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    1. Joe Leeney

      chat was so toxic. type of people to turn jokes and sarcasm into real drama

    2. JustJordan

      misfit this dab is for you. he's so wholesome.

    3. MaxVeloAlex

      Fuck Keem

    4. William Schippling


    5. Martijn Stuart

      That was the most wholesome chat raid I have ever seen

    6. Jesse .P

      Soo thats why Keemstar flavour went up in price on ebay/amazon

    7. Hailenity

      keems just fast because he always runs away from cops

    8. NeoSilvanus

      is tony playing runescape?????? they sure improved the graphics

    9. Oh Etaki

      Not sure how keem hasnt gotten canceled

    10. Deidara デイダラ


    11. James Meryhew

      My love goes out to Etika it goes out to destiny it goes out to everyone he's ever hurt. Keem has done so much damage to us and it fucking sucks. R.I.P Etika Joycon boys for life man.

    12. ey Lmao

      Some people just enjoy watching the whole burn as long as he’s chilling.

    13. dudeman2k6

      This hits harder after Reckful

    14. Ben G

      H3h3 is boring

      1. D B


    15. Samuel Young

      Shout out to the 38 people who disliked this video! (And the 1.1K people liking it)

    16. Elijah

      This video is a mental rollercoaster

    17. David Huys

      why does no one knocks the drama out of keemstar?

    18. Aidan Rupert

      So sweet mizkif did that

    19. mathatter91 •

      It’s refreshing to see a big streamer not hesitate to use his stream to change someone’s life. Big ups Miz! Some don’t realize how easily they can make someone so happy by doing so little. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    20. daniel walsh

      one of the few times I'm gonna be okay with a chat spamming if its f keemstar

    21. Christian H

      Lol keem said “I’m starting to think you have mental health issues” but literally said that all that mental health stuff was fake and “bullshit.” What a two faced dude omg lol.

    22. OrsonDeLux

      You look more like Al Capone from the side then Ethan.

    23. Fro Senzu


    24. TheHEYman98

      If you think I’m going sit here for an hour just to watch your reaction you got me double fucked up

      1. TheHEYman98

        D B do you have tourettes, you commented the same thing twice my guy

      2. D B

        @TheHEYman98 not really it's not a big deal to reply to a comment. Just take the L dude, n fuck off :)

      3. D B

        @TheHEYman98 not really it's not a big deal to reply to a comment. Just take the L dude, n fuck off :)

      4. TheHEYman98

        D B lol you cared enough to reply to a 2 month old comment 😂 you played you yourself

      5. D B

        Then don't watch no one cares

    25. Spencer

      Keem deserves to be kicked from HUfast more than alex Jones

      1. Myah’s Room

        Word. People can at least laugh at Alex Jones, keemstar has straight up ruined people.

    26. Vinny Velvet

      That made my damn heart swell, mizkit raiding tony like that. Much fucking respect man.

    27. Goofyman

      How much for keems head?

    28. andeace23

      Damn I always heard keemstar was bad but... wow The man is an actual sociopath.

    29. Not me

      Etikas hair looks exactly like Keemstars beard.

    30. Ben Hiscott

      The one thing we actually need to know from h3h3 is all the money, lawsuit. We don't know how much money has been spent. Nor the actual amounts in total. Also what happened to the fupa fund, cause he woulda supposedly gotten close 200,000-400,000$ so we don't know how much they spent in court.

      1. José A.

        He revisits the fupa fund in the video from "everybody hates Ethan", nothing is left from the fund.

    31. Benjamin Corre

      That dab from Tony is one of the most wholesome things ever

    32. Alphakenny1

      When he said why is their no Uber in Kansas

    33. thedankmeme

      Tommy C is the best take on all this as he knows keem well

    34. ben shapiro

      mizfit this is for you 😎😎😎 *dabs*

      1. M4XD4B0ZZ

        He was excited but funny nonetheless. Very adorable

    35. ben shapiro

      The old guy made me so happy widepeepoHappy

      1. M GADHI

        Ben shebibo is a peace of shit too.

    36. azorah

      Esports talks is way better then drama alert

    37. White Obama Offical

      Keems the kind of guy to believe 5G towers give you corona

    38. jimlucas_

      wait he's 66? my dad is 67 and this guy looks 20 years older lmao

      1. M4XD4B0ZZ

        @Sten-Ekke Tíomberg definitely the chain smoking

      2. D B

        Probs the beard

      3. Sten-Ekke Tíomberg

        must be the beard and chainsmoking

    39. Tolga1105


    40. atnip

      This is my 5th time watching this video just cause i wanna see peoples reactions

    41. Cicada

      "i dont remember the last time Anderson Cooper had to find out someone's mom's phone number and post it online" ACTUALLY CNN has threatened to dox people on reddit/other forums, and they were underage iirc

      1. Naru

        @Cicada Please explain how he worships "the left" and CNN, he just said Anderson Cooper because he's a well known news anchor, that's it.

      2. Cicada

        @Unknownz No, DOXing is gathering all of someone's info, usually to post online to fuck with someone but also to use for yourself for whatever reason. CNN doesn't care about being trustworthy, clearly, from how theyve been running their news channel for the last 4 years. Btw CNN wouldve went through with it if the teenager didn't stop posting and remove his account, so wasnt necessarily a bluff.

      3. Unknownz

        @Cicada what? Are you genuinely that dumb founded? Do you know what doxxing means? Doxxing means posting someones information online for people to harrass them. Keem posted it in his stream. CNN didn't post it and they wouldn't its clearly a bluff. Why would a famous news channel want to be known as untrustworthy? Omfg please reread your comment and relize how keem acctual got some one swatted

      4. Cicada

        @Unknownz IF they threatened, that means they already doxed him and were willing to post it publicly, just because they were mad. So my point is Ethan worships the left and CNN, and doesn't realize how hypocritical he is.

      5. Unknownz

        *Threatened* they didn't dox a guy with a family and gave their wife's phone number even if they did it doesn't change the point

    42. Martin Brelum

      Came here to hear someone opinion, but this has to be one of the worst commentary channel ive seen, basically no comment. this is just stealing content.

      1. RyuZuto

        No one fucking care, its a twitch clip not a youtube reaction channel. Chat want him to watch the video during his stream, he watch it, that's it, not wanting his opinion and commentary dumbass

    43. Magnus Haveland

      Keemstar is a manchild, that never learned to take responsibility for his actions.

    44. Kyle Reynaert

      20:19 is the beginning of the best and most wholesome part of this video.

    45. Colde


    46. Crackpot Studios

      Oh hey it’s Mizkif my favorite inbred rat

    47. ItsMeHere

      I really hope nintendo add's something into Botw 2 to honor Etika :( :(

      1. Jack M

        @ItsMeHere There's an npc that vaguely resembles him, mainly just because he has a similarly square jaw, but that's as deep as it goes.... he doesn't actually act as a sort of homage to robin williams or his character. If that was truly their attempt, then it's still nice ofc but to be blunt it's like the bare minimum they could've done... I mean as far as notable or famous people go, he was maybe the biggest star who was an open fan of the series, and just as an individual he was so beloved, so... idk. I guess I just expected a recognition, or atleast a nod. Something direct, like a character named robin, or a jester/ comedian/ old man that offers some wisdom in the form of one of his many quotes. Anything would've been nice... Also I'm not trying to make nintendo look like assholes, I'd hate to be that guy. Like I don't want any of this to read as me just using someones death to virtue signal a company into doing something cutesy just because. Obviously they're not obligated to, and excluding him doesn't make them villains... But he was just a guy that I really looked up to, more than any actor, and as an equally huge fan of zelda, I really wanted something to be there to memorialize him. I can only speculate why there isn't, but either way it's just a disappointment to me.

      2. ItsMeHere

        @Jack M From what ive seen they did add williams into botw they may not confirm it but there sure is a lot of connections to a npc in the game and his life

      3. Jack M

        Idk man. Robin Williams named his only daughter after Zelda and starred in multiple nintendo ads with her, and after he passed there was a big petition made and plenty of vocal fans that wanted nintendo to memorialize him in the next zelda, which ended up being breath of the wild. But they didn't. Idk why but it was pretty disappointing to me, especially because they aren't against real insertions, as a code or anything, considering Iwata had a really sweet and nice side quest made in his honor in the game. Sure he worked for nintendo, so he was a personal, prominent figure in anyone on the teams lives. But they could've done the same courtesy for RW. I still don't know why they didn't. Even if they were stonecold and just didn't care or want to, they still could've done it for the fans, but they didn't. And if that was too much or too far for them, I feel like anyone is. Unless they work at the company that is... But rest in peace Robin Williams, rest in peace Iwata, rest in peace Etika. In a perfect world we'd get a beautiful memorial for all of them, including Christina Grimmie, another notable Zelda fan and a really talented, successful artist, who was killed about 4 years ago. You can still go on her youtube channel and watch all of her music videos, and a bunch of videos of just her talking to her fans. And that channel still has the same name as when she created it, zeldalover64. Even though we might not see them in the games, they've all left a really great impact on the world and won't be forgotten. Anyways... that was a lot. Sorry for going off lol. Guess you brought up a lot of thoughts I had about this.

    48. ItsMeHere

      the first sweating that lead to the death look at the guys twitter name it literally has swat in it... what a pice of human garbage

    49. Connor Barker

      The raid nearly made me cry bro

    50. blackandwhitedream

      This whole video of toxic keemstar is worth it for when he visits rsgloyandgold. So wholesome

    51. Jean Pierre

      I'm sorry buy Keemstar needs a ban or strike on his YT channel.

      1. Jean Pierre

        @Benjamin Corre Twitch has some shitty policies, but that would never fly by them. They should just ban him as a personality on the platform.

      2. Julius E.

        no need to be sorry

      3. Benjamin Corre

        Hes already been banned. He uses a loophole where his channel is owned by someone else and he is just the "host"

      4. Markey Boi

        He's been banned multiple times, he makes new accounts. That's why his channel is now called *New*DramaAlert

    52. JewelsVR

      easily one of the best dis videos of all time

    53. alebOSU

      Mizkif is such a nice guy

    54. Will Speke

      Much love mizkif such a nice thing todo

    55. Sporadic

      He's really attention seeking

    56. loltyler2

      all the people comparing ethan to keem are so fucking stupid imagine thinking that edgy jokes are comparable to false accusations and doxing people

    57. sav

      That Jewish guy trying to appeal to outrage culture (and sponsors etc.) by even including out of context decade-old clips... YIKES!

      1. loltyler2

        he's already big wtf are you talking about

    58. Toshio X

      4th time watching dis ffrom a different streamer

    59. Mehaz


    60. Slamet

      Not sure how Keem hasn’t gotten jumped.

      1. happi prod.

        cus hes fast af boiiiii

      2. Nordpull

        He is

      3. BU𐍂AGØ

        You can say that for any piece of shit out there...most of them never get what they truly deserve

      4. TheXKL1NEx

        He will one day. And he will be blamed it on Ethan, rather then the fact that he has ruined peoples lives for years.

    61. BASS DOT EXE


    62. BadChesser

      I just saw a clip of keemstar DramaAlert dropping from 1569,000 to 1547,000

      1. BadChesser

        Lol I think he got sub bot now it got to 5.5 mil real fast

    63. D'Haenens Roy

      nice Ethan knows how to emotionally manipulate viewers lol congratz buddy, So much is taken out of context too that it's just laughable imo. It's like he's trying to portray himself as the good guy that's "exposing" Keem. But all he's doing is exposing himself imo

      1. D'Haenens Roy

        Well If you look at Kavos' vid or even keem's latest vid you'll see that Ethan's a piece of shit too imo. I'm not saying keem's a saint lol no way, but I get the way he acts he just likes to mess with people, doesn't mean he doesn't give a shit about anybody. He really goes all out to try and help the people he wronged. Can't be mad at that imo!

      2. loltyler2

        @Zack Durtsche true why people are defending

      3. Zack Durtsche

        There’s no context that would make the Erika situation ok or accusing an old man of being a pedophile sorry buddy

      4. Sicko Pickle

        D'Haenens Roy where’s your proof otherwise your talking out of your ass

    64. Dan N

      holy, I never knew mizkif had hair...well that's cause I only started watching him starting with older vids...of him lucking out on Maya like a lottery winner hahah hope you keep simping I mean appreciate her my man.

    65. Siganteng


    66. Sanath

      I love you chat

    67. NewFrogDom


    68. The Dude

      Imagine spamming “H3H3 worse then Keem .”

      1. BigB848484

        What I dont understand is when they say that Ethan is just like Keem. What did Ethan do? Said the n word - which he apologised for, had a few podcasts where he was kind of a dick to the guests - which he apologised for, and sometimes he makes stupid political "hot takes". Now if you dont like him thats fine (i personally do like him a lot), but how is that compareable in any way to even the least serious stuff that Keem did in this video?

      2. just a nigga with a rocket launcher

        @MrMojoman1236 theres a video on ethan too go watch it, not nearly as bad as keemstar but hes still as asshole

      3. loltyler2

        ethan isn't perfect but he's one compared to keemstar

      4. MrMojoman1236

        Dr Boom I don’t understand what Ethan has done that makes him even comparable to keem. Most the people I’ve asked are just mad that he stopped his old videos. I’ve heard him be called a hypocrite, because of a couple clips from his weekly podcast. Unless there’s something new or different I haven’t heard, he hasn’t done anything that bad that most people haven’t.

      5. Didac

        @Dr Boom Look man, if you spend enough time under the public eye then it's only a matter of time until you do something controversial. I've done and said things in the past that if I were to be a public figure they would for sure hurt my image and reputation, this is basically what happened to Ethan, Idubbbz, PewDiePie and tons of other people. But when it comes to Keemstar, he's just a piece of shit, a garbage human being, even if you take him down from the standards we usually set for celebrities, influencers and popular people he would still be considered a piece of trash by any decent person. If you were to peronally interact with Ethan on a daily basis I bet you could perfectly get along with him, even become friends, but with people like Keemstar it's only a matter of time until you notice how much of a piece of shit he is, he would hurt or dissapoint you or maybe you would witness his shitty ways unleashed on someone else, but in the end the shit would come out to the light. They're in no way comparable, people like Keemstar are one of the worst kinds of human being, full of arrogance, lacking any sort of empathy, clearly manipulative... Just a textbook sociopath it's all he is.

    69. Jared McLeod


    70. Jack

      JoyCon Boyz! We will never leave. Etika was family.

      1. Jack

        #JoyCon Boyz for life

    71. Yanuze

      most of the video is out of context lmao

      1. Aladdin

        Yeah they're both trash but one of them is an egotistical dumpster and the other is sociopathic radioactive waste

      2. Yanuze

        @Sander Cohen i mean, like i said they're both trash.

      3. Yanuze

        @Babylauncher3000 but the guy who was doxxed copyright-striked a 14-15 year old kid lol

      4. Babylauncher3000

        @Yanuze thats not equivalent to doxxing...

      5. Yanuze

        @Sander Cohen because ethan manipulates people

    72. Caedmon Swanson

      It was really nice to see you guys go on rsgoldandglory. Those kind of positive interactions are really what I enjoy seeing. Good job guys.

    73. The One

      There’s this thing called the “point of no return” where you do something so detestable and wrong that there’s no hope for you anymore and you get to be written off as a scummy human, and I think a lot of people on HUfast, twitch, and so on where that just doesn’t happen.

    74. Denifai

      The part where he came to Tony stream is very sweet,thank you for that

      1. NicVandEmZ

        Denifai how we know Ethan didn’t hire these people himself just a thought

    75. Lil Sick Pump

      Mizfit you’re the man

    76. Lil_tootsie_pop !

      Mizkif did a really good thing

    77. kinda fat kinda strong

      YAHOOOOOOO widepeepoHappy

    78. MetalOfAllOwns

      Honestly Keem, should be in jail. Hes in denial of his own Mental Health, because he is a Narcissist, and I can bet money his parents had no idea how to deal with him, and bullied him into being a crude piece of shit that he is today. The internet has allowed people way to much freedom, especially with these online streamer shows, and this shit has been getting way out of hand... Its just disgusting honestly.

    79. unknowncrow T_T

      this too wholesome for me

    80. Wyatts Brune

      Just shows shows how much of a idiot Mizkif is

      1. Phil J

        Really? Please elaborate on how this "shows shows" how much of "a" idiot he is. However, we all know based on this comment that you are an idiot simply by virtue of you supporting someone who is quite possibly one of the most obvious assholes on the planet. Nice job.

    81. Icarus

      I agree, the video wouldn't have been as impactful without showing his part in the Etika situation.

    82. Malkuth

      I miss Etika

      1. Ryan V.

        Me too, dude. Me too. :(

    83. やせたかなし


      1. やせたかなし

        @まほろば 減っちゃったねー

      2. まほろば


      3. やせたかなし

        @まほろば お〜

      4. まほろば


      5. やせたかなし

        @-サド- お〜

    84. A B

      I don’t understand how people still support keemstar

      1. Andreas Kurniawan Winata

        This kid lol

      2. Andreas Kurniawan Winata

        @Berserker Pepega clap

      3. Andreas Kurniawan Winata

        @Berserker you need Jesus

      4. Justin

        @Berserker Pepega Clap

      5. not me

        @Berserker what??

    85. Theshortnick


    86. ToolforOffice

      Dude this is just like the James Bond movie tomorrow never dies where the media mogul is creating the world drama to report on it

      1. Paradox xodarap

        hahahahahahaha true

    87. J_J

      Seeing mizkifs face light up after that wholesome reaction from the streamer.

      1. dr. phylisphical

        H3h3 new vid


      miz: his comming right back in a few months 1:01:45 miz: and now keem is saying 2 part responce part 1 Etika tomorrow 1:02:27 ..dude

    89. Percules

      Mizfit LULW

    90. Pasha

      Some people just can’t handle being bald

    91. Dy Ray

      Tony was the best part of the stream mizkifHug

      1. Jack

        I loved what Miz did! Tony is a bloody legend!

    92. Captain Racc l Funk

      "mizkif gfuel" while wearing a gamer supps shirt lmao.

    93. DaBob


      1. Mittens

        etika was the person that got me into streamers and made gaming a comfortable community for me

    94. Robert Boydston


    95. naoh beats


    96. Cami

      The only way Keem is to be killed Is that Mintino makes a video on him.

      1. Jorge Pickle

        @Aleksa Kurtovic you can dox someone in a hospital

      2. Iudex

        +Berserker L

      3. SafeEggs

        @Berserker This is trolling next level

      4. Joeyarsa

        ​@Berserker you are so wrong on this dude.you cant say something like that to random people and forcing that people to thinking like yours. on public comments like this? you dont even know him. come on, what's wrong with you?

      5. Gabriel

        Berserker I honestly can’t tell if you’re trolling or not

    97. Snowbush


      1. Cole G


      2. D B


      3. Johnny Mathers

        @Dr Boom 'why is there no uber in kansas'

    98. LePlerome

      Ethan is such a subversive sack of shit.

    99. LePlerome

      what's with the guy uselessly loitering in the corner of the screen throughout the video?

      1. Crackpot Studios

        Canadian Guitarist Hi

      2. Canadian Guitarist

        @Crackpot Studios UHH ok I judt looked down at my phone after coming inside and I'm replying to u for some reason... so I guess its fate. Idk what u even commented. But hello! :)

      3. Crackpot Studios

        Jakob M Good

      4. Jakob M

        If you don’t treat him nicely, you will lose him

      5. LegendaryTribes

        Maya's boyfriend LULW

    100. かずのこ

      Good night