My Name is Lady Gaga (2018 Documentary Film)


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    'My Name is Lady Gaga' is the definitive documentary about Lady Gaga by superfan, Alex Lodge; celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mother Monster's meteoric rise from struggling artist to pop icon.
    The film uses archive footage, interviews, live performances and music to tell the inspiring story of one of pop's biggest stars; showcasing the impact that Lady Gaga has had on the pop industry and to her legion of Little Monsters over the last decade.
    Dedicated to the memory of Jake Palfreyman.
    This film was made for educational and non-profit purposes

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    1. Taewoo Taewoo

      13:00 16:57 - 17:29 18:46 - 20:57 22:55-25:48 27:28 - 46:29 47:37 - 48:10 49:08 - 49:25 51:59 - 52:12 55:39 - 55:47 1:02:26 = 1:02:29 1:03:06 - 1:04:30 1:06:01 - 1:06:17 1:10:38 - 1:11:42

    2. Satu Rahman

      Lady Gaga is a real genius ! So beautiful and talented.

    3. deeplookman


    4. Maria Cora Flor Nunez

      When I was in my junior high school my mom got angry everytime I sing and dance bad romance of lady gaga and eventually she's singing and dancing with me ❤️

    5. Lanett Mcqueen

      I am a 57 year old woman who was raised very conservative in the south Texas woods. I just want you to know how much I love you and every part of your DNA. I too suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia. When I learned we both suffered right hip issues and having to learn to move new ways you became my kindred spirit. I am proud of you and all your achievements. I love every single part of you that makes you whole. Keep on keeping on. Xoxo

    6. Jeremy Hilton

      Too many ads, annoying

    7. The Black 9

      Amazing except the babies cut open for blood and power. Make it stop. Gaga come forward. Be THE One. Everyone will forgive u

    8. Karen Rominski

      Thank you so much for sharing these incredible moments that have changed our lives forever. To gaga.. thanks for lifting me up and making me more brave.. more grateful and kind. 💖💖💖💖💖

    9. Melody Montana

      she's way more gorgeous as a brunette with eyebrows

    10. Piilani Kalima

      Absolutely stunning, I am truly fascinating . Truly a beautiful soul

    11. Dan Vain

      Wow! Great movie! Guessing I've been a monster since day one Stef! Love ya lots!!

    12. Morgan Durand

      Gaga should send you flowers and offer you a trip to Chromatica. Your work beautify her art and work. I had forgotten how far she pushed the enveloppe of pop. Thank you.

    13. Regina Gamboa Salazar

      Does someone know what remix is at the beginning of perfect illusion?

    14. cindys_ studio1

      of course she's a star,no doubt

    15. L34K5

      NO! HER NAME IS "Mother Gaga" *tongue pop

    16. Donn O'Lucian'Dios

      Look At My Comment About Your Worst Emotion Ever Felt Video.

    17. Donn O'Lucian'Dios

      Say Hello To Becca For Me If You Please. Synchronicity. How Cool It Is When Things Are Guided By The Hand Of God Into The Age Of "Harmonic Resonance Healing". Thanks , "The Monster".

    18. Maria Bakri

      Red one the producer is the one who wrote her all her big hit !

    19. Ana Gomez

      If you get a praise from metal legend Bruce Dickinson it automatically makes you artist of the decade!

    20. Leo Na

      "I added the lady cause I can" Choke meee

    21. Nicole 78

      Oh my God. I fucking love her🤩 This documentary is better than five foot two and deserves so much more. It was very touching..I laugh, I cried. it was worth every minute of watching it. Masterpiece. and don't forget: God is a woman💞 LG

    22. JONALYN Pimentel


    23. JONALYN Pimentel

      This as pretty good. For a fan made documentary...Lady Gaga talented. ❤❤❤🌼🌼🌼🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏😍😍😍

    24. SD P

      She wás actually beautiful, but the industry got to her. Now she's cut up, too tight, needled, filled etc. W H Y ????????

    25. bresophil

      She shouldn't have done the botox

    26. nikkicole54321

      This was amazing!

    27. MODELMIND72


    28. Lola Cuello

      El final me hace llorar mucho

    29. Shannon Williamson

      Absolutely astounded that this is a fan made documentary! Netflix should pick this up. Uploader, you have serious editing skills! :-) Gaga is such a talent. Shades of Bowie, Madonna, Elton, Freddie, Bette Midler, Debbie Harry, Karen Carpenter, the Rat Pack, Billie Holiday, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, and the great MGM musicals... she's the ultimate chameleon! Been following her since day one, though she lost me for a while with ARTPOP. Now she's back on form and the world is her oyster. Amazing woman!

    30. Lourdes Sedron

      Si llore, llore mucho.

    31. Ignatius Dipilato

      Absolutely astounded that this is a fan made documentary! Netflix should pick this up. Uploader, you have serious editing skills! :-) Gaga is such a talent. Shades of Bowie, Madonna, Elton, Freddie, Bette Midler, Debbie Harry, Karen Carpenter, the Rat Pack, Billie Holiday, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, and the great MGM musicals... she's the ultimate chameleon! Been following her since day one, though she lost me for a while with ARTPOP. Now she's back on form and the world is her oyster. Amazing woman!

    32. Pame M

      Imagine being remember just as Lady Fucking Gaga bullies, not nice I guess

    33. Sarah Stephanie Landry

      Wearing a meat dress isn't disrespectful to vegans; it's disrespectful to the animals killed for it. It's like if a rapist says, "No disrespect to those who prefer consent, this is how I choose to do it," or if a thief says, "Hey man, I rob people, but no disrespect to those who would rather work and earn, I'm just a thief, respect who I am."

      1. Taewoo Taewoo

        bruh stop its not the same, its not disrespectful because she was conveying a message plus if you think its disrespectful to the animals become vegan because with that logic its also disrespectful to eat meat and also why isnt it disrespectful to cut down a tree? trees are living organisms and so are vegtibles and plants, whats the difference? none. just dont eat anything then, oh wait you wont survive if you do. In nature lives are lost, animals eat each other. its the circle of life and im sorry your so sensitive to it

    34. Anastasia Beaverhousin'

      The filming of Pokerface scene gave me goosebumps, just like the first time I saw the video. Nothing compares, nothing.

    35. Erikka Juvonen

      I remember when lady gaga’s first album came out my friends and I would dance around to it all night long and every album that came out after we would do it again and again..we just loved her and still do..

    36. Shannon Williamson

      I became a🧟 MONSTER🧟‍♂️ in 2019. I'm so late to the party but I have arrived. Thank you for this Gagamentary. 🙏

    37. Inflamed Toe Juice In Harlem

      Her songs are so fucking good

    38. Jonas Páll Gudmundsson

      This is a theatrical masterpiece. Thank you for pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into editing this!

    39. Robert Curtis

      One of the most talented respected artists of this generation and worth every penny to go and see .she puts her all into every performance every dance every song every movement and has proved she is an accomplished actress apart from being a brilliant singer, songwriter, dancer ,musician and multiple other things

    40. Denn Mcambley

      my name is Lord Gaga, and guess who is my beeatch?

    41. Denn Mcambley day she filmed with the crutches ;)

    42. Denn Mcambley

      i once moisturized her poker face.

    43. Lillian McKennie

      I'm not kidding when I say this I cried the whole time

    44. April Meier

      Excellent! Thank You so much for what you have created & have shared!

    45. Adrianna

      This is so good! I loved every second of it. ❤

    46. Darcylee Brioux

      I have fibromyagia as well and Ièm so proud of her doing what she wants in life despite the pain she suffers and itès a debilitating go girl. Great Documentary Alex x

    47. wendang Dapol

      I really ,really like lady gaga, eversince, thanks for sharing your video,

    48. Manuel Bifari

      I will love you forever ❤️

    49. Peter Limato

      You did a AMAZING job on this WOW

    50. Joey Gamio

      she's amazing..great role model

    51. Her_biggest_fan

      Heavenly fire

    52. Dave Miller

      Well done.. great insight on gaga I respect her so much.....a true artist 👑

    53. Natalia Roschina

      Thank you so much from New Zealand for this film. I will learn more about Lady Gaga now thanks to you.

    54. Carnamate



      Salute to Lady gaga and to the one who made this video👍

    56. Lauren Agnew

      I added the lady because I can 😂✌🏽

    57. Chantelle Vergara

      I never been so proud I was with one of the crowds in Edmonton Monsterball concert!

    58. The silent guy Bryant

      When lady gaga said she won't be a puppet and will be herself that was very brave

    59. Christopher Valencia

      WE LOVE U GAGA!!! ;P

    60. Charliê Quinn

      I commented on a Tiktok Video that Lady Gaga is a Legend and some she will never be iconic and look at this now

    61. frida

      a living legend.

    62. Marilda Cerisha

      Alex Lodge, this documentary has made you a legend in my eyes. Thank you for the love. Lady Gaga I love you, truly.

    63. Michelle Hernandez


    64. Francesca B

      She's unique, the best🤩

    65. Kenzie Chaney

      I dont think Ive hated or ever not liked any of GAGA's music, art or acting. It is always raw and her. As art should be.

    66. Millennial Seeker

      I'm not glad Trump got sick, but I can't wait until he is out of the White House and the country can start healing and moving forward. He is just in the way. America deserves better. Anyone that is still a Trump supporter just hasn't been paying attention to him. I am a patriotic American. I love my country, and I vote!

    67. Kenzie Chaney

      I love to see how far Lady GAGA has come from this documentry to her newest one, SHe has grown and and become a woman.

    68. Badjao David

      I feel bad that it's 2020 and im just starting to be a monster. I'm so obsessed with Stefani. Oh God. Superb is understatement. A real artist! Love u so much gaga! ♥️

    69. USAFERG1776

      Artpop was so ahead of its time.

    70. Leilani Morgan

      She’s such an inspiration 🥰

    71. Shelby LeVell

      i watched all these music awards shows just for Gaga. Her performances are always amazing

    72. Dean Lewis

      Sat here in lockdown crying about when my happiness was taken from me I changed I got strong though. Smoking a buna whilst watching you, listening to you. Im gunna be myself until the coffin lid. 💗💗💗💗💗💗🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    73. ivana gluvakov

      his name is Gag Boy

    74. Buffy Summers

      She’s our generation’s Cher 😍

    75. Buffy Summers

      Britney Spears was the primary influence for first half of the millennial generation of pop and Lady Gaga was for the second

    76. klowen29

      So well spoken and beautifully broken. This was amazing to watch. Thank you!

    77. Merri-lee Milaney

      Im 73 years old and love GAGA Her persona can still make me rock but not literly haha live her shes so real Keep going princess love a mama

    78. Little Miss Yessi

      It is so sad how many don't consider Cheek to Cheek a thing that ever happened. Gaga did wonders with her voice, with her versatility and her heart along another wonderful artist that is Tony. Such an underrated gem. I am so happy for what she has accomplished in all these years.

    79. Versalene

      as she gets a little older start to sound like Gina Linetti

    80. CSS

      A PATROA

    81. Miguel Medida

      From few to thousands to millions of fans. From small stage to huge stage.

    82. Bhushan Raykangor

      Love for gaga and you to make such video 😍❤️

    83. Eszter Kovács

      She is a great performer, she always shows something new and unusual and and you simply believe her because she is so impressive and so energetic and so talented. I hope she will never run out of new ideas. Thank you for making this film and sharing with us.

    84. Us

      She's a creative genius and a force of nature.

    85. kittygonewild08

      You deserve more accolades than I can describe for this video!! This is some serious top-notch work! It's the best documentary of Lady Gaga that I've ever seen...thank you so much for sharing !❤

    86. Cora Neiman

      what a great film! unbelievable how you've managed to capture the essence of Gaga using only existing footage. goes to show that when she says she's committed to being 100% her authentic self, she acts on it too.

    87. Aitana Sahni

      Why did she remind me of Jenny Humphrey the entire time?

    88. Yolanda Sirri

      She is amazing and i believe her to be genuine. I think if one day it came out that this woman was a fraud i would be heart broken. If there was one question that i could have her answer it would be how the fuck are you so over the top insane with your your creativity producing talent that is not of this world and yet stay so grounded and so true to what is real here in this reality??? she knows what is real the love the compassion we show for one another , the connection. she gives me chills.

    89. cloudy cloudy

      Lady Gagagaga

    90. Vicky Wilson

      Victoria is merely symbolic of change begins within. Lady Gaga Gaga I will pray for you on one condition that you repeat the sentiment.

    91. ᅡ렄산ᄃ라Alexandra the ARMY

      My dad never wanted me to listen to Gaga,cause he thought she's too vulgar and is often wearing little to no clothes,but did I listen? Nope,I kept listening to her songs ever since I was 6,Poker Face was the first Lady Gaga song I've ever heard.

    92. P Miles

      I've only recently become a big Gaga fan and this has been the most interesting fan made video of all. Thank you!!! I hope you can maybe make an updated one soonish post her Chromatica Ball!

    93. Christos Polydorou

      This documentary was the work of an inspired, staggering genius. I sat through the whole thing feeling so many emotions, amazed by the editing, the loyalty to the timeline, the interchange between interviews and really all came together in such a beautiful way that it is a stunning tribute to its subject. Gaga is our heart, and you showed this with so much love. Thank you for doing such a remarkable thing and reminding the world that Gaga was one of the first artists who truly acknowledged her fans, and as a result, together we are in this phenomenal rollercoaster ride for as long as God blesses us. Congratulations on this stellar work

    94. bunteninawelt

      Im waiting for Rock Album

    95. bunteninawelt

      32:00 and Im crying. Why is this freakin woman touching me that bad?!

    96. lisa_lee79

      beautiful its a amazing.. and so is she!!

    97. Lol

      I love her the most when she has belly and thighs; like it's moving when she dances, just bc it's somewhat achievable for me and I can be a lil bit like she is!

    98. chief 1 redwolf

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    99. Eli Anderson

      Youve been a bad bad girl gaga

    100. plutoplatters

      Lady In-SIN-uator