Nature Boy

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    Nature Boy · Ella Fitzgerald · Joe Pass
    Fitzgerald & Pass... Again
    ℗ 1976 Fantasy, Inc.
    Released on: 1976-01-01
    Producer: Norman Granz
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Angel Balestier
    Associated Performer, Vocalist: Ella Fitzgerald
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Joe Pass
    Composer Lyricist: Eden Ahbez
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    1. Bruce Kuehn

      This is later in Ella’s career and some would claim after her prime years but it’s still amazing! So simple with just her singing and Joe Pass on guitar.

    2. Kaliente


    3. Kaliente

      This is so pretty, omggggg

    4. Heni Herlina

      My fevorite song

      1. Heni Herlina

        My favourite song ..

    5. Grumpy Bumme

      After Stardust my favourite song especially by Nat King Cole but love Ella too.

    6. Monica Monje