Miley Cyrus - Sweet Jane (MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions)


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    Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers perform “Sweet Jane” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions.
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    1. frankjake

      Not a Miley fan but I have to say she did incredible with this song.

    2. Phil Hughes

      I'm a big Lou Reed/VU fan but this is great!

    3. Brittney Melancon

      Wonderful. Truly beautiful 🎵🎼

    4. Shawna Weiss

      Trash dressing again.

    5. Mauve

      She is seriously becoming one of my favourite singers. I had no idea what a great voice she has

    6. Mike Gibeau

      she is simply the best

    7. ctwatcher

      Why doesn't she stand there naked and sing about Hunter, how he could tie her up and more? Then all that crack for fun, isn't that what they all do and want?

    8. Michael Ireton

      I'm a (cough 60-something, cough) dude. Like many of us of all ages, music has been an incredibly important thing to me throughout my life. The Velvet Underground are my absolute, hands-down, all-time favorite band. The first record I bought with my own money, when I was 13, was Lou Reed's Transformer. I quickly then bought all of the Velvets albums, and have adored the band for almost 50 friggin' years. We are all, of course, fiercely protective of our icons and favorites, but I can honestly say this is an incredible version of such an iconic song. It builds on the brilliant Cowboy Junkies version, but adds still another layer with an amazing vocal. Total respect and love!

    9. Sisuka Nobxxx

      *click here* ➡ 🔥🔞🔥🔞🔥🔞🔥 _ADULT ONLY_ 💦 Obrigado pela sua presença, esperamos que seja útil Espero que você possa tirar uma soneca a noite toda lloro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli..

    10. Natallie & Duncan Manowski

      Authentic and hope for the future of music....

    11. Jeane Carla Barbosa

      I love her voice!

    12. N Q

      So different from the original yet just as good!

    13. PONO 8888

      Last Dance Mary Jane

    14. Gloria Victory

      Wow! Please release an album with this sort of music... What an incredibly talented woman, she is a true artist. Miley embodies the songs she sings, and becomes the music, MAGICAL stuff!

    15. Hello Sweetheart

      So chill, I love this 💞

    16. Moda Mont

      Good Music just what we needed today , Thank You So Much !

    17. tiger talks


    18. AliCin

      she knocked it out of the park but i would have enjoyed the whole performance more if i wasn't distracted by the eerie visual of masks on the musicians.......

    19. dielauwen


    20. Deborah McDowell


    21. Art House Tarot


    22. Nancy Fail

      This song is so beautiful and makes me cry almost every time. My BEAUTIFUL aunt Jane passed away last year. Baby Jane the youngest of my grandmom's children. She was stunning and truly a sweet soul. I will miss her forever. Thank you for this cover Miley ❤

    23. Maggie The Cat

      Pleasantly impressed.

    24. Alicia Briscoe

      Raw emotions 😍

    25. Lisa Michels

      Awesome song...great job Miley

    26. Rachel Hutchinson

      I think Lou would like this. Well done Miley.

    27. K M

      Look at that. Miley's all grown up now. Haven't seen her in years.

    28. Tawnya Stennett

      Like a Janis Joplin/blondie and a bit dolly and Joan Jett in one person. I love it

      1. Kujo Sinclair

        Fleetwood Mac

    29. Larry Clark

      You are awesome lil gal😊😉🙃🙂

    30. Monica Garcia

      What happened to Miley!!! She used to be such a beautiful girl!! Listed to your dad a little bit more Miley.



    32. Sun Flower

      New music alert! Davina Michelle with Liar!!! This song is amazing! Check it out now!

    33. Agata


    34. Tiafifa

      Omg she is fabulous

    35. Sergio Vainstein

      how can you be so beautiful?

    36. aury salazar

      She's crazy but her voice 😍❤️😍

    37. Elena Talykova

      Я в экстазе от этой песни!!!🥰🥰🥰 И от исполнения! Кстати, она бы очень подошла бы Эми Вайнхаус!🥺

    38. Charm Agbayani

      Still my favorite miley backyard sessions is so chilling. I wish having my beer with her while singing with her. ❤️

    39. Austin Perkins

      Skillz Heart Style. Like a Bacon Double cheesburger Combo. WHAT?

    40. Almost Homestead


    41. wtfgoogle

      sexy woman singing a very sexy song. Love it.

    42. Dyuku

      gross 2:18

    43. one jolie

      The bridge to this song is my absolute favorite!

    44. Rebecca Briggs

      Love your music, but their masks wearing is not necessary, and sends confusion message.

    45. Rebecca Briggs

      Why are you musicians wearing masks?

      1. Jolien Dierick

        because of a global pandemic, maybe? Just a guess

    46. ireallydont know

      Oh what an amazing cover... love her or hate her the girl that has amazing singing ability

    47. Heather Mcteer

      I love how she's grown. In personal and musical ways.😍😍.

    48. Richard Lounder

      Miley has a lifetime of performances, and she hasn’t even started yet...amazing

    49. a nobody

      in love

    50. Nicole L.

      A real marker of our time in human history. Beautifully performed, produced, and captured. Thank you.

    51. Sarah Navy

      How do you not just fall madly in love

    52. Miranda Vazu


    53. Darby Hart

      Reminds me of my favorite Stevie Nicks...voice...nothing else....

    54. Awakenedblue

      What? Mtv is still around?

    55. Sa Ferguson

      Okay I have to admit I am totally Rockin this tune by Miley. I don't believe there's song that this woman can't do. She takes it she puts her Twist on it and it totally becomes hers Miley don't ever change.

    56. Fernando Hernandez

      That "lalalalalalala" part hits in my soul

    57. Lionel Patterson

      This is a really cool song Miley does it superbly

    58. sOdEeP mUsIc

      Amazing, Miley!! This is one of my favorite songs of all time and, Miley, you made me love this song even more than i already did. It is hard to capture the magical minors and dwell in that soulful sound that these fhords bribg out.... with that beautiful raspy fucking rockin' vocals. I can do your harmony and we sound like we were made to sync together. I give myself goosebumps hearing us sing it togegher ... I'm not trying to brag, it is just something the world should share in... it's just for real the most amazing sound two female raspy belter singers that listen to every nuance and matching it a third to a fifth above your main vocal. Perfect raspy rocking harmony... your voice gives me goose bumps already but, i wish we could sing this live together one day... *Wishes upon a star* it's be like a dream come true. Lalalalaaalaalaalaa Lalalalaaalaalaalaa Lalalalaaalaalaalaa Mmmm Sweet Jane ❤️❤️❤️

    59. Ceola Brophy


    60. Jenny-May Brostedt

      Miley needs to do a cover of 'House of the rising sun', seriously it would be the best thing ever. I would live for it

    61. Diana Latourt

      You are the one, love how you build your work by your voice

    62. denisse chuco

      I love her so much

    63. denisse chuco

      *crying forever*

    64. Zack 29

      Miley Cyrus tu as la superbe voix su monde , la classe !!!

    65. Ashly Delie

      Is this on Spotify?

    66. bonuskind

      the most beautiful "la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la" i've ever heard.

    67. Anthony Cassar

      The cover of velvet underground is wonderful.

    68. Forest Gump

      Miley has a great voice, this is a good cover of this song, but all the band members wearing masks doesn't work for me.

    69. Susan Paintingtheskykingdom

      love the music but hate the jaded look and act, which i suppose she can't help

    70. Shane Bowler


    71. Monty Martell

      What a f****** s*** how much does she charge for a f***

    72. Klappi i

      Rip Lou Velvet rock forever

    73. Marinela Frunza

      Impresionant! O voce fără concurenta! Felicitări! Succes! 🙏🎶🎸👍🤗🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🇹🇩

    74. Hippy Baker

      Miley did this song pretty good.... But it's just not the same without Malory Knox. .... I see angels Micky....

    75. Strokin Egos

      Sweet Jane

    76. Strokin Egos

      La la la la la la la la

    77. Strokin Egos


    78. El Sucio Federali

      Great skills - but poor gal fried her voice box with all the MJ, vodka and menthols - She's fine at the lower end but she lost the high notes - bass only.

    79. Gary Bishop

      Wow nice cover.Nice too see band members wearing masks so as as not to spread Pandemic but where is your mask?Did you get tested before you spewed your unmasked air particles into the air? Ohh thats right your allowed to do as you please because your obviously better than us regular people.

    80. billy thekidd1618

      She's SO fire.

    81. Айбика Джумалиева

      wow, what a LEGENDARY SINGER.

    82. Peter Thomas

      Her talent and obvious musical influence from parents is all she needs. So much taste at a young age👍

    83. sam gonzalez


    84. Maycon Ferreira

      my queen. ☁️

    85. John Doe

      Awesome good! It's incredible what Miley brings out of her voice!

    86. Zlobivej Lesák

      i love it so much ..

    87. Greg Salter

      Truly amazing, a gift :)

    88. Alistair Houston

      What a screeching

    89. Ky la


    90. mardie cruz


    91. Monkey Man

      A disgusting human.

    92. Lynnzilla


    93. Juan Barron

      And the some fun to you by love you this focus or so fucken beautiful beach

    94. Bastiaan Tendoornkaat

      One of the most beautiful sexy woman on earth!!! The modern queen of rock and roll!

    95. yvrif gamba

      She.s at the point tat she can Sing what she feel

    96. Manuel Branco

      Sweet Miley Miley Miley - there's no one else like you 🦞 I love you so fucking much 🤍☯️☮️

    97. alberto bassi

      One of my favourite Artist ever.. Miley number 1

    98. Gary Porter

      Why don’t you try being MC again, not Joan Jet. Because Girl you are no Joan Jet.

    99. ladymidnight80

      Can you do original material and stop doing covers, unless you give a song new life and make it unique there is no need for a cover