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    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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    1. omkar Kurlekar

      Nah I got older faster bruh

    2. Martin Grinnell

      Must admit I really enjoy his content now when in 2017 I felt exactly like everyone else did towards him

    3. Little_Onion

      blows my mind how much he has changed, the past logan was cringy looking bat at his videos, but if you were watching him when you were 11 and 12 like me people didnt notice, I love the new logan and the whole internet does to

    4. Uncle Bridge

      Funny how mike always manages to make it about him

    5. Scar fox 101

      I can relate to that last part

      1. Scar fox 101

        I want to be in the NBA and my mom is trying to stop me from doing so like wtf

    6. Onfire Jaggy

      I miss old Logan

    7. ßönër

      I still dislike Logan but i can tell he’s matured and i like him as a person but I’ve never liked his content and i dont feel that will change

    8. Sean Favoreal

      Love seeing that logan grew as a person amd redeemed himself and became someone so respected

    9. SrirachaCola

      Basically Logan's IQ degrades 50 whenever he's around Jake.

    10. matt hearne

      Logan you need to be greatful you have Mike. He's like your older brother. My older brother is 10 years my senior and I learned a lot from his mistakes. It seems you have learned from Mike's mistakes as he is a great mentor and friend. It is very defficult to become a Phoenix like Mike and my brother have done

    11. HeyItsLucas

      I can’t imagine this new Logan with a beard, older more mature looking haircut, and a more well spoken person in general, saying “what’s up logang, what’s poppin!” in a cringe voice. He’s changed for the better

    12. ca perkz

      Logan cameback as his brother fell

    13. Someone Playing

      Can’t believe this was the guy who created help me help you

    14. Soap Eater

      Logan and jake blew up to big to fast. Logan made a good point were it makes people stay young with HUfast so when Logan and jake blew up in 2016 they acted like any child with millions of dollars would. And that’s why jake is still HUfast villain. Because Logan read the “hate” and he grew up. Jake never changed, he’s still the douche he was 3 years ago. And that’s why I like Logan now because he has a really good villain to hero ark, and he is aware of the stupid shit he did.

    15. Joey Hellesoe

      I mean I want old Logan paul

    16. Joey Hellesoe

      I hate the old Logan Paul

    17. Nicholas Anderson

      New Logan is 💯 better now than he was then


      i hate mikes voice so much

    19. Highlander 21

      Mike has a book? He kept that quiet

    20. k y

      He used to be a dweeb

    21. Łukasz Ochojski

      When he was saying that in 2017 him and Jake were cartoon characters I was thinking: you cappin Logan, Jake is still a fucking spongebob of HUfast

      1. Łukasz Ochojski

        @Sebastian Swan you do got a point

      2. Sebastian Swan

        Thats a insult to spongebob

    22. Rayzr

      Anyone dissing Mike for how he acts obviously hasn’t read his book. He goes into great detail about his traumas and the way he acts

    23. Cheriplays Roblox

      Who else hated the old Logan

    24. Robert Nicolas

      He glew tfff up in every way possible 💀

    25. Charlie Rodriguez

      mike talks to much

    26. Rohann George Mathew

      Logan has grown!

    27. bigA littlec

      No he's totally right. I see it with my brother all the time. He just turned 20 and is still super immature. Granted I'm 27 but I definitely was more assimilated with the adult world at 20 than these kids are today.

      1. Topic LKE

        Maybe your brother is not equipped being ready and that's okay no disrespect. I think at the age of 20 he still has a long time to think about a career path. I'm 21 turning 22 and I'm doing music. He's just not there to be that "quality" yet.

    28. James carroll

      Okay his idea on people trying to keep us mentally younger longer is kinda sorta ground breaking honestly.

    29. Dealr-Discord

      2:00 - 2:08. Bruh talkin bout how u start not to flex anymore? Dude in the lgn vs ksi u were litterally spanning up ur luscles and did a super tight shirt on so we could see ur muscles. And u did it at both press conferences. So you dont talk sht bout flexing we know whose the flexer here buddy. And btw being muscular doesnt mean that ur good in boxing cuz ur sht in it Ksi litterally beat ur ass 2 times. In the shitty 'majority draw' it wasnt a draw ksi kicked up ur ass back then too. The makers just wanted a rematch for money.

    30. JW

      Logan didnt go through shit lol. He gained subs from all that. I like how he is today tho

    31. L. Bonk

      My uncle is a grandparent at 40

    32. brad boychuk

      *(*())&^%^%^%(&((( ya so thats what i havw to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

    33. Hines Ball 2

      This hits

    34. Jaden Klipa

      Idk why but I’m always wondering if Logan when back to his old “first HUfast video” haircut, it would be funny

      1. Dockers

        I don't care what know one says. His old hair looks better than his new hair. His new hair looks like a fucking bowl on his head, way worse than the mop.

    35. Laura Grieser

      Now I am fucking convinced that I can and will become a singer one day cause I have tried to do HUfast but it hasn’t worked out for me


      hufast.info/plan/vide/mpzBoLl9w2vSnpc guys drop a like on this video if you like old vlogs

    37. Quixotticc

      I got a maverick ad no way!!!

    38. Edu Oseguera

      Mike stfu bro for once bro

    39. Gerry Gold


    40. Zomo

      Imagine Jake trying to have a conversation like this....impossible

    41. Julia Lundgren

      Also, its financial because most of us cant afford to live.

    42. Olive Nixon

      Logan there is probably a 0.0001% chance you will see this but if you do, i want you to know that you always inspire me to be the bigger person, and work hard at my craft. its because of you i don't care what people say about me, i honestly appreciate you 100% and how you have grown ive been with u since day 1, and this is coming from a 12 year old. thank you bro!

    43. TheBradstur

      I like the old logan paul and jake paul

    44. e.ancāns

      Bruh mike always sayes: ‘ been there done that ’

    45. infinitynobody

      Can i get one more eyo logang whats poppin

    46. Kotic Boss

      Bro Logan you didn’t reflect on your 2016 vlogs

    47. Imen Kacem

      I really cant listen to mike, he seriously ruins the podcast. At this point im allergic to his voice. Like he's a great guy, he really is, but let's find him another craft? Jesus..

      1. Dockers

        For real. I really don't like mike, he screams for no reason, he is very immature, acts like a 12 year old. What I want to happen and what I think needs to happen in order for Logan to have an amazing boost in his career is that Logan should get a new house. Have new funny people around him. And to probably make the vlogs a little bit longer.

      2. Kid Dynamite

        Haha same

    48. tm eafd

      I heard like a 25+ call himself a kid lol


      The only good thing about the old Logan Paul was the hair

      1. Dockers

        Exactly. I just ran into like 10 comments saying his new hair is better and I'm like... ARE YOU BLIND!?

    50. zSap

      69 disslikes LOL

    51. Harvey Labor

      Anyone else noticed that the Beard has changed Logan 😂

      1. Scott Gayyrison

        @TheReal king same lmao

      2. TheReal king

        I just get bad vibes watching him without a beard


        Cuban Kidd fax

      4. Cuban Kidd

        Yes and hair is shorter but honestly it’s better like that

    52. V3nOm SynthZ

      Logan:So wha- Mike:The Fifth Vital Mike:The Fifth Vital Mike:The Fifth Vital Mike:The Fifth Vital Mike:The Fifth Vital Mike:The Fifth Vital

    53. YGL Bull

      I know this is dumb but Logan should shave his facial hair and grow his hair out how it used to be to see the different from then to now

      1. Dockers

        I agree

    54. Saul Cortez

      Let’s keep it real tho...then tho this gen wants to be that next “post Malone” or “chance the rapper” this gen is DRY when it goes to music. especially in hip hop.

    55. Aims Potato

      Ik im only 15 but Logan is right abt the marriage. When ur 25 or so now you shouldnt be looking for marriage or children. Many ppl have a bucket list in their life. Abt 50 to 75 percent of it is to do it by urself or with your friends. And abt 50 or less of it is to do the same thing or other things w ur children or wife. Live ur life when ur still 100% and then go get urself a family of ur own.

    56. Yaboi Jay

      The better the beard the better he gets Logan NEVER shave that beard

    57. James

      Proper fuk with you geezers

    58. Chewwy Changa

      Jake has been married 2 times lmao😂😂😂

    59. Kim Huizar

      I’m 25 and in all honesty Logan has acted no different in the past than all young adult men of our generation. I know many men my age that have made mistakes, acted childish, and have been just as disrespectful as he has, in past! It looks and seems though Logan has grown and learned from his mistakes which I can respect. The only difference is Logan has been in the spotlight and that’s why he’s obviously gotten so much hate for it.

      1. Kim Huizar

        25 and married with my second kid on the way too by the way but I still understand the topic of this convo and agree lol 😂

    60. Kerry Nottelling

      I had 3 children by the age of 23 😂 ohh and married 😂

    61. tyler ramstein

      a big difference is his voice is more deeper and less childish

      1. Shaan Alam

        He's more articulate, mature, and a more realized person. I'm sure most people didn't like him after Japan but he's grown so much after it.

    62. Marina Venkova

      This is a very important topic and it was interesting for me to listen to your analysis on the subject, because everything you said is actually very relevant and empirically tested and verified by the field of developmental psychology. Check out Jeffrey Arnetts' studies on the subject of Emerging adulthood. He points out the aspects of this phenomenon and why it is prominently expressed in industrialized countries.

    63. straight face

      yo rq is this channel owned by logan paul etc is it a channel that just posts impaulsive related content

    64. ifeanyi ibeanusi

      To be honest I understand the whole following your dreams concept. But there are professions that society is in dire need of. Like doctors, surgeons, engineers. I believe that you can pursue those "hobbies" and make an income from it. But going to school helps people develop the skills that society needs.

    65. B Frye

      Not saying Logan is a genius but compared to his brother Jake Logan is Albert Einstein

      1. RAGNAROK

        Jake is a business genius tho.

      2. zlbeast gamer

        I m not a logan fan. But man he has grown as a person, learning from hus mistakes. But jake paul. Ah

      3. DropTheWord12

        He might act dumb on camera but the kid graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and got a full ride academic scholarship

      4. bef jelgum

        Mind blast, Paul brother are the most intellectual people on this mother fuckin planet

      5. Xtrats

        Guys I have a theory flightreacts and jake Paul are the same ppl

    66. Paul Mosquera

      It would be good if these guys invited someone who is really intelligent, so the kids who listen have a real perspective of live.

    67. Erick Henriquez

      My mom had me at 22

    68. Joshua Haire

      People say I look like the old Logan Paul 😭

    69. Jordan Michael

      I feel you on this Logan!

      1. Ebnean

        I look forward to seeing you with 20,000,000 subs in a couple years...

    70. Jesse Sleiman

      I don’t know if I’m onto something but I think Mikes writing a book

    71. Batmunkh N

      I hated the old logan man

    72. Mike Rivera

      Mike why are u so annoying

    73. Potato gMing

      Everyone keeps hating on Mike, why he keeps Logan in check and never does anything controversial or stupid so stop the hate on him

    74. Gaming House

      yall hate on mike way to much

    75. Daniel

      Logan: “I think social media is keeping people younger, longer.” The 35-year-old who still dresses like an eighth grader sitting right next to him: “...”

      1. Jose Rivadeneira

        He’s literally wearing a t shirt and hat wtf is wrong w that

    76. Stan Lagerwaard

      Why is everyone hating on mike? He ads a lot of value and knowledge to the show.

    77. shreks donkey

      Mike : Mike Mike Mike

    78. Torsten Sigulsson

      damn just 1 watch 2 rings and a gold chain. he is relateable

    79. Brian J.

      Past and present self is 10 times uglier than he thinks he is

    80. kevin

      Y’all hating on mike until he left for a couple episodes

    81. ian vicknair

      Today's work has the option of having options for potential self growth and evolution. Which in turn makes "competition" that much more difficult and will intern make a bigger separation of weak vs. strong, rich vs. poor etc. So we are getting into a society of "Status." And that "status" is an attraction to people for mating etc. Its a giant circle that's getting more and more dense.

    82. Living on Easy street

      A few colleges near me have made college free, a couple of my friends have gotten all their financial aid to use for keep their homes and such

    83. Shubhan Chaturvedi

      I love the new Logan

    84. OM2SS Productions

      You know what this was inspiring im about to follow my dream to become a HUfast i already started but i just needed inspiration and this is it

    85. Stormyv

      Lol it really does feel like $80,000 for a zoom call 😂😩

    86. I'm a robloxfan

      When I try to wear jewelry I can't cuz I choke

    87. Y Beast

      Mike.. I’m sorry to break this to you but. WE DON’T GIVE A FLYING SHIT SBOUT YOUR BOOK

    88. Canvey

      Logan had a level up from Adolf hitler to Stalin

    89. Aariz

      Could y’all check my song ‘Neglecting some things’ on soundcloud pls

    90. BMO

      Nobody: Logan Paul: hufast.info/plan/vide/pJulrtmd02rbomg

    91. The Caro Project

      if you're hating on mike you're just not that smart, he actually puts things in perspective of normal life, whereas logan can't really

    92. Kyle Ford

      I really don’t understand why everyone hates mike so much

      1. Dockers

        because he's annoying and he screams for no reason

    93. Cristian Dario

      This dude Mike is in love with himself, I can’t stand him.

      1. Cristian Dario

        Fenix _ im not trying hard at all, maybe my simple reply is too much for you, it has to do with your capabilities.

      2. xSTART_A_RiOTx __

        Cristian Dario do you try this hard to in every time some one replies something you don’t like?

      3. Cristian Dario

        Fenix _ don’t have to accept it, I didn’t ask for it.

      4. xSTART_A_RiOTx __

        Cristian Dario nothing. Just accept it and go

      5. Cristian Dario

        Fenix _ and what am i supposed to do with the enlightening information you just provided?

    94. Nikki L

      I like Logan’s content now. Never thought I would say that.. but he has grown a lot.

    95. The Balance University Podcast

      Please interview David Icke

    96. Vis

      I feel like I'm gonna like Logan more and more until he somehow fuck's up everything again😆

    97. #joshua swift Swift

      I love the new logan❤️

    98. Name ???

      i wish mike wasnt here jesus hes so annoying thinking hes acc talking about interesting things when no one wants to hear what hes saying

    99. Krawczak

      If you pay $80k a year for college you’re a complete fucking idiot

    100. Aaron Rose

      Now logan stop advertising pornogrpahy to your very young audience and I'll like you.