Man Got Catfished - TLC #14


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    1. Momoka Rage

      im just watching this video and i saw the intro and damn i was making sure I was in thr wrong channel xD

    2. JamIsKing

      fidget spinner :DDDDDD

    3. Sean lalalala

      Aaah... Why am i even bother to comments...

    4. Noella Monyuy

      Dang that thumbnail said it all.

    5. Becki Burrows

      beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    6. Aiysha Pie K

      Buying that book was so damn rude

    7. voula garofalides

      He says why do Americans do this but then says I wonder where this kid comes from. Hmmmmm

    8. J L

      Tbh Alladin was actually nice

    9. Yassine Zibar

      A random TUNISIAN FRERE wants to gtfo of tunisia and live the American Dream xDD what fuckin love ur talking about mate

    10. Merz Felix

      6:03 Poor Leslie and her Guitar

    11. Its Goku

      Why is this video so fck awkward

    12. Urban Tactical Solutions

      is it just me or is the smaller guy so relaxed about the hole situation

    13. KID GAMER

      19:18 hahahahahahaaah

    14. Yaseen

      We are in North Africa: Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia Most young people travel illegally, take a boat and roam around Europe To obtain residency, we choose a sugar mom and act we love her in order to marry her But the truth is, we want to live in Europe because our home country is garbage

    15. Yaseen


    16. Lil Tim

      Hes too good for her

    17. Relatif Rekod

      Odin: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Felix: *Easily fidgeting the Mjolnir*

    18. chee chang

      This might be the next Daniel and Mohammad.

    19. NerMyyn NerMyyn


    20. MaKinna

      If my mother ever thought about this I would literally kill her

    21. Danté


    22. BABYunicorn 44

      tunisia gang >:)

    23. Razor Riches

      Me and the boys never goin jiggy jiggy :(


      Jiji Jiji

    25. Kenneth Bande

      jigi jigi

    26. Leo Iliev

      What an awful woman. She’s a burden to the young man’s progress. Ugh

    27. maubgt pizza

      he’s literally attractive he lives in a great country AND YET HE ENDS UP WITH AN AMERICAN WHO LOOKS ENOUGH TO BE HIS MOM....

    28. Ibrahim Afdal

      When the genie can't Grant love

    29. NotoriousBeann

      WHAT ARE THOSEE???? 8:14 😂

    30. Sofie Gray

      18:26 wait im middle eastern and we kiss at weddings?? LMAO

    31. Mark Mauk

      So this tool is Pewdiepie? The guy with over 100 Mio. Subs? What??? Dude...thats rough...i regret looking him up*lol

    32. Marthine Dybvik Våge

      why is he with her? what can he possibly win by having her move to his country?

    33. Vya Cobalt

      Can I just say. The tiny Thor hammer. 10/10

    34. Julian Gomez

      so she can have a vibe-rater but he can't follow a girl on social media

    35. Julian Gomez

      Hey @pewdiepie when are you going to have jiggy jiggy with marzia to have baby

    36. Lynnx$

      Bro Arab guys are literally hot afffff

    37. Lynnx$

      Bro she saying guitar not Qatar 🤦🏼‍♀️

    38. Gustav

      does anyone know where i can get this spinning golden hammer

    39. Simon Lab

      What am i watching? Why am I watcing it? Who am i? What am i? What does it all mean?

    40. Harry

      I'd love a pewdiepie chair

    41. Steven Velez

      *It’s funny how one minute they’re happy and they got married next minute he’s telling her to fuck off and to not text him again*

    42. Jayden H.e

      where did u get the spinning gold thors hammer

    43. ••

      "I feel like I'm traveling with a drug dealer" *smiles nervously*

      1. manya dead




    45. Theo ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

      The opening....👁👄👁

    46. Jayden Mayhugh

      Laura-I am 51 years old originally from Toronto Canada Pewds-i hate how Americans say that

    47. Erika F

      I’m from Toronto, we don’t claim her as ours✋

    48. Elena Feng

      bruh year is just a number than JAIL IS JUST A ROOM?

    49. Shahnaz Achour

      Who's the little guy?

    50. Peach Day

      Arabian culture is chaste, no kissing, no adultery, no children outside marriage. this a religious way from our father adam till the coming down of jesuss

    51. Senda Sassi

      Men of our culture are adventurous enough and our cultured and educated women also don’t answer to men. Tunisia is much more than that

    52. Saif

      6:02 not everyone will get this golden reference

      1. CEO of Asia

        can you explain it ?


      Catfished indeed

    54. Lior_TriX

      hi pewdiepie, can u buy a pc gaming for me please? i subscribed and liked ur videos, everyone of them.

    55. Poorvika

      They definitely did not watch frozen... You don't marry a person you met 9 days ago

    56. Vaas Pirate

      As a guy who been catfished before. Do not be pussy thirsty fuckers. Same goes to girls. I truly cried for myself after I realised I was catfished by some desperate dude who's in his basement for 24/7. I felt so bad for myself.. it left a scar from the regret

    57. Just Me

      Maybe he’s “not good” because he’s “not into the scenery” 😒 Just a thought 😏

    58. DaneDriessen

      is it just me or that her accent change since the beginning on 19:00 i noticed

    59. Beth Zyglowicz

      ... Shes from Canada... 😂😂

    60. KONGVINJA B.

      Hey pewds wanna jiggy jiggy

    61. King of Sweden

      The King just wants to say on thing: Jiggy, jiggy!

    62. C R


    63. C R

      these women actually THINK THEY CAN FIND SEX SLAVES

    64. Its_isla

      him: polite and is respectable in front of cameras about his issues in the relationship her: sex for dummies

    65. Yousef Ali

      I thought that someone in the chat was gonna sah that cursed word u now...? Soo.. ehmm...WE ARE GONNA MARRY

    66. Yousef Ali

      How did i get here

    67. Ben othmen Farouk


    68. Ben othmen Farouk

      Ayyy who's Tunisian here🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽

    69. veste

      if someone says ,,jiggy-jiggy,, one more time

    70. veste

      istg i have nothing against plus sized woman i actually think yall are goddesses no cap but this is a middle aged womaannn and he is 29 i dont get it.....✋😭lamooo

    71. Dale Bautista

      Watch 9:39

    72. Jetty

      lol Europeans don’t understand that every state is like... its own country with different cultural norms

    73. Eduardo lopez

      9:41 bless you pewds

    74. sonnya kakitha

      the face intro is scary

    75. mr kat

      Creepy intro

    76. BeefJerky

      My man is a good ass looking dude and goes for middle aged karens 🤦‍♂️

    77. mr millionaire

      Piedipew is hot, really like your nekc and face

    78. that adam

      where is his flying carpet?

    79. that adam

      her son is amazing 🤩😂

    80. Pickled_Ayla The II

      “Wow, its nice” 😐😀🙂👍

    81. Annisa Kirana A

      Whos that funny guy??? I love him lol

    82. ꧁Myrtle1977 ꧂

      The problem is with the granny not the guy.


      I did it boss, I got married boss

    84. DragonKing

      That's just a love, give me what I want kind of relationship.

    85. VicProductions

      Marzia: Hey honey, ready for some jiggy-jiggy? ;) Pewds: *divorce.*

    86. lydia lyly

      I FKng love pewds😂😂😂😂

    87. Sweet & Salty Fried Tofu

      They divorced no-

    88. Rune Luyts

      why she act like her i pod is an pc 20:08

    89. Stac Playz

      Tell me why I clicked this video on accident and my nieces come running to me thinking it’s Cocomelon 😭

    90. Earl Flores

      waitt did he really married her? omggg i dont know what to say but congrats hahaah

    91. Miranda Martinez


    92. Minvan

      That lady is a lot of guys I've know, why that's not cheap "I'm amaaaaazed"-material?

    93. Jaden Shankar

      Why does the watermelon look like Vision

    94. S Q

      If you block me to avoid communicating with me, I’m kicking your ass to the curb! Some women accept the minimum then cry about their jigijigi luck.

    95. Nanii

      Aladin is a LEGEND! when he said f*** off hahaha

    96. Peachy Melina



      Maybe the guy is a masycist 😂😂😂😂😂

    98. MystïcalMagïc

      She reminds me of my Toxic Mother. 🤣

    99. MystïcalMagïc

      "I Don't think he actually loves me," Me: girl he took his virginity for you. I would call that love. And your in your 50s!! He would have left you By now!!

    100. Aki Lucy

      Pewd "I can't wait for them to fall apart " Me"that's the evilist thing I have ever heard but I like it "