Miley Cyrus - Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival)


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    1. saiki kusuo

      i fell in love

    2. Gilie's Mesh

      If she can write, produce and sang an entire grunge / punk album secretly like what Mariah did with her Chick - Someone's Ugly Daughter album back in 1995 then I'm not impressed with this lolz...


      Fantastic! 'nuff said!

    4. Antoine Beale


    5. かぐやKaguya


    6. Wailful Genie

      This is really good. Well done :)

    7. Sergio Gonzalez

      #Orlando. Florida. And it's my idea

    8. Bill Buyers

      Rockstar status

    9. Brenda Mata

      Ver a Miley interpretando esta canción me un chingo de años de vida... Quisiera estar muy drogada viajando en un auto convertible de noche con amigas

    10. jennifer marisol quiroz


    11. Aoshii

      We needa rock album Miley

    12. Herman Ziegler


    13. Amy Ellen

      hannah Montana said herself "I could fix the flat on your car, I might even be a rockstar"

    14. imerod Pansper

      Debbie Harry is not a racist people like You ...

    15. Theusin Ribeiro

      Perfect ❤️

    16. Daiana Segovia

      Me gusta mucho mas esta versión que la original . solo ella siente la canción a flor de piel .

    17. PolaTheGamer

      I love women

    18. CHELITO


    19. Kory Andrews

      Sorry, but Blondie does this song best. Miley just ripped this song to shreds here. I disapprove 👎

    20. Aaron Cole

      I dig it-but I date a lot of Miley types 😜- biased

    21. rosalespablop

      what a good soooooooooooooooong

    22. Jenn Hughes

      finally, been waiting for this genre to come back.

    23. Gabriel Lima

    24. Maria Torres

      this needs to be on spotify.

    25. Adriana Miranda


    26. kawãn

      Alguém do Brasil?🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

      1. kawãn

        Vou comentar meu próprio comentário , para não me sentir sozinho. 😞

    27. PicsArt Edits

      Plc you came here bc of the Charlie and Dixie transition TomTom

    28. Bekah Doug

      That gig girl!! Yaaasss!!

    29. Emily Lynch

      She does it all wearing Loubiton's... amazing

    30. selee Velázquezzz

      Que mujer, amo como canta con tanta pasión 😍

    31. e l i s a

      this is whyy i stan miley !😩🖤

    32. LuzUwU taco de huevo :3

      Alguien en 2020 que hable español? :D

    33. juda robinson

      Mejor Blondie fantastica

    34. Jesus Vasquez

      Me escribí solo por esta canción, te amo

    35. holly wood

      I've always been indifferent about miley, but now that just watched this I can say that I am completely in love with this woman. she's god.

    36. Ellen Keller

      Blondie ta orgulhosa 🤧❤️

    37. Vaporeon Waves


    38. Drex Etenz

      WTF!!! Not even in Debby's worst performance was this song heard so bad... 🤦‍♂️

    39. Noe Del valle

      She butchered a classic

    40. Acacia Colon


    41. MM 1LLA

      MY GOD

    42. Todo O nada


    43. kathy ;;


    44. Steven Martinez

      Man she is horrible.

      1. Raul Wilson


      2. Yoon Bum


    45. Rafaela Miranda

      Her voice. That’s my comment

    46. Rafaela Miranda

      When I listen to this I just travel to other world. This is my everything ❤️

    47. Martin Garcia

      Vaya forma de hacer mierda un clásico... 😔

      1. ᄀᄀᄀ대현

        Y después se quejan porque las nuevas generaciones escuchan mierdas de música, si a cualquiera q toque sus clásicos de antaño les prenden fuego jhjhj en fin .

    48. Agustín Mazzu

      Wow... she was Hanna Montana? OMG

    49. carolina lluberes

      Fucking love this songgggg. You’re a queen!

    50. BADNEKO XD

      Wow!!...... It's still commercial trash Times CHANGE🤗

    51. Vanny Inca

      Best version ever! Me encantó!!!!

    52. tania lima

      tudo que você canta é perfeito. é quase impossível não se apaixonar por você.

    53. Marilyn Fallas Rivera

      Ella era la q tenía q cantar esa canción


      And I was just sitting here thinking wouldn't it be great if Miley Cyrus sang heart of glass! And boom here it is!!

    55. K Matielo


    56. b4bycream


    57. bazooka man

      Blondie approves, I like it, I like like it, I like it!

    58. Marilyn Fallas Rivera

      Desde esos años hasta ahora ella era la que te tenía q cantar esa canción. ❤️

    59. Hana Lutfi

      The way she sang this omg

    60. Hana Lutfi


    61. Hibiscus Luv

      What type of genre do you sing in? Miley Cyrus: yes.

    62. Great Iron Fist

      She's a screamer

    63. Patricia Hernandez Bello

      Wonder voice

    64. Jacob Vital

      She botched this song big time. Blondie did it first and she did it best

    65. Hans Cyrus


    66. Hans Cyrus


    67. Hans Cyrus


    68. Hans Cyrus


    69. Amirah Zaina


    70. Hans Cyrus


    71. clau ,

      So perfection isn't a myth after all..

    72. Azul Linares

      What was she doing singing pop?? 🤯 this and her "Zombie" cover are perfect.💯

    73. Psychic Medium Di

      Miley channeling her Marilyn Monroe and diamonds are a best friend

    74. Zarina A.O.

      Fantástica la adoro

      1. Miley Cyrus

        Hello how are you doing

    75. BENJE B


      1. Miley Cyrus

        Hello how are you doing

    76. freakstate

      I'm not the biggest Miley fan but this was insane. Love it. What an amazing cover

      1. Miley Cyrus

        Hello how are you doing

    77. Marrx Greiz

      Jesus Christ this is AMAZING

      1. Miley Cyrus

        Hello how are you doing

    78. Jared LaRose

      She's good.

      1. Jared LaRose

        Hey. I'm pretty good. Keep killin it! Did Miley just respond to Me? 😮

      2. Miley Cyrus

        Hello how are you doing

    79. Mary Petrie

      What is her accent?

      1. Miley Cyrus

        Hello how are you doing

    80. emel karagozlu

      she is out of this world!

    81. francisco jose


    82. rolo0165

      why is nobody talking about how amazing her body looks and how she rocks that suit

    83. Dayana Lopez

      Porque grita tanto , si la canción original ni siquiera se esfuerza tanto porque le sale natural y acá solo grita y grita se pierde el gusto de la música

    84. iNeft101


    85. Julieta Paez

      NAAA, no puede más. La amo FUERTE

    86. Danny Zelada Galicia

      She kills this song, shes a rockstar totally ❤❤❤❤❤

    87. Ana Garzon

      Congratulations miley cyrus you have a beautiful voice is Different from all the voices I loved this beautiful song 🎶 can't let her hear congratulations 🎊

    88. Vivek Vaishnav

      This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🤯

    89. Jake M

      No one can deny the talent of this woman! I mean, just wow, her stage presence alone! Now, I’ll direct everyone to the original, Blondie... Ms Deborah Harry. Miley did her proud, but, the original, is the original... let’s make sure that has more “likes”, and “views” than this amazing cover ;)

    90. Baratus 2

      Miley elle adore crier dans le micro.

    91. Syrielle Clement

      i love hannah montana!!!!

    92. Monkey Face

      Its ok But Debbie did the same thing, hardly moving a muscle...all with her eyes and facial expressions. Effortless sex appeal...she didn't need to try this hard.

    93. Valentina Suavita

      0:51 para los de tik tok

    94. Sony Jacomesantos

      La señora canta bien :> tiene bonita voz :O

    95. DIDYEAH

      GUEULE PAS COMME CA!!!!!!!!

    96. piet jansen

      Blondie is better!!!

    97. かぐやKaguya


    98. Ana K

      I love this

    99. Agus Rosario Campo

      Simplemente excepcional Miley👏🏻