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    Lele Pons makes toxic, raunchy videos for kids.
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    Lele Pons has been heavily promoted by social media platforms to young viewers, perhaps more than any other HUfast creator. She has accumulated a massive following between the ages 9-18, particularly among preteen girls. Lele's videos are sloppy, noisy, and heavy on slapstick; the production style quickly fatigues adult viewers, who may be quick to write it off as "for kids".
    However, in nearly every single video she uploads, Lele steps over the lines of what society deems appropriate for child viewers. Like her fellow Viner Jake Paul, Lele Pons weaves in advertising that is aimed at children, little of which complies with the long-standing industry or government regulations for child advertising. And despite Lele's participation body-positivity content and her encouragement to viewers to "be yourself", Lele doesn't hold herself to that same standard.
    A ThotPatrol investigation reveals heavy edits to her body by the reshape and liquify tools found in Facetune and Photoshop. Busted! Lele's sexy pics are FAKE!
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    Rusty Cage | @Rusty Cage
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    1:45 *"Sweat" - JUNES
    6:39 "The Lives of Flies" - Rusty Cage
    "Maelstrom overhead" - Scrimshaw Carver
    21:38 "Facility 119" - Scrimshaw Carver
    "Hip Hop Flute" - Jef Kearns
    "Yep" - PopUp!"
    "All Deth is U2" - FireToolz
    "Seriously In Love" - PopUp!"
    47:22 "Crush" - Niveum |
    "Inititate Warp Speed" - Exabyte
    47:13 "Static" Exabyte
    46:59 "Maybe" - Niveum
    49:10 "Muper Setroid" - maggie.wav
    49:50 "Paradise City" - PopUp!
    *first heard "Sweat" in Happy World Daddy - shout out to editors @bicflame | @small_follower
    "When Your Boyfriend Cheats on You" - Lele Pons | hufast.info/plan/vide/r62VebOt2mWRpGQ
    "Hot Substitute Teacher" - Lele Pons | hufast.info/plan/vide/i4eybdyHvoCxnGQ
    "The Single Ladies Club" - Lele Pons | hufast.info/plan/vide/i6LTf9h_2Ye7h5c
    "Halloween Costume Contest"- Lele Pons
    "Super Mario Run" - Lele Pons
    "Tooth Fairy" - Lele Pons
    "Insane Kids" - Lele Pons
    "How to Not Get Bullied" - Lele Pons
    "The Rudest HUfastrs I've Ever Met" - JessiSmiles
    "The Lies of Jake Paul" - Nerd City | hufast.info/plan/vide/d63Lgshm1KS7qYk
    "Amanda Cerny NOT Ready To Make Nice With Lele Pons" - Clevver News
    "Lele Pons & Rudy Mancuso Play 'How Well Do You Know Each Other?'" - Billboard
    "I taught Lele Pons How to Twerk" - Lexy Panterra
    "AM I PERFECT" - Inanna Sarkis
    "HUfast Rewind: The Shape of 2017" - HUfast
    "Lele Pons... Meet Up" - Hollywood Fix
    "I Read Lele Pons' Book Because No One Else Did" - Tater Tatiana
    "Watching Lele Pons is like a bad fever dream" - 24 Frames of Nick
    "Can we DELETE Lele Pons" - Slazo
    "Amanda Cerny vs Lele Pons" - DramaAlert
    "Vine 'Comedians' teach HUfast CEO Susan Wojcicki how to be a HUfastr!" - Leon Lush
    Episode 83 - Tiny Meat Gang
    "Hannah & Lele Create The Worlds Worst Sketch" - Lewis Spears
    "VINERS WELCOME!" - Pewdiepie
    "Lele Pons Fans Hate Me" - Ryan Trahan
    "Lele Pons is a bad comedian" - ImAllexx
    "Lele Pons is bad" - Cody Ko
    "Lele Pons is still bad" - Cody Ko
    "Lele Pons is remarkably Unfunny" - Leon Lush
    "Lele Pons Ripped Off 'FRIENDS'" - Elvis the Alien
    "Lele Pons Just Keeps Getting Worse" - Bionic Pig
    "Lele Pons Still Isn't Funny" - BionicPig
    "Lele Pons Teaches Me How To Stand Up To My Bully" - Danny Gonzalez
    "Let's Examine Lele Pons' Content Again" - Eddy Burback
    "What's Wrong With Lele Pons?" - Tom Harlock
    "Lele Pons Must Be Stopped" - Pyrocynical
    "The Problem with Lele Pons" - j aubrey
    "Queen Of Vine Lele Pons" - PacificRim
    "Allicatt,Gabbie, Lele play the Selfie Situation Game" - PacificRim
    "No Filter: Lele Pons" - WNYC Studios
    "Lele Pons Q&A With Hannah Stocking"
    - Famous Birthdays
    "Lele Pons talks growing her online influence..."
    - KTTV
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    "Lele Pons Interview" - alexisjoyvipaccess
    "Lele Pons Plays the Internet Slang Challenge!" - Young Hollywood
    "Behind the Vine with Lele" - DailyReHash
    "Lele Pons Gives High School Survival Tips" - Young Hollywood
    Additional Sources:
    FTC vs Goggle: www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/youtube_complaint.pdf
    (Study) "The effects of active social media engagement..." | www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S174014451730517X

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      1. JoJIana

        One day you gonna leave HUfast and everyone will reply with F and RIP to this comment

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        He comments?

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        Lol, didn't realize that this was Pewds because of his profile picture.

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        Can someone tell me why nerd city hasn't uploaded in a year?!

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        @WillHe wont be doin that any times soon. xd

    2. The Afr0

      God this shit just makes me so mad. I want there to be justice but I know there won't be any. :(


      We need you for 2021


      You know this work is high effort nobody complains on how long it takes to make these incredibly high quality videos

    5. Iharantsoa Vahatra

      it's 2021, we need a video bro

    6. Aftertale Fanatic

      I think I checked out this channel through a passing mention in a video I randomly came upon, and the fact I almost missed out on such great content with so much hard work and thought put into it; inconceivable. I'm also amazed by how deep the rabbit hole goes, you and your videos were really entwinted with a ton of stuff I used to watch without me even knowing

    7. Limarien

      Hey guys I think commenting even more that he needs to post a video again will do it this time!

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      so we're down to 1 video a year?

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      This channel is officially a pre-2020 trend now. Fucking RIP

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      are you ever going to post again

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      7:05 The very bottom message says "We are all unbelievably dumb.".

    12. Wade Johnston

      Are you guys still alive or did daddyofive send his army of abused children to abduct and kill you?

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      Didn't she kill herself?

      1. Rebecca Larns

        HUfast sucks

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      Come onnn make a vid

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      thought 9th jan would the end of it gah damnit.. nerds

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      What happened to Nerd City?

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      Ok but seriously, like the editing is TOP TIER. I wouldn’t be surprised if they spent a whole year getting a video together. It’ll be worth the wait.

    19. Marcelo

      I wish I could kiss everyone who worked on this on the left cheek, probably my 10th time watching this

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      Get back to the Content Mines, dweeb.

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      never heard of her.

    22. an anticentrist

      I fucking hate the fact that my little brother goes to the school Ukulele filmed her shit at

    23. Miles Dusett

      You should give a update, I heard you were having problems with jastation and you have lots of fans so I'm sure someone might be able to help

    24. ty2005_92

      Toy tales seems like it could've been a legitimately funny video, if someone else made it

    25. MVPugsley

      Comeon NC kick Clown's lazy ass into gear. We all want these Jaystation videos.

    26. la ran

      Disliked for comparing chavez to lele's god awful """comedy"""

    27. Xjood

      Lelepons is like an ARG of Smosh if Smosh became evil instead of just bad

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      Am I the only one who thought of them randomly?

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      Se hav bob an as

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      El chavo del 8 is comedy gold.

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      Hmm... I wonder, if it's trending then why my HUfast feed still lookin safe and sound? Is the trending section "Rigged"?

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      Pleaseeee make more videos man

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      A YEAR AGO

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      And when the world needed him most... he vanished.

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      that girl at the end is wifey material

    37. smoking one

      "she's right up there with people like caitlin jenner" who's caitlin jenner again?

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      The word on the street is, _Lele is latina_

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      Any day now...

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      Please tell me you have a video ready? But are just waiting for the end of January when ad rates improve.

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      Aaaaaany time now.....

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      Youd think a year of no Nerd City woulda been bad enough

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      Chavo del ocho was lit.

    46. Dakota S

      This was so well done and beautifully put together. Unbiased, plenty of actual fact and evidence. I feel like lele is the one debating with info from wikipedia alone and you have sources on top of sources lmao.

    47. mrjimjah

      i miss nerd city uploads

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      I was today years old when I realized Azula from Avatar was based on a real person.

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      It’s been a year now man. I need nerd city back

    50. Keira The Turtle

      Is everything OK? Or are they just taking an extra long break?

      1. Thurnis Haley

        He made a Jaystation vid with ColossalIsCrazy and even released a trailer earlier in the year. Jaystation threated to mass DMCA the vid if it was ever uploaded and then there has just been silence from what I can tell since then. He is probably debating posting it or not and at this point, we shouldn't hold. It is probably taking so long to upload because he putting together an entirely new video. The Jaystation situation is done away with on the platform so unless if they have something huge, there really isn't much else to say at this point. Personally, I wouldn't care, I'll watch whatever this channel uploads twice at least.

    51. fourth panda

      It's been so long since the last video that I can go back and watch this again and not remember anything that happened.

    52. Big Daddy oof

      i hope this year of silence has been for an experiment or something. miss you man.

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      we miss you

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      Imagine having a big enough lunch room at school to sit at a table alone.

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      Shes latina tho

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      Got crucified cuz I’m Latinaaaa!🤪

    57. Samagra Dev

      These guys didn't anything! The smallest things are refined to the level I have never seen before. The description of the video has more citations than most of the science channels I've seen. Hats off! This level of effort and production on HUfast is never-before seen (at least for me).

    58. loaduscoolclipz

      the woman that wrote lele's book also made gotham high, welp.

    59. Scarface6sic6

      To compare herself to Charlie Chapin the fucking balls on her man.

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      nerd city really just made one of the highest quality youtube channels ever and then just dipped

    61. Dylan Finch

      Oh god I love Chad and Max

    62. Dylan Finch

      I thought this was Content Cop I'm still waiting for the "What we do here, is go back... Go Back.... Go Back" Still awesome though. I just hate how social media sites play favorites, and the people they usually say are the best, are the absolute worst.

    63. I just don't care anymore !

      Idk what happened but I hope y'all come back.

    64. Pablo Mirando

      It's kinda surreal to grow up watching "chaves" and see it again on a nerdcity video

    65. SrLemo

      And I thought jontron had a shitty upload schedule.

    66. Max Casper

      Happy 1 year anniversary!

    67. Not_Dio

      This video was VERY fun to watch

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      When I tell you the absolute joy I felt when I had rediscovered your channel from my childhood! HUfast recommended has done me a great honor.

    69. Ralo Gump

      It's been a flippin year man, what the heckereeno?

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      El Chavo Del Ocho is my #### :)

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      It’s been a year. Rest In Peace for this man.

      1. Soma17

        Hes not dead lmao

    72. Taha Maknoo

      Today marks one year since Nerd uploaded! Was kinda hoping you'd post today

    73. Aaron Gisclair

      The way she says "Latina" is cringe asf. Like damn. Dont ruin it for the latinas tht are actually hot

    74. DUKG

      And I thought waiting for 2 months was long Now today is it's 1 year anniversary

    75. Jerome Claessen

      Outrageous filth. Video’s editing is top notch though.

    76. ZachAttack Studios

      Why am I just now finding your channel?!?!? Why was youtube hiding this from me!?!?

    77. cooper shaw

      Just found gold love these videos

    78. cooper shaw

      Weird seeing rusty cage and max in the same video idk why

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      Hey I go to York university :) love your videos. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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      Man, you work is so good. Than you.

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      Better now than later trust me!

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      El chavo del 8 is more funnier than Lele's content in all honesty

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      36:09 That one hits hard

    88. The Enigma

      My teeth hurt from clenching them so much

    89. Jayme Splendid

      Anyone know whats up with the Diaz case?

    90. The Enigma

      "JK Rowling"

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      15:35 made me laugh more than the actual clip.

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