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    the struggle continues ...
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    1. Neoni Suh

      jaemin killing everyone in the team was really funny

    2. Anis Suhaila

      Chenji moments always got me esp aVOcado one hahahahahahahhahahaha

    3. Cherry Blossom

      Mark ketawa aku ikutan ketawa juga 😂😂

    4. 이예진

      "NCT channel watch this video too" 😭 So i click it

    5. Namratha Raikal

      4:34 if that ain’t the funniest shit I’ve seen today lol 😂

    6. Manjoo Gurung

      I like teacher Chenle.

    7. English Vibe

      Jisung the clumsy man of NCT

    8. English Vibe

      6:55 he is a real hyung/friend

    9. RM

      jisung idol skills: 🔊 jisung life skills: 🔇

    10. nct'segg

      If chenle says it avoCATO then it's AVOCATO ya'll

    11. Julesk b.

      I'm the only one who thinks that Jaemin looks like the korean actor namgoong min 😂😳❤️

    12. SraMouraDoix UwU

      Now the question is : How the fuck does Hendery knows what a catterpilar giving birth is like?

    13. alicia Jeon

      it was a mistake to watch this after wisdomteeth removal IM SMILING HELPmy jaw feel like its gon fall off

    14. Ramela Antoinette Elum

      1:36 jaemin looks like a boyfriend here lowkey scolding you for sleeping late

    15. Danica Becera


    16. Doyochii

      Debuting them as NCT is the best decision made by SM. Funniest KPOP group I met.

    17. Yoon Chanbaek

      3:25 Jisung's affocato reminds me of minseok's AFFOGATO.

    18. Asha Kinytya Mohamad


    19. taeyong is DADDY

      it’s 1am for me and this 3:27 scared me so bad and i had my airpods in-

    20. Joanna Sanchez

      Avacados 🥑from Mexico 🇲🇽

    21. nana love

      I swear the god that hendery yangyang haechan jamin jongwo ar the most weird out all of nct and the fanniest but hendery is the leader of this trio😅

    22. erin


    23. diglett


    24. Baileyapickens

      5:53 reminds me of those kids arguing over whether it’s sprinkling or raining

    25. nykole

      so many nct members lack basic life skills it's concerning but i remember i also lack basic life skills

    26. anna arruda ue

      hi hot people, please SSTR34M WAYV turn back time on show champion ep. 359 to give wayv win perfomance of the year *2020* LETS GO THEY HAVE TO WIN, THEY DESERVE😭😭 the link is :

    27. EireneSarah

      6:49 Ten's face XD

    28. Andriane Glen Tizon

      I can't stop laugh about Yangyang said WHAHAHHAHA!!!

    29. Nurfarah Waheeda

      3:15 jisung , xiumin’s son

    30. Nelly Melendez

      10:12 snowboi*

    31. Elliotte! ً

      might fuck around and ult hendery, strictly bc of the clip @ 5:30

    32. steph

      Hey dont you guys know they are profesional skaters

    33. Nevena Palibrk

      Should I wash it with dish soup....I died

    34. Angelie Reyes

      chenle and jaemin sharing one braincell

    35. Sam ZMB

      hendery REALLY do be struggling 😭

    36. Jungwoo's Spoon

      Baekhyun: Affogato Jisung: Affocato Ah, grandma-grandson relationship goals.

    37. Isha Sakamuri

      8:38 0:15

    38. glaciemdraco

      Nice to see that NCT Dream is a mess with shooting games and that's exactly why I don't play them lol

    39. glaciemdraco

      Of course, Hendery's ... creativity ... shall forever be iconic too. Honestly, all of NCT 2020 is. I will miss it but hopefully the next time will be even better ^^ (and of course, can't wait for what they will come out with next)

    40. glaciemdraco

      Jisung is so relatable, I question everything in regards to cooking and end up being horrible at it :D

    41. t o s i e

      80% Chinese 15% Korean 5% English These band is- Still can't understand them-

    42. potter2317


    43. Samy127 [Multi•Stan]

      They're literally soooo funny and most of the time without even trying 😭😂 I can't get enough of them 💚

    44. Todorokilver ALL DAY LONG UwU


    45. chaetae

      Taeyong is a leader to 22 (not including him) crackheads

    46. Brianna Haro


    47. Mary

      Jisung in the kitchen is a whole mood I'm dead

    48. Mary

      Chenle and jisung arguing if it rains in winter or not is everything

    49. Sarah Devina .28

      I love these guy😭❤️

    50. Crystal

      they have hyungwon pothos on the walls omg

    51. Jeonghan’s Lavender Hair

      idk why but jaemin is just so perfect

    52. Colette O'Connor

      7:22 sends me the way taeils face changes so quickly lmao

    53. HistoricalAura

      8:44 who’s the one with the lighter hair? And where can I find the actual video?

    54. mingkitten

      affocato means chocked on Italian 😂😂😂😂

    55. i like sugarcubes

      *put the whole nct in a dark room is total chaos*

    56. Babii_ laniii

      3:24 ur welcome

    57. Song MinJae ツ


    58. moncarateez

      “it’s okay, just deadly

    59. winterggukie

      I remember being on that live- he thought we were lying when we said he blocked the mic sjkdskd

    60. amber lin

      6:48 "Learn Chinese they said, you'll get a lot of support" they said

    61. Jázmin Mittág

      3:35 where can i find the whole video of this?:(

    62. Camille Debruyne

      2:26 how the heck is that noise coming from him

    63. klixxy 523

      *"tAsTEs LiKE sTarBUcKs"*

    64. wimebpress


    65. wimebpress

      4:31 i thought they said "ai eTtÄ"

      1. ᴊᴏʜɴᴛᴇɴ'ꜱ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴄʜɪʟᴅ

        lmao i heard that too😭 didn't know Johnny can speak Finnish

    66. Lee Felix's Egg

      5:11 me tryna teach my mom hello in chinese. "你好" "neeee how" "No". "Ok so nî hOw." "no" "ok you say it" "你好" "I JUST FUCKING SAID THAT"

    67. Benjamin Kwok Yue

      i feel really bad for the auntie that take care of 10th floor members.

    68. aly._. rblx

      After watching the AFFOCATO vid I was like..... *avocado*

    69. Tiffany Wing Yu Wong


    70. superstar

      0:36 me at 8am

    71. TaE yOnGiE

      Hendery is really cute

    72. 제인

      Why would he wash the tomatoes with dish washing soap lmao

    73. Alanna Nerquaye-Tetteh

      Haechan: eyy sick beat Doyoung: eyyyyy No one: No one at all: Johnny: *aggressive eyyy*

    74. Alanna Nerquaye-Tetteh

      Ten: snowman Kun: snowman Xiaojun: snowman Hendery: a caterpillar giving birth He said it so confindently too😂😂😂

    75. Alanna Nerquaye-Tetteh

      The fact that most of this is Jisung failing at a lot of things and Chinese wars is just ✨g o l d✨

    76. HOBI BANG

      "A caterpillar giving birth " WTF isnt that too young !!

    77. Alex Something

      Why did yangyang sound like the kid with glasses from the polar express

    78. Rime Belhaj

      Oke but is Jisungie that dumb? So Chenle wasn't lying when he said that Jisung wasn't acting cute and is actually just dumb- (this is a joke

    79. Maria Amaya

      23 onvres juntos, desastre

    80. Tiffany Goh

      omaigosh i just realized Johnny's tattoo 4:27 hmm couldve been Ten's design haha

    81. Sarah Vans Mootoo

      A Caterpillar giving birth always been my motto since

    82. Sarah Vans Mootoo

      They should say it like we do in Trinidad. Zabouca(za-bo-cah)🥑🥑🥑🥑


      1:28 why he put his hand on his shoulder like that 😂😂😂 I’m dying mjdjejdjr

    84. iconicskz

      6:56 taeil the realest mom

    85. Nadiah Nazifa

      3:18 i see xiumin HAHAHAHA

    86. Zarin DeVeaux

      where is the first video from?

      1. syaza yusoff

    87. Erin C

      Chenle correcting Mark, Taeyong, and Doyoung's Chinese is giving me flashbacks to Chinese school

    88. Thurka Dewi


    89. Jonah Rankin

      3:08 Hendery.exe has stopped working.

    90. Park Jimin

      Jaemin betraying his Baby Jisung will forever be iconic for me

    91. Norma Diaz

      Lmao NCT is the best panas frescos xdd

    92. Demelsa Torres


    93. Island Gurl37

      Hendery in the thumbnail made me click 🥰

    94. aniya

      3:25 im sorry but CHENLE SCREAMING avocaTO SENT ME- THE EDIT I-

    95. living for mark lee's laugh

      6:35 isn't that when British people say Hendray other than Hendery? peace.

    96. Juvie Lee

      after watching this vid, I am starting to worry when they are in their dorms hahahahaha

    97. Juvie Lee

      just wanna ask does Ten have a real tattoo?? like legit tattoo?? thank you i advance for answering me :))

      1. aninda pramesti

        I think He has 4 tattoo. On his left chest, arm, upper arm (butterfly), and shoulder.

      2. stuDYING

        Yes he has 2 tattoos

    98. Stef Abenoja

      what do you use for editing??

    99. Topanga Leija

      Does anyone know where the clip of them skating is from? At about 4:40

      1. Topanga Leija

        @syaza yusoff Thank you

      2. syaza yusoff

        NCT dream bu:quest you can watch it at neosubs