesbian i am gonna be: lesbian

    57. Mr. K

      I have been listening to this song from when it's released

    58. STORROR 10

      Из Казахстана кто есть!!!

    59. Exquise Me?!

      Title: "Summertime Sadness 🥺" Me reading it: "Summertiiime, and the living's easy...😎"

    60. jaime luna

      : (

    61. Gustavo Alvarez

      Janeiro de 2021!!! Vem chorar comigo ❤️❤️❤️

    62. Nhu Tra

      i love u .

    63. Esme Flores

      i wish i want a Gen z i wished i was born in the 90’s or 80’s

    64. marlene garcia flores

      eres el amor de mi vida LANA DEL REY, TE AMO:3

    65. History and Geography

      Just discovered her music. So good and relaxing.

    66. Landon Rice

      Lets see how many people are listening to this in 2021

    67. Antonia Zelia


    68. Steve Saenz

      This song gives me nostalgia vibes!!

    69. Elle Diaz


    70. Everson Nicolau

      Quem veio por meme

    71. GUILLAUME valery

      C"est vous.. Dans tout.

    72. Sara Tg

      All the ones that disliked this video is because they had tears in their eyes and couldnt see well.


      Brasil 2021 🇧🇷 !!!

    74. Frederic Reid


    75. Alperen

      I live in this song , it gives me chill

    76. irma_ ypi

      I will never get tired of this

    77. Dente

      This song will be in my heart forever.

    78. Владимир Владимирович Путин

      Романтизация суицида...хм...

    79. Tyra Sloan-Favara

      Still her best

    80. Anna Łyczko

      The lyric Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That baby, you the best I got my red dress on tonight Dancin' in the dark, in the pale moonlight Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style High heels off, I'm feelin' alive Oh, my God, I feel it in the air Telephone wires above are sizzlin' like a snare Honey, I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere Nothin' scares me anymore (One, two, three, four) Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That baby, you the best I got that summertime, summertime sadness Su-su-summertime, summertime sadness Got that summertime, summertime sadness Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh I'm feelin' electric tonight Cruisin' down the coast, goin' about 99 Got my bad baby by my heavenly side I know if I go,…

    81. Ekrem Karatas

      Bi türk bu şarkıda neden efkarlanır

    82. Kreatyna Biceps Klata

      Let’s see how many people don't give a damn about how many people listening this in 2021.

    83. Agostina df

      Mi mujer

    84. wuelngeln Negerkopf

      Corona time sadness

    85. __xy.emily.xy_ _

      isn´t this song by miley cyrus?

      1. ReactKing

        Lmao no. Miley did a cover to it tho.

    86. Boricua Mamii_Xx

      Wish we could go back to 2014-2016 those were the best times🥺

      1. Vanessa K.

        yes :/

    87. A book thief

      Entering my BTD era

    88. David Beerle

      Sad songs are just sad when you actually are sad about something, change my mind

      1. ׂ

        Nah. The lyrics are making me sad and that's why I listen to them

    89. Mranalini Singh

      Every girl feels like a woman when Lana sings.

      1. Xynthi .3.

        My mom listens to her since i was born, at 4 years old i was annoyed but now i absolutely love her songs

      2. Daria Sowa


    90. cutelittlecactus x

      This song makes me cry every time, life sucks and bad things happen and it’s not as easy as a ‘get on with it’ but we have to. Make sure to talk to someone if u ever feel down because people are always there for u 💔

    91. daniela niz


    92. samsilvaofc

      The year is 2045 and I will still be listening to this song If I'm alive, of course :)))

      1. emery mathis

        @samsilvaofc ik you will be :)

      2. jaime luna

        By that time I'm gonna be 36

      3. samsilvaofc

        @emery mathis I hope that too

      4. emery mathis

        you'll be alive :)

    93. Sabrina Pereira

      Alguém ouvindo em 2021?

    94. Muhammed CUBUKCUOĞLU


    95. jason jackson

      eh ?????

    96. lucas souza


    97. GeTeX GeTeX

      Its kinda sad when u can relate to the lyrics, when u went through the same like Lana, and it happened guess when, yup u guessed it right...

    98. florian