Lindsey Stirling - Til The Light Goes Out (Official Video)

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    Directors: Stephen Wayne Mallett & Lindsey Stirling
    Production Company: Green Glow Films
    Choreographer: Jillian Meyers
    Stunt Coordinator: Nate Lee
    Editors: Lindsey Stirling & Stephen Wayne Mallett
    Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
    Producer: Hans Boysen
    Cinematographer: Niels Lindelien
    Head of VFX: Daniel Craven
    VFX By: Alex Bradley, Mitch Reaser, Steve Gallant
    Colorist: Loren White
    Rep for Stephen Mallett: Laure Scott
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    1. MrLeva115

      That bass at the end when the song was over actually shook me. I’m listening in my car and I thought there was thunder right outside my windows

    2. J.R. Turner

      By all means, YES, do a DVD of these videos edited together for the whole MOVIE/STORY. We will buy it. And a DVD of all your HUfast videos please offer them on your merchandise page, PLEASE!

    3. Tigre Hernández

      Hola buen día, cada día me sorprendes, al sacar nuevos vides eres grandiosa mujer, Dios te bendiga...... Haber q día vendrás a México e asistir a tus conciertos mi hija brenda y yo ( DR. JUBAL) somos tus seguidores...... Y felicidades x esa humildad q tienes q es lo mas valioso q puede tener el ser humano 2411149826

    4. Orlando Francisco Ramirez Ambrosio

      It's so beautiful, I love it👌.

    5. Diamond Dahlia

      Humans versus non-humans? Really? You're that prejudice?


      Who is the goddess painted on the cavern walls?


      what are the lyrics? The whole song is compelling, beautiful, haunting, inspiring, melodic, visual, soulful...and her album ARTEMIS is telling because ARTEMIS is the Goddess the Greeks copied directly from we Afrikans of Kemet miscalled Egypt. The true name of the goddess is BASTET. Yes, THE PANTHER GODDESS OF WAKANDA [ and she has a MALE MATE perhaps named BAST which the comics introduced as the first and primary Panther God of Wakanda for DECADES...]

    8. McKena Mack

      Dude this should totally be a movie! I love the setting and the tension and just how everything brings this to life! The dancing is AMAZING!

    9. AAKV K.

      Better than Twilight

    10. aries758

      Привет Jasper Kyd - Family

    11. life and music зайди послушай

    12. Harish Harish

      lov u

    13. Luka Lobjanidze

      ვიოლინოს ქალღმერთი

    14. Jordon Johnson

      Can't wait for part two

    15. imim995

      Amazing, brilliant absolutely brilliant 😀

    16. Joseph Anderser

      wonderfull like everytime Lindsey have a great inspiration !

    17. Emma Thorpe

      what are they chanting?

    18. David Bastyr

      Wow, quite the choreography and flow of the violin from Lindsey. Cinema like, impressive! Catchy song as well.

    19. Gabriel Boudreau

      This 1 was very cool. I loved it very much ❤

    20. LePtitVendéen

      Very good song for the next season of The Witcher

    21. Anika Tasnim

      She needs her own army, she is so freaking talented it breaks my heart she doesn’t get the hype she deserves

      1. William Bell

        She has one 12.7 million strong with millions more in reserve.

    22. Володимир Устименко


    23. jos molen

      no vocals very boring, i mean you're good with the violin but it's just one instrument

    24. Blerina Zhezha

      I have been waiting for this video for like a million years!!! It turned out awesome 👌

    25. Wonder Marvelous

      I love this

    26. Enja der Let's Player

      super Video

    27. CoolKidWeirdo 123

      Im loving this!! So empowering!! Id want to see the full choreography!😍😍

    28. Luis Gonzalez

      Es la danza de las brujas esta chiada la wica

    29. SKY Spears

      Охуеный клип аж мурашки по кожи,молодец линдси

    30. Ravens Moon

      Absolutely BEAUTIFUL women and music!! This video gives me chills it is so empowering

    31. Petcu Mihai

      Irealul este mai puternic decat realul.

    32. Владислав Пастухов

      Шикарно! Unbelievable! Невероятно! Amazing! Ну короче russians в восторге.

    33. Χρυσοβαλάντου Χαλκιά

      I love you Lindsey it's a beautiful violin

    34. Sam Sampat

      what are the lyrics?

    35. Elizabeth Mariela Sivila

      W@u!!!.. Esta increilble.

    36. antifadax dasrx

      Смешные такие,эти танцы)

    37. Alex Chermen


    38. Jhosua Vela

      la gente que vea esto sera afortunada en todo entra y veras

    39. monserrat reyna

      Necesito una coreografía completa 🥺💖

    40. Jhuliette Mejia

      Hello, good afternoon Lindsey, my name is Keysi I want to ask you a favor if you can teach me the choreography or tutorial of the song Til The Light Goes Out ... I will appreciate it. I love your music, you are unique, always keep going.

    41. Marilore devemy

      J'adore la musique et le clip et j'adorerais voir toute la chorégraphie de la danse dans la grotte c'est vraiment beau a voir 😍❤️❤️❤️ par contre la fin du clip c'est un peu triste

    42. Matthew

      Wonderful storytelling.

    43. Sara Verno

      THIS WAS BY FAR MY MOST FAVORITE SONG YOU HAVE DONE LINDSEY!!!! And I’ve been listening to you since the start! I’ve listened to your song on repeat at work and got all my customers interested in what I was listening to. I’m going to learn this dance, I’m in LOVE! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    44. commanderofwind

      Absolutely positively most rad bit of musical craftsmanship you got there my dear! Keep it goin!

    45. Денис Тактаров


    46. Suyi Candy Sugar

      No sé ustedes, pero el vídeo me recordó a las amazonas, lo fuertes que podemos llegar a ser las mujeres y la hermosa tierra en la que vivimos pero que poco a poco estamos destruyendo.

    47. Debra Blasus

      A guy on Twitter recommended her to me. Am so thankful helps me in 2020 Anxiety times.😔🗽

    48. broke_AF_ Games

      k, this was genuinely fantastic.

    49. Tri Maulidya

      wow, she is awesome. the best violinist

    50. Inkk Vibe

      Lindsey should star in a fantasy film or a series, she plays a perfect fantasy character.

    51. ワローク絶


    52. Anurak Deephiw


    53. Misa-chan Moree

      como no amarla, amo como toca el violin y aparte su forma de expresar su musica es perfecta

    54. Hatala Di Angelo

      Can you make a video with just the dance choreography in it? I love the whole video, and the choreography.

    55. Michael Lorsi

      too awesome!

    56. Dmitrij Rudenko


    57. molex 4

      Cool!!! You are gorgeous and incomparable as always. But even the light of the sun tires the eye. I think it's time to do full-fledged dance performances WITHOUT VIOLIN IN HANDS.

    58. Sharon Cullen Art

      I just watched your making of the video then came to watch this. Absolutely amazing. I understood completely. And your wig work was awesome too! 😜

    59. Benjamin Ludrovsky

      IntheEnd, I'll aways be His son

    60. Ed Keleny

      Still. The Cutest. Chic I've Ever Seen !

    61. Shyke Prodz

      Imagine: Seven Lions feat Lindsey Stirling 🔥🔥🔥

    62. Michael Ellis

      I'm surprised I hadn't realized you are a Tripple Threat. 😇 Sing. 💗 Dance 💃and Act 👍

    63. B Mac

      So visually stunning - an amazing video! The hard-work of you and your cast really pays off!

    64. Anne Smile

      Outstanding performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💫🎻

    65. Vicki White


    66. sorandomgrrl

      Breathtaking music and video! So beautiful!

    67. DJ ANTRAP

      DBSTF - We Don’t Stop (lights out)

    68. Latif Qureshi

      An unbelievable artist.

    69. Niko Lacson

      A true masterpiece through and through... I'm glad this existed.

    70. Fayt Shadow

      I rememeber when i bought your first've gone so far. Keep it going.

    71. Lilibeth Valladares

      If I Survive COVID-19 I wanna see her perform live :)

    72. oystergirl77

      Love it. Love all your music! I put it in my meditation /Zen music. When I'm having a hard day I listen to it. Coming from a musical family it soothes my soul.

    73. 413 Felix Ortiz

      💖iTTrue stoRy NiCeLy dOnE 🎉👏👏👏💨👏👏👏👏💖💯🌌🚀

    74. edaxlaner

      I like the music, but strategically, I would have to say that they went from a secure position to a horrible position out in the open.

    75. SlimCZ

      So amazing Lindsay!!!! GJ!!!

    76. twodogs716


    77. zycuhmii

      Why are u killing elves?

    78. Karina Gonzalez Saavedra

      Me encanta tu música 😍😍

    79. Davy Erni

      3 words : NEVER GONNA HAPPEN

    80. Кагыр Кеаллах

      Мы вспоминаем, чувствуем. Кто-то говорит с нами, через нас. Игра или фильм остаются таковыми, пока в них не поверят.

    81. Роман Гришаєнко

      Refreshing of my loverly Lindsey ! You are the best, Welcome to the country of real Amazonians, Ukraaine

    82. tackytrooper

      It's like a literal music video about the Foresworn. How about that.

    83. GoodVibesOfficial

      ♪♫♥ ;) - This is absolutely one of your best creations - Keep up the good work Darling ♥

    84. Mikelious

      Cinematography, VFX, and Practical Effects are very well done and could easily be compared with movie standards.

    85. Random Guy

      I worship her shadow.

    86. Michael Steuber


    87. Rebecca Brink

      Beautiful song, beautiful video

    88. Sahraoui Abdelhak


    89. Анастасия Салахудиноыа

      Она прооооостоооо сууупееер. Не перестаю ей восхищаться !!!

    90. Александр

      Шикарно , шикарно , молодцы .

    91. Dawn Lowe

      Has a very pagan/Goddess feel to it. Love it!

    92. Frank Russo

      Just terrific!

    93. Александр Иванов

      Оболдеть как классно!!! Я шокирован, красотой клипа!

    94. Josie Queen

      I learned the movements at 2:47! 💜🔥

    95. Kim Conlon

      Absolutely beautiful 🌹❤️.primal story of good nd evil. Vanquished by She.

    96. Alicia Odette Retamal Cayuqueo

      Lindsey tu musica es increible ,tua videos increibles ,saludos desde Chile!! ,nunca dejes de tocar

    97. emi ems

      Ok I give up im taking violen lessons again

    98. The Silent Majority

      I'm not really feeling this one. Cool costume design though.