Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

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    The short film for Michael Jackson's ""Smooth Criminal"" was the centerpiece of the feature film Moonwalker, and featured the debut of Michael's iconic ""anti-gravity lean."" Inspired in part by Fred Astaire's ""Girl Hunt Ballet"" dance number in the film The Band Wagon, ""Smooth Criminal"" was named Best Video at the BRIT Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association and the People's Choice Awards.
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    Written and Composed by Michael Jackson
    Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
    Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc.
    From the album Bad, released August 31, 1987
    Released as a single October 21, 1988
    Director: Colin Chilvers
    Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California
    Michael Jackson's short film for ""Smooth Criminal"" was the sixth of nine short films produced for recordings from Bad, one of the best selling albums of all time. The ""Smooth Criminal"" single hit No. 1 in Spain and The Netherlands and reached the Top 10 in the UnitedStates, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland. In the United States, ""Smooth Criminal"" reached the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100-the sixth single from Bad to do so-as well as Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles charts.
    In addition to being a standalone short film, ""Smooth Criminal"" became the centerpiece of Michael's most ambitious film project at the time, Moonwalker, a feature-length film that was released theatrically in various countries outside of the United States. In the ""Smooth Criminal"" portion of the film, Michael and his friends face off against the notorious drug lord Mr. Big (Joe Pesci) and attempt to foil his plot to get the children of the world hooked on drugs-but of course, in the end, Michael defeats the villain.
    The musical portion of ""Smooth Criminal"" takes place in the magical ""Club '30s,"" where Michael instructed his friends to meet him. While Katie (Kellie Parker), Zeke (Brandon Adams) and Sean (Sean Lennon) find the club to belong abandoned, Club '30s springs to life when Michael shows up, wearing a blue and white pinstripe suit and fedora.
    As the kids watch through the window, Michael flips a coin into the jukebox and leads the club patrons through a dazzling performance to ""Smooth Criminal."" Here, Michael shows off updated versions of his signature dance moves. He also debuts one of his most iconic dance moves: the ""anti-gravity lean,"" a seemingly impossible move.
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    1. PeachyKeen ROBLOX

      When your name is Annie: Chill, im fine (edit: my name is actually annie lol)

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      Michael Jackson He's a superstar in the world music world! Michael Jackson's music will continue forever 🔥 It's a legacy of the music world ☺

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    4. Harvest a guy

      Wow, this guy is good. He should be a pop star or something... or the greatest artist

    5. Doom_Rizl

      Can someone tell me is he dead or no?!!?!?

    6. Christopher Tegner

      4.5 million likes, yet 450 million views - that must mean less than 1% of all people ever born like this... But ... Then there is the fact that less than .08% of people who like something hit "Like" .. Because what do you get out of it?

    7. Supeh Peas

      Yeah I bet it sure was smooth Michael Jackson

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      300k comments yeah!!!

    9. Samayra and shayla tv

      My mom stubbed her toe -me YOU'VE BEEN HIT BY A SMOOTH CRIMINAL

    10. Raw Meme

      MJ is just too smooth

    11. Varun Garg

      annie are you ok annie annie ? anyboby in their ?

    12. ItsRedGuy

      rip micheal

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      на индийский фильм было похоже 3:53

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      muzan kibutsuji

    16. TheBlackItalianGamer

      Qualche cazzaro stamattina?

    17. Jaden Foster

      im not hearin it the best part of the song is when he said “🎵i dont knooww” i love that part

    18. Slack O'Lantern

      You been hit by, you been struck by...truk

    19. swa desh

      10 year old

    20. OTBLEX - WoT BLITZ

      Саня то в порядке?

    21. Baku

      He really didn't die He just got isekai'd into Kimetsu No Yaiba.

    22. Ethan Erfani

      I might not be allowed to like Michael but I am allowed to like the songs.

    23. alex Xandra

      Kibutsuji muzan

    24. Deana Calandra

      literally MJ continuously was amazing for even holding a drum gun lmaooo

    25. Mc Thebest

      This man will forever remain the KING OF POP

    26. Khang Nguyễn

      I still hope he is really still alive but I don't know.

      1. Defrag _

        He was my favorite childhood music artist :

      2. Defrag _

        @Khang Nguyễn sadly no 😔

      3. Khang Nguyễn

        @Defrag _ He not alive right. : (

      4. Defrag _

        Well I have some bad new for ya....

    27. Skilled Music

      ever since i was 4 i loved him and still do till this day and i’m now 15

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      Hell yeah

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      After all these years Michael Jackson still bangin 💯🔥

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      If your reading this means you still have taste in music 🎶

    32. AME NAOMI\\

      It's been years and we still don't know if annie is okay .

    33. Fernando

      childrens: Ayuwoki, i cant sleep olds: one of the best songs ever

    34. gabyto13

      Tbh, this the best looking MJson from all of his career

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    36. احسان عبد الكريم Aعباس /مسائي

      he isn't dead he still alive in our hearts💔

    37. PhyzeeCA

      i wonder where demon slayers idea came from

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    39. Amreen khan Amreen

      Who else wish he would be alive still now

    40. Jahalia Solomon

      I’m still not forgiving you for killing tanjiros family

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    42. Lemon Vibez

      Who watching this on November 30 2020

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      is she ok tho?

    44. Dan Conner

      There will never be another MJ

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      Ta rebuena siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aja feliz Navidad 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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      Ana bacı okkey 🇹🇷

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      Cadê os brasileiros que veio ver esse ícone ❤

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      Definitely the king of pop

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      repórtense los que hablen español

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      he is a girl

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      me when i take the penny from the ground 4:04

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      RIP MJ.

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      Wait, he's ayuwoki?...... Always Have Been Hee hee

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    60. Carrot Hunter

      to this day i don't understand this music video or where the hell he pulled a tommy gun from

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      Michael Jakson your are GOD

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      hee hee

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      Who is still listens to this legend in 2020

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      He is my hero

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      Alguien aún escucha este temaso en el 2020♥️

    66. Dios Itachi Uchicha XD

      Yolo es gay

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      Lets go Michael Jackson love you rest in peace

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      Annie is not okay okay?

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      The 4:3 ratio has been made for this video.

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