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FaZe Clan

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    In this episode, FaZe Adapt takes a visit back to Arizona to talk to his former high school, his upcoming through Call of Duty and how he joined FaZe Clan.
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    1. FaZe Adapt

      Hope u all enjoy ♥️

      1. Amilah_09


      2. Despite Chrizzy -_-


      3. William Xiong

        Nice vid

      4. Obizo

        Nah I'm good

      5. Ilham Ariq

        Of course

    2. elzzakraoui anasse

      shoutout to you legend

    3. Jsmie G

      Very (inspiring) thank You FaZe Adapt

    4. Titansfan08

      Lol what happens when a nerd gets money and some poonaniiii

    5. Rolis

      So nostalgic I remember all those old videos😪

    6. black screen


    7. Aarush Mishra

      faze adapt is shit everyone else is good

    8. Fernyy

      he went to my school :,) pinnacle high school az

    9. kitsune

      milans forehead bigger then my future

    10. Fraxyz

      I didnt know he could read from a dictionary/ i didn't even know if he knew what it was

    11. blixlol

      whos faze adapt

    12. baybeegirlb_

      so inspirational.✨💕

    13. Danilo Durigan

      He went to the same hs as Nico Mannion lol

    14. Samay Advani

      my g had a huge glow up and his younger sister to. sheesh

    15. J T

      Clicked on this just to dislike Had to be the 666th

    16. JRP gaming_

      (9:40) heard that one before

    17. Lulle

      This is a proof that you dont need good grades to become successful xD

    18. Hayden Stebbins

      that’s my high school

    19. Z2TwinsTyler


    20. Stiqqa

      Adapt chill and all but he has a toxic energy

    21. iCinnabon

      i feel like adapt is always high lol jk he is just really chill

    22. Aveesh Singh


    23. Joaquin Gutierrez

      Didn’t ask

    24. Gamerbabe xoxo

      I S T A N

    25. mrlets player

      adapt is legit the most interesting guy in faze period

    26. Team Strike force

      me chilling my mum so what ya wanna do for your future me hmmmmmmm i wanna jump of building and head shot kill people my mum .............

    27. jay33

      this put a smile on my face (:

    28. RAV3N Spams L2 Fortnite


    29. Bear City

      His name tho😂

    30. CxmpHxsii

      Goes to the same school as nicco manion

    31. Darkium


    32. invinc

      " id like to thank my bus driver" lol

    33. Neelzϟ

      Alex is so cool bro

    34. lillypad lickers

      Meet FaZe Adapt. the guy with a random name

    35. TYLER PUTNAM 2.0

      Not gonna lie I teared up a little

    36. YT APEX

      I think he's my favourite faze member

    37. g0d g0d

      Nice to meet you

    38. Weston's Vlogs

      Arizona represent✊

    39. _-Why Tea-_

      I dont get these because alex is one of the og faze memebers but we just now get to meet him??

    40. Crazyironkid 70

      He just gave all those kids a way to cheat

    41. Riley J Drippy

      Faze adapt is the og for me that I just remeber watching him back years ago I I honetsley am over the moon excited to see where u are in 5 years . U da man adapt keep it real

    42. I_Love_MiniMiner

      Didn’t know adapt was that wise... 😜😂

    43. michael schaefer

      Faze adapt was the first faze member I found than looked at the clan and I loved it and now I am sub to almost all of them and love there content

    44. Its Syft BTW

      i wish i went to there class hhahahaahhahahahaahha

    45. AW

      So nobody gunna talk about how he went to the same HS as spencer rattler

    46. Nicolas De Leon

      Imagine how many more successful gamers there would be if their parents were as supportive as his.

    47. Renxzey

      I Enjoy

    48. Jack Devlin

      You can Defo tell he is sad when he is talking about his setup being gone and his family moving and stuff makes sense. Cus that is where he grew up and everything. But as the saying goes life goes on

    49. Delay

      FaZe Adapt is the one who got me into FaZe

    50. Mr. Mozz

      Hope Faze Adapt Go back School😂😂

    51. diegomat

      15:35 harry hi haahahahah

    52. noxmic

      Hmmm do faze take me first or SoaR

    53. VibezyFn

      Your the best big brother ever...

    54. nukemonkey33

      When Milan said "You're the best big brother ever" I thought there was a phub video and was trippin.

      1. Tyricoo


    55. Definitely not a weeb

      im waiting for faze to go back to cod

    56. Sour Apple

      Who else got this in there home screen

    57. T T

      Only ogs remember adgrina

    58. KEO17

      might have to rail milan

    59. iStephaniee

      This dude is always high lmfaooo

    60. Jaime Rangel

      1k irl is the og clip💀


      didnt adapt join like 6 years ago

    62. Senixify


    63. monster killer

      His name is stupid

    64. Annoobi

      I don’t like yo face. Have a good one.

    65. uroprop

      jarvis future wifey

    66. uroprop

      this is so sweet

    67. Lianne Stanners

      His mom is so sick

    68. Pro Ninja

      Pro Ninja has entered the chat.

    69. Wubbzy

      Adapt really finessed his parents lmaoooo

    70. killswitchE6

      Low-key Milan is so much cuter with thin eyebrows

    71. Junior Ventura

      6:00 min wow he looked hella different

    72. 5am

      yo yo

    73. Amir Zero Sept

      Your teeth are ugly bro

    74. Roberto Horvilleur

      It’s incredible to think that TuxBird and FaZe Adapt went to the same school and are now pretty successful youtubers

    75. HeaT

      meet fuck boy - FaZe Adapt it a joke

    76. Eg shadow490 on twitch I tick shot sometimes

      40seconds and I’m a shocked that he would even look at a dictionary lol

    77. Ermis Giotis

      Imagine faze adapts name was faze valosty

    78. Brady Mansfield

      Only some realize he went to the same high school as nico mannion

    79. Ben Stallard

      We need a 'Met FaZe Jev' aka A ball of pure Rage, PLEASE

    80. Vixx

      I just noticed That Faze Adapt went to a famous football players school (Spencer Ratler)

    81. Danielfoxo99


    82. Owen Buzon

      Sub to SC Trickshots

    83. Naufal Iverson

      i love that, i love that, i love that hahaa

    84. A1x G1anden

      Next meet Faze vid is gotta be Vikkstar

    85. SeaWaffle


    86. april

      Well erm Lets Talk...

    87. Evan Ollen

      Always been my favorite faze member

    88. ArionLOL

      "moving to NY in a house with 5 friends to make HUfast videos" *The guidence consoler propably laughed but that consoler propably feels dumb now* lve you Adapt! ❤️🏆

    89. Alex Percival

      Manchester United are the best ahhhh united united ahhhh

    90. Dillon Leibowitz

      Meet Faze Banks


      This new member kinda weird

    92. Tobi_GnG

      Faze Clan is a fucking joke

    93. bruhjellychris

      hey he way he said to the camera about his mom “she feeds me and stuff” 🤣

    94. RUI on 60Hz

      Adapt: Be nice to everyone! Jarvis: Am i a joke to you?

    95. Daisy Angulo

      Who is here in 2020

    96. BatBoy games

      Get this man canceled he said the N-word and his Series type of

      1. BatBoy games

        This guy should be canceled

    97. Kyro Novaa

      Another thing that just makes everyone love him is that he is always happy and energetic

    98. Vapore _

      Faze adapt half polish my bro

    99. Zed

      Uhh I’m confused cus I thought he’s been in faze before 2019 especially how I’ve been watching him since he first joined faze

    100. Kranky kola

      "dumb ass"