Mike Majlak RESPONDS TO REDBAR & calls me a STALKER on Impaulsive with Logan Paul

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    Mike from Redbar goes over HeyBigMike’s long awaited response to his coverage on Redbar. BigMike plays the victim, and pretends he’s being “stalked”. What a wimp! Enjoy!

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    1. Derik Crays


    2. Pacified Democracy

      Mike wearing all black at the beach, even a black T-shirt. I guess I would wear a shirt at the beach as well if I looked like a malnourished AID's patient from Ethiopia. Someone start a Go Fund Me for Big Mike so we can buy him a cheeseburger and a milkshake. Can someone let Big Mike know that eating daily is just as important as breathing.

    3. J Churchie

      Big Mike vs Red Bar on the Logan and Floyd undercard, book it

    4. Tigran Hakobyan

      What’s wrong with you dude mind your business lmao

    5. Close.Quarters.Ramen

      Every time I hear a rap lyric be quoted in a serious or straight faced way, I die inside just a little bit.

    6. michael murillo

      This shit is funny. I really dont see the issue. You are just giving your opinion on something. With the over 1000 podcast out there, people got a lot of opinions. Mike just so happens to have a nice little studio with a good camera. When you have that then why not post it. It is entertaining. Not to mention, they are giving you more attention. So joke is on them. 😁. Who is the real winner coming out of this.

    7. Wydell Birchwood

      mike please use the spacebar to start and stop the video

    8. MoonRaacks Korhonen

      This guy is the biggest loser

    9. Aaron B

      Ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun.

    10. Victoria

      MIke, you are the best!

    11. Oroku Saki

      I think Logan seeing a grown man act so pathetic, and immature made him see he doesn't to be like that, anymore. Logan has become extremely, patient, and mature, when Mike goes off on his pretentious, virtue-signaling tirades. It's hard to believe he's the same person, really. Like Justin Bieber, he did a complete 180.

    12. PeachMint

      "It's not because we hate Mike or hate redbar. We just aren't his friends. We're people who watch his show and judge it as fans. Sometimes he's hilarious. Sometimes he sucks for months at a time. And because he has a very small audience, thin skin, and no real friends, any negative feedback hurts his feelings DEEPLY. If you want to be a Redbar fan and have an honest conversation about the show, you can't be in the BBG. That's why places like this exist" OMG bootleg redban is so sad and pathetic his own "fans" think talk shit hahaha

    13. Olav3D Tutorials

      Bro, a smart girl, ye

    14. emre akkoc

      Well, fuck mike and you both

    15. SHY

      This guy ppl think he has fans 😵

    16. Zida Zone

      I love this

    17. Allan Drake

      Also Lana Rhoades has filed a lawsuit against Mike that's all that can be talked about

    18. richard harrow

      Majlik looks like MTV’s Butthead

    19. Allan Drake

      Small mike redbar made u his bitch

    20. quantum tunneling

      Redbar is like the immune system of the youtube algorithms fighting off the liars, the bullshit artist, and the criminals from fully taking over the minds of Americans. Great work.

    21. FallenStar

      You're one of the best things that has ever happened to youtube in the past 10 years. Never stop being you, never stop being RedBar. For every person that calls you a loser, there's one guy out there who's calling you an outstanding intelligent, well-spoken victor.


        thank you that is very sweet

    22. Keanan Varley

      Just found your podcast, you're the voice we didnt know we needed 🙌🏼

    23. Camil Dumitrescu

      well I can tell you what's up: YOU suck! oh man, and you suck baaaaad.

    24. The Good Americans

      I have been trying to give mike D a genre and now I know. RedBar Fact Check radio.

    25. TheGooseIsLoose

      The saga continues

    26. Tim Mac


    27. ZMAN 420


    28. Jordan Sinsabaugh

      I think it's funny how in today's society , people think it's cool to attack other people on the internet in Hope's that the person they are attacking might say the name of the attackers channel....All this guy does is surf the web to find something to say about someone in Hope's they will respond and say his channels name.....complete coward is all I see....If he put as much effort into making actual good content that is interesting and not a jealous ,petty , insecure rant than he might get the views he's trying so hard to get by running his mouth about people that are pulling in millions of them...He really is a good story teller and speaker, which is why I don't understand why he chooses this path....desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess.....very sad....

      1. Jordan Sinsabaugh

        just to clear the air.....I DO NOT LIKE MIKE !... He is only famous because he's Logans friend...That being said, I don't care if it's Mike or the homeless guy on the corner, this guy says all this stuff about people yet he does the same thing he is complaining about....He feeds off controversy, seems like you would want to stay clear of that...A Drama fed life doesn't seem like a very happy one to me...But just my opinion...

    29. Joshua Christopher

      Pure gold "shut the fuck up"

    30. Luis Valencia

      What a hater

    31. BlueMonkey Abstrakte

      mikes comment on sexual misbehaviour with traumatic result´s he is more than right this is Gold in this times

    32. Keyn Tee

      Did someone hurt u bro?

    33. L H

      This guy is a cross between Alex jones joey diaz and Charlie sloth all in one

    34. - Juanito

      10:40 making fun of someone’s addiction fuck you bitch. A hate channel on yt nowadays will never hit 100ksubs

    35. Robert Templin

      Btw you’re a complete piece of shit if you talk badly about someone who completely changed their life and became very successful after he beat his addiction, and had helped many others beat theirs. That makes you a scum bag for talking badly about that. You’re a trash person dude

    36. Robert Templin

      The only content I’ve seen of Big Mike is from your channel. He is right, you are obsessed with him. And you may repeat what he says, but in reality you just twist his words. Like when they leased the lambo and said they bought it. Everyone who leased a car says they bought it, that’s completely normal. You have a hard on for bid mike. You have a hard on for bashing people who are more successful than you. You are a complete joke. All it takes is a bit of research to see that every point you make is like a child trying to win an argument. Who cares if someone says they bought a car when they leased it. Most of America does that. You said he lives in a closet when you showed a 3 second clip of his room. If you watch the whole clip that room is huge with a private bathroom and walk-in. I don’t care about big mike. I care about being a complete dueche bashing people because they are more successful than yourself

    37. Nicholas Pacelli

      I love when Jules does Bigmikes voice. She's like a little mini redbar female

    38. Gm Taa

      Internet culture desperately needs this show. Amazing!!!

    39. Brett Hollywood’s show

      Redbar is great ... How the Fuck did I just discover this 2 weeks ago ?

    40. Steven Robinson

      Lanas going to Slide into your DMs for this

    41. eucVibes

      If I was a celeb and redbar came out me I would call in and address it head on like a straight up G

    42. Fatin Noor

      Omg??? Is Lana watching this.

    43. ZMAN 420

      👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 HAHAHAHA

    44. Brad

      Mike has completely broken soul, yet a huge ego.

    45. Dana Cadotte

      “He just was born” 😂😂😂

    46. John Hardy

      big mike's face freeze at 13:00 lol

    47. manu AR

      12:4 aren't you doing this all of this for clout

    48. manu AR

      I dont know why but this guys making me mad and I'm not even a fan of neither of them

    49. Crypto Dazed

      'Infant trolls' had me ROTFL!!

    50. enoe art

      Vince Vaughniest.

    51. Cambodian River Pig

      Man, when I discovered Redbar, I hated on him and called him a loser. Now that I've actually watched a full video of his, I agree 100% with him. Subscribed.

    52. Allan Drake

      Lana Rhodes is not with Mike no more because he stole 128 million dollars from her and all her property why don't you comment about how he stole all that money from her

    53. Allan Drake

      Mike is a real piece of Shit he stole 128 million dollars from lana rhodes and all her properties and he is living in one of her old houses in dallas tx

    54. Allan Drake

      He has not been with lana over a year

    55. Blaise n buds

      omg i just watched the video of her drinkin pee holly shit fucking sick

    56. Joel Boucher

      Redbar is turning me into a better Man

    57. Shushan

      how is this not mainstream? :p

    58. Roman Soroka

      I like the ImPaulsive show , hate to say it but REDBAR is 100% right ,, Logan is a man now , matured so much at 26. Mike is 36 and completely the opposite and lives in Logan’s closet plus he is immature and contradicts himself a lot - he has no morals and is very low person. Just watch the show you’ll see for yourself

    59. Dougiee Fresh

      I suppose this is what happens when you’ve been picked on your entire life and never found a lane or an outlet that you’re good at or fit into. You spend your time tirelessly searching the Internet of successful people you’re clearly maddeningly obsessing over. Imagine how embarrassing this guy must look late at night in his basement over analyzing clips he’s comically jealous of. After ALL THAT, completely FAILING to say anything even remotely funny. LMFAO!!!!

    60. Brandon Berry

      I am fucking hooked this guy has a great eye for bullshit.... when the girl did the mike voice I was dying

    61. Rich Bennon Smith

      Wow, crushed him. Lovely.

    62. Josh Church

      I just don’t think you have a personality worth watching that’s why you just mock other people

    63. Tony the tiger

      Redbar @ 9 minutes in im crying watching you cover your mouth while watching these knuckleheads. So so funny. Old school laughter. Oh my God dude , you are a twisted soul 🤜🤛 dont ever change🤣

    64. Tony the tiger

      Redbar you have them running scsred✌😎 all i do is laugh with your videos . Thanks for taking these punks down a notch

    65. Wilhelms Cream


    66. hmran yo

      18:42 “ u gonna think like..hiiim “ loooooool this part so funny

    67. Michael Bolton

      Smurfs with onlyfans... totally floored me

    68. TL garrett

      The use of cooperative/non cooperative game theory is amazing.

    69. It's Tanner Thats who it is

      Lmao SHE does his voice better than red bar

    70. It's Tanner Thats who it is

      I cant stop watching this guy go off on him

    71. Dorien

      This shit lame asf. Let mfs live their own lives n you do the same. Shame on you ...trying to make content out of shitting on someone.. this real negative vibes. BE POSITIVE MAN. Problem with the older generation is how negative y’all are. NEW GEN IS FOCUSED ON POSITIVITY!! BEING NICE IS COOL

    72. The Bladonator

      I agree with this

    73. RE DACTED

      "Fuck, I hate this knucklehead!" -BigMike #Facts 30:04

    74. Anthony Gonzalez

      I started out not really liking Mike but I have seen the ways of the redbar. He's a genius.

    75. Adam Sargen

      Keep hating Redbar, and whoever the female is, keep hating too lol.

    76. Leelayne Maynard

      You're both annoying idiots. Howard Stern wannabes. Sounds like you wanna suck him off. You literally described yourself.

    77. Dachers123

      Mike Majlak, Logan, Jake, Riley, and any other idiot that hangs within that weird part of HUfast are all garbage, but especially Mike Majlak.

    78. Jo Porter

      My favourite ever quote from mike and one i think was so inspiring and fell a bit below the radar and really did reveal what a social commentator and philosopher he is: "I'll take my surgery from the non retard doctor please" 👏

      1. RE DACTED

        Crap, where can I see that?

    79. weston

      The fact that they refer to themselves as “wolves” is so cute

    80. God LOVES ugly

      Hahaha u are awesome ! Fucking spot on everything. Thank god, hallelujah, finally we get someone calling these morons out on their bullshit. U truly are an artist sir you take no prisoners and call it as is, which is very important to do when your fighting against these vultures who pray on even bigger idiots on-line who know, no better and give these idiots their money and time. Keep fighting bro I'm so happy I found redbar here. He's on a crusade against these false gods these wanna be icons and it's disgusting that idiots are swindling people. If it was some great con-artist or some slick person doing it is somewhat understandable but an idiot like BigMike taking ur money and doing it in such an idiotic way is pathetic.

    81. brian oconnell

      I don't know who this Mike David is but he is a genius.

    82. R.J MacDonell

      This dude would do ANYTHING to be Mike and in Mikes place it’s quite obvious and pathetic.

    83. Jamie Baier

      He's the best character in the internets.

    84. J Glo

      I hate Mike, but shit imagine having a channel where you get hyped because people give you clout. That's struggling.

    85. JT

      You do strike fear into others I wont lie ive seen it. Please dear god focus more on these chodes, Big mike voice makes me very happy

    86. Seppy Iosif



      This is fucking hilarious 😂

    88. Tom Myers

      Ethan kleins dad

    89. ZMAN 420

      NICE!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    90. The Snowpaws

      Ya looking like Collin Farrell in a robe sir...and suffering a breakdown and yelling at the TV. Funny tho!

      1. RE DACTED

        Fuck you're right, never saw the Farrell in him until now. Love it!

    91. Sheila Aliens

      Watch the one where he calls out the blubbery Joey Diaz for not admitting that he takes Xanax, when he definitely does and proves that he does on that very stream. So fucking ridiculous..."it's not Xanax it's (insert generic name for Xanax)". God, so cringy....just take the L, Joey! narcissistic personality disorder in full swing in Coco Diaz.

    92. Tip top Magoo

      Well said mick about the ptsd part that was profound thank you for that perspective 🙏

    93. leo weber

      Remember rebar has no ‘content’ that I’ve been watch for roughly 36hours

      1. RE DACTED

        I pay $12 a month for "no content" and I've never been more entertained in my life!

    94. Jery Z

      love this guy

    95. EmptySMPTE

      Everyone should check out all the pics of mike David shmoozing with his best friend CHARLIE SHEEN. Yes just look it up! ORR check out mikes appetite for young ladies! Jules was 19 when he met her??? Love this shit. I think I need to start another channel

      1. Dear diary,

        By all means go ahead. Bet you wont.

    96. GnarlyDude970

      Big Bitch Mike really does look like Butthead, haha holy shit. Thank you for pointing that out! Keep tearing these idiots apart, I love it

    97. enigma amgine

      Why does this guy Redbar even care and talk about another grown man so much. Guy has sat there plastered off the Jim Bean for hours made multiple videos hating on another man. Literally made an hour video of off a 2 minute clip cmon now😂😂😂

      1. Dear diary,

        Why do you care

    98. Mujahid Mansur

      I love mike but you said the f**king truth. Luv u man.

    99. Aaron Castillo

      Holy fuck Redbar is so annoying, and how old are you??? He gets so sad when nobody mentions his name because nobody cares about his bitch ass 😂😂😂 imagine being his age and having a show like this 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

      1. Dear diary,

        the crying laughing emoji is a cope. you are angry, not laughing. Everyone feels sorry for you.

    100. Aleksandar Stojsic

      I just discovered your channel, i'm hooked! Keep the good stuff coming!