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    1. Info It!

      Who else would you like me to do a cute moments for? I’ve already done: Kenzie and isaak. Dixie and griffin. Charli and chase. Addison and Bryce. Avani and Anthony. Dove and Thomas. Mads and Jaden. Gigi and Zayn. Kouvr and Alex. Nessa and josh. Jordyn and Jordan. Larray and Brady. Cynthia and Quinton. Hannah and Elmo. Amelie and Blake. Kelianne and Chase. Madi and Chris.

      1. シDoggy crossingシ

        I think mia and thomas

      2. Z D

        Charli and chase

      3. Тариел Харатишвили

        Info It! Wis wie and 🍭

      4. Emmy world!

        Do Dixie amd Noah

      5. Lara

        Kouver and alex

    2. Claire Cohen

      They are so cute but what's their ship name

    3. Mary Jones

      Good Morning

    4. Kyeanah Robinson

      Thomas is a simp

    5. :3

      like bro said yes to the hair cutting this is the best couple ever T^T

    6. Abigail Socie

      no one: literally no one at all: mia: "bites thomas's shoulder"

    7. D u l c x t

      Thomas is just a big baby

    8. Olivia Clark

      Some one asked me today "what would you do if the broke up?" And I screamed in her face that " THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER AND THEY WILL NEVER BRAKE UP!".

    9. iihxar _

      mia Hayward look like Nina from vampire diaries

    10. Shaye Bartlo

      Elena? Stephan?

    11. JC Vlogs


    12. Mia Perez

      😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm soo happy and sad

    13. Peyton Wiggins

      so cute he is lucky

    14. iibxbbleRainii

      😭😭😭😭😭 I hope this is forever

    15. Sabīne Skudra

      Madi and Chris

    16. Sabīne Skudra

      Madi and chris

    17. Sabīne Skudra

      Madi and chris

    18. Sabīne Skudra

      Madi and chris

    19. luz maria mina

      He can protect her by everyone, I love them so much

    20. Bailey Ducharme

      This made me cry they are so cute together🥺

    21. Emily Malfoy

      My ex foster sister said they weren’t a cute couple and I think she is insane

    22. Kyra Jade

      Thomas changed Mia in such a good way ☺️

    23. M Martinson

      All I can say is You will get there You’re here COPYRIGHTTTTTTTTTTTT

    24. Dawt Hlei Sung Hrang NAWL

      If they actually get together get married have children and that I will cry for them no matter what😢😘

    25. Mary Mooney

      OMG OMG where dod you get the last clip I need itttttt

    26. idk yet

      Why r they so cute omlll

    27. Sofia Lilley

      There too cute 🥺

    28. Haley Powell

      this is so cute. I actually made them in my sims free play game. I asked them when there video went luv shut they didn't answer

    29. Talyn Raymond


    30. Cynthia Romo

      Aww mia+tomas=momas😂😁🥺🥺

    31. fruity loops

      so cute

    32. Haya Alhosani

      This is my favorite

    33. alexis bleasdale


    34. BN Dr YEET L

      Why is he 22 and she looks like she is 15

      1. Adella Inboden

        She is 20

    35. Olivia22 Ferguson

      I don’t know why but they kinda remind me of damon and elena from vampire diaries

    36. Anna Taylor

      Mia changed so much since before she got with Thomas ♥

    37. Lizzie Kirwin

      There is so many dislikes! Eight!

    38. T r a sh

      If they ever break up- Omg I would cry so hard 😭

    39. Yoqpa

      SHIP 😍❤️🥰

    40. Paige Madison

      You should do Lauren Kettering and jack wright

    41. Lexi Field-Robb

      They are perfect for each

    42. lusungu banda

      Mia and Thomas are so cute

    43. Cecily and Bridget

      This is the best! 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    44. Mia Morales

      He treats her like a queen 😌✨✋

    45. Fatema Afrose

      Aww they are the cutest. Love them soo much. Pls never break up MIA and Thomas. #Thia

    46. Hannah Maisner

      This made me cry

    47. Dawt Hlei Sung Hrang NAWL

      Quinton and Cynthia next!!!!

    48. Cjay Johnson

      Perfection 🥺

    49. Furqan Ali

      Can you do Thomas and Mia more video please 😊

    50. Alyssa


    51. Santpril Jumalon

      Soo cute

    52. Drea

      Tony and Nikita

    53. Slide and show

      Both of them have a dot on there elbow MATCHING so CutE

    54. Mieshkah Isaacs

      Omg 💖💖💖💖 they are really the Cutest tik tok couple

    55. Mia C

      Y’all they have been dating for 4 months

      1. Paola Diaz

        7 now

      2. Uctdruxkgx Fuxlhcgic

        @Laura Sereni 6 actually

      3. Laura Sereni

        And now 5

    56. Ramen The oyster cracker

      Why dose Mia look like Elena from vampire diaries

    57. Kyra NíFhaogáin

      There soooooo cute together

    58. Rhea Bruce


    59. Lena Thornell

      i would cry if they broke up

    60. Martina Huerta

      Hi, can someone tell me where the last clip is from? Btw loved the edit ❤️

    61. Elizabeth Aguilar

      this is sooo cute especially with the music 🥺💓

    62. Jemimah McKenzie

      Anything is impossible throw God just have faith and love God and everyone and remember God have something good for you in the future ✝️❤️

    63. ĸerмιт

      If they ever break up... I’m δσηε (o・ェ・)

    64. Minna Fathima

      Ooow so cute🥰❤️

    65. clads


    66. Kaitlyn Misch

      I ship.. And if you don’t..then, get a doctor..

    67. Eagle fang edits

      If they don’t get married, I don’t know how I would live

    68. emily may

      Omggg 🥺

    69. Panda Gaya


    70. Panda Gaya

      Imagine Thomas seeing this and saying to himself " I'm so lucky to have her "

      1. Laura Sereni

        @Dalia Estrada and now in another of her tiktok he said how much I'm lucky

      2. Laura Sereni

        @Dalia Estrada yeah i see it

      3. Dalia Estrada

        He did 🥺 On his Instagram he said “I’m so lucky 😍” with a picture of Mia

      4. karen flynn

        Laura Sereni aweee ;(

      5. Laura Sereni

        In a tik tok one people said thomas is lucky to have her and mia said"im lucky"

    71. Its me grace!

      sooooooooo fricken cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. S.M Umm-e-Kulsum Priontee

      until now thomas and mia r the non scandolous cuople i am happy

    73. Mariah Morrell

      Super cute

    74. Kirsten Strelsky

      You can tell how I’m live Thomas

    75. Aneesa Thompson

      So cute

    76. Jasmine Tongol

      Quinton And Cynthia plssss

    77. Hannah Wolde


    78. Angela Nguyễn

      Can u pls do Kouvr and Alex next?

    79. Alejandra

      2:08 Thomas: and now we’re more than friends... mia: mia’s mind: DUDE ILY U TOO BUT DO U MIND? IM CHANGIIIIING >:>

      1. Paola Diaz

        She actually asked him to be there

    80. Emma. angalene

      They are so cute I love them 😍

    81. Labdhi Shah

      If they broke up I will just ✌out and ball my eyes.

      1. karen flynn

        Same gorl :(

    82. Buffondudu Lel

      For some reason they don't seem real ... :( They never really have....

    83. Emma Jones

      more of these

    84. Nathalie Contreras

      Aww i almost cried 😭💕 The so fricken cute

    85. Dulce Jimenez

      Thomas+Mia = thia

    86. just perine

      So cutieeeeee

    87. Rachel’s H

      Do Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau or Hayden and Annie

    88. Rachel’s H

      Do Nate and Karissa

    89. Haya Alhosani

      Plz do Ariana grande and delton gomez ❤️❤️

    90. Britney 22

      Mia gives me Elena from tvd vibes

    91. Sana pelinson

      They made for each other

    92. I’m not here Lol lmao

      Thank you

    93. Suhela Lamba

      "we were just friends for a long time. Until like three months ago..now we're more than friends." Aww omg my heart

      1. Adella Inboden

        @karen flynn no Thomas and Mia met 2 or 3 years ago from Alex

      2. Suhela Lamba

        @karen flynnoooooo

      3. Suhela Lamba

        @idk yet right

      4. idk yet

        There so cute brooo

      5. gi

        yess wontt!!🤧💕

    94. Sophia Scarpelli

      Im so glad she does not smoke and get high anymore... she has changed so beautiful❤❤❤

      1. Adella Inboden

        @tara flynn no she said she would always smoke and drink

      2. Niamh Foster

        I kinda miss it she was so fri,I gotta funny but inputs for het health

      3. Drea

        Mylo jane I wouldn’t say all that lmao

      4. Mylo jane

        Thomas change her life ❤️🥺

      5. payal

        tara flynn nah it was real she actually smoked and stuff she even said once on a tiktok caption that she doesnt smoke anymore

    95. Hair With Cara

      If anyone has known Mia from before they started dating it’s really changed her now she doesn’t do the things she used to do.

      1. Sarah 12345

        @Neha Runkani she got high a lot watch some of Alex’s old vlogs I mean it was rlly funny but it want good for her

      2. matilda woodford

        She quit smoking which was rlly good for her health

      3. Neha Runkani

        Josslyn• oh 😳

      4. Hair With Cara

        @mels baby Ye

      5. ava davis


    96. Caitlin Harris

      this is the only GOOD video i’ve seen of mia and thomas they are honestly amazing together i wish nothing happens with them🥺

      1. Laura Sereni

        @Paige Madison and have child

      2. Paige Madison

        I hope something happens with them.... They get married! 😂

      3. Laura Sereni

        Yeah and they are the only couple whit kouvr and alex who never cause drama

    97. Charli Damelio

      Can you please do Zoe and Cody even thought they broke up💖👑🥺👉🏻👈🏻

    98. Renuka Taranalli


    99. S

      Alex and kouvr pls

    100. Lily Stokes

      Awwww so cute love it 😊