Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY (Official Video)


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    Official video for "Holiday" by Lil Nas X.
    Listen & Download "Holiday" by Lil Nas X out now:

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    Limited edition Santa Nas X chrome hat from the video available at:
    Directors - Gibson Hazard & Lil Nas X
    Production Company - Hazard Studios
    Executive Producers - Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis, Liam Akiva
    Video Commissioner/Producer - Saul Levitz
    Live Capture - wølvesONLY
    Producer - Nic Neary
    Director of Photography - Scott Cunningham
    Creative Direction - Brendan O’Connor
    Creative Consulting - Jak Bannon, Oliver Cannon
    Production Supervisor - Valerie Bush
    1st AD - Jesse Hays
    Production Designer - Nico Macciocca
    Key Grip - David Riggio
    Gaffer - Mike VanMeter
    Editor - Gibson Hazard
    Sound Design - Gibson Hazard & Jak Bannon
    VFX - Glassworks VFX & Karen Arakelian
    Wardrobe Stylist - Hodo Musa
    Key Makeup - Raoul Alejandre
    Choreographer - Phil Wright
    Movement - KJ Rose
    Colorist - Bryan Smaller

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    1. Jackson Playz

      director: how many outfits u want? lil nas: hE hE

    2. Zyquavious Bowman

      this dude creepy as hell bro his ears a elf eyes glowing

    3. Ahmodeet

      Fact:People that disliked aren't bad as michael jackson

    4. A basic Roblox Gamer

      It’s 2220 and PlayStation hasn’t come out with a new console

    5. Preston George


    6. Chidinma Mbonu

      Hehe I am bad as Michael jackson dun dun dun

    7. dumb weeb

      when he wear the skirt i vibe with him right away

    8. Hayley editz!


    9. Tomohawk 1989


    10. Tyrisse Manyika

      Little mix only got 19m views and they posted 3 months ago

    11. Alexander Mora leon


    12. Everson Carlos gomes


    13. Gretchen The weirdo

      1:09 :me trying to do tik tok no hate to nas its just I am a bad dancer and the only move I know is the whoa 🤣

    14. J10

      Holiday like jingle bells coment

    15. - FlanCroissant -

      Those costumes are epic (especially the one with the beard)

    16. - FlanCroissant -

      Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and this guy slides into you living room and starts rapping

    17. king shaquille Wilson fan of maridana and wwe

      Hey lil this is a holiday

    18. Aarav Reddy

      Santa Claus... More like Santa Nas X.

    19. Kismet’s Dress

      This really gets me in a festive move.💕💕💕💕

    20. shaquille wilson vlogs

      Wow Lil nas it is a holiday

    21. Evanos_ROBLOX

      R O B L O X

    22. Dejan 76


    23. Elven teen Yo

      This is stupid

    24. tony velasques

      why roblox shut down the lil nas x concert

    25. spencerreidswifey

      omg its roblox guy!

    26. Simon Andersen

      I love this guy NGL (No homo)

    27. LG Magical

      Its roblox man OMG but good song 10/10

    28. Cobin Blake Sheppard

      why he gotta be gay

    29. jt mcgee

      Bruh as mainstream as it gets😂 music video ain’t got shit to do with the lyrics and bro hopped in a hellcat💀💀💀

    30. Márcio Ribeiro - Jovem Empreendedor

      Quem mais viu os merchandisisg do PS5 da sony hehe

    31. Jayden Palmese


    32. Blake Rosenbalm

      Ayy it’s a holiday

    33. datboimrclean

      I hope this becomes the new "all I want for christmas is you" an it's just blasted 24/7

    34. Valerie Nichols

      this guy is to creative :0

    35. DSC disapruve.


    36. Wallyz

      Hoes are robots now WHAT IS THIS WORLD

    37. Ω·irritado kun·Ω

      Cade os brasileiros nessa poha, bora representar

    38. Ω·irritado kun·Ω

      it was very good bro

    39. PirateGamin

      when this gets recommended 2 us 6 years later

    40. Doki05


    41. Ji Eun Kim

      Me at night under the covers: hehe I ‘m bad as Michael Jackson DUN DUN DUN

    42. Eleazar Contreras

      Why is there still ps5's in 2220 👁👄👁

    43. Amy Goddard


    44. Esther Cletus

      Do you know lil nas x kind of looks like my uncle

    45. Ziyad Shaban

      Beast song in 2020



    47. fitvillem

      ps5 is still a thing in 2220?

    48. NotFaZe Yeeton

      I'm only here cuz of roblox concert.

    49. BougieMan - Gaming

      Hi Roblox guy

    50. Demond Howard

      Nas a nut lmao

    51. Epic Gamer 1000

      This song is fire

    52. Neyra Alberto

      Omg i love the Vido omg lest GOOOO

    53. clu dont care

      Roblox gang be like: foEs on fOeS

    54. itzprojectbtw

      um im just here

    55. Aryxiax

      this is insane bruh

    56. I’m Poppy

      This is one of the best songs ever. ITS THE TRUTH

    57. Nama Default

      he`s eyes can be hurt without blinking " i hope he liked my comment "

    58. Zidge

      6 years later in recommended

    59. Darkzz

      oMg rObLoX gUy

    60. Gerson Amaya Martinez

      OMG Lil nas x

    61. nikos_again

      2018: old Town road 2019: don't know 2020:holiday

    62. Fn D

      10 years from now will be recommended to me again..

    63. Luwazy Manuel

      it holiday let s go he im bere than mj

    64. Ian Butler

      1:08 that beat hit difrent tho

    65. Clovonne Pollion

      I don't like surprises

    66. Kayana Joseph

      I love how he does be making some retro videos

    67. TheLaughingSquirrel

      I literally don’t know any parts of the lyrics bespsides I’m bad as micheal Jackson xd

    68. nipxtuck jpeg

      I love thisss

    69. Jean Manuel Reynoso Gomez

      i like your videos bro its so cool chreers

    70. QuadGaming360


    71. Manny Garcia

      Look its the guy from roblox

    72. Michael Olaoti

      Song of the year was at the end of the year

    73. Manny Garcia

      Im bad as Michael jackson

    74. gorillagogetit

      look its minecraft guy!!!!!!!!!!

    75. Tyreshia Marion


    76. Patrick Kane

      He he

    77. Red Phantom

      This joint fire

    78. VisionaryHook

      Who thinks he should be in movies

    79. Just4Noob

      when santa plays roblox

    80. Zack Johnson

      The first time u sweres in your music

    81. Olek

      Op best

    82. Alvin Mamala

      Hehe bad as Michel Jackson

    83. lula pearl music

      good god this man can't make a song that *isn't* a banger

    84. ThatsKwon

      im commenting now so i can look back at this in 8 years lol

    85. Limem Hasni

      Nice ngl

    86. Fleur Meihuizen

      Its the crazy hairstyle for me

    87. Jackson Kindhart

      He says he has hoes on hoes but im pretty sure that hes gay

    88. gamer beast066

      Who is better 69 or lil nas my favorite is lil nas

    89. Purify FN

      Best one yet!!

    90. IN Ferno

      All the dislikes are from people who are mad that they are not as bad as Michael Jackson

    91. Van V


    92. awsone logan56

      This song has alot of curses

    93. DEM BOYZ

      THIS IS FIRE😝😝😝😝😝😝

    94. Wicked Dough

      Mom: Can you play some Holiday music Me: Hey Siri, play Holiday by Lil Nas X

    95. Kilo 181

      Noone Flimed This Song Which Is Sad ,😞

    96. Charleelovestaffies YT

      This is my fav lil nas song Old town road: cowboy Panini: robot Rodeo: Vampire Holiday: Santa Next lil nas song: MeRmAiD

    97. Simon Deniz

      0:48 why does he hit the radio?

    98. MrNotSavageM -_-


    99. Antonio Roman

      Ok Nas X I see you bro 😎 ❄️