Miley Cyrus - Midnight Sky in the Live Lounge


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    Miley Cyrus performs Midnight Sky in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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    1. Renegade the Rapper

      Even if she was ugly she would still be famous cuz that voice is so good

    2. xhaxha

      Miley - I could listen to you sing the phonebook

    3. Wee Beastiee

      She sounds like a modern day version of Lulu

    4. Tania Dolphy

      This young woman excuses EXCELLENCE!!

    5. Wandsu

      Miley is a goddess

    6. Nightcore Variado

      Nightcore version ❤

    7. Maisie Wright

      Fucking love it

    8. Talita M

      Her Raspy Voice is Just Perfect.

    9. emily walsh

      WOW!!! this is the first time i've heard this song... this is so good!!!!! i'm really starting to likely miley a lot with all these live vids. i may have to check out her music

    10. Fernanda Campos

      La amaré toda mi puta vida! 🖤👽

    11. In Time

      That voice!!!!!

    12. Jennifer Gilmore

      I bet she's gonna collab with The Weeknd for Superbowl 😇🥰🤩

    13. Jessica Allanna Hardy

      Dolly parton look alike?

    14. jukaju cultura

      linda corajosa muita fera da arte

    15. Matias

      As a metalhead ( and rock listener ) this is a new guilty pleasure

    16. M Labelle

      Where was this type of song earlier in her career? I'd have been a fan instead of changing the radio station.

    17. Darth Deluxe

      Stevie Nicks ;-)

    18. Shemsi S.

      Miazgaaaaa!!!! ❤️

    19. HD Sa

      La classe

    20. SArCastIc_MoNkeY

      she sounds like: if you speed up your record player

    21. Vallasse Family Vlogging

      This song is fire! I like this Miley

    22. Cristian zamudio

      Gotta say she got down on this ...

    23. Ashley00Ann

      I’m an 80’s girl. Listened to hard core metal music since. I use to dislike her a lot when she started singing. Must say her voice, songs & appearance have really grown. You got my thumbs up Miley!! Keep up the great work. 👍🎼

    24. Nil Aleik Bertro Son

      Sup? Nothing, much, young cougar, like your lip-stick. Are you moving to, Uganda? No, making a skate-park and just a soccer pitch and getting a car too do some awesome stuff too. Rick? Yeltsin? Creative? Yolo? Electric? Lost? Introverted? Male? Over? Vagina? Elf? Vat-veterinary? Lost? OIDAR! CBB?

    25. JaimeJay

      I love it when an artist embodies exactly what the fuck they want to sing. I think the whole world is about to come out of their shells hear shortly! Yyyyyyesss!

    26. ela tabucao

      i love you Miley

    27. Михаил Морозов

      Wow , absolutely beautiful

    28. Nancy Ree

      You can feel that she sings through pain

    29. Jack Cole

      Beautiful. I hope shes as proud as I am.

    30. Latina in the City

      this makes me smile...seeing her free...freedom is everything :)

    31. Eddie Walter

      Total Superstar!!!!

    32. Jana Haverlova

      Miley is the best surprise for me this year! 2020 is her year!!

    33. Selena Gee

      Miley Cyrus is like wine. Everyone likes it and the older she gets she becomes better and better than before

    34. Ahmed 369 😂😂

    35. Kay Wever

      Stevie nicks echo

    36. shelby cobra King Mclamore

      te amo desde tampico tamauliupas mexico

    37. Matias

      So much better than the studio version,why pop producer feel the need to overproduced the artist voices?

    38. Sica Limited

      ✨But like how does she do that✨

    39. Shana Pearson TV

      Amazing performance!

    40. Krystian S

      jesus i watch her like hanna montana.but tHIS IS ANOTHER LEVEL

    41. Ana Mallorca

      Que voz❤

    42. jj partridge

      Can’t stop listening to this! Absolute 🔥

    43. Lena Hiles

      She looks like Dolly yet sound like Stevie Nicks

    44. jj partridge

      Absolutely love her voice and this song!! But she just reminds me of good old dolly!!

    45. Michael

      Why does her voice remind of Stevie nicks here

    46. Dora V


    47. Paolo Tosini

      I usually don't fancy the genre of music she sings but i must admit that she has a great voice

    48. Alba Gelli

      Are guysl insane?! How could you possibly dislike this performance?!

    49. Teresa Karr

      She improves with age. Beautiful.

    50. zing and life

      Billie eilish is better but shes okay to

    51. Gabriel Weinstein

      New cover of “Midnight Sky” by Miley, check here:

    52. Roro Foryah

      As much as I love her ...i want her to end up with a really good man .I thought Liam was perfect thou ..what went wrong??

    53. DW Ganegodage

      3.5k dislikes wtf guys

    54. BoldyLicini

      great song great voice great legs ..

    55. Curtis Sullivan

      you kinda sound kim karnms mixed with fleet wood woman im not giving you credit for her.

    56. Наталья Дит

      Здравствуй новая Лита Форд или Дора Пешь0-Жги!

    57. Scott Giles

      You are gorgeous darling

    58. DLuz Accesorios

      It has helped him to mature

    59. Philip Smith

      Ya I no

    60. Philip Smith

      Cool sogn

    61. Stephen Harris

      Miley "Stevie Nicks" Cyrus

    62. EvaSAvila11

      Miley's rock: Phenomenal Miley's soft rock: Phenomenal Miley: Phenomenal.

    63. Lisa Pamela

      That's really nice looking teeth

    64. Richard Delisle

      un clin d oeil de fleetwoodmac et excellente chanson bravo Miley 💕💕💕

    65. Victoria Servin

      love it

    66. Ashley H Ginarte

      Her live is better than in studio. So raw

    67. Justin Burkart

      Miley only you can bring back the 70 and 80s 🥰

    68. Sheri Williamson

      This is a smooth 70s sound - and she sounds like Stevie Nicks too.

    69. Robert Liljegren

      Black woman in a white cover,,, just how we place it, shit woman, I hope u will make it in the B. Beutiful, magic voice, feelin n soul. Shit I would marry u!...Dinner first though🤘

    70. Jessica Robinette

      This is my new favorite song and my all time fave of Miley's. Fantastic.

    71. rockiskewlll2

      Love the face masks in the band behind, so 2020

    72. Frank Lange

      She has transformed into her own style ...It's gonna sell no problem.

    73. Vital Frayer

      Какая же ты охуетильная

    74. Vital Frayer


    75. Vital Frayer

      Люблю тебя

    76. MeikVFischer

      I used to like Miley's voice. I even liked her wrecking ball single. But here you can really hear every cigarette she's been smoking the last ten or more years. I'm sorry, but I don't like how she sounds in this song. A few more years and she'll be sounding like a chipmunk imitating Rod Stewart. This just isn't Miley Cyrus anymore.

      1. Rady Siki

        Poor kid 🤣😂😥🤢🤮

    77. Robin Kirk

      Love this version Girl you can sing..dont care what others say about you sing it dam it!!!

    78. Andi Krauthofen

      She's always better live, the radio edit is sounding linke .... any other song played on heavy rotation on the radio. she's such a talent that does not deserve to have arrangements that sound so boring...

    79. Myname Isunavailable

      She should stop making shitty pop and do this.

    80. John Iglesias

      That "ooh! You know it's true!" part always comes out as "ooh! Baby ooh! Ooh!" for me 😂😂😂

    81. René Christensen

      Det er fantastisk godt 😘

    82. silvarback


    83. Roel Hummel


    84. Michael Rodia Rodia

      C'est pour toi marjorie que j'aime tant mon amour adoré malgré tout 3 ans ensemble je t'aime bisous

    85. Magdalena Dąbrowska

      Głos ma piękny 😃

    86. bernice

      Miley's voice is very iconic, I was amazed by listening this on the radio.

    87. HIGGPIGG

      Your band look like a bunch of idiots with face diapers on the mugs. What a joke,but they gotta play their puppetmasters persuasions and get you people falling in line. Fools ,all of you

    88. Ian Woodbridge

      love this track...

    89. Sagarika Ghosh

      quite a journey miley has had... and only getting better

    90. Vinicius Melo

      Dolly feelings

    91. Erik and Chief

      She’s a political stooge... but she’s undeniably talented. Next level. Bravo.

    92. Aurora De pardo

      miley ti amo

    93. azure blue

      I'm sure that this little babe was conceived on Sadie Hopkins day Im happy her mother could outrun Billy... is such a fine mix

    94. TP

      First time hearing this track,m close your eye sounds like fleetwood mac and stevie nicks great track

    95. Kimera Gerald

      No I know why I loved Miley from day one... this right here is maturity 👌🏾

    96. Tobias Krasinger

      If you watch this in 20 years, you would ask, why are they wearing a mask? Is this some kind of artistic video thing ... ?

    97. Dziugas Sostauskas


    98. Ahmarri Carrington

      Am I the only one who wants to see her cover Reba’s Fancy?! I think she could transport that song into another realm!