Madame Vivelda - SNL

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    A group of friends (Adele, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim, Bowen Yang) receive a grim psychic reading from Madame Vivelda (Kate McKinnon).
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    1. Tiffany and Co.

      This shits so real tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. dMoca

      Someone acknowledge Adele's comic timing. She brought so much: eye roll, tone shifts, head twists, hand flares... but that axe-cent just crushes.

    3. und3rc0ver

      Madame Vivelda knows all... Weknowdis.

    4. Dawson sears

      I’m late as hell need to catch up on my SNL

    5. Brandin Shaeffer

      Snl should stick to the comedy. Jk Rowling is a writer - and writing a true statement falls in her lane just fine :) Call me the day a man gives birth and I'll delete the comment.

    6. Aly Mitchell

      He knew he was gonna eat at that restaurant ahead of time and probably still did it 😂 mmm smh

    7. Cynthia Z

      2:24 Kate and Adele, that little nose boop is so cute (2:39 Plus Adele trying not to break)

    8. Ars Longa

      I loved this when it came out in like May....Oh. No.

    9. Cédric Rüfenacht

      is no one gonna give madame vivelda any credit? she was 100% right

    10. Tom Minogue Hastings

      "AYE DUN'T CALA!" as kate nibbles adele's fingers

    11. Vitina Morabito

      Pft. I love how theyre judging Adele for coloring.

    12. Stavos Butron

      How fit is Adele now ❤️

    13. Nahama A.

      2020 iS gOnNa bE mY yEaR

    14. Prince Hassan III

      SNL agrees 2020 was a sh** year. Let’s hope 2021 is a positive year.

    15. Casey Tyree

      Others in 2020: Oh my god this year was the worst I had to sit at home and just eat food and sleep!! Me in 2020: (worked for $8 an hour full time, never got to stay home because I had no choice, got covid and lost my dad and grandmother to covid.) Me: At least Joe Biden won.

    16. Pranavi Marreddy

      2:29 she sticks her tongue out lol


      Should've said going to Puerto Vallarta to a gay party instead of eating in a restaurant, now that's grounds for cancellation

    18. Danice Gewiss

      2019 sucked. 2020...hold my beer.

    19. Jared Hester

      Cool that the dark-skin woman didn't get one?

    20. Allison Hunter

      I bought my first adult coloring book about a week ago. I'm just now seeing this skit... Dear God how things have changed...

    21. Train Stories

      Yes, everyday coloring:(

    22. Blue Mushrooms

      This is foreshadowing covid y'all. Especially at the end when "all his friends cut him out of him life for eating at a restaurant"... Ppl are going crazy over germs to where the washing doritos joke makes sense. Also, "too afraid to go to the bathroom" so they pee back and force... Ppl are too afraid to do the minimal tasks today that it's sickening. I lol'd at "adult coloring books" cause a lot of y'all keep whining "this year just has no spirit cause of covid-19 and all". Life's what you make it so f that opinion. Not to mention, staying home living on that extra $300 a week while mommy and daddy government take care of you so you don't look for another job. So yeah, get your adult coloring books out and whine and whine.... Or put them down and realize that these fuckers are foreshadowing something they knew was coming.

      1. Tom Brunel

        ummm the whole point of this skit was that it was foreshadowing covid. this was made after covid 🙂

    23. Madzia Tabor

      Adele at 2:29, I love her

    24. Paige

      Oh my God, on point😭

    25. Alina Ene

      when she said "everyday - colouring", I personally felt attacked haha! I do colour every day

      1. Kee Blackwood

        Same here. Coloring books and HUfast, that's my entertainment. I'm not complaining.

    26. Karolina Dołęga

      Kate McKinnon getting closer to Adele's face Me: KISS HER YOU FOOL!

    27. Olorin Grey

      Well she didn’t stick to the books.

    28. dancepiglover

      There's no way anyone could have believed these predictions. They must have thought she was off her rocker.

    29. Mizosoop

      This was funny. Lol.

    30. Aurora _glam

      "Stick to the books"

    31. M X

      If only someone had warned us...

    32. Ruthy P

      Such high hopes for 2020 🤣🤣

    33. Chris Gross

      Yet here we are, where big Hollywood and Big New York TV are considered essential, allowing these fools to collect big paychecks, while kids are failing out of school, homicide and suicide rates are skyrocketing, and Democrat politicians are crushing small businesses. I do wonder though, how the SNL writers were able to hold themselves back from making a Trump reference.

    34. SchattendragonflyPL

      Haha, that was fun :) Kinda :P

    35. LA Safari

      Brilliant again SNL.

    36. LA Safari

      Everyday coloring. #done

    37. yankeeman690

      My god......snl called 2020!!!

    38. J Greenseed

      I love when they do an all female cast.

    39. Armando Reyna

      This was very funny. Well done but kind of sad at the same time.

    40. Cassandra Mae

      I wish that I could warn them.....

    41. rvsp89

      Madame Vivelda is so funny

    42. Jasmin

      This is by far one of the most hilarious skits of all of SNL this season. I came here to watch it again.

    43. eduard konko

      What an accurate vision

    44. misty lewis

      Kate McKinnon is hilarious. She’s definitely one of the top 5 female cast members ever.

    45. Courtney Grunwald

      LOL I love this

    46. Sneaker Claw

      Kate is outrageous!!! Love her so much. ❤️❤️❤️

    47. Natalie Barry

      Oh... Oh no...

    48. Jay Simz

      Someone forgot to tell JK Rowling to stick to the books

    49. Harley

      This is brilliant... Love Kate

    50. elpinikh palaiopanh

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    51. Hadrian Sparrow

      The mammoth digital cephalometrically rot because popcorn unknowingly strengthen given a fluffy aquarius. woozy, three scraper

    52. jeremiah de aragon


    53. Lawrence O

      Why do they drive to Kentucky, Of all places? Do new Yorkers go to Kentucky often?

    54. alexa santoy


    55. Alix

      Honestly, I can't even remember what happened in 2019 that was THAT bad

    56. Erica Bermudez

      I’m jealous of Adele, Kate got so close to her face 2:26

    57. flower_ girl

      2019 sucked. So I think 2020 will be our year 2020: *oh u have no idea* 😅

    58. Rae Chevlin

      Love Kate McKinnon 🥰

    59. Jongho

      This goes under as one of my favorite SNL sketches ever.

    60. Nelly

      Laughing and crying in the same time!

    61. wim0104

      Best summary of 2020!

    62. Emilee Pearl

      I’m from Kentucky

    63. Debbie Seritt

      3:48, this just turned into an ad for STAMPS.COM

    64. Dulcie Parker

      STAMPS...had to give it ago about 3/4 times.

    65. Dulcie Parker

      What are the "steps' madame speaks of & what does it have to do with he post office?

      1. Erica Carter

        @Rodentia I have to watch again to hear it. 👍

      2. Rodentia

        I think she said stamps

      3. Erica Carter

        Probably to do with voting and not being able to travel and stores closing. So we take the steps of keeping ourselves safe by ordering online. Sending cards on Thanksgiving, Christmas.

    66. Nadia Soliman

      "do we just cry for all of 2020??!!" pretty much.

    67. Jacob Rommel

      Pathetic not prophetic

    68. Thuan Phan

      this got nothing to do with the this vid...but everytime i see an ads now aday....i epxected to be funny cuz of snl...they should be in charge of commercials

    69. F. Frederick Skitty

      Yup ... That's all we get to do in 2020: color. No concerts, chip washing, zoom and hiding. 😳

    70. John Smith

      When his friends won't forgive him for eating inside a restaurant lol I soooo believe it lol

    71. Jessica Jean


    72. Jessica Jean

      “I don’t know why that’s bad but I’m so sorry” LOL

    73. Mutah

      Kate is such a godsend

    74. Sarah M

      This is so funny!

    75. Mobile Gamer707


    76. Zoe Anne

      2020 was actually a shit show

    77. Judy McGaugh

      I don't know what SNL WILL DO IF SHE EVER LEAVES THE SHOW. there are other talented actors on the show, but she is so able to step into any character and make it her own.

    78. Name Tag

      I'm I the only person whose life hasn't been changed too much? By the virus.

    79. Guido Guido

      Bowen Yang wearing Kapital and Margiela, sick

    80. Vampire Nerd

      The voice change at “that’s not enough soap” got me

    81. S. Luciane

      Liking that plaid blazer

    82. Vasi Gligor

      Discrimination, she haven't asked the black one!

    83. Kat Lux

      Adele sounds like Jane from Tarzan ☺️

    84. Rachel Clark

      KenTUCKYYYYY Omg I love Kate

    85. btetschner

      Great idea for a skit, the skit was alright.

    86. Jessica Atkins

      I'm sitting here yelling "tell me more about 2020 Kate! What's gonna happen?!" An now I'm like "oh yeah..."

    87. Kathryn Leogrande

      ain't this the truth

    88. Sivana Velt

      If you see j.k.rowling tell her stick to the books🤣🤣🤣🤣

    89. marie kastler

      Brutally funny!

    90. EdricLysharae

      Yeah, 2020 has been akin to a crazy psychic's fortune telling.

    91. Tommy O.

      Which one of you is Paul George? You will be playing basketball in a "bubble" and miss a shot so bad that you will forever be known as "Wayoff P"

    92. Karriem Perry

      Kate MCKinnon is absolutely amazing in everything!!

    93. Lanternlis

      My favorite 2020 apocalypse movie of many that are yet to come

    94. Moist nugget

      Good old 2020

    95. cam george

      Why she didn't do the black girl was 2020 future to much for the psychic.

    96. pwindfeld

      Funny as a funeral pyre

    97. B D

      Can I be honest? The weight loss made adele look sexy

    98. Kevin

      Kate is my favorite SNL cast member since Will left the show; and had she been on at the same time as him I would probably give it a tie.

    99. Elizabeth Danielle

      Great skit!!

    100. Lettus