Making a TWIN RC Wankel Rotary Engine - The Crankshaft (Eccentric Shaft)


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    Ever since I made the video with the starter modification on my O.S Wankel engine, I wanted to make a multiple rotor assembly. Last year, I found a second one, new on ebay and I didn't lose the chance to buy it. I know many of you will ask me why not a 3 or a 4 rotor engine? It would be absolutely crazy and beautiful, but the cost is really high (almost a grand each) and the complexity is much higher for my skills. We'll start with the 2 rotor and if it works we can dream. Making this crankshaft was quite the task, because due to it's thickness, when the diameter started decreasing on machining, it kept bending slighlty. I was constantly checking with the dial indicator, and the best I could do was to finish the part with 0.02 runout. I could have used a steady rest, but I don't have one at the moment. Also one of my concerns is that I won't heat treat it as it would bent to the point that it'd be unusable. Heat treating is not an option for me unless there is some secret I don't know.
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    1. joerg wiesmann

      .....BIG COMPLIMENT !!!! ..... such e very nice work !!! kind regards from Switzerland !!!

    2. Mok Ting

      I wanna get one!!

    3. Jhonangel Gimenez

      lathe master!

    4. Iron Chicken

      a model Mazda 787b would be badass bith this engine

    5. Kur Norock

      Watching you loosen those bolts in a circle instead of a cross pattern hurt my soul.

    6. Luca Romano


    7. Mason Dabbag


    8. Clayton

      Holy commercials!!

    9. evildrome

      Lose the HSS and get yourself some VBMT finishing inserts for aluminium. These are very +ve rake carbide inserts and they are what you need to stop your surface finish in gummy steel looking like the dog chewed it. Your small lathe cannot deal with -ve rake inserts (not stiff enough) and even with HSS and mild +ve rake your SF still looks like shit. SF is determined by tool edge sharpness, rake & stiffness. There is a minimum cut pressure and if you dick with that, the tool will intermittently not cut and... well.. its the tram lines of doom for you. To avoid this you either need to increase machine stiffness (not practical), increase sharpness (for a very small machine the increase would need to be ludicrous) or increase rake. So increase rake. My machine is not much bigger than yours and heavily positive rake tooling has been a game changer for surface finish.

    10. manny1782

      Im a rotorhead myself and i have to say ur work is freaking awesome 😎🤙🏼

    11. Nicolas Biette

      Great with périphéric ports, but you don't need join on the périphérie of rotatif piston ?(like on the real one ?)

    12. Mark Kennard

      Huge wow factor.. Your a real master at your craft. Thanks for posting.

    13. da

      This is a really expensive hobby

    14. Maurizio Zanni

      Amazing craftmanship and skills, my friend!!!

    15. Максим Богомолов

      Оставлю здесь русский комментарий. Через год приду проверю.

    16. она утонула


    17. Slavic230984

      Хорошая работа

    18. Tyler Deleringo

      mmmm machining ASMR

    19. Ben Ruether

      I wanted an O.S rotary so bad years ago. They always caught my attention in the Tower catalog, but where expensive and meant for planes which I never got into. Amazing work building a two rotor! Hoping to see more in the future!

    20. 멸망지구

      작동 되는 모습을 보여 줘야지?

    21. Andrian

      You are lucky dude, you can spend so much time on such things .. If you lived in Ukraine, you could only think where to make money for a piece of bread and not die of hunger or disease

    22. 横尾ただし


    23. Phillip Brewster

      That is some of the most beautiful precision work wow

    24. rice art

      so now it will drink twice more oil. Great job.

    25. Никита Андреев

      Never use sandpaper on turning lathe! It could be reason of your hands cutting off!

    26. Helmy Setiabudi

      Always love to see your works. What a nice e-shaft

    27. Tru Maverick

      Always was curious how long those cutting/shaping/shave tools last? I was thinking like maybe 4 or 5 uses?

    28. Роман Гребенюк

      Это мотор от бензотримера?

    29. Ian Visser

      I can imagine it'll be hella loud... Wonder what RPM it'll hit though? My best guess is around 20k rpm top end, depending on your tolerances (but you seem pretty precise, so 20k is my bet)

    30. Renaissance Man

      if you dont harden that crank bearing area... the rollers on that bearing will eat up the crank bearing surfaces in a matter of minutes...

    31. underconstruction

      Is this for sale

    32. Барабашка Наглый

      Нихуя не понятно, но очень интересно!

    33. Pholiage

      That is a real piece of engineering art. Absolutely beautiful

    34. Silver

      this makes me want to design and make an engine from scratch. I'm not wealthy though so uh. Back burner for now I guess lmao

    35. Paul The Painter

      That's impressive work. Do you think you could make an exact copy of a Bic lighter out of metal?

    36. Nysios

      4:30 what is this thing you are tightening on?

    37. Freeblowjob forall


    38. Swaroop I

      I mistake and it's done

    39. GoatZilla

      Those apex seals have always seemed amazing to me.

    40. illuminOz

      Better at 2xspeed lol

    41. Unknown1

      787b !!!!!!!!!!!

    42. Tony Wilson

      Love what you are doing where and the between centers turning is a first class. It took me a watching a couple of times to really appreciate the cams. I've been watching machining videos this year and in particular people working through steam engine kits and all of those have eccentrics to operate the valve and NOBODY has done that the way you have. They all have crank shafts to. I don't know if you are involved with the Pocket NC or not but you are their best advertisement. I know there's 2 version of it with the spindles. If you have any recommendations on that please let us all know.

    43. grinrause2

      I don't understand why the middle part of the shaft (between the 2 eccentrincs) is not a cylinder? Does this shape have some double function?

    44. Jesús Marín Tristante

      we cant buy it? :-(

    45. OTFT


    46. Vahid Hashemi

      افرین عالی بود ،👏

    47. Roberto Guerrieri

      Spero Vivamente che lei stia cercando lavoro presso una Società da llunedi al venerdi.

    48. Data is Power

      What a craftmanship 👏👏

    49. Alex Kart

      Good job! 👍 Please, normalize the sound volume before uploading.

    50. AretnaP 3

      1:11... The "Action" of that Motor, Reminds Me of *SpiroGraph!*

    51. Brady Arnold

      Don’t forget to do the math for the change in seal tolerances with the reduction in size/volume of the engine. The oil film must be accounted for in clearances.

    52. 황민순


    53. zetec_influenced

      Your a brilliant Machinist keep it up.

    54. Lt-Silencer / Ryan

      thats some skill mastering

    55. Hidayat Rashid

      0.13B rotary 👌🏻😙

    56. Nevila Llanai


    57. 10 GA


    58. 藤福


    59. Jason H. Hubbard

      What is the tool you keep attaching to the cam while turning itm

    60. Angah Tse


    61. Yu Toob

      clickspring on steroids.. 11:15 why resin wheel, not cutoff tool?

    62. Василий Понкратов


    63. marcello033

      This is so fun to watch Where did you get all that knowledge

    64. riky virdiana


    65. Pheonix551

      Dude you're a genius 👏

    66. Standing Elk


    67. gravy is car

      the dorito

    68. Siem

      I watch a great movie, then no sound from the Wankel. What a disappointment, I want a lot more ... I subscribe directly to the channel

    69. Power Plant maintenance works

      we practically view rotory engine

    70. GeeksWithFeet

      Can anyone tell me the purpouse of the 'arm' that gets clamped over the shaft?

    71. analogaudio rules

      you should find away to mass produce these for the rc hobby market, you'd make bank

    72. samto samto

    73. 2fast4you2

      AND IM HAPPY when I drill a straight hole in a pice of wood with my dremel. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. LOL

    74. Kyle Mohan

      this is awesome. great work!

    75. Richard Carew

      that's the coolest thing I have seen in a month of Sundays

    76. FuturisticEnderman

      Very cool johnny! I assume the flywheel will be counterweighted and the front 180 deg apart. Thinking of a twin barrel 48 ida weber rc design in my head. The rotors used to race with them...

    77. Aleksey Loykuts

      Did you try any other marking dyies? Yours seems to be very unreliable if metall gets hotter

    78. Flumazenil

      great video, good skill set

    79. CAYMAN987

      How about a flat 6 porsche mini engine.. imagine the sound ??

    80. Tamiya Fan

      Would you consider making kits so others can build the same?

    81. Harry V

      Wonderful Machining and Engineering! I learned and loved the video! Thank you!


      Generic apex seals comment, but only smaller 🤣

    83. foxik20

      Extremely likable !!

    84. Maki Tiong

      that apex seal is robust

    85. Sanco

      8:33 Awesome

    86. J C

      Damn you got skills bro👍🏼

    87. chris mcdonald

      i sure would like to know how their fingers and hands look like they have a desk job mine are cut and banged up you can tell by looking at my hands do hard work my palms are as tough as boot leather

    88. Fari MK

    89. Janne Kokko

      great job!

    90. ebutuoy6463

      Does this guy know how to use a lathe....or what?

    91. foxpon105

      Now put it in a mini RX 7 shell and have the coolest RC car that ever existed.

      1. Fari MK

    92. Air Rifle Tech

    93. A A

      I dare u to put that engine on a rx7

    94. OmikronZeta

      4:27 what a lovely dog!

    95. Johnny Baughman

      Lots of tallent

    96. Ege Elçin


    97. Bret

      I could watch the finished eccentric spinning on the lathe for hrs haha

      1. Fari MK

    98. Michael s Ghiloni

      Do you balance this item.

    99. Michael s Ghiloni

      Why are you not taking it apart crossing the bolts of not to warp the head??????????????????