Meet Neeko, The 60+ Million Viewed TikTok Star!

100 Thieves

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    We followed our brand new creator Neeko as she visits our facilities in Los Angeles and sat down with her to get a glimpse of what her rise to fame has been like these past couple years!
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    1. Harliff Mabugat


    2. akabobb


    3. Xandra Noob slayer

      What’s a 10 thieves is it a gang or something

    4. Joe Vargas

      Real NEEKO is not as good as dancing NEEKO, so,... just DANCE Neeko and shut up...

    5. Poop

      She was just smart enough to realize that "being yourself" is a bunch of bullshit.

    6. Alex Lilano

      She looks good on TikTok clip, but she looks pretty average everywhere else.

      1. K G

        Word, she looks like an average Mexican girl lol.

    7. Stonem001

      why no feeeeeeeet

    8. Allen Cruze

      This is a joke

    9. Dem DeLuna

      I didn't even know abt the ok boomer video

    10. Sean M

      Signing people for clout now? 100T or Faze 2?

      1. Luis Lujano

        Is she even a gamer? Why sign her up haven’t seen her play with any of the crew. She just in it for the clout?

    11. Private Snapper


    12. EzMoney95

      I'm really shy but I sit half naked . Shit cracks me up good work keep banking them dollars girl

    13. DataWell

      reminds me of jessica alba in a way

    14. Seth M.

      simp theatre

    15. T18skyguy T18skyguy

      Your just as beautiful inside as outside. Really a very genuine young woman. Keep it going babe. :)

    16. Oy Fuck off

      Wait is this neeko neeko from league legends or is she just a random girl that I don’t know 0-0

    17. Solitary Hipster

      The internet is a very dangerous tool.

    18. Christopher T

      she capitalized & she keeps killin it 🔥

    19. Harry Mothowl

      I miss the OK Boomer girl

    20. Lance Lovecraft

      What is this where do they even get this money from?

      1. Batman 1969

        From simps

    21. Demetris Fokas

      yesh jack is getting kicked

    22. WorldWarriorBruh

      can someone count how many times "LIKE" was said in this vid?

    23. Hello Good bye

      lol not even mentioning who you took the song from. If anyone was wondering it's by senzawa.

    24. Joseph Tester

      She’s gorgeous

    25. Jordan Saylor

      I am not saying that she doesn't deserve to be in 100T, because she has built a big following, but I feel like if Nade wanted to get a big tik tok person he could've gone with a ton of other people. But, im not on thr inside, so I can't judge too much

    26. Black D.

      Omg Neeko is so adorable):

    27. ItzKeff

      You know I thought I saw her somewhere but I didn't know where lol

    28. David Samuels

      AHHHH! JACK THERE IS 20K likes...........

    29. PastReminesce

      This video help me know more about her, thanks 100T

    30. Taylor hutton-potts

      It took me a while to figure out the algorithm of twitch (shoes multi shots of her with her cleavage out) nope... looks like your figured it out to me!

    31. Lollipop Guild

      She seems really cool! Keep up the good work!

    32. XCell

      Not now little friend.

    33. Yunt

      Well when you’re gorgeous it don’t matter

    34. ÆLÐØeƒx

      She looking like that girl from lazyTown.

    35. Criminal Arcana

      My life is full of death

    36. Jon Melendez

      She has the looks, it was a no brainer that she was gonna takeoff 🛫

    37. Lawless19

      20k likes..... who’s getting kicked 👀

    38. Drippin PonyTail

      The term "content creator" is used very liberally these days. Take away the simps and she wouldnt be shit

    39. яαєккυиσ

      Am i the only one that thinks that 100T has the most kindest,Sweetest and best streamer girls? they already have Rae now neekolul XD

    40. Adlan Kacak

      I doesn't know her in person but I hope she's more than just a pretty face! =)

      1. banana

        Shes not at all

      2. Drippin PonyTail

        shes not

    41. KingKrool

      She has really bad posture

    42. JustOmar


    43. David Craig

      stuck at 20k likes hahahA

    44. Jonathan Lopez

      Neeko has the most wholesome smile and just gives of the best of the best vibes

      1. Jet Patto

        I smell a simp

    45. imaagefn

      who tf is neeko she doesnt even have 500k on tik tok

    46. anthony michael


    47. Mr Magmind

      im shy me bruh ur on tik tok now lol

    48. Searching4DMT

      Never heard of 100 thieves till Neekolul.... I am glad i never made a instagram, twitter, twitch, tictoc Lol

    49. vopes


      1. banana

        @monkey gang i hate ignorant simps

      2. monkey gang

        I hate fortnite kids

    50. Mailman

      imagine getting signed bcuz of a viral tiktok

    51. Zlu

      Bernie... really...

    52. Henry Silva

      This why simps are powerful

    53. Bungi Plays

      She does not seem shy maybe a little bit but definitely not as much as she mentions it haha

    54. eyster10

      lolololol bernie xD lel

    55. TheAllKnowingWizard

      Meet Neeko, the girl chosen by china to infiltrate the minds of our youth, and while on the surface she looks as clean as Brittney Spears in 99.... :/ I guess thats the advantages of age and experience; you have seen many of the same things tried, many times.... Good thing tik tok is dieing. No suprise the agent is trying to become "popular" on another publishers site.... Who is suprised?

    56. Skidoo

      lol it is neeko

    57. Lame Ass

      I love her trying to justify that she has talent lol

    58. riya

      and another one

    59. tcnox

      1k more likes and jack gets kicked

    60. Jacob Harrington


    61. Ted Ex

      She’s beautiful

      1. banana

        And your a simp

    62. Brian K

      Honestly she seems like a nice girl. Dont know why so many simps though. She 1 in millions.

    63. Julio

      She's actually really sweet. I wish her the best.

      1. Julio

        @落ち込んだ魂 Do you even know what that means?

      2. 落ち込んだ魂

        Ah, a simp

      3. Batman 1969

        @Julio huh? Have u heard about the simps

      4. Julio

        @banana reality? I think shes just a normal girl. No?

      5. banana

        I reality shes not

    64. R

      She seems very nice by how she talks. 👍

    65. Juan Cedeno

      There gonna sign up Bella next

    66. J C

      I wanna see her and Belle Delphine in a boxing match to decide who gets all the simps

    67. Mr.Blackbeard

      Stop simping

    68. Kevin Xu

      I ddn't hear a single thing watching this video

    69. GarciaBtz

      7:20 SIMP MOMENT

    70. Toofy

      I dont think they hired her for her talent...........

    71. Phosphorus 1171


    72. HitMan RickyTan

      Wow her and bernie... both equally worthless

    73. Vincent Mercene

      Damn i didnt know she was 100 thieves

    74. PULS3

      Ngl SImps give her da future anyone wit me?

    75. Shaneosaurus Gaming

      Oh and by the way she's a abuser she literally has felonies for abuse if she was a dude she wouldn't have a channel at all reverse sexism

    76. Josh park

      Wow she looks way prettier in that tik tok video lol

    77. Recon Goat1299

      1000th comment

    78. Emanuel Maldonado

      She's going to get passed around in that 100 thieves house lol, poor boyfriend of hers. She's only popular because her body. Stream fully covered and watch you be yesterday news.

    79. JM

      Dice "a hundred thieves" y no "cien thieves" :(

    80. chaitanya bhagat

      Why they do makeup on face and totally forget doing neck


      honestly is she good at any shooting game or is it just that she’s the ok boomer girl?

    82. Ruby Spacek

      She’s such a sweetheart!

    83. keep my mind preoccupied

      Yo thieves do us a solid & get her on a casting couch

    84. RedEye 247

      She is soooooo beautiful, ssssssssssss

    85. The Real Jimmy

      Chesty twitch cam girls remind me of Christian Pop singers, just not quite good enough for the big time, but they found a place they can "make it".

    86. FullMetal Atheist

      I have no idea who a single person here is or 100 theives. I came n333 from trainwrecktvs podcast

    87. Harold Mcliggans

      So why is she even in 100 thieves🤨

    88. No Fucks Given

      Honestly tell me how many of you are simps. I am not this was just recommend so I watched it.

      1. NagnaraHQ

        I think it just popped up in our recommendations

    89. Jeremiah Swertfager

      Of course a ditzy streamer girl is a liberal Bernie supporter. Shows her lack of knowledge on anything outside of video games. Her looks clearly got her here.

    90. peter kantzas

      I thought hundred thieves was a gaming organization and I thought they actually recruit gamers not just girls that are looking for attention

    91. Niko Santos

      It’s crazy we kind of have like the same name😂😂

    92. the thunder guy

      Is she good at video games?

    93. YahNextDoor OMO

      She got turkey neck😂😭😭😭

    94. L VllB

      HUfast formula to succes : ???? TikTok formula to succes: be good looking

    95. chaitanya mekathoti

      Best of luck neeko

    96. DpsHeals

      I always see her on Twitter. But here she looks like a Disney star before the drugs lol

    97. Flowsy

      who gives a shit lol

    98. Kaiden Smith

      Meet Neeko the curious chameleon

    99. Brian Manzer

      Sellout gaming company

    100. ImKedar_YT

      Are Brooke and Courage brother sister? They look Hella similar.