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    Filmed June 23rd
    OfflineTV Roster:
    Scarra | scarra
    Pokimane | pokimanelol
    LilyPichu | LilyPichu
    Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
    Michael Reeves l michaelreeves
    Audio Version:
    Spotify: spoti.fi/37cnxVG
    Apple Podcasts: apple.co/2Rj5NkY
    Produced / Directed by:
    J103M | The_Grand_Ma_
    Yvonne | yvonnie
    Edited by:
    Dunois | DunoisKR
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    Dunois | DunoisKR
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    1. Amogha Varsha

      5 Months left for poki to return to the OTV house

    2. bananaguy

      Anyone else see pokimane annihilate those wings

    3. Arran Ferguson

      He is something to think about Lily and Poki are technically employees of Amazon

    4. Tim Sanders

      Now I want b dubs wings

    5. Kcoop142

      The bigger the dog the bigger the heart

    6. bibity bopity

      "how is the year 2020 going to end" me: my city is under attack.

    7. Spooder Man

      Jeez when poki mentioned the boy pass I had flashbacks of elementary school

    8. Dean99

      i mean its only natural michael is the content

    9. Alastair McWilliam

      Shroud needs to invite J9 over for the return of TWITCH PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME

    10. Cody Nhan Pham

      Okay, let's be real... Toast: - What dog would you want to have, Micheal? Micheal: - Robo dog?

    11. Very Loki

      Poki is *FED*-up

    12. Very Loki

      LOL mixer

    13. Umair Jamshaid

      michael do you want a dog?? This aged well XD

    14. John Pio Apsay

      what is lily talking about a type 5 or something really curious

    15. Glow

      honestly Poki eating the wings is a really good commercial, I want wings

    16. Garbage Trash

      37:10 Oh he got his dog alright

    17. Generic account

      Poki: “What if Michael got a dog!?” * Michael gets Boston Dynamics dog * Poki: this is not what I meant

    18. Eeman Majumder

      Michael eating happy 😋

    19. Fay Moonie

      Toast: I am moving out Everyone: when? Toast: next week Toast: I am moving back in Everyone: when? Toast: next week I love how he is a free soul. It is better than all the plans and stiff stuffs.

    20. Joshua

      poko casually says that youtube is a normie community while Michael is just listening and eating.

    21. HoseZentaur

      That lily ad literally sounded like a rick&morty ad

    22. LeafSlizer

      best improv sales pitch lily

    23. Drty_Room_

      michale did indeed get a dog. but no one couldve predicted the type he got.

    24. Mateo Gomez De Los Rios

      its hard to think that this is before we knew that one of the reasons that poki moved it was becose of fed

    25. i.Azxqf.x

      michael during every podcast: just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

    26. Auline

      An E-girl, Anime girl, Crackhead and an inmate. This looks fun.

    27. abaemperor

      23:27 "fed" up

    28. Orca_queen

      Micheal = shiba

    29. Lupix

      poki doesnt even finish her fucking wings

    30. Quyet Huynh

      808 bois

    31. Sebastian Ramirez

      Why are they on zoom if they live in the same house?

      1. Mark Vivero

        bcoz on quarantine to avoid gatherings

    32. Gao Shengwei

      2 months later im still waiting for the 24 hr coding stream

    33. Raymond Biskner

      Podcast: Is Happening Pokimane: Monch Monch Monch

    34. Maria Charlize Pulumbarit

      Toast really looks like the next avatar here

    35. Travis Dudzinski

      Michaels smile when Lily is doing the promo is gold.

    36. Miguel Caluag


    37. Gage Draime

      do you think your sponsor would send michael to my house? i need some day to day tasks done i could not do myself even if i killed a trillion turts for the answer

    38. Sreys Streams

      I hope you have an awesome day

    39. Yimkumer Jamz

      Hello fellow normies!

    40. Mad Dis

      I still wait for the day Micheal makes his bed

    41. felixplan

      Pokimane is so out of everyone's league it's not even funny

    42. Pala Va

      Robbot Dog

    43. Jenn & Colten

      disguised toast needs a new barber 'cause yikes

    44. Grugger The Mugger

      michael should get a dog, A ROBOT DOG?!?!!?

    45. Benjamin Muus Marcussen

      Michael should get a german wirehaired pointer because then he could have a dog with a beard

    46. y3m1

      Toast literally looks like Aang w the orange shirt

    47. Jojo Gagliano

      They're definitely sponsoring again if you keep giving them 4 times the ad time

    48. GLiTcH _point

      **Ahem** HUfast is a **Normie** community!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?

    49. Chouchie


    50. Stefan Lupsan

      I love how Lily Toast and Poki were accustomed to selling their souls to almost any company but Michael was kinda uncomfortable during the first part of Lily's sales pitch at the beginning lol

    51. noah

      Yeah PoKi is really FEDup with offline TV, that's why she's leaving.

    52. Alex Rivera F

      1 minute in. Love the real time ad. First time an ad has been made content and I don’t hate it for the first time. 🙌🏽

    53. No U

      So we not gonna talk about micheals face when lily was doing the sponsorship...?

    54. Connor Bradshaw

      She finally got “fed” up with our shit PepeLaugh

    55. Daryl Atienza

      Toast: "Poki is leaving the offline Tv house" Lily: "She finally got FED-up" *eyes emoji

    56. #Complicit Kennedy

      I just ordered a milkshake from Postmates And they gave me seven chipotle burritos with extra brown rice and hot sauce

    57. awakaxis' alt

      fav mixer streamer: TacticsHazey

    58. Aiden Holmes

      I just got braces and it’s a NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE

    59. Bot192

      Well now we know why Poki left

    60. twistedmilk

      calling it now, poki n michael

    61. Jaces World

      Poki:Michael should get a dog! Michael:robot

    62. Jorj

      i really enjoy how quiet michael can be, i feel like thats how id be

    63. BreadedLemon

      This is where Robot Dog Originated from

    64. Daniel Schlief

      Id love to watch Michael Reeves's stream, but all of them are at like, 2 am where I live.

    65. Thatguy Youknow

      offline tv guest podcasts are just interviews to see who can take toast and pokimanes room

    66. yolkboat

      Got “FED” up

    67. rojichristian

      1:38 Justin Roiland?

    68. Benjamin Cazeault

      2020 is gonna be fucking groundhog year and it’s gonna repeat until we improve global warming

      1. Papii

        Or... A meteor his us and destroys the earth so we don't have to worry about global warming destroying it

    69. M Naveh

      Fuck Lily's impression of Toast is dead on

    70. Joshua Silva


    71. Vardaan Khadka Chhetri

      Why does Lily have a moustache in every video ?

    72. Dorito

      Why is fed not in the roster in the description?

      1. daneaus

        @Dorito sexual misconduct

      2. Dorito

        MortalRECOIL what happened ?

      3. MortalRECOIL

        He's not in otv anymore

    73. Yaboi Samcully

      Hunter happens is a good mixer streamer so I’m scared to see if he stops streaming

    74. Rye Shea

      love lily's music on the outro

    75. Niño Cabugao II

      The Boiis and The Gals HOUSE! SIIIIIIICK

    76. Killer-Moth

      michael being the baby streamer not saying shit when they're talking abt rip mixer

    77. labbitu

      the comfiest podcast from all of their episodes

    78. mr penguin

      michels new video when he gets dog "equiping my dog with 20 tazers"

    79. Hendy Hermawan

      Lily looks like Mole-Stache from Ben 10

    80. BRENTxBEAR

      I love Offline and all. But a lot of the podcasts is just 1st world popular streamer problems or topics... it's hard for me to stay interested since you know I can't relate. I'm a nobody

      1. Angelo

        @BRENTxBEAR same bro

      2. BRENTxBEAR

        @Tatiatus I'm trying!!! But I'm not young, cute and or quirky enough 😭

      3. Tatiatus

        quit being poor lmao

    81. Joaquin Nario

      lily's intro sounded like a morty

    82. Noblestor

      "out of spite" lily is becoming more and more like michael

    83. Octopus Lol

      Isn’t she moving into a content house...again! Lol

    84. Octopus Lol

      Viewers on YT live-streams , are the same on twitch

    85. Octopus Lol

      You can’t even find livestreamers on yt unless you’re subbed, they haven’t done anything

    86. Krsia Bnrte

      Facebook banner has to be updated ._.

    87. Ginga Infinity

      You now the best thing with 2th in it The 25th baam and yes thars his name

    88. Grench329

      0:00 -Pokimane devours a squirrel

    89. rich_ boi

      It's all slowly just failing apart

    90. Luisnerd1

      Yeah ok but what's toast and pki eating

    91. Tanochi

      look at poki 17:56

    92. fj kv

      please keep doing these podcasts, I enjoy them!

    93. someasiankid

      ah yes "fed" up

    94. Not_Necessary

      When’s the next one coming out

    95. Bob Ross

      Why no upload this week ;(

    96. Gino Plantig

      They didn't upload a podcast this week

      1. Bob Ross

        Yep. I’m sad

    97. saitama

      29:58 well that aged like milk

    98. Blood Wolf2609

      Michael should get a robot dog from Boston Dynamics

    99. Marcél de Villiers

      Toast: Sadly Poki is moving out of the OTV House... Michael: Haha food go brrrrr

    100. Nol's Jawline

      Where is the new podcast cant find it in spotify