Marley's BEST OF 2020 (so far) - Rainbow Six Siege


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    The funniest and best moments of Rainbow Six Siege in 2020, so far...
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    We recently surpassed 2.5m subscribers, and in celebration of this insane milestone I've decided to put together a huge compilation of moments from the channel so far this year!
    Thanks so much for all of the support, love you guys
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    1. Marley

      2 HOURS OF PURE WAFFLING, we love to see it. So excited to announce that Marley merch is FINALLY coming. Not long now boys... Make sure you sign up with your email at because some of the merch is going to be super limited, and I don't want you guys to miss out!

      1. Brian Shamblee

        500th comment/reply

      2. Parrot Pxl

        It do be like dat tho

      3. Nugget 2.0

        Mp7 black oce

      4. LT.Ferrat 2021

        Let me give you that #baldcustard

      5. A4

        Last reply

    2. stinger the gun slinger

      he hit the disrespect button at 43 seconds

    3. Faze_Jarvis the 2nd

      Imagine meatymarley but 10million subs

    4. Tyler Blevins

      go marley

    5. Urszula Bernas


    6. Ektor Iliadis

      Comfirmed paid actors

    7. Jackson Shull


    8. Derek Bromley

      # bald Lieutenant custard


      Lion headgear

    10. edmarie aponte


    11. Roman Ortiz

      Love your videos

    12. Robert Mcguire

      Want game is this

    13. j d


    14. vladz

      Mp7 black ice

    15. Dylan Donoher

      I have watched this so many times just to hear Dom turn into monke

    16. XmasEdan

      Shalom means hello in hebrew

    17. shwowdy

      moorley u idot

    18. Tyler Allsopp-Brians

      for 3 mil marley should do a face reveal

    19. Chris Stagg

      Wait was davie504 really apart of this

    20. Big Floppa

      The best 2 hours of my life

    21. ツPHANTOM

      The biggest waffler

    22. Jestyn Hall

      4:10 I miss maestro acog

    23. Jalen Lewis

      1:20:44 it was a 1080

    24. ______

      Pure waffle

    25. SpinalC3lery_ 223


    26. TNEUTRALIZED -_-

      Body shots are not in this mans dictionary

    27. Squiggly Seth

      Any one whaching this in 2021 and thinking this was the best part of 2020

    28. The King Kid

      * ,./';;[[[)(*^$"!"¬_+?@~}{POIJKL:|/

    29. Henry Anderson

      Hey Marley I know u won’t see this but could u tell me ur settings and any tips I’m not new too the game but I just haven’t been playing well since I took a breaks Even if u saw this it would make my week !

    30. DMG Oregon657

      For that final woffle ur a big idot and that dot needs to is ur sights on me subing

    31. Jt8legend_PS4

      Ngl ur a IDOT

    32. Fernando Gonzalez

      mp7 black ice

    33. Corona virus yes, Corona beer yes again!

      I just aced and custard failed to get a ace at the same time

    34. rud gyhrs

      Davie504? at 1:44:42

    35. Savage Assassin

      who else actually watched the whole thing

    36. 김혜진

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    37. Oday Ahmad

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    38. The Warden

      13:20 Dom-WHAAAAAAAT. Nah I’m fuming fuck this game

    39. Mr. Fondil Mabols

      40:05 song name?

    40. Mr. Fondil Mabols

      44:41 song name?

    41. creature


    42. Clover

      Dom Is a dick

    43. Cog And Walker

      I swear, Marley is the embodiment of A Part Time God while Custard and Dom are just his Psuedo Angels watching all the chaos lmao

    44. Fox YT Ofner

      show real face

    45. Brandon Cunningham

      The mighty luttuce similarly blot because noise suggestively drop regarding a powerful rule. eatable, questionable bead

    46. Steve Minecraft

      i got my first ace watching your vid as doc with the mp5 lol and then proceeded to ace 2 MORE times i swear on God while watching your vid you are an angel

    47. KLLERRHINO64

      ak 12 blak ice

    48. Alexander Phillips

      I’ve seen almost all of these clips

    49. Mason

      Black ice

    50. Мариям Магомедова

      The impartial friend observationally juggle because segment unlikely complete alongside a wistful shame. alluring, dreary form

    51. UrarakaIsWaifu

      When don said poo left his body I was eating chocolate pudding....:/

    52. TheHybridpigGaming

      29:28 our favourite part

    53. Rodney P

      Black ice skin

    54. Jeroen Groenheide

      Marley Idot

    55. Tavon McGraw

      50:00 funniest thing ever 😂😂

    56. Mischa Evers


    57. Evan Maldonado

      It’s black ice

    58. Couthfan69

      He ain't cheating hes just that good

    59. Ben Duncan-Gibson

      Yesterday i got my second alpha pack black ice for pulse ash and thermite pistol when i got 6 kills and someone stole my first ace last round (fuze is op) and the alpha pack chance was 7.5

    60. peelson mandela

      My ears. Fs

    61. Crispymarsgaming Games n more

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    62. Zion Wilson

      I was diying when custard got shot when he was gonna get a postal ace

      1. yaboireese

        even better, it just cut to the next clip immediately

    63. Fusion_ Camo

      #blad custard

    64. Xtra N1X

      I hope the people that has disliked he’s still getting money so y not like and your making him that movie

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    69. AOR Grey

      Keep up the work Greg

    70. Longbow898

      plz sub to me

    71. Mark Zuckerberg

      Marley: Hit the notification bell!! Me: Fine, in don't normally do this but. Oh, it's already selected to all?

    72. Bandit

      aww it not C8 sorryy marley

    73. Bandit

      U get C8 black ice

    74. Hook181

      i felt sad when dom stole custards ace

    75. little boy mac

      Nobody literally nobody dom: turns his gain up

    76. Trent Haughton

      I am the Lt custard of my friend group.

    77. DroppedMyC4

      1:14:00 Ignore this comment

    78. Qlhue R6


    79. Jakub Pawlckzy


    80. BOT

      I just watched this entire thing

    81. Kam Morger

      The distorted voice is hilarious

    82. reznor baranski

      mp7 black ice

    83. Gnibster •

      The teamwork between Marley and Dom is just.... perfect

    84. Wiley Dillon

      The comfortable seashore connolly vanish because match extraorally disarm failing a kindhearted vietnam. romantic, straight tortoise

    85. Rhondondonnie

      Can u plz use bosg more ?

    86. Troy Gibson

      Waffles getting chased by blitz: Hohoakgkgkdzfjd

    87. Ronin Hulett Bell School

      Meat marl

    88. Jordan cortes


    89. 김혜진

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    90. Ty_Bugz

      Can someone please make a montage of all the times Custard was close to an ace and never got it. I would love to watch that😭😭

    91. Vintage

      Did I just watch 2 hours of WAFFLE It felt like 10 minutes bruv

    92. Ghost BR


    93. Jasper Brock-Utne

      Sum up Marley in two words mine are unnecessary drposhots

      1. jake stewart

        one tap

    94. Grief 187


    95. doctor rage boy

      Black ice wwas my first skin 4 mp7

    96. Kevin Garcia

      Does anyone else squeeze there ball sack and find everything funnier than usual?

      1. jake stewart


    97. Rosebella 136

      Mp7 😂

    98. Lionel Lee

      Does anyone know where to find the video where they talk about the “jeb jacket”🤣

    99. William Gauthier

      3:43 killed me😂

    100. Totally Not Nick