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    CD 2: HUfast Algorithms. Artificial Intelligence & Clickbait. Talking with MatPat & Stephanie
    Today we talk with one of the most successful couples on HUfast. Matthew Patrick, also known as MatPat, is best known as the creator and narrator of the HUfast channels The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists and HUfast’s largest live-streaming channel, GTLive, which he co-hosts with his wife and fellow HUfast star Stephanie Patrick. Their channels are currently at 20 million subscribers and 60 million monthly views. Matthew and Stephanie, who manages the business side of their partnership, are co-owners of Theorist Media, where they use data-based methods to accelerate the growth of social media audiences, particularly on HUfast.
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    1. Heckler Hacker

      That's so interesting! Because I so often think in a similar way, but being from a a psych and computer science background, and how cognition maps so perfectly to not only the more obvious things like memory, processing and storage, but also the more advanced stuff like literal and figurative neural networks!

    2. One Blended Bunch

      I thoroughly enjoyed this video! I am blown away that it only has 4403 views! Anyways, thank you as usual for such an incredibly informational video :-)

    3. Dan Galt


    4. Chef's Backyard

      emotional advertising sounds pretty scary. great discussion

    5. Magdalena Helen

      this was such a fun and interesting podcast to watch, got me thinking and understanding about so many different things! Love it and hope to see more!

    6. Josephine De Smet

      "you have to let it not work, and then you figure out why" is actually really powerful

    7. TubeTechs

      Please guys. A limiter and compressor on each mic! It’s better to have mics not too hot as mitigation for energetic loud vocals. I know 0db is the norm but in this circumstance -5db cut on each source would make sure you don’t clip. Let the master output do the heavy lifting after you set up the mic and gain structure. That said a fascinating podcast!

    8. Simplify Gardening

      My 10 year old just came in while watching this, Turns around and says "dad, your too old to be watching MatPat why are you watching them" :)

    9. Franz Villacencio

      Hey guys! Been loving your show for a while, and I love MatPat and Steph! Quick technical comment: might want to add audio compression so that the audio doesn't peak or dip too much. There are some parts where it was either too loud or too quiet. Speak closer to the mic and add some compression. That's how I've been getting around it. Love the show. Thanks!

    10. Brenda Blanco

      okay, first of all, that girl has a great vibe. Second of all, she's awesome. Kay, bye.

    11. James Simiele

      Came from stephs twitter!!

    12. CrypticFox

      These podcasts are great, but audio quality is definitely an opportunity. Maybe some more test recordings with mic volume, bass, sensitivity etc? :)

      1. Creative Disruption

        We are working on this... we had a "rookie mistake" Hopefully once we get through this batch you will notice a huge difference.

    13. Mia Williams

      This is fasinating.... I'm not a HUfastr but I love hearing about and studying the algerithm.

    14. chris yost

      Sent here from worktogame and really appreciate this conversation. Thank you.


      I'm not a creator, I don't deal with what you guys talk about, stayed to the end anyway because I like hearing people talk so passionately.

    16. Seth Estrada

      This is such a wealth of insight. Love it!

    17. Dr. Sten Ekberg

      1:17 "I think it is going to get scarier" It is already scary.

    18. Carter Lang

      I also came from Steph'd Twitter.

    19. Carter Lang

      I loved the Disney death theories

    20. Dr. Sten Ekberg

      We are trying to figure out how the AI thinks. We were able to get it to reconsider our channel. It used to think our health channel was a gaming or rap channel, but I believe we have persuade it to reconsider and now it is pretty sure we have a health channel.

    21. Dr. Sten Ekberg

      Wow. If a company is afraid to look at the stats someone else at another company will and out shine them.

    22. The Noobest Girl

      This podcast provided me with super interesting information to think about the next time I'm uploading a video. Mat and Steph are so well spoken and insanely intelligent, and the discussion about working with your significant other at the end was fascinating! These two are absolute #RelationshipGoals!

    23. TeamAutismpedia

      Love hearing Matpat

    24. EyeHeartThePanda

      I was sent from Steph's twitter! Thanks for helping me finish out my workday!!

    25. Work To Game

      Oh cool! Just subbed and checking out this podcast, loving it so far. :)

    26. Alex Hodge

      gr8 podcast i love matpat and steph

      1. Madison Emanuel

        Honestly who doesn’t? (Other than the haters obviously😅)

    27. Ean Grimm - Fantasy Music World

      Hey Derral and Ricky, 2 episodes in and this podcast is already a HUGE help concerning my HUfast strategy!! :)

      1. Ean Grimm - Fantasy Music World

        @Creative Disruption Yes, amazing insights!! Thx to MatPat and Stephanie for their time.

      2. Creative Disruption

        This talk with MatPat and Steph on machine learning has keys to help people! Thanks for always watching!