Live Aid | Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - scene comparisons


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    Comparisons between the Live Aid scene from the movie Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) and the blu-ray extra with the Live Aid performance from 1985 by The Queen.
    Editor's note: complete Live Aid performance with the songs Crazy Little Thing Called Love and We Will Rock You that were not in the movie. Also, the complete version of the songs Radio Ga Ga and Hammer To Fall that were shorter in the movie. The change on the logo on the left indicates wich clip is from the movie and wich clip is from the blu-ray extra.

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    1. dimitreze

      Complete Live Aid performance with the songs Crazy Little Thing Called Love and We Will Rock You that were not in the movie. Also, the complete version of the songs Radio Ga Ga and Hammer To Fall that were shorter in the movie. The change on the logo on the left indicates wich clip is from the movie and wich clip is from the blu-ray extra.

      1. LarDi DK

        Shut the fuck up.. He nailed nothing.. It looks as false ad it is😂😂 No effort is put in to actual mime or try to hit any notes..

      2. 김지호

        I love you Queen

      3. Pete B

        The platters

      4. vintage maison

        Excellent comparison. Saw the film, enjoyed it very much. However, was lucky enough to be at London Live Aid, the most amazing day ever, all my heroes gathered together in one place for just one time. And for a good cause.

    2. Kevin McFlannigan

      He must've studies this performance for weeks second by second. Amazing

    3. احمد زايد

      Rami Malek cute

    4. Keith Joseph

      where can i get the movie live aid blu-ray extra version

    5. 鳥おとこ

      very very very very very good

    6. Do Ngoc Quynh

      The yielding gosling secondly dry because persian unfortunatly retire plus a aggressive italy. miniature, optimal trigonometry

    7. john ceni


    8. Princess Coconuts

      Its 2021 and i am feeling his vibes💕💕💕

    9. Falcon

      Rami deserved every reward he has ever gotten for this performance! It is so amazing!!!! I remember watching this on a plane on a business trip and was just completely amazed. This scene especially gave me goosebumps

    10. Rosa Urzua

      Maravilloso, genius!! Saludos desde Chile🇨🇱❤️

    11. Antonella Marras

      Spettacolare riproduzione... Realtà inimitabile...

    12. Abderrahim amor


    13. Sakith Dinusahan

      Wanna watch this in 2050

    14. chris meadows

      If there's ever a need for a time machine this is it! 🎸🎹🎶🎤

    15. Andro on earth

      Freddy kann man weder kopieren noch nachmachen

    16. Andro on earth

      Freddy kann man nicht kopieren

    17. Yara Machado

      Melhor Banda de todos os tempos ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    18. Alex contreras


    19. herrbartels

      after 2020/2021, we must come back to this!

    20. herman de ruijter

      I mis him.

    21. Nishant Ojha

      He mimics the hand switch at 4:36


      Freddie is a indian.


      Freedie is a indian.

    24. Zoe lorex

      Eso Freddy i whant to breeak free

    25. El Pandita Gamer YT

      the is fhios gradfre

    26. Wilma Feuerstein

      its ok...great double of fredy..thanks to you


      Can I feel nostalgic for a place I've never been?

    28. angus Beef

      Thank you

    29. Fraz Gaming

      The fake one needs more muscle lmao

    30. 왕덕삼

      My hero

    31. Shannen Mclaren

      My mum went to this concert and I couldn’t be more jealous 😭

    32. jack jack

      well done for the comparison, even the armpit hair are of the same quantity...

    33. swann berger

      The actor that is Rami Malek is very talented. It feels good to see a Freddie Mercury again. What a incredibly gifted person. RIP Feddie Mercury.

    34. Plastic Knight

      16:37 Bookmark

    35. Apalotas2008

      lol that cz subtitles are amazing. lol ty české titulky jsou super

    36. Ariel C

      The reason why I feel Rami did such a great job, is because there were times (including during this concert) where I thought I was watching Freddie, even though I obviously knew it was was such a weird feeling at some points where my brain had to remind me that he wasn’t actually Freddie

    37. Jamie Brown

      Freddie could literally command an audience, and he chose to entertain us.

    38. Ian Makanaky

      Diablos... La misma voz wuao

    39. Karen Mathieson

      I've been looking and enjoying Queens other tractks that weren't so famous, still brilliant!

    40. Julie Nunn

      It gave me chills how much it was so accurately re-created...he so deserved his Oscar....

    41. cujoedaman

      8:23 The TV in the movie is showing what the camera was filming while another camera was filming that camera as it was happening in the real performance. That is some awesome attention to detail :D

    42. MrDjslayer

      Plastic face with this make up. His meaningful eyes! These robotic moves... Instead of reality where Freddie was just living. I'm still thinking the best was the idea of Sacha Baron Cohen played this role. He feels like Freddie I guess

    43. ZorgsteinKilloo

      Блять! Это пиздец...

    44. PAN GAME


    45. 鱼香肉丝

      動きは若干似てるけど、表情が違う 顔の作りとかあるだろうけど、演技やってるならもう少し似せれたやろ


      Un éxito si quitan los sub títulos 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    47. Margot Margot

      FREDDIE è UNICO.... Quindi INIMITABILE...I LOVE YOU FREDDIE ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️

    48. EeRii RaMiiRez

      me encata quenn

    49. Jeison Farley Arteaga Rivas


    50. peter heyvaert

      I was 40 days old.

    51. peter heyvaert

      Goosebumps. What a legend.

    52. Marcelo s

      Cachorro esse filme

    53. Antonella Casamento


    54. 탑선

      여기도 랄뚜기 있나? 확인드가자~~ 2400! 2400! 2400!


      *He performanced a Legend been another legend...this was so epic kids...*

    56. Masha Spikego

      Queen at LiveAid is still probably one of the all time best live performance ever. I wasn’t even a fan of them before it (I was only 16 though and stayed up all night watching it from Australia).

    57. Keshav Dutt

      This is what i call a perfection😊

    58. BasicallySeb

      Damn they didn’t show the person on someone’s back on 3:02

    59. florencio jr lauzon

      The bulgy eye and bugs but who cares.

    60. Karen Couch

      I've never heard of this actor but he done a superb job of portraying Freddie Mercury.

    61. Артемий Аверин

      Это феноменальная работа!

    62. Mairiani Rondon

      Beautiful 🥰

    63. Azie Rwan

      24.1.2021 from malaysian

    64. Nata Luce


    65. daniel bisson


    66. Davis Hueter

      And they cut to the bar scene it looks so staged. For a movie that was well made why would they make a simple bar scene look so stage.

    67. Davis Hueter

      This dude does not look like Freddie Mercury but he plays this role so well

    68. ココノツ


    69. Dream mon

      프레디머큐리가 훨났지

    70. Junho Choi

      감사합니다. 잘 봤습니다^^

    71. Pæx Halez

      This is so perfect!!!!!

    72. Shredwaves

      considering this was the first scene they filmed, really means a lot, I think Rami Malek did a fantastic job, I can look beyond the teeth lmao.

    73. Deobremantya Imanuel Saniskara

      Owner: 13 July 1985 Me: Google is this true Google:I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend. I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear. I always knew I was a star And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me

    74. LIANG XU

      Too impressive.

    75. ssddsquare

      What reason anyone dislike this lol.

    76. robert almond

      If i watch this it gives me goosebumps. Mr. Malik did i marvelous job to this scene💯

    77. Rosemoon Glay

      3:05 exactly same

    78. cheesey boi

      I get scared infront of 200 people but he just sang like 1001 songs infront of 100,000 people

    79. gr3c0oXx

      Is it normal to miss someone who was born before me?

    80. PEGASO Studio

      EL ACTOR que representa a Freddy más parece una caricatura que el personaje real lo que convierte al film en una especie de PARODIA, se ha exagerado terriblemente en la caracterización del actor y se ha llegado a un producto hecho caricatura animada... Esto no se merece Freddy Mércury .

      1. isabella DURAN RODRIGUEZ

        @DanyP. ØØ gracias

      2. DanyP. ØØ

        @isabella DURAN RODRIGUEZ lose pero no quise escribir tanto por eso dije problemas xD Pero buen dato igual uu

      3. isabella DURAN RODRIGUEZ

        @DanyP. ØØ es que el primer actor que escogieron quería que la película fuera para un público adulto tu sabes con escenas de delicioso entre hombres que las fiestas que hacía freddie fueran más explícitas y cosas no muy bonitas que digamos de la vida de freddie y los productos querían que la película fueran para todo el público así que lo despidieron y luego encontraron a rami y de hay nació una gran película

      4. DanyP. ØØ

        Tenian primero un actor mas parecido pero nose pudo por problemas y fue rami que a ultimo momento audiciono y salvo la filmacion Asi que Grs Rami Malek uwu💖

      5. isabella DURAN RODRIGUEZ

        Si vas a empezar a criticar el trabajo de esta película mejor ver a dormir

    81. Joe Ordonez

      I love queen but this movie was fucking stupid

    82. Zarina Ukubaeva


    83. Bum Bum

      It sucks kids nowadays cheer for lipsyncing auto tune artists.

      1. Julian Innes

        Yes 100% agree

      2. Cell VA

        I understand its appeal, but it never appealed to me like older music did.

      3. Bum Bum

        @arthur m :(

      4. arthur m

        Yeah im a kid and i like this music sucks that tiktok and fortnite is gonna be noglastic one day for others

    84. Nicki

      *Brasil, 22 Jan 2021. Uhuuuu* 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    85. 김지호

      라디오 너는 뭗든것을 알고있어 가사가 먹먹하게 느꺼지네요

    86. Jack Wilson

      Imagine being the only dude that looks Freddie Mercury..

    87. Grant Slater

      Queen has always been apart of my life, Queen has always been my favorite band, Queen has always been amazing, They are gods that came down to earth Queen can’t been replaced,

    88. 딸머

      so similar brian

    89. Michael Charles

      absolutely brilliant, the music of Queen will live forever and the film was epic!


      i love music

    91. Юлия Аплеева


    92. A B

      The movie was made by a legend . And the actor is super talented,legend, great and fantastic The movie has every single thing in the real video Even that small tag around Freddie's hand from the original video is shown in the movie I really appreciate that ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    93. Oscar Hamtig


    94. Mo Chi

      I remember watching this movie on TV with my parents. My mom honestly thought the movie was using the actual footage of live age lol. Kudos to the actors for a job well done!

    95. 김승재

      If you see this video you will fly the sky

    96. Baloney _


    97. Aditya Rangga Imananda

      When people enjoy the music and not a single person holding a camera 😌

      1. Tashayla Robinson

        Exactly. Just for them to delete it cause they realized they can watch it on yt

    98. Uland Tom

      @ramikalik completely encapsulated Freddie