"Millions Reasons with Fan Onstage" Lady Gaga@MGM Park Theater Las Vegas 10/31/19

Jim Powers

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    Million Reasons with Fan Invited Onstage, Lady Gaga, Park Theater, MGM Park Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada; October 31st, 2019; Halloween Show, Enigma Lady Gaga Residency

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    1. Cooper

      she truly is so so so amazing and inspiring :(( i would die if i met her ever i think

    2. david

      Is it just me or is she high as fuck here 😭

    3. Lady GaGa Mad Fan

      I would never known she had mental health issues such a brave woman you are GaGa been a Monster since 13 followed her all the way please dont stop doing your music you make me so happy I love you GaGa

    4. KAAYY

      Is this the same show when she performed Shallow wth Bradley?

    5. alphasxsignal

      PTSD from to much drugs in the past.

      1. Hortenzia Katona

        Stop judging people! You have no idea what happend to her and even if it was drugs (which it wasn't) it's totally out of order to make any sort of comment like that.

      2. Vic

        that’s not true. And if it were so what?

      3. Christian Doyle

        alphasxsignal it’s from sexual assault, but ok

    6. Budit Bliss

      GAGA ❤... Malaysia love Lady Gaga 💗🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

    7. Cindy Tuggle

      Thank you so much for this!! I was lucky enough to be there too but my vids did not turn out. So happy you captured this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    8. Georgina Guillén

      Gracias Lady Haga♥️