Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]


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    Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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    1. Valeria Valdivia


    2. King Nothing

      I could've sworn this guy was a rapper

    3. IN ferno

      Mgk is doing hella good but honestly I like that rap mgk

    4. Raúl Carpio

      pretty coool

    5. full moon

      I miss my avril

    6. QuiK Scoping

      Marry me Halsey

    7. Bailey Ebk

      close your eyes and think its greenday :P

    8. Rachel Kyle

      Anyone else get Marilyn Manson vibe?

    9. Keith David Pagsinuhin

      2017: camila cabello 2020: halsey 2021: avril lavigne plss

    10. violet23561

      Why does a lot of music this year sound like a blast from the past ?

    11. Joshua Peralta


    12. Devansh Singh

      MGK got young gerald's balls outta halsey 😂 if you know what i'm talking the way no hate, so ya, peace 🙏

    13. Amirdagod -_-

      Dam Eminem really ended his rap career 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. James Urwin

        damn who gives a shit just listen to the music

    14. Sejuti Ahmed

      This song is tooo gooood

    15. Byron Brown

      Wasnt a fan I am now

    16. oryan hovik


    17. jemima jane

      Wtf like he could take on Eminem haha 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 that's made my fucking year haha 😂 🤣 😂 he's a pop artist ffs omg I need a tenna lady I'm going to piss myself laughing 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

    18. Brad Kinsella

      It is amazing how MGK has changed from a horrible rapper to a great rocker. Travis needs to go around improving music everywhere :)

    19. Jen Lemmelin

      Lol did Eminem turn him into a pop punk bitch

    20. Mauro Gallardo


    21. Papi Chulo

      Ok next is with Em..

    22. Nixxle

      What is this mess. why every decade do singers justify domestic violence and toxicity. Like, ok, break up is a real emotions, but then videos get intimidatingly violent relationship wise? Y tho.

      1. James Urwin

        what a load of waffle

    23. Trevor Roberts

      Damn, Em really did end MGK's rap career.

    24. Walid Houalla

      what hurts more is that there's nobody to forget me, yet I sing this sing in spite

    25. landyn bressler

      Damn guy changed his whole genre

    26. Cheyenne Alvis

      is this that rapper who dissed Marshal Mathers?

      1. Amy Sarah

        Yep 😂💀

    27. Unnamed

      I'm telling you guys rock and roll is coming back. I wanna be a part of the movement but all I can do is try even im nothing yet. Mullets fender releasing the American professionals and all the people starting their own bands now this hit rock song. A new era is coming and it is going to be awesome 🤞🤟🤘

    28. Amber Evelyn

      I feel bad for Tavis because what happened with the plane crash but I totally understand his Fear I wouldn't hop on a plane if I was on one and it crashes but well at least he's alive you go tavis

    29. LazerazHD z


    30. Jan Ramas

      Soooooo, he's in punk rock now 🤭😅

    31. noah kassiik

      wait where is the video for body bag and all that???

    32. Rafael Paes de Arruda


    33. RAFA !

      Got those paramore vibes !!!

    34. Neec O

      dale machineeeeeeeeeeeee

    35. li am

      Wheres the rap devil 😈

    36. Morddigian

      2:16 "I choose u Pikachu!"

    37. Matias Martinez

      Eminem put him on the right music genre, lol.

    38. Chikara

      Travis is here too lol love blink 182

    39. Totalchaos1983 0

      I think this is his best album yet

    40. Nevaeh Bunce

      travis playing the drums while they fight like 🥁👄🥁

    41. Anthony Quirk

      MGK you should definitely keep up this punk rock music. It’s working for you. Sincerely, your fans❤️

    42. Maggie Edmundson

      Halsey bodied this

    43. Trinty Weber

      I can’t decide who is hotter. MGK or Halsey?🤔

    44. Tom Behnke

      "....I'm gonna stay and put my key in the bag more...." LMAO!

    45. Vinay

      I love how he left mummble rap ! All thanks to The lengend Em . Totally changed his style of singing

    46. Kodi White

      Does anyone else get frustrated that Halsey looks like shes going to kick over Mgk's bike and doesnt?! Just kick that bitch over!!

    47. tonguekisser89

      this looks like it was filmed on the Jennifer's Body set

    48. CorpsePaint Slim

      I start to enjoy his rock Music, saying from a huge Eminem fan here! I gotta forget about the beef

    49. Skofa

      Bruuh what happened to mgk his old shit used to slapp brooo

    50. Game Buzzers

      That’s crazy man

    51. Rio Mendoza


      1. Rio Mendoza

        @James Urwin oh he wasn't worthy of a full watch. Trash like this gets turned off quickly

      2. James Urwin

        why watch it then?

    52. human

      Avril Lavigne

    53. Clyde Cromey

      Thank God for Eminem because you would have continued to embarrass yourself in the hip hop world. Keep on making this stupid hippy music and continue your path to irrelevance.

      1. Clyde Cromey

        @James Urwin I clearly don't do what? Stop your made up bullshit

      2. James Urwin

        @Clyde Cromey i don't need an idea😂 but you clearly don't make anything close to how much MGK made of this song ALONE but your still hating on it? Grow up

      3. Clyde Cromey

        @James Urwin have no idea who I am or how much money I make. Oh.. stop your bullshit speculation

      4. James Urwin

        oh but he still makes more money then you ever will. oh but MGK is more famous then you ever will be. OH sounds like your lil angry about that

    54. Daeva Path

      I thought this dude rapped, tf is this trashy pop rock

    55. Nature Nick UK

      Rap career ended by Eminem 🤣

    56. LivingLikeLloyd

      I am a huge Halsey fan, DIDNT REALIZE THIS WAS HER ON THIS SONG! It’s weird. It’s like higher pitched or something! Either way, love it lol

    57. eHxq

      the funniest joke ive ever heard (EMINEM DESTROYED MGKs CAREER)

    58. RM M

      Hey mgk, if you pull off a feat. With mcr you're good forever in my book. Just sayin'

    59. RM M

      Pop punks not dead...? Shit, where are my neon green an pink highlights?

    60. Macy Jester


    61. zac greaves

      Fuck this song reminds me of my 20s.... sad times being 31

    62. Summer Sweeten

      I feel like I’m back in 2004 jamming to Simple plan and good complaints 😎

    63. Jeyanne Constantino

      Hayley looks like evenescenes

    64. Gaurav Das

      Kiss kiss official video and lonely plz🙏🏻

    65. Ashley Gandara

      She kinda sounds like amy lee mixed with hayley Williams and i love it!

    66. Dean Hunt

      Does anyone know what kells's hair style would be called? I'm trying to go for it

    67. Robert Waller

      1:10 you’re welcome

    68. Vincent Torsiello

      science when is mgk a rock artist

    69. Danny Manganelli

      Imagine MGK, Travis, Halsey and someone else in a band making this type of music

    70. Megan Ann

      Why dont i ever see you sober?? Felt that 🖤💯

    71. Evan Walker

      Eminem really killed this guys rap career, he fucked up lmao

    72. krissy connors

      Halsey and machine gun Kelly needs to do a whole album together with Travis baker ❤️

    73. hezdie 444

      Damn boy why start with rap when thisss 🤯😍😎

    74. LDaniel Gómez

      wow ♥

    75. dgmail1000

      I am surprised Megan Fox allows him to do videos with other women. Does anybody else out there agree with me that she will soon be a future psychopath ex-girlfriend.

    76. jerm da worm

      I love this so much...........

    77. Frank Foot986

      Only good thing about this is Travis barker playing drums.

      1. Frank Foot986

        @James Urwin how can someone figure out if they like something or not without listening to it?

      2. James Urwin

        why listen to it then lmao

    78. juggling with knives

      this man actually quit rapping! ha that old geezer defeated his ass so bad he started to make emo music XD

    79. Vannarsdall Scale

      Cowboy hat, croptop, plaid mini skirt? Well, thats a look I didn't know I was into until now.

    80. Tricia Reynolds

      Okay why isn't anybody mentioning him once wearing a damn onesie?

    81. natan

      mgk halsey baker and youngblud are friends already, they could make album together and call it Misfits :)

    82. A A

      Top Top Top🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️😈😈😈

    83. Joshua Dixon

      How much water did she swallow in that pool I saw her get scared for a split second cause some water got in her lungs

    84. Lionel Mashagiro

      When u come back too see how MGK is doing since the eminem beef. Wtf is this . I like it .

    85. Paweł Zieliński

      Every fan of MGK and Halsey must comment this video;


      I not do business. Wit evil

    87. CYRAX NZED

      Your music sucks

    88. MussoiLCapo

      This is magic !

    89. dragtr0n

      these drums are sounding killllerrrr. Great vibe overall :D

    90. Aldo B


    91. BIZZYG Gaddy

      This is dope af

    92. emile ross

      awesome sweety

    93. Юрий Калита

      Что-то в этом есть но нужно больше добра мир и так катится не понятно куда но точно не в позитив. Спасибо за работу!

    94. T Mac

      This is what happens after Eminem shows you the way outta being a "rapper" and you hand your nuts to a woman who married into 90210.

    95. Epine Phrine

      I'm the only one who wanted to see the motorcycle in the pool?

    96. Ingrid Honório

      Amo 🤩🤍

    97. Poseidon

      Hey bro , I just wanted to say I’m sorry for ever hating you over that Eminem stuff , I’ve lost respect for him and see that you’re actually so talented and in my opinion I don’t think your hip hop aspect has fallen off. I really hope you continue rapping as well as making pop punk albums as I love that aswell , keep up the good work Man and don’t let Em control you over old mistakes from both of you.

    98. issaciams

      So this is what Eminem did to MGK? Damn.

    99. james war

      I didn’t think I could love a song this much but damn 😊😊😍😍😍

    100. RalphidgeYT

      Brings me back to the gold old days ❤️