Mia Malkova's Rajjchelorette but it's CallMeCarson and Jschlatt moments


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    1. Drippy Pipes

      Bob really tried to break Schlatt’s character

    2. Andrew Wahba

      20:40 how did he predict that💀

    3. Drippy Pipes

      when Carson rejects Mia Malkova, he’s either gay or into younger girls *wait a second*

    4. Jetshot 16

      Am I the only one who saw schlatt is wearing stone island👆🔥

    5. PhantomHotty

      we need austin to turn on his camera more. it'd be the extra mile

    6. Lmao

      I guess you could say Carson wasn’t into “adult” films😳

    7. Mr. Biceps

      Now we know that Carson turned down Mia because she was too old for him

    8. TyGyPlayz

      1:11 but nudes before legal is my shit

    9. HushSsh

      jschlatt is a greek god compared to the people in that call

    10. Ello I am under the Water

      We all know why Carson turned down mia

    11. ToXiC_Sh0T

      This bob guy freaked me out idk why

    12. Jamiz

      The end of the video is honest gold

    13. Skyre

      God this hurts

    14. No

      Schlatt looks so weird without side burns

    15. Jonathan Varvar

      My respect for carson at the end of the video 📈 seriously that was bad ass

      1. Tyger Here

        Are you up to date

    16. kargar420

      Carson really rejected Mia Malkova for a 17 year old... LMFAO

    17. Dr lucci

      Leaked dms and Carson don't go well

    18. Spice

      Carson chose wrong lmao

    19. Will Abbott

      Me watching this when the Carson allegations came out😪😪

    20. RynSpin

      carson curved mia just like he curved his entire fanbase

      1. Meme Dealer420

        At least shes 18

    21. chef is gone

      This hurts to watch now.

    22. Waffle McMulligan

      I still can’t say for sure whether or not Schlatt is really a Catholic. After watching the Weekly Slap I think he is religious, but I’m not sure if he’s Catholic or not

    23. Justin Bickle

      420 dislikes

    24. Real Rescues

      Carson's mad because Mia wasn't in high school

      1. The Gamers Three - The best group of idiots

        Too soon man... too soon

    25. Ksid 06

      "relationships are about compromises". That didn't age quite so well

    26. Eli Lebo

      All this compilations with Carson aren’t gonna age well.

      1. Grapefiut

        Aren’t gonna AGE well

      2. LimeyPlays

        Any video with carson isn't gonna age well at this point he mind aswell just respond by next week before every video of him is deleted

      3. Money

        Yeah, I heard that he groomed a baby, pretty bad stuff, almost as bad as Pyro grooming that fetus, disgusting

    27. Ginger

      He really went for a minor than Mia Malkova

    28. Zooted -St

      too bad mia wasn’t 17 😕

    29. FalseAndrew33 :D

      That cheating porn joke with Carson reaaaally didn’t age well

    30. D Valdich

      Who's gonna tell Carson that Mia Malkov isn't underage?

    31. Noah Wurz

      Bruh my dude took out the sunglasses

    32. Jackson Williams

      if carson could say "woah mama" in the porno that would be epic

    33. logan

      maybe there is some drama we dont know about

      1. NotYakko

        it just gets worse...

      2. Sinkarta


    34. Strong Arm

      Damn she was turned on by Carson

    35. cuzhe

      as soon as I saw airsoftfatty here I was so happy

    36. Rachel Dolezal

      It’s pretty funny how Bob tried to check Schlatt with the favorite Bible verse question and Schlatt actually has a favorite verse so he whipped it out the chapter and verse immediately, recited it from memory, and BTFOed him. Best part of the whole show because you can tell Bob was thinking “I’ve got him with this one!” 🤣🤣

    37. carmen electra

      hotmom.ml/cute Leurs états de santé respectifs les empêchent de s'approcher trop près l'un de l'autre. ,,k

    38. Romu Blink

      8:24 this guy bob seriously saying "mia, i think that you're prettier than pokimane JOOO im not questioning the truthfulness or objectivity of the statement, just that this guy really just said that to simp or whatever whats his goal in saying this? aaaghdghagavj

    39. Eldoroo

      Bob was right ngl

    40. SSG Scorch3d

      Airsoft Fatty looks like he's about to explode

    41. Cody Romrell

      “What would Jesus do Schlatt?” “Do I look like Jesus?”

    42. Linus1178

      who tf is bob

    43. mimzeeable

      Schlatt: C O N C E I V E

    44. Isaac Figueroa

      Carson playing bitches

    45. Sam Barrett morris

      the carson being cheated on joke did not age well.

    46. Bodacious Bagel

      Based Bob.

    47. EKO

      Bobs a simp

    48. Shresth Kumar

      lol bob man

    49. Gino Mckoy

      14:03 did not age well

    50. Natam

      "bapTised in cUm"- Weest

    51. Gaven ABON

      I love how Carson picked host to turn down Mia just for a joke

    52. Isaiah Townes

      8 year age difference between Mia and Schlatt & Carson

    53. Isaiah Townes

      Is Carson actually the same height as Schlatt? 6’3”?

    54. toypop

      “I’d probably ask you to help me take down my Christmas tree, because it’s fuckin’ January 23rd and I need help” That has me in stitches for some reason.

    55. Tommaso Masaracchio

      Long live patriarchy Viva el patriarcato

    56. Stopchanging Yourname

      Literally schlatt and Carson are the only ones that arent morbidly obese or weird af

    57. DUO BROS

      I love how Carson had the ending planned. I would’ve not thought of that

    58. BravoBear

      God would forgive her, he loves her.. not as much as Jschlatt. But he do

    59. N O

      Schlatt is a legend

    60. daniel phillips

      Bob really killed the vibe

    61. GsTSaien

      Bob really be making me go yikes at times lmao

    62. theBaronV

      Schlatt makes me laugh even when he talks normally

    63. emma jean


    64. Potato Gaming

      Can we just say Carson is a genius

    65. King Franklin


    66. gdels


    67. DAN VYCH

      people unironically thinking pornstars are lesser people okay

    68. dun dun dun dun dun dun

      20:40 ummnmmmmm

    69. Unknown P

      I've seen her somewhere before

    70. Carlos Jenkins


    71. Wisdimized

      Carson a clout demon 🥵

    72. michael

      Me looking for a single person who knows who bruce is in the comments

    73. Tylor Hockaday

      32:40 im done carson a savage

    74. Pål Andreas


    75. Pål Andreas

      Wow everyone looks like innocent children

    76. Sabih Bin Masood

      14:00 ooof

    77. Jeff Jefferson

      6’3 is kinda tall

    78. Ryan Tibbs

      Anyone else seeing schlatt slowly transition to being gay here?

    79. FoxyPirateFox9054

      The Bob+Heelmike "Woaah" was so fucking sick

    80. FoxyPirateFox9054

      that neopet convo was so good

    81. Chilled

      20:40 he saw the future

    82. amatuersetofeyes

      Uhhhm. What?

    83. Øppa1 Gød

      Catholic on a date with a pornstar. Nice

    84. Eunamix

      And they say there aren’t two attractive best friends

    85. Reynaldo Gonzalez

      Bob didn't hold back anything, he just went off lmao!!!

    86. katchupp

      still waiting for the callmecarson porno

    87. LegendYT

      So did that cheating porn ever happen lmao

    88. SmanWithaPlan

      Carson's host reveal at the ends was amazing

    89. 1 Punch Brown YT

      U think Carson is a virgin but he's actually the biggest Chad

    90. Purox

      Carson chad

    91. Raydric Tignero

      carson is a chad

    92. fabs tems

      Big man carson being a chad, no time for these silly pornstars, he’s too busy looking cool.

    93. Tobias Sørensen

      I feel bad for the way Mia got treated

    94. Tom Slater

      awwww i actually feel kinda bad that she ended up with someone who chose host, i mean it's not exactly like she's short of people who would date her but idk

    95. Durgo Lava

      bob need to calm down

    96. W00tdude

      14:01 please make it happen

    97. Beckham Davis

      Every single person: omg I love your work and boobs Shlatt: We don’t need porn we need Jesus

    98. chef_boy_rdee 132

      yo is that airsoftfatty

    99. DTG oFF

      Carson is and will forever be a legend

    100. Jake Long

      Can someone please tell me the name of that song they played at the end when carson puts sunglasses on?