Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)


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    Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
    The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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    Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. Eduardo Sánchez

      Hey, to the ones who dislike this treasure. Everything good at home?


      If you want to talk about this stuff feel free to contact me :)

    3. SpaceGarden

      İzlediğim çoğu filmden kaliteli

    4. Elle Odoba


    5. Juan Adrián Romero García

      En ese video se parece a niurka

    6. Stephen Moripi

      Eyes 👈🏽😈🙈

    7. Cassandra Patricia


    8. bryan carvill

      She would be a great choice for a James Bond theme song.

      1. o_o /

        She has a song called ‘24’ it sounds just like a bond song it’s incredible.

    9. Luis Eduardo

      I love lana.❤

    10. ꧁ทαταท꧂

      eh a patroa galera

    11. SAVVA


    12. Anthony Sevilla

      2:52 there comes the bitter taste of the chem trails 🌈

    13. Kayla Crouse


    14. Homeless in America

      Queen forever

    15. Emre Terzi


    16. Dreamy Night

      it's like a mix of born to die, summertime sadness, blue jeans, ride, national anthem, ultraviolence, shades of cool music videos

    17. Rony Samaj

      If you have a second, I recorded a male version to this song. I'd love if you'd check it out. It's on my channel. Hope you enjoy!

    18. Jennifer Williams

      You could listen to the news and visualize hell on earth all you want. But as long as you can look out the window and see a beautiful, peaceful day, that's all the day will ever really be.

      1. Mr. Nightingale

        @Rony Samaj you made the best cover to this song. Thanks for sharing.

      2. Rony Samaj

        If you have a second, I recorded a male version to this song. I'd love if you'd check it out. It's on my channel. Hope you enjoy!

    19. Levi Curtis

      This song has so many meanings and messages

      1. sweet love

        Yes, CHEMTRAILS.. think of this people.. your “idols” are giving you a lot of signs....

      2. Rony Samaj

        If you have a second, I recorded a male version to this song. I'd love if you'd check it out on my channel. Hope you enjoy!

    20. hashim wedaei

      Welcome back lana ❤

    21. DJSupaflyguy

      Absolutely Stunning an most amazing voice, perfection 👌👌👌👌

      1. Mr. Nightingale

        @Rony Samaj wow, I saw your version, its the best!

      2. Rony Samaj

        I recorded a male version to this song. I'd love if you'd check it out on my channel. Hope you enjoy!

    22. Valdomira Balbino

      That facemask doesn't protect her from anything.. shes perfect though

    23. Teodovgdra Tenorio


    24. Annie Katherine Haze

      Anyone Know what chemtrails are?

      1. John Meakin

        chemtrails are left by planes, it the emissions from burning the fuel in the engine.

    25. ThatJewishKid11

      Another diabolical and demonic mess

    26. Alessio Capone

      I 👏🏻 AM 👏🏻 AD 👏🏻 DIC 👏🏻 TED under the chemtrails over the country club of course

    27. Jhoan Carvajal

      Nice video 😍

    28. amanda karolina

      Hino Do Caralho. Dona da Porra toda . Deusa . Rainha.

    29. Derick Johnson

      I jokes too, my wolf running at garden of the gods lol, really think about it,can't be a god with out a dog on the trail, enjoy chemtrails.

    30. Амира Магомедова

      Ни хрена себе! Это что за клип такой сатанисткий...!? Это что же получается после вакцины мы станем оборотнями....!? Я против вакцинации которое нагло проталкиваюь, я за разумное решение. Я против цифрофашизма. Да поможет нам Всевышний.

    31. What’s up with James

      Never really got into your music this video just popped up in my feed. One of the best videos I have ever seen absolute amazing

    32. Mariann Kira Nilm

      The gold fish made her dreams come true

    33. Damian

      Not the mesh mask again...

    34. André

      Msc do cblol slk braba dms

    35. AN Feuerstahl

      Great video, but the song is just OK.

    36. ZξUSROj

      True visionary

    37. Zahra Bagheri

      Omg u kill me 💚

    38. Marissa Olivia

      How does one come up with such a video wow.

    39. Vagner Shokwave


    40. Naranja Dulce

      Te amamos Lanaaaaaaaaaa

    41. Trevor Creech

      She could get it so many different ways

    42. Μαρία Τζάνι

      Shes so happy 😭❤❤❤

    43. Μαρία Τζάνι

      I want this to be a soundtrack

    44. SATIERF trap ou pop?

    45. MirFällt KeinNameEin

      this is art

    46. Yum Yum

      2:05 is it just me or did I hear Melanie Martinez?

      1. Osvaldo Martinez


    47. Lunar9p

      LOVE IT 🔥

    48. Osvaldo Martinez

      Good lana del rey

    49. John Jimsen

      Mindfuck flickers. Random Illuminati stuff.

    50. David B

      Lana is the reason we exist; everybody knows it, it's a fact, kiss, kiss 💋

    51. RST Samodelkin


    52. Lena Dyakova

      I love her. She is so cute

    53. Kairon Suelber


    54. FARSIN BM

      12k dislike thay are blind

    55. Jonathan Foote

      Chemtrails? Do these glide up the nostrils like Concorde

    56. Candy Cane

      #Vintage GLam

    57. around earth

      2:13 did you notice her ring?

    58. Luxcas

      3:49 :p

    59. anthonynewsome

      Thanks for increasing the joy levels for this worrying Month new in 2021 Amazing Lady

    60. MMC c

      Te amoooooooooooooooo

    61. OfficialDungeons

      That was a Tropico-level mood change

    62. Izzy Anderson

      the sound designer needs a raise

    63. Layse Johnson

      She's so prettyyyyy

    64. अन्वेषक

      Lana the Goddess

    65. Douglas Del rey

      Deusa porrra ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🎶🎶🎶

    66. Lizzy Grant


    67. Asya Del Rey

      This song is perfect like all songs

    68. Asya Del Rey

      just perfect

    69. Asya Del Rey

      lana do you always have to be perfect

    70. Asya Del Rey

      I cry every time I listen to the lana...

    71. Asya Del Rey

      I feel aestethic

    72. Asya Del Rey

      This is PERFECT

    73. Asya Del Rey

      Omg the song is so Aestethic 🥺

    74. Asya Del Rey

      Lana is so Aestethic...

    75. Ehab abo jawish

      I love you so much lana🥺

    76. Asya Del Rey

      I was born bad

    77. Sara Begga

      I'm happy I lived in the age of Lana ❤

    78. MCJK Official

      Lana's witchcraft interests intensifies

    79. Peter van Oosten

      I am surprised that no one mentioned the resemblance between this song and the music clips of Norman FR especially Bartender. Modern day life and fun, playing with butterflies and throwing food at police cars. It seem to have no consequences. But above in the sky already explosions, airplanes fighting and even chemtrails. Life nowadays has changed dramatically. Lana is still on the run with here sweetheart , but danger is everywhere, you can become a monster yourself. For me it’s a statement that our lifes have changed drastically over the last years with big T , BLM and the Covid-19. Masterpiece.



    81. Θάνος Ασπροδίνης

      That song reminded me how love is

    82. Chris Berg


    83. Dharo Pantheos

      Another NWO symbology, go hell puppets and puppet masters

    84. Dan OConnor

      For all you libs who claim to be devotees of science, there is no scientific study that proves face masks work any better than chicken wire to prevent covid.

    85. lana delkae

      I’ve been a Lana Stan for 7 years but I have to say this song is not good

      1. Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic

        What??... This song is a masterpiece and it made me become a fan of Lana. Back then i was never interested in her but thanks to this song, i fell for her and for her other songs that i thought were boring before but now i get the beauty of her voice and songs. 💕

    86. XXX18


    87. XXX18


    88. XXX18

      10 m nowww

    89. Zalo // A.A


    90. Wide Awake

      ovce lajkajo zbujeni dislajkajo #stopchemtrails #stopgeoengineering 🌪️ ☠️ ☣️ ✈️

    91. barmo b.m

      This video is a jewel for me. I was in the beach, in the hotel's restaurant and I was about go to the room when I saw my phone and there was this beautiful notification and I just scream, I just love it, I hear it the rest of my vacation, now everytime I watch it or hear it I reminds me of the beach, and I love it.

    92. Marielis Joan

      Guys let’s go that 10m

    93. Weronika Brzeska


    94. chay3l eilish

      I love herrrrr so classy😭

    95. crazymusicman13

      God damn do I want a woman with Lana's femininity. but I think she is the only one. "I'm not bored or unhappy, I'm still so strange and wild"

    96. Camille Carrau


    97. Bylee Malox

      Makes me want to wear my grandma's pearls and go dancing someplace fancy with my man somewhere in 1960.

    98. Everett Washington

      The true Queen of Melancholic music!!

    99. S Ray

      What is the meaning of chemtrails??

    100. Elisa Fuentes

      LOVE YOU