Livestream FAILS


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    epic livestream fails lads, embarrassing. who would do that? not me haha! get it?
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    1. Liam Lauer

      every other youtubers: the most generic and borings ad sponsors pewdiepie: makes me laugh

    2. Chamil Purplepee

    3. SummerSonata

      3:51 amazing how rhe singer of that song is now this little blue gremlin

    4. EDKskills

      7:12 idk y but i feel like she's irl mizuhara she just gives off that vibe

    5. William Afton

      Well this is the first video under a year ago that was in the most popular, I miss old poodpie

    6. Womp Womp

      He was literally punching the air in the PUBG gameplay

    7. korrekt 17

      1:59 the best moment you could ever see The viewers [react] to Felix [react] to a streamer [react] to felix [react] to a girl [react] to s.o else

    8. Loanmi Loa

      pewds: "i like to watch people suffer" me: "T-T that's wrong man T-T" my head: "I kind of like watch people like that maybe he's my lost twin"

    9. UnsTuve

      hmm pewds profile pic looks exaclty like him but thinner

    10. Vince Haylem

      was waiting for the casual n word

    11. Dynapie

      2:26 is it confusing for you as well??

    12. Harry

      pewdiepie reacting to someone reacting to pewdiepie reacting to someone Yes it makes sense

    13. Purple Haze

      This is basically pewds reacting to a guy reacting to pewds reacting to the same guy

    14. Hedgiethe Hog

      Pewds watching a guy watching pewds watching that same guy.

    15. Dead meme Dude

      5:30 i like the shy guy not the loudmouth her boyfriend a second later

    16. Arc Winter

      Why is your camera on 12fps?

    17. MJ

      Well I was nordvpn I would never sponsor him again

    18. IshX_X


    19. NeonPenguin 09

      2:21 Inception

    20. Dragonflameace

      Marcia would be perfect for a Boomer Girl.

    21. m k

      Alinity has so much fking body fat o_O It's not normally possible to pinch that much.

    22. Squish125

      Is that a reaction of a reaction reacting to a reaction? 2:08

    23. Relix EXE

      Simp alerts

    24. Paul Ludwig

      Now is it legal to watch Netflix with VPN? I got mixed feelings

    25. Jaka Prawira

      Cmon man the airport one is wholesome

    26. Yuzki13246

      Pewdiepie 10:26 oda is my fav

    27. Luke Adams

      4:02 It’s confirmed Bernie got 99% of the simp vote

    28. Luke Adams

      I really hope Twitch ban Alinity for her poor treatment of cats. I know it doesn’t really relate to the video the Alinity clip just reminded me. Twitch needs to stop simping and start using their brain

    29. Luke Adams

      It makes me genuinely happy to watch the cat get revenge for Alinity for all the times she has abused her cats

    30. Hiisme2

      did it work out with the camerman

    31. poofidy

      UH, THATS FUNNY -pewdiepie like 5 times

    32. Gaming Bacon4554

      The bite sound was 10/10

    33. Catarouxx

      If you want to do david dobrik ad you have to take a bunch of laxitives first then wait until you're on the cusp of shitting yourself so bad all you want to do is talk as fast as possible so you can finish and run to the nearest trash can to unload.

    34. Christopher Solo


    35. Axi Flames

      the ok boomer girl looks like a trump supporter

    36. MRANDOM

      Sauce to 9:50?

    37. Harper Hynd

      Her : he’s shy Him : shut your dumb ass up

    38. Harper Hynd

      David sounds like a total lad

    39. Smile

      1:46 what your here for

    40. SteakOnSpear

      Reacting to a reaction video, reacting to a reaction video, reacting to a reaction video.

    41. NamelessTomb Productions

      cat is like "fuck your singing"

    42. Kane's Mobile Gaming And Reactions Channel

      5:38 Brah it's time to find a new man🤣

    43. LincolnSk8z

      2:35 a guy reacting to a guy reacting to a guy reacting to a guy

    44. Gonzalo Cabrera

      What a wholesome video this is 🤣

    45. Lit Man

      7:19 was that sarcasm or not?

    46. ferdi bozkurt

      Türkler burda

    47. JohnX

      New word to add to dictionary: *safelier*

    48. ִ


    49. The Silver Ally

      Thought the lagging was my wifi....

    50. Greg Recovski

      NANI?! Ive never seen pewds laugh so hard.

    51. Samyak Surana

      Pause ur vid. Go to 3:25 and look at the cat

    52. Bubble Tea

      every time i stare at pewdiepie face i always remember the fat pewdiepie ;-;

    53. RobertH

      *bold text*

    54. RoshanRocks Gaming

      You use pokimane hot pics for thumbnail and call other people simp u simping ur own group girl 🤣🤣 actually It is for attracting the simpers That's how ur the best youtuber ever a robot cant never use this brains🤣🤣

    55. naim edwards

      Who's watching in 2021?

    56. Miguelgsc24

      This vid was uploaded the day we went into lockdown

    57. John Stan The Millennial Man

      I’m confused, how was that last one a _fail_ ?

    58. DJ MOREY

      7:33 your FPS fucked up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    59. Casual Carl


    60. Casual Carl


    61. Another Generic Gaming Channel

      anyone know where the thumbnail comes from?

    62. elon schneider

      he is looking at the email that nordvpn while saying it

    63. Bradley Labrosse

      I wonder if Felix watches fairytale

    64. Ethan

      Why is this on the member Playlist lmao

    65. Abdulrhman alsalmi

      Yah he seem really shy,lmao

    66. engineer Gaming

      engineer gaming

    67. artic1999

      Felix suffer

    68. Unknown user

      what you like most pews is saying the word with N

    69. Paras Sachdeva

      8:00 Guru Randhawa without beard.

    70. Mathis De Craemere


    71. kdrizzlar

      the 10k dislikes are the simps

    72. Liam Bishop

      People who already have nordvpn -->

    73. Gyro Zeppeli

      I know this comment won't even get seen but I really want to see a Kids on the slope review ;_; Because I think he'd like the anime but you know This comments gonna get lost so if you want him to watch it leave a like ^^

    74. Leaked Fori

      9 months later and Felix still wears a buzz cut like a champ

    75. analyn anagaran


    76. TheHeavenly FB

      3:25 nevermind "karma is a bitch", in her case, watching her getting bitten is more like "karma is a hell of a drug"

    77. crowncontrol

      i work at a gas station with an attached casino, i always hate getting tips for doing next to nothing...but i still accept it because i work in a gas station lmao

    78. GNP Vermillion

      I am Legend Starring: David

    79. Rayan Khan

      This is his job.

    80. Andreas!

      4:19 I'VE NEVER HEARD OF IT lol

    81. AtotehZ

      3:50 Looking at this now, Pewdiepie was pretty close to playing with Neeko in Among Us, perhaps he even did in a stream I didn't catch. Neeko is in 100 Thieves, like Valkyrae, Courage and Brooke whom he actually played with.

    82. EERIE OREO

      100M subscribers with your laggy ass camera

    83. Vakhtang BoLoTashvili

      7:43 maybe he was talking to his little kid and wife? and he was just playing with his little baby?

      1. TVcheese

        @Vakhtang BoLoTashvili ok but it still looks like his parter because of all the kisses and the tounge movement but I understand your point

      2. Vakhtang BoLoTashvili

        @TVcheese he just makes "funny" faces for baby to make her/him laugh

      3. TVcheese

        But the toung movement-

    84. Abu Ser

      2020 really was a bad year

    85. Louis A.


    86. Cat in The Jar


    87. Al Telephono

      0:01 schadenfreude

    88. KB

      nord vpn is shit

    89. NCS Terbaru 2020

      10K Dislikes is From Alinity Simp

    90. JackTheLad

      pEwDiePIe sAdiSt CoFiRmEd?!?¿¡¿¡

    91. Saair Imran

      pewds is illuminati

    92. dobo99

      But I wanna watch North Korean shows!

    93. Pianist

      7:59 a nice dad

    94. Dree Tre

      7:30 hmmm she looks familiar ....

    95. Chul Yeom

      The lovely pipe acutely scatter because income serendipitously wander without a glistening glorious headline. rough, easy donkey

    96. Jason / Nayef

      0:00 sameeeeeee

    97. MG

      4:45 my reaction in 2020

    98. Franco Caffa

      2:23 South Park had it right on that episode

    99. rAiDeR2TKC

      I came to watch pewdiepie and thought it was Connor Mcgregor