LeafyIsHere Banned


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    This is the greatest youtube controversy of All Time

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    1. Ashwin Alagiri-rajan

      2:11 Oh thanks for clarifying that Charlie

    2. Like

      Is his right nostril bigger than the left, or am i high af rn?

    3. Brittany Johnson

      Im surprised in the way that they are several other harassers on HUfast that are still here

    4. STK_ParMar


    5. Marie G

      I didn’t even know he was ban till today. Tbh I don’t think that many people care about him

    6. Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

      HUfast can do what ever do, because these are videos are toxic and can harm persons image. HUfast is private company and they can do what they see fit.

    7. A Person

      Leafy: makes 12, 10 minute videos on Pokimane Charlie: yeah so I made a video on this guy 6 years ago and here’s my 3 minute follow up

      1. James

        They were honestly all clickbait videos. He just talked about, “investing = good” “HUfast = bad” lmaoo

    8. Brother Bobkat

      This video hits different after the Don's ban

    9. Kevin Pedersen

      leafy speedran getting banned over 5mil subs

    10. Cassie Moody

      One word Onsion And the countless videos he made about Eugenia Cooney

    11. Ned McLeod

      If keemstar and leafy had a kid together this would be him

    12. BillyTheTree

      i swear your voice doesnt change tone for the entirety of this video. Monotone much?

    13. Anonymous

      Hi guys! :D I hope you have a nice day and stay safe, God bless you!

    14. Ops locked

      This guy and pewdiepie needs to be in control of HUfast. They'll do even better then what's her face.

      1. Gavin Spainhoward

        I disagree about Pewdiepie, but yeah. Charlie is such a levelheaded and fair guy, he'd be great at running things I think

    15. Haidar Musthafa

      anyone can enlight me who is Leafy or what his stream about? i've seen some people talking about him

    16. Bryan Justin

      This video was too funny to be taken seriously omg

    17. Perma Chub

      I honestly don't care either way

    18. bossman 420

      HUfast is a joke how they pick and choose what’s suitable for their website something needs to happen

      1. Seokkyun Hong

        That's why they kicked him out.

    19. Qasim Mohammed

      I think he should do another channel and add all his old channel videos and name the channel leafy was here.

      1. tabbyash

        @DoubleA TripleA i have, they're stolen from his instagram, or reuploaded from the actual weafy channel. if you follow him on twitter he never mentions these channels, however only mentions his actual weafy channel that got terminated. so yes i have watched his videos.

      2. DoubleA TripleA

        @tabbyash you clearly haven't watched the videos 😂

      3. tabbyash

        @DoubleA TripleA you know they're fake right ?

      4. DoubleA TripleA

        He has 2 channels up rn weafy and weafy2

      5. tabbyash

        around 3 times i think 4 if you include his twitch, but he got banned on twitch for his reputation

    20. Chris dovahkiin

      Ummm who is leafy lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 all well ill never know

    21. Ryan P

      Slenderman did it

    22. Reakold Wasnoo

      You’re still here so why is he banned? Look at the content you make yet HUfast RECOMMENDS shit others get demonetised for. WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS GONE?? HUfast has really gone down hill

    23. HP

      Who cares?

      1. Samuel Aaron Espinoza

        Leafy fans and content creators I guess.

    24. yoshikage kiras handspray

      It's funny how charlie said you can't just go to HUfast and fix this and that, while not even 3 months later he had a call with the CEO of HUfast and talked to them about things being changed. Not saying it's for sure gonna change, but still.

    25. AK

      Shows you how biased the HUfast mod team is.

    26. sn0w

      Charlie sweating due to his video flaming people... x'D

    27. Hassan El-hallani

      here before 100000000 subs who else

    28. mrsus

      I love how he had to explain what “milking” means like this: “He was milking pokimane, but not her actual nipples”

    29. Alicia Bello


    30. LeafyIsHere

      imagine being banned pff

      1. Murloc Mage

        Found the imposter

    31. Daffa Mutaqin Tetaputra

      Did leafy got a strike before this?

    32. travis sekutt

      leafy is temporary, Moist Lord is eternal.

    33. Sklent

      This guy is theorizing on if Jesus reincarnated while he is literally Jesus

    34. Luke Krueger

      The kid Misha roasted Leafy in an anti cyberbully song.

    35. X KING

      But ur Jesus Christ?

    36. Daphne Sullivan

      The difference being leafy was openly racist homophobic transphobic fatphobic sexist and so on. at least shane dawson tried to pretend he wasn’t a pedophile, or a racist. atleast jake paul among many others are closeted

    37. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      You nailed it here, good job.

    38. rojichristian

      So, everyone agrees that leafy is a piece of shit but "even pieces of shit have rights". okay

    39. FuzionBrixx

      I just hate leafyishere's face

    40. Angry Lumine

      Dayum the side story is jesus' second coming.

    41. nyk31

      I think Joe Rogan is casually trying to get banned now to test how far HUfast is going to censor

    42. Tyler Bomba


    43. zZOdysseus Zz

      4:20 this is false. There is a journalist not too long ago who was good friends with one of the higher ups and he was managing to get multiple accounts deleted and got others like count dankula demonetised indefinitely 5:32 okay so you only proved you’re detached from reality and aren’t aware of the drama of all the accounts being deleted and other accounts being favoured bc outside people had connections

    44. Woolly Pidgeon

      I, personally disagree, as HUfast's guidelines state that harassment can result in an immediate ban, and he was also violating HUfast's policy on deceptive practices

      1. Samuel Aaron Espinoza

        I politley disagree because he should have gotten a strike before getting banned. In this video he says Leafy made 12 Poki videos. Why didn't he get a strike for the first one he made or maybe even the second or third. HUfast reacted too late. Also the subject of other people doing worse and not getting banned.

      2. Woolly Pidgeon

        @r6 lazer sure, but he still broke the guidelines, both points are fair in my opinion

      3. r6 lazer

        funny how they only apply the rules to people they don't like.

    45. Alek

      I like how Charlie completely skips over the fact that these rules were applied retroactively and only 3 days after the CEO, Susan Wojcicki, met with Ethan Klein (H3H3) about policy changes coming (including the new harassment policy). It is pretty logical that someone may assume Ethan had a hand in the bans that followed (even Ian [iDubbbz] received a warning and video take down).

    46. Gay Bowser

      Why Logan Paul, Late Night Shows and sick perverted kids channels are still up. HUfast wants money. I feel it’s funny that we keep complaining to HUfast when really they don’t give a fuck. The only way we could literally force them to change is legal action but even then it’d probably get worse. HUfast is just a fucking deplorable company now and wish we could change that but the only way I can think to, is good management but I don’t think the team at HUfast is gonna overthrow Susan considering the money she brings in for them from those shitty, manipulative, money grubbing HUfast channels.

    47. MafiaAlCapone 01

      leafy is just a fucking man child,ridiculous.

    48. brootal meem


    49. zamkniętykabał l

      Leafy: Makes commentary HUfast: Ban em Some Korean youtuber: Torturing marine life by pouring salt on freshwater eels and cutting squids in half HUfast: People make mistakes 🥰

      1. Juan Gama

        That got featured on the forbidden app, didn't it?

    50. Juan Alvarez

      There's only one way to bring him back. *Hissss*

    51. tub yaj

      So... Leafy’s not here...

    52. Foxii


    53. Scuola Park LPB

      Viva TommyNc2010

    54. [5B-05] YaBoyCris

      XboxPlayz in a nutshell

    55. Rollii

      Who's here when leafy came back working for redblooms?

    56. Georgie_GG


    57. Race Base

      I feel like his initial complaint is a little like saying “that murderer was given the death penalty even without any priors on their record!” Like yeah, generally warnings or a strike system is good, but it’s not necessarily good. A single sufficiently egregious violation of the TOS does merit an immediate ban

      1. Bill

        @Samuel Aaron Espinoza I was simply making an hyberbole to illustrate my point.

      2. Race Base

        @Samuel Aaron Espinoza making fun of someone is just as bad as murder, that is exactly the message I was trying to convey.

      3. Samuel Aaron Espinoza

        I don't think murder is comparable to making fun of someone on HUfast videos...

      4. Bill

        I'm pretty sure the problem is the vagueness of the policy and the fact that Leafy is far from the only creator making that sort of content which make the ban look arbitrary. I agree that it would be a lot less scary if youtube policy was crystal clear but that is not the case. To come back to your example, it would be like a murderer getting the death penalty while other murderer where given a slap on the wrist or some minor prison time. All the while being convicted and sentenced by the same judge.

    58. Hugo Da Silva

      thx god he got banned, he deserved his ban, negative attitude was just too much, he was just in this world to judge and criticize people, just leave everyone alone, 21th century is about kindness, share and hapiness...

      1. BreadGuchii

        ok ghandi

    59. sneijder023

      Do your thing but don't mock the creator. No one escapes judgement. Your choice.

    60. Z3ps

      I mean i first agreed with leafy, meaning i thought she is a thot i watched a few clips, she seems fine, i like her i guess i dont watch her because its just reactions but i mean it was kinda harrasment

    61. Daniel Oakley

      All these people in the newest first acting like Penguinz doesn´t make the exact same kind of videos as leafy💀

    62. Juggernaut

      I dislike Leafy but this termination was a load of garbage.

    63. kyz


    64. Exarch Gaming

      The idea that Ethan Klein or Pokimane had the clout to force youtube to take someone down is pretty laughable. if Ethan (because lets face it, Pokimane is mainly a twitch darling, not youtube) had that ability, Keemstar would be dropped in to a blackhole, never to return, and unlike say maybe Leafy, Keemstar actually deserves it.

      1. Daniel Oakley

        Keemstar deserves it , he needs to go.

    65. Austin Henry

      Who tf are you?

      1. Doctor Anarchy

        Moist critical lol..... I Think. 😂

    66. jencen blanco

      Anyone else subed to the new leafy channel?

    67. Gabe2020


    68. Raine

      actually i AM glad leafy got taken down in that way, if youtube had just issued him a warning he would have just laid off until they backed down and then he would have just kept doing it some more. im glad that youtube is dealing with stuff like this on a case-by-case basis instead of dealing with everyone the same so that people can exploit the system

      1. Juggernaut

        @Raine Your a nice example of a cancel culture sheep

      2. Raine

        @Talentless Commenter huh, well that sucks... it was good while it lasted i guess

      3. Talentless Commenter

        He returned to HUfast 2 hours after you wrote this comment, how do you feel?

    69. Anakin Skywalker

      youtube is really lucky this is the only thing I do all day

      1. lil Good

        Leafy returned as weafy today

    70. Nicholas Davis

      Leafy was a dick, thing is He always said he wasn’t a good person

      1. Sourlemonjuice

        Leafy isn't a bad person he's just a dumbass lol

    71. critikal exe

      What no way

    72. Rodrigo Sanchez

      Who are u

    73. mixtapes666x

      Why do you use Twitter

    74. OG Sky

      If Jesus Christ was resurrected today it would only be a side story

    75. Fallzy#3615

      4:17 well that didn't age very well

    76. zz zz


      1. Daniel Oakley


      2. Rigor Mortiz


    77. Jackson Your friendly neighborhood trans

      "If Jesus Christ resurrected today" Your tactics of deception have failed. We all know you're Jesus.

      1. ً

        Love your pfp

      2. Georgie_GG


    78. Jack Ribourel

      What’s the common denominator between all them? Not creating anything just bullying people. We shouldn’t be defending assholes. The whole youtube is corrupt is a whole other can of worms...

    79. Rape Victim

      The fans are also responsible for bullying \ harassing. And those bullied became more famous. Shows the ignorance in the world. Some parents need to not raise a Pokemon GO kid. I wonder what suicidal tendencies he will be feeling when he grows up is all. I used to just watch this shit while playing Blade & Soul a few years ago.

      1. Garbage

        Edge lord

    80. Aniz Theking

      Leafy is back btw

      1. Aniz Theking

        @Garbage yeah hes called weafy now

      2. Garbage


    81. Timi Sumonu

      I thought penguinz0 was leafy

      1. Juggernaut

        50% Leafy 50% Jesus

      2. Garbage

        He is

    82. Whiplash

      Love that he got banned

      1. DoubleA TripleA

        He's litteraly back lmao

    83. Gage the Demon Slayer

      I mean he deserves it if he was sponsored by raid shadow legends

      1. I make hate comments for fun

        He came back A WEEK AGO LOOK HIS NAME UP

    84. Joshua Utomo

      I like how you describe milking pokimane

    85. Jake Smit

      To those wondering about Logan Paul, his advertising DID get suspended, but only temporarily (18 days)

    86. 최은미

      clean up song

    87. Goodnight Beast

      The boogie man took leafy down

    88. Simon Johnston

      Dude. No. He was absolutely warned about his behavior and videos, and he made it clear he'd keep harassing her until he was banned. And wasn't just harassing her. There were some explicit threats. What's more? Donald Trump is not a content creator! The rule Leafy broke is harassment and threats against AGAINST CONTENT CREATORS. He broke, egregiously, very specific rules. Multiple times. No way were they all one offence - that's ludicrous. He was warned to stop. No slippery slope whatsoever - that's thoughtless a cop-out. How is targeted harassment ever a good or positive thing, dude? A real shame you treat this kind of thing so lightly, given the huge amount of destruction it causes. The only way you could see the as vague, is if you haven't really looked into this before offering your hot-take. Which seems the case, given you're convinced Leafy didn't receive warnings.

      1. Daniel Oakley

        @Jaime Moyano My point is that the smooth brains in this comment section hate on Leafy for doing one thing , then support a guy who does the same thing.

      2. Jaime Moyano

        @Daniel Oakley then ban him too, what's your fucking point.

      3. Daniel Oakley

        Penguinz does the exact same thing , yet everybody loves him?

      4. Juggernaut

        You seem like the type of person to take part in ¨cancelling¨ celebrities.

      5. King Nothing

        I was gonna continue this rant but I'm sure my notifications would be filled with raging charlie fans with their victory boners raised high and mighty :[

    89. CDXX

      Meanwhile, Onision went through a complete meltdown last winter, threatening viewers at one point - and HUfast didn't do or say shit.

    90. Ace bruh

      Although I hated leafy, I think this was unfair of HUfast. The fact that people like Onision, Shane Dawson, Logan Paul, etc are still on this platform but he isnt is almost insulting. There have been way bigger problems on this site within the last year than leafy doing some pokimane clickbait like the permavirgin he is

    91. Talondo

      Leafy is back btw

    92. Rajl Dahl

      No if there is a request to review from person being "attacked" it will most definitely end up in a video being deleted plus a strike. So if there are multiple videos of such kind of one person then the channel can be banned. Don't think that it is hard. They will listen to the ones being attacked and take action in their favor , it doesn't matter if they don't even have a channel on youtube.

    93. Lorenzo Doesn't Exist

      5:55 Leafy went on Keemstar and said that he did get a warning, so how is it out of the blue? He was fully warned.

    94. Khen M.

      Who the fuck is leafy?

    95. Adrian Pieczynski

      Because you are jesus?

    96. Eljunior Cen

      “Weenie hut jr.” LMAOO

    97. Smith So Fresh

      I got a youtube ad on a video of a guy talking about youtube on youtube.

    98. Consequence No. 62

      Did HUfast just try to please the people that hate Leafy by breaking their own guidelines and banning his account? That's great....good for you HUfast. Nobody is impressed.

      1. Juggernaut

        @arrsea poki simp mald . I bet you love blue man

    99. abu d

      4:16 Little does he know

    100. joshxzr 0

      youtube is a ploopy