Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC



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    Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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    Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

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    1. alessc

      This looks like is Trump's fault. His messages are very clear... I can't believe he would do something like that. By the way I'm not a Biden fan. I can't stand him, he will be even worse than Trump.

    2. Wesley Holloway

      what do think was going to happen when you have a ehat seem to be a secret service agent or capital police is pointing a gun at you... what do think was going to happen when you try to storm the capital...

    3. Beaird Amanda

      Ali something ?

    4. Jason Ding

      Public assistance want to take your freedom way that's one and two they want to take your freedom of speech away and three they want to take away your guns and four all the bad guys will have everything they want and be able to take anything they want and never can protect yourself those are the things that you're looking forward to if you do not stand tall American Patriots this is your voice

    5. Jason Ding

      Nancy kaploski is another person that is very evil very wrong she does not belong in the White House the Democrats are going to war with the American people and that's what's going to happen you can't stop it you lied to the people the people are now going to take over America and going to fix it back to its normal self and going to put president Trump back in seat of the White House Mr Trump is going to be our president and he will always be our president we stand for freedom and justice and the Democrats will face criminal charges for all the lies they have done and the lies and the cheating that they did on the race of the presidential so prepare to go to jail every Democrat that is involved every doctor that is involved every nurse that is involved every person that is involved with Democrats of making lies and perjury of all those things we as American people we will take justice and we will have Justice made and done the American Patriots of America we must stand and we must make this happen because enough's enough we want our children to grow in a good place our children are important let's take our country back God bless America God bless Donald Trump

    6. Jason Ding

      Even the news nothing but lies the news doctors everybody that is involved with Democrats are liars we can't trust them we can't trust any of them those deaths were because they were on the wrong side Democrats are evil Republicans they're good but haven't good is what we need in America try to make America better not make it worse not take away people's homes not letting people die cuz they can't go to work and even Bill Gates Bill Gates of all people covid-19 is even has a patent and the Bill Gates is the one who owns it can you believe that and that crazy

    7. Jason Ding

      Well don't you see what's going on and you guys want America like this the Democrats are the ones started this war the Democrats are the one who made this happen they're the ones who lied about everything if Mr Trump would have in the seat of the White House this would not be happening everything would go back to normal but you caused this Democrats you caused this Joe Biden you caused all this pain and war on the American people the American people are now going to take down all these things that you call home and freedom for every Democrat the American people want Justice the American people want Justice the American people want our president United States Mr Trump in our White House back again you messed up you guys are going to war against the American people now and you know you're not going to win there's way too many American people that want Mr Trump in the seat of the warehouse that is his house and you caused this war you put it up all on yourselves all you Democrats destroying America destroying and lying about 9/11 and lying about everything else and the Kennedy of our president that was murdered by our own country that's pretty sad we are going to stand up now and we're not going to follow your laws the American people are now in charge I'm going to figure out how to fix this big huge mess

    8. teresa cissna


    9. Annisa Bayu25

      Cffvb x b. Tugggg

    10. Jason Ding

      If you're on the wrong side of the law you're going to end up in an area where you don't want to be if you're messing with the American people and you're part of those people messing with the American lives that are trying to live a normal life you're going to be one of those people that will be destroyed we cannot have people out there destroying America it don't matter if you're a man or a woman that's just the way it is we are not going to stand for any crazy things like this the American dream is to go to work to make money to have a family to grow old bunch of kids grow and have a white picket fence and enjoy living the mountains camp and fishing hiking and enjoying everything that does American dream the Democrats and all those people destroy America Joe Biden is not our president our president is President Trump they lied about everything they have done they had dead people vote which is not right and that was wrong president Trump won the race and they lied stand up America let's stand up and fight it is time to fight it is time to stand up to those people those bullies that lied about everything it is time it's your calling now we go to war and now we will fight another civil war to bring our country back to our feet God bless America and God bless everyone stand tall stand strong stand together it is time for war and you know that it is when they call on martial law it is time to start when they start it we finish it God bless America and God bless freedom God bless everyone that is a patriot and stand together it is your calling God bless America and God bless those that fallen and bloody wars of for no reason of death we must be ready for whatever's to come do not be scared to die and do not be scared to live life is what you make it we are American people and we are going to survive this we're strong and our allies must come together with us to stand against these lies I've been told and try to make this world a better place let's do this American Patriots stand tall God bless you

    11. midwestmaniac

      WHERE'S JA!!!🥺

    12. Jeff Gibson

      No I don’t believe you. More mainstream media bs !!!!!!!

    13. Steven Logan

      Was it worse than blm and antifa riots tho?

    14. Projustice And all

      Burn white house...burn Wall Street...burn all at new york..burn all chicago..burn all at washington...BURN ALL..

    15. Fair Mare

      there is good and evil who is who depends on our point of view but true, PURE EVIL is evil that thinks it's good

    16. Projustice And all

      "Good job "trump said...

    17. No One

      Haha what’s going on these days

    18. Corneilious 40

      I wonder how hilarious this is to Iranians

    19. Webupps Code

      All the people want is an Election audit. Is that too much to ask?

    20. Jay Hwang

      Heave Ho!! Heave HO!!!

    21. Mike Williams

      Word says he was told to do it to make a point.

    22. Matt One

      is he talking about blm antifa looting? silly costumes mask-wearing lol FAKE NEWS !!!!!

    23. Sheehan LeighFarms

      Very sad event, feel for the families, but I can’t see how these people were allowed to do what they did. There was thousands of BLM protests and not one of the protestors showed any violence against Police and congress like this.

    24. John Wilcox

      9:10 he and sounds like Hitler. He's making indirect threats publicly.

    25. By Faith Alone Expressionist Ministry

      When you allow the weeds to grow unchecked in your garden, they, eventually, choke out the plants and flowers and the entire garden dies off. Soon, it only produces weeds.


      Oh trump what have you done

    27. Matthew Bartlett

      Still not as bad as the 1987 BOMBING by Ayers "Weathermen" group... you know the guy that groomed Obama to be the radical leftist he became... and we PARDONED one of the bombers in 2001 (Clinton did that).

    28. Alex

      Is this the Carson for Liberals?

    29. thomas aitken

      CGI is amazing these days

    30. Tim Erban

      Yeah the establishment politicians are way worse than we thought. They set this up and pinned it on Trump and then they turned on him. Sick snakes

    31. Anon Man

      6:16 surprise surprise, storming the capitol like nazis gets you treated like nazis

    32. Max Versthappening

      These people are a joke. Need to find every last one and put them in jail

    33. NeonNights

      "Consumers of media today generally aren’t looking to learn from or engage with others. They’re looking for validation of what they want to believe, and the typically anti-Trump MSNBC and the pro-Trump Fox provide it."Marketplace. "One study by Fairleigh Dickinson University makes the claim that it(watching CABLE news) actually makes you dumber, producing a 'negative impact on people’s current-events knowledge.'" Extreme right and left media and their extreme left and right followers ARE THE PROBLEM.

    34. Traldazda switch218

      The anchor looks like john belushi

    35. kandi zanese

      is anyone visiting the planned parenthood clinic this week- the foreigners don't want to visit

    36. kandi zanese

      we are sick of taking in the sick- in the 1920's one had to take a health test at ellis island in nyc ny

    37. Jocy 1220

      I guess Blues Lives didnt matter that day.

    38. Mani DeBest

      The tone of the reporter indicates this is a biased report.

    39. Rain3z

      It’s all coming to a head, folks. MSNBC will accompany many other networks in going down. Way down. 😂😉✌🏻

    40. Chris Turner

      I support our rioters its time our government remember that we out number them and if they continue to act in there self-interest this will just be the start

      1. t

        bruh he lost get over it LMAO

    41. Laura

      None of this should surprise anyone. This man was caught on record trying to bribe Ukraine, our ally, by withholding military aid from them WHILE THEY WERE AT WAR ON THEIR OWN SOIL -- for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of getting dirt on the very same political opponent who he's now instigating riots to block. NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE A SURPRISE and the Republicans in congress who betrayed their oath to this country last year and let him walk are the ones who should be held responsible. They didn't care when his criminality put the entire country of Ukraine at risk (and our own security, for that matter. We have allies for a reason.) They only started caring when it was _quite literally_ their lives on the line. The whole lot of them should be tried.

    42. enoch television

      Evil against evil

    43. enoch television

      Our country is a joke look at how they starved people out and made people homeless fighting over how much money to give the people

    44. Jason Webster

      23 people killed during BLM riots. MSNBC called those peaceful assemblies. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    45. Jake Peralta

      officer at 6:54 should've used his face shield.. I'm sorry for him but that's 30% his fault for the mask grab

    46. Rintsicat


      1. t

        @Rintsicat plsss when did i even say that 😭😭😭😭😭😭

      2. Rintsicat

        @t and you're not. waiting for you to explain me how blm and antifa protests were more peaceful. you're not excused before you do that.

      3. t

        @Rintsicat ur excused 😊💖💖💖

      4. Rintsicat

        @t excuse me?

      5. t

        bruhh dont lie to urself 😫

    47. Tony Davidson

      Reminds me of BLM protests

      1. t

        not even close

    48. ElAye

      This 2 hour stunt aint got shyt on what's been going down all over the country since last summer. Makes people see why DT called the media fake.

    49. WColdblooded357W

      They're rioters but blm ain't right nbc?

      1. t


    50. J A

      This is what happens when our government allows a rigged elections and a false president coming into power.... hopefully biden gets impeached for all his actions in Ukraine and alot more

      1. t

        lololol theres no proof that it was rigged, ur brainwashed and its sad. not that hard to accept facts over feelings 🥺🥺🙏🙏

    51. Kendall McKean

      The riders that where killed you have no sympathy from. Me

    52. typical guy

      We need Iraq support on this one

    53. jgstargazer

      According to the Left rioters are now classified as "peaceful" protestors like those in Portland, Seattle, etc. No double standard.

      1. Corneilious 40

        You can’t compare civil unrest as a result of ongoing police brutality and misconduct to people upset their guy didn’t win the election

    54. Stephen Snoke

      So Ashli Babbitt was shot point blank in the neck but was unarmed? For it being an "attempted coup", there wasn't alot of firearms or weapons in general used by said "terrorists"...

    55. veRs- over

      6:15 Is so funny. They see the gun and they still tried to break the door glass. Do the people not thing that a gun is way stronger than hands

    56. Liontribe__ gameing

      There’s a gun!! there’s a gun!! there’s a gun!! at least (3x) he said that but I guess the crowd was to loud for her to hear the warning before she attempted to get through the window.

    57. veRs- over

      People lost they life because of this but it's there own fault for being dumb

    58. Merc 2011

      MSNBC why don’t you put together hours long video of all the burning looting and murders that went on for months in cities across the country????? And include the likes of Harris egging them on and paying for bail! U won’t cos u r liars

    59. Carolina Torres

      I don’t know if anyone will read this comment but I just wanted to say that when this happened I couldn’t bring myself to watch the news because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stomach it. One week later and I’m finally getting caught up and I am in complete tears. I have no other words..

    60. Will Yates

      That police officer yelling for help while just doing his job is haunting


      How can we trust a news organization that doesn't even know how to correctly use the English Language? Way Worse? The correct usage would be MUCH WORSE. Come on NBC....Where is Tom Brokaw and the spirit of "GETTING IT RIGHT"?

    62. mike blais

      How can you compare that to Benghazi really wow

    63. nathan jensky

      The quirky trail ultrascructurally press because stocking overwhelmingly rock since a faint fair salesman. dirty, plant sneeze

    64. Maji


    65. Tengbo Zhuang

      This is just like the Batman movie - the last version

    66. Daniel *

      We are all so surprised this happened ? I'd like to know Who commands the capital police .

    67. Dace Jaunzeme

      I just cant help but think of Marie Antoinette. As much as i love peace, i cant unsee, unhear, and unfeel the despair. Somebody wise had to foresee it coming. And many did. Just not the ones who were meant to really see it. And it happaned because they didn’t. Exactly because. With seeing all the protests around the globe this year, something like this was just inevitable if you use your mind, know history and the way such occurances have happaned in the past. It just takes a history book. And you sadly know what is bound to happen. And then it does. You don’t rejoice, but you’re not surprised either. Because it wasn’t joy, content and trust that brought them to such action. The sayings are old, but people know them. The saddness has been brought back to those who had to be all ears. Inevitably. god help us all.

    68. Ethan Lizarraga

      The guiltless submarine transmurally rob because thought intraoperatively prefer failing a flowery sidewalk. unsightly, wet cow

    69. derric tiller

      Those cops got that lady killed when they stepped to the side

    70. Bronson Guzman

      Trump supporter down... LoL! That was funny. Their family must be proud

    71. edward thompson

      Cool, more spin

    72. Gus Bean

      The maniacal honey radiologically scrub because goose gergely carve below a flagrant cymbal. hysterical, merciful kiss

    73. Charlie price

      Duck the news they deserve every bit whats happening stand up for our rights


      Im so sorry for the family of officer sicknick, i hope they catch the guy who killed him..he just did his job and had a long live ahead of him

    75. Valera

    76. Charlie price

      Trump one and I hate the lies the news tell about time we stand up against our worthless corrupt government and news tired of all the government stand up for our rights

      1. Matthew E


    77. Craig Wilson

      The spicy composition logistically work because dibble bailly challenge aside a fragile defense. used, capable feature

    78. David Pellegrini

      I understand the outrage and we’re all outraged at this as this was an attack on our democracy but msnbc and cnn are the same networks that basically looked the other way during the summer riots which lasted 3-4 months. The media is trash and part of the bigger problem

    79. ankit wadhwa

      Only 3 people die in Capitol riots against 49 people who died in BLM protests. So stop giving this fake news propaganda & thinking we will beleive you.

      1. t


    80. I O

      Not riots, it's a protest

      1. t

        definitely a riot and protest? tf they protesting against? yall were just mad biden won LMFAO

    81. joel masaai

      is this America or one of the ruthless African/arab nations ruled by dictators so sad I thought America was governed by rules of law so sad

    82. Doug Eaton

      Thats sad all this bs over a sore loser. I votes for Trump wish I could take that back now

    83. Chun Hua Peck

      Whatever any country do, USA will always do it better. There's stupid and USA bring stupidity to another whole new level.

    84. g skittlez

      Threaten and intimidate... it's unfortunately the true American way

    85. Johanna

      Terrorism plain and simple

    86. Einar R. Bordewich

      Five "killed" okey? How many died during the BLM and Antifa riots in summer 2020? And what did the Democrats do? They supported them. The Democrats and news media supported looters and murders. You should be hold accountable and prosecuted.

    87. Daniel

      Shame on you for comparing this to Benghazi you clearly have forgotten the operatives in Benghazi that were killed perished because the Obama administration wouldn't PROTECT them..UNSUBBED

    88. Jim McGrath

      north korea is now more democratic

    89. Ho Duc Khai

      The delicious knowledge intrestingly risk because fragrance virtually haunt before a gray greasy great clerk. pale, rude ball

    90. OdinSon

      Notice how the MSNBC reporter happily adds to the sequence of events what could have happened if this or that had developed in a different way than it did.

    91. Zsuzsanna Csutor

      Where did you get this movie?

    92. laura Stansbury

      God help us ! What a nightmare!

    93. Rob Grow

      Everybody needs to just chill out

    94. President Trump Fan

      The President of the United States said in his speech to PEACEFULLUY AND PATRIOTATICALLY protest!!

    95. Luis Mendoza

      It's still as not as the BLM Lootings!! Those cost Half a Billion dollars in damages and stolen property and went on for weeks!! Arrest them!!

    96. Justin Case

      People are really stupid...This should have been enough to put trump away for a while..this literally doesnt make any sense to me

    97. Aaron Foo

      Obama handover Trump peacefully. Why can't Trump handover to Biden peacefully??

    98. Aleczander the Master

      Trump will pay for what he's done!

    99. The Guy

      Look at Minneapolis and the Twin Cities overall. The liberal Democrat Gov. Tim Walz held the National Guard back on May28 and 180 buildings looted and burned down (including a police station) with 1500 buildings damaged!!!!!!!!! There was a second looting in Downtown Minneapolis. The liberal Mayor blamed the Governor and the Gov. blamed him!?!? Downtown Minneapolis has been destroyed by the looting and the City of Minneapolis that put businesses that had been in decades in business OUT OF BUSINESS.

    100. Npc #30001

      Fake news