Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY - Behind the Scenes


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    Behind the scenes of the official video for "Holiday" by Lil Nas X.
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    1. TotallyDid


    2. XX Cuahella Roblox and minecraft and pixel Nguyen

      Who knew that was a green screen everyone Thought it was a lace that they forgot to go there

    3. Jaime Alvarado


    4. Jaime Alvarado

      Omg is it really you

    5. fire heatblast

      God that’s disturbing when his eyes turned at the camera 😂

    6. Shayla Brown


    7. Makayla Singletary

      The fall😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Alondra Santiago

      love how people were wearing their masks.

    9. Kyrsakov Skorti

      Lo green Day_&

    10. Quetzalli Vera

      how did he messed up pressing a button

    11. بتول الجديبي

      When the teacher noticed that you are cheering 2:32

    12. Yann Dex

      I realy like this... it's a real banger

    13. Michael Turrentine

      Jodi the right one 🤣 might be ready

    14. Enzo Miguel santillian cruz

      Why u said the n word

    15. Anthony Siebert


    16. Anderson Purtell

      im addicted to this song

    17. maja sekulic

      2:00 i love how its exactly on 2 minuts

    18. maja sekulic

      2:00 my life rn

    19. maja sekulic

      2:37 when teacher hears u talking to someone

    20. Giulio Santini

      Super cool

    21. Yusuf Ahmed

      2019 santa: ho ho ho 2020 santa: HEE HEE I'M BAD AS MICHEAL JACKSON

      1. Madaking 77


    22. Iris Leung

      2:01 this halloween or smt? That outfit is perfect btw,love it, Those eyes doe

    23. NOONE

      1:35 will I was scared that part 😡😭🤧

    24. zachthekiller

      2:37 When the quiet kid reaches into his back back

      1. Nickname

        back back

    25. foo foo

      i am telling my mom if this is santa

    26. Lucas Watt

      Iv bean watching him since Old Town Road came out berly enyone watched now a lot of people watched bug difrense

    27. michikira

      Why does the thumbnail look like a clickbait video for kids LMAO

    28. the tate family

      this must of tuck a long time

    29. PK Master

      you can tell he loves doing this. he doesn't want to do it for the money and you can clearly see he has fun with his songs. nothing but respect for this man

    30. Zain Aljuboori

      Your song is coming to ours car radio

    31. Sheridan Jenkins

      bro this man is just tooooo cute

    32. Y _HayNox

      Le seul français perdue au milieu de plusieurs commentaires ANGLAIS TROP COOL , CELA A DU PRENDRE PLUSIEURS H DE TRAVAIL

    33. I can see you

      "Came in on a horse" You do be riding tho NOT LIKE THAT

    34. Shayrika Primoehkgd

      Cool 😍

    35. ajharris77

      Do you have muscles💪 Lii nas x

    36. Khairul Anam Chowdhury

      You say bad words 👎👎👎

    37. Malachi steward


    38. Sansan Sandy

      1:59 **DUN DUN DUN** Guy : reality hit too hard

      1. maja sekulic

        Put it to be 2:00

    39. Stupidlydramtic

      The white eyes are starring into my eyes I can’t right now lol

    40. Incredibox Lover


      1. Madaking 77

        I mean he said he was Bad as(s) micheal jackson like he is a fucking legend bruh

    41. Team Pink Ghoul Trooper

      Cool from your subscribe

    42. Mariana Ramirez (Student)

      Why couldn’t you make it when it was 2021 because it because it is 2021

    43. Mariana Ramirez (Student)

      It’s another way

    44. Joshua Nunez

      Lil nas x l Love you

    45. The gamer 2182

      Lil. Nas. X

    46. Mary B. Bowick

      I like the white eyes better than your ordinary eyes cuz they that it's like it like matches your outfit and the snow cuz snow is white and it matches your outfit a lot

    47. layal albalawi

      i hate holiday you know what i hate you

    48. Phallon Play’s

      Love you nas!!!!!!

    49. Kromkez Hokain

      2:37 jumpscare moment

    50. Feeneet Adem

      i like this when i work like can you watch sunflower to?

    51. Kaiya Leary 21

      2:37 when your kids hear that your in the pantry lol 😂

    52. Khyree Ray

      j9 xnas can I call you that cuz I'm a big fan of you I've been listening to you since every time it's very cool I'm just a big fan of you in my name is you can call me Kyrie I just like your songs away about the cry cuz I never been listening to any song

    53. Wild Gamer Shiv

      0:38 Anil kapoor of Holly wood 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    54. cylaify

      9 Comments cylaify Add a public comment... Lil Nas X Lil Nas X 1 month ago YO! WASSUP BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! LOVE U GUYS! 🤍❄️ 35K RB Janelle YT RB Janelle YT 1 month ago 2:00 made me laugh omg haahhaha 114 Mazen Mazen 3 weeks ago 2:37 when your class hear a bag of chips 156 BlueBoyTube BlueBoyTube 1 month ago I’m so sorry for the person who had to deal with reflecting clothes in a green screen 69 ItzMeJoBoy ItzMeJoBoy 1 month ago how much money do you want to spend on this song Lil Nas x : Yes 22 Lil Nas X Lil Nas X 1 month ago BE HONEST WHATS YALL FAVORITE PART OF THE HOLIDAY VIDEO???! 9.7K Ibraheem Azeez Ibraheem Azeez 3 weeks ago “And I’m sexy, they wanna SWEAT me...” 15 Ami Ami 1 week ago 2:37 all the kids when you open a pack of gum in school 13 Giovanni Paz Giovanni Paz 2 weeks ago 2:00 He he, I'm bad as Michael Jackson 21 Sahar Mohammad Sahar Mohammad 4 weeks ago 2:37 me when somebody asks if i want pringles😭😂 95 Jongo Phett Jongo Phett 1 month ago lol why the Thumbnail look like that ahahahaa 1.5K Magnificent Piez World Magnificent Piez World 3 weeks ago To this day I still can’t tell if Lil Nas X’s hair is real... 69

    55. Leonardo Estrada

      That’s so much work 😬🤩🤩

    56. Xavier Ramos

      Hi Lil nas x

    57. #YouTube Solid#

      Yeah I really Felt The Holidays! Damn Haha

    58. mahendra menon

      The best song I listen ever time

    59. Isabel Sanchez

      Wow your so good

    60. saad mahmoud


    61. Mormo [So2]

      *Это круто бро)*

      1. котенок плэй

        Он не русский

    62. Karen Barrie

      My favorite part is ay its holiday and hehe im bad as Michael Jackson i think thats waht you sed

    63. v4tuante

      2:00 beautiful lol

    64. Leah Mason

      i love the song holiday

    65. BeeTeee2012

      2:19 what the hell is she doing to him

    66. Xbxone Bone

      1:04 what’s da name of dat hair style i want my hair like dat

    67. Angelica Madera

      This is one of my favorite songs i will play this everytime even years

    68. winter dark soul

      :D love it

    69. Sheri Vink

      Lil nas x:dun dun du- trips* -n ayy its a Holiday

    70. Igbal Kalabane

      Yeslil nasx

    71. mariamawit misiker

      nice dude

    72. Alvaro Quiros Chang

      i have no idea how lil nas x do all that i guess that it take a long time to do the song

    73. Tata Ata


    74. Ellison Brea

      my fav song llets go

    75. Van Lian

      2:02 big eyes

    76. Claudia Sandoval

      So crazy

    77. Jurgita Sakalauskienė

      Lil nas x trip stairs sound be like: Oh Ahhhhhgg

    78. usefull gamer 584 gaming

      2:00 rip ;-;

    79. XxsaphiregamesxX

      On megan plays's vid I saw ur hair then i thought u got very old lollll but it's a wig lol

    80. левый челик


    81. Romeo Paun

      yore so sexy lol

    82. paki kralj


    83. Shuaib Bello

      Thanks lil nas x

    84. Dylan Cai


    85. Surpreme Leader

      Great Job with the Roblox Concert!

    86. gavinwestwick0

      Lil nas x is black santa

    87. Meda Pate

      i love michael jackson the biggest singer of all time

    88. Wolfz FN

      This was posted on my bday

    89. Anahi Sedano

      My Favorite was when he did the Michal Jackson dance

    90. Alim Mamedov

      The ending was funny! 🤣🤣🤣😎

    91. lofty _

      bruh im the 5600001 viewer

    92. fire arrow


    93. fire arrow

      And yes thats his real hair

    94. fire arrow

      I like the chunky part

    95. fire arrow

      Can i have some hair lil nas

    96. Electric Nickels

      For some reason, this was more entertaining than the real video

    97. akeem

      Lil nas x is gay