LIFE IS CRINGE - Life Is Strange - S2E01


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    we check out the new life is strange game called before the storm, this is episode 1 of 3

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    1. The Workey Project

      I don't smoke, I vape.

    2. AuthentiK

      So nice to just come back and experience this again :)

    3. Lop Thu

      The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

    4. aedy4820 aedy4820

      around 1:03:39 when he started beat boxing i just starting bobbing my head lmao and this is like the 5th time ive watched this series

    5. 1212simonsays

      I physically winced every time she said "butthurt" or something like that lol. Hello, fellow kids

    6. Oofers

      Every you tuber asking for 1,000 likes Pewdiepie: “ Can we hit 1,000,000 likes

    7. Epik Neil

      He looks like harry styles in 0:00

    8. Bumblebee

      Did anyone get the ad of the guy doing the splits and singing all star? Because...what the fuck

    9. Jack Taylor


    10. RoseX2000

      “Maybe she didn’t died, and just left” bruh you literally saw her dead body and the teacher even confessed to killing her LMAO

    11. Maytal Acedo

      felix that cringes 2 this game makes me laugh a lot. XD

    12. Maytal Acedo

      i love his headphones. is it bunnies or kitties?

    13. Maytal Acedo

      Is he wearing cat headphones? There so cute on him.

    14. Yvette Treat

      Why did he never play the 3rd episode

    15. TheMusic

      Please don’t make me talk to that old lady down there... haha. Did anyone else see who it was

    16. Tommy Martin

      17:22 what band is he talking about

      1. Arentux

        Oc poopy

    17. Zeph Filer

      I just don’t wanna go back

    18. Fruity Wolf

      “maybe she didn’t die, maybe she just left” i don’t think felix remembers anything about what happened? i mean... they found her dead body and found out that Nathan killed her by overdosing her

    19. Sunday Beats

      Why do I always wake up to my phone on and a pewdipie video playing randomly?

    20. Scp 087

      When A Legend Started..l

    21. Cameron DeMille

      This makes me so sad

    22. GioGio

      I cut my finger on the edginess of this game

    23. Amaya Crak 785

      no entiendo ni una wea porque los subtitulos en español estan re mal pero amo a este tipo xd

    24. Burn Nick

      Why does pewdiepie stop playing this and didn't play the last season. (I love this game tho)

    25. Shreyashri Patil


    26. Bolt

      Hi to those watching this due to covid👋

    27. shu boo


    28. Katlin Provard

      1:48:44 Rachel’s eyes are always so scary looking

    29. Roger Rojas

      What did you put when you tagged?

    30. sophia

      how does this work? 😂

    31. Retaliationeffort

      teenagers are so edgy...

    32. oun Muhammad

      What oc music he was talking about?is that a band or something?



    34. Oh my god Becky

      Life is strange cringes so good.

    35. Julian Rojas


    36. Odette Popko

      Oy this is so dark and depressing

    37. Odette Popko

      The initials on the tree spelled "AWOL" - *a.k.a. "gone missing without a trace"

      1. Krille

        AWOL means Absent without official leave, aka missing

    38. ichmagkekse ENDE

      Who else is watching in 2020 and was shocked when hearing the word suicide without it being censored hahaha

    39. MrBoppy

      He was about to say n-nnnnnn..........

    40. 4 γράμμα

      1:03:26 voice crack...

    41. No Signal

      This randomly started playing while I was playing spiderman 2018 so I just turned this on and played with him

    42. TWrecks

      24:26 omg he said nibba

    43. Kelli Suzuki


    44. Time-Stamp Guy

      Those cat ears give me nightmares.

    45. David Robinson

      I'm prety sure you already know, but being ambidextrous means using both hands equally as well (commonly attributed to left handed people)

    46. David Robinson

      The character voice etc. comes across as Jennifer Lawrence, ps think along the lines of the Hunger Games

    47. David Robinson

      at just before @8:50, THAT'S how you put psychology into action

    48. Morgan C.M

      1:37:50 Wtf just happened?

    49. Morgan C.M

      1:33:03 It's pretty obvious there what happened?....apparently not 'cause I have no idea what happened there 😆.

    50. Morgan C.M

      41:00 This is just like the beginning of the first game...getting the flashdrive...except it's a DVD this time lol.

    51. Morgan C.M

      31:30 Why is his head so fucking flat? 😆

    52. Morgan C.M

      24:05 Did he forget what happened to Chloes' father? Her mom didn't divorce her dad...he died in a car accident.

    53. Morgan C.M

      I found out there is sex, some moaning, and nudity in now I'm worried....cause idk if I can watch it, since I'm bothered by that shit. That stuff just ruins things for me 😆.

    54. Alyssa

      Chloe: having an absolute breakdown PewDiePie: *fixing the ears on his headphones* this needs to be right

    55. Icy1

      1:42:25 RACHEL DON'T GO..... I DON'T KNOW WHICH WAY HOME IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    56. randomyoko2

      Poor innocent trees.... on fire.....

    57. John Alcatraz

      .om .l.oo Oo o ooooo po ooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooookoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooomoooooooooooo ooo oooooooooo ooo. Oo moo ooooo. Ooo of. O to

      1. John Alcatraz

        YO I DID THIS WHEN I FELL ASLEEP ON MY PHONE, I didn't even know this existed until someone liked my comment OMG

      2. John Alcatraz

        Oo o to be oo

      3. John Alcatraz


      4. John Alcatraz


      5. John Alcatraz


    58. Reptarku _

      I randomly thought about this game early and never heard anything about it since the very first one now this is in my recommend and it's pewds that's crazy

    59. Abhilash Gupta

      The smile in the start of the video is so creepy.....

    60. Shareenear

      Rachel: *is supposed to make fans feel bad for her* Also Rachel: *literally commits genocide*

    61. Abel aboytes


    62. Dylan Jackson

      U know how pewds says “what’s ambidextrous it” it means to use both hands equally

    63. Mina

      hold up, why hasn't he played lis 2 with sean and daniel diaz😔That one was really good too, just like the first life is strange. This is just the prequel but I mean I'm glad he played this one too.

    64. LowLifeSlides

      Wow I watched season one and not season 2 until now, season 2 has some SHITTY dialogue and storyline

      1. Ardi Eaze

        @LowLifeSlides I hella aggreee with ya

      2. LowLifeSlides

        @Nylex it was obviously a joke stoopid

      3. Nylex

        @LowLifeSlides how are you gonna say I’m incorrect if it’s my opinion

      4. LowLifeSlides

        @Nylex incorrect

      5. Nylex

        i liked the story

    65. Daniel

      I was watching LIS rule34 and now this appear in my reccomendations hahaha

    66. Alex Kennedy

      3 fucking years ago time flies i wanna be 14-15 years old watching this

    67. Erica M

      Pewds what the fuck are u playing

    68. causallygaming

      1:18:27 - note for myself

    69. MihneaMNM

      1:21:04 look at face cam you will see pewds looking at his Mike in a wanting way as forshadowing

    70. Jason Benjamin Hutagalung 1603002

      i 🧍‍♀️ am 😰 the 😊 coochie 🍑 man 😏

    71. Mehek Garg

      What did that poor tree do? :(

    72. Niveth Kumar

      I bought this game, but after awhile it was getting too slow for me. I find it fun to watch Pewds play it :D

    73. Kenny Tober

      Last video he says this 😞

    74. tessa

      gender reveal fire....

    75. thanh nam nguyen


    76. Tako Maru

      45:05 the guy walking in the back makes is immersive

    77. I B.

      sarah baska got so invested in this game hahaha maybe its a girl's thing

    78. LeBlue Shvdow

      “You’ve had enough of a vacation from a father figure” huh, I wonder why. What a douche.

    79. Goldgamer 679

      Me when talking to people: Small talk? Is that what people do?

    80. SiMp

      i feel asleep with my air pod in with auto play on and somehow i got onto this and watched the whole thing

    81. J for J

      Why am I thinking of Lee and Clementine when their on the train??

    82. N.O.T Notela


    83. Gebs Alpaca

      This isn’t season 2

    84. Joop DOE

      i woke up at 3:45 am with pewdiepie at the end

    85. Madison Affourtit

      its 2020 and im still angry that he couldn't remember literally anything. I love these games and it pisses me off how little he cares

    86. girl with cherry red docs

      the cringe is strong here

    87. 4 oh 4

      "Get that orange beautiful feel I love that" Now its get that orange suffocating feel I love that

    88. Sami Jasharoski

      You really don't realize how cringe this gets lmao I love how he points it out xD

    89. Omg_They_Killed_Kenny

      I kinda find the actual dialogue for this verison of the game to be kinda cringe, But I do get how it is since Chloe is starting as being a mere edgy teenger then working her way to looking like a punk hipster. also I do enjoy it that it's giving us abit of more insight on Rachel and Chloe but I wish they went about the game sorta different, I kinda feels like I'm playing some other game Yes I know its before Max came back to the bay area for her school and to see Chloe again and again. But yet again I appreciate the game devs explaining on how Rachel was like all we sorta know she was sorta like chloe really- Lastly maybe they could've just made a mere dlc just for this and make a much more better dialogue, Yet again I know the game takes place in the early 2000's so it's bound to be cringy asf I guess

    90. felix

      1:58:33 is it bad timing to be watching this again?

    91. MayForDays

      Did he finish this?

    92. fuckjoya

      The Last One.

    93. 1million subs with no vids

      Man f Rachel

    94. Wiktor Rudolf

      I must know what Mic that is, help pls

    95. DoubleDecaf

      Here from lwiay

    96. Austin 1000

      Pewdiepie in the first second of the video : 👁👄👁

    97. JuicedBeef

      Who's here after today's video

    98. Jaya Balaji

      Noooo, Pewdie pls come back with the good old intro, my dude

    99. Austin 1000

      Who came from LWIAY because this is the last video with the original intro ?

    100. Levent KENDİR

      Came here from LWIAY