Milan 4-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Goal Not Enough as Milan Stun Serie A Leaders! | Serie A TIM

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    Juventus missed the chance to move 10 points clear at the top of Serie A as they incredibly let a two-goal lead slip to lose 4-2 at Milan after a remarkable second half on Tuesday | Serie A TIM
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    1. Yossef Alotadil

      It was successfully insulted😂😂😂🦾

    2. Adam Bayu Pratama


      Zlatan 🥰

    4. Muhammad Hamza Ateeq

      2:46 unknown footballer snatches the ball from ronaldo

    5. Kurapika

      Can someone kind enough please tell me what song was played from 0:00-0:10. Thank you very much

    6. Tolis Pavlidis

      I had tickets for this match, but covid speak in the end 😏😢

    7. ANDROID GAMES ONE ألعاب أندرويد وان

      top 👍👍👍👍💓👍👍👍

    8. Sweet Priyanka Chopra

      Exciting video

    9. skatecm1

      Juve cheat to win!!!

    10. Yt Highlights

      Forza Milan

      1. Katka Cmorejova

        Forza napoli

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    12. Vishal Varghese Varghese

      And now they beat Milan for 3-1, champions are champions 👑👑

    13. エムエス

      This is great to watch

    14. kk playzz

      Exact opposite next season

    15. Ewelina Siwiec

      Love Ronaldo

    16. KKLN YT

      who come here after Milan 1-3 Juventus match

      1. Warrior Rabby


    17. Lovejoy Santina

      The roomy marimba topologically ban because iris cosmetically fire lest a pricey slip. adaptable, dysfunctional bracket

    18. nico_ lorda_

      Not this time

    19. Taufiq Solaahuddin

      Admit it, we were all missed football with supporters all around the stadium

    20. ராவணன் 007

      Today Juventus vs AC Milan Who will win ? Milan - like Juventus- Comment

      1. KingTM FaisalTM


      2. tortuga persa


    21. Bui Dai

      Nay lại thế chứ còn gì nữa haha

    22. Atha Irvansyah


    23. skinnyfags

      Time for revenge Forza Juve!!! ⚪⚫

    24. TheKloro

      Please Milan win tonight

    25. kv kp

      Revenge is coming back

    26. Ilhamreus88 Channel

      Ronaldo Moratta Dybala is the best match day tomorrow

    27. Ilhamreus88 Channel

      nanti malam akan kalah milan vs juventus, lihat lah ya




        Milan loses over juve few days ago😅😅

      2. Christiano Pulinaldo

        You love everyone

      3. Billbar Bermain

        Waduh ibu suka AC Milan juga nih bu?

      4. Bari Hafizh

        Eh ibu dokter

    29. Kokún de Nazareth

      Oldslattan is still alive and scoring! Well, it's not like Cristiano can do anything when juve does this kinda stuff. Still. CR7>Messi>>>>>>>>>>>Oldslatan ibahimab1tch

    30. Jason Williams

      Getting old is just a mith for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He can become easily a imortal. One day in future Zlatan will become on the group of vanished legends to a secret place on our world after he reach the human immortality. So "immortals vanishing from society ", will be a way to common humans don't deal with imortals and a way to imortals live in a strict elite society. That's how that works.. Zlatan will be another imortal that will vanish in future. I'm 100% sure

    31. Soltan Elayem

      Condividi e iscriviti al canale e attiva hufast.infolYhrfJ7c_9U

    32. Jess Ravuwai

      Ac Millan resurrection started from this game till the current 2021 season.

    33. Waîfu Seeker

      Who is here waiting for the upcoming matche of this two rivalries

    34. hendriek beenyo

      Kessie's very very so easy against Ronaldo goal

    35. Abdu qaadir Canshuur

      The views is just something else 19 million 🤭🤭🤭

    36. abeer egb

      Forza milan they ate them up

    37. Ievgen Kurylo

      Златан - Бог, Пеналду - лох

    38. Nguli Outdoors

      Can't wait for Wednesday, Milan vs Juve 🔥 🔥

    39. Abe K

      Recommend me this just before it happens again lol

    40. TeLu LAP To GO

    41. doni siahaan

      Udah waktunya Milan yg memegang Scudetto. Selama Juve yg megang scudeto gak ada perubahan. Gak pernah menang liga champion sekalipun.

    42. Taufik Setiawan

      Mantap AC Milan.

    43. Sufjan Berisha

      Forza milan

    44. разиль калиев


    45. Aryan Sharma

      Barca fan but, i just love to see how milan are back in form✨

    46. ridwan edo

      Forza milan next 2021 Pato vs ibra ❤🇧🇷🇸🇪👍👍

    47. Farhan


    48. Matthew Velez

      Goat at 2:59 started with Ronaldos fault lol

    49. Mini FootBall

      Zlatan Ibrahimović is arguably one of the greatest players in history. With powerful strikes.

    50. Mini FootBall

      Zlatan Ibrahimović is arguably one of the greatest players in history. With powerful strikes.

    51. Limon khan jems


    52. demom 222

      Ibra tark

    53. Sardor Nematov

      zor choketki

    54. Ari Rohman

      If Although Milan never give penalty, Milan is the win permanent

    55. Mastery

      About time I heard from Milan. Always remember the beastly 2006 team

    56. The JH

      Surprise to see 19m views.....

    57. Rizky Riv Alhamid

      The most viewer so far.. amazing FORZA MILAN 🤙🏼🔴⚫

    58. TGH SHARMA

      Any football fans

    59. TGH SHARMA

      Any football fans

    60. chuggggggy

      Lucky weird goals. Let's go Juve, CRISTIANO RONALDO takes the unbeaten from Milan next time. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUUU

    61. Kashin Koji

      Sabemos que estamos malcuando leemos "Ronaldo goal not enough" pero el de Rabiot fue muchísimo mejor.

    62. Jeet Singh

      Ac milan is much more beloved club by neutrals than this sterile chokers juventus. Let us come back in ucl and show them how to win ucls

    63. Ali Hissawi

      19 mio views😮😮

    64. kaycee fresh

      Who is still here in 2021

    65. Arif Keliat

      I come here again after milan beat lazio today. What a season!

    66. mateu lahoz

      War about Ibrahimvic

    67. Nazneen Hossain

      Buuuuu 👎👎👎milan forsa❤❤👌👍Juventus

    68. Snap Law

      Cr7 fans hurt my brain let's go king zlatannn

    69. Sandy Novan

      Semoga bukan calcio poli. Soalnya kalo gw liat bek² Juve kek sengaja ngasih ruang ditambah gol ke empat Milan.

    70. fery kepow

      milan is red

    71. fery kepow


    72. fery kepow

      Forza Milano

    73. fery kepow

      Forza Milano

    74. fery kepow


    75. Ily Cupang


    76. Ily Cupang


    77. Ily Cupang


    78. suck one czito 04 h


    79. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Zlatan lbrahimovic is the best

    80. Anita Chauhan

      Correct the statement ronaldo gaol jagah ronaldo tap in

    81. Gissela Vegas

      milan nunca sera grande

    82. N for Naima


    83. Teron official


    84. JuanLELE YT

      The first and last big of Italy is Milan a historic and respect team Not a only league winner and moment team as Juventus that depends of CR7

    85. Mister Gray

      A sign of things to come!

    86. D4VI J. Spigariol

      Bora Milan!!!

    87. Enzo Alves Nojima

      milan molto bene

    88. Enzo Alves Nojima

      amo milano

    89. eilishlyy_


    90. SWEET BABY

      Beautiful win for Milan

    91. Ahmad Andika

      Gua tonton terus kalo lagi butuh mood booster

    92. narcorridos R A P

      El mejor equipo de Italia está despertando

    93. Segundo Lujan aliaga

      Milan de Mi Corazon


      Im a juventus fan i wanted to say gg

    95. Franklyn Anosike

      Forza Milan ❤🖤❤🖤

    96. Geofrey Espiritu de la Cruz

      Se parecen un poco al que jugamos igual al celtic 🍀. 😅 😅

    97. Joel Beltre Zarzuela

      This is the start of a new era, forza Milan

    98. Oleg Konstantinov

      Forza Milan ⚫🔴!

    99. Bayu Hamzah

      Hello ACM 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰