Proximity Chat in Among us! - Among Us #12


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    1. Tom The YouTubing Tank Engine

      Corpse: *grunting noises* Felix: Wut da fuk is dat?

    2. Missmethinksalot1

      Shadzerya is the channel I came over from! The best Among us animation yet. Hilariously recreated the Jaiden Felix cams scene.

    3. Abdullah Durrani

      10:35 animation scene LOL!

    4. Geeta Rawat

      I am from india but i love all country

    5. Asta Is A Beast!

      10:40 Love this part 😂

    6. Wee Noob

      i am uncomfurtebelelelelelelelelelelleleleleelelelelelelelelleelelleellelellelleellelelelleelleelelelellelelellelelellelllllelellllllellelllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllellllllllllllellllllllllllllelllllllllll

    7. Shadow Fall

      ..."Copres dedi"?

    8. Main Character

      I know what you're looking for.... Corpse diead : 10:38 You're welcome

    9. Tia Gen

      best ep

    10. Michael Kennedy

      This is how among us should be

    11. Elon Musk

      When pewds got killed by PJ he screamed so hard that he probably broke the sound barrier

    12. Mrcat72

      Hmm look at the bottom of pewds screen

    13. Darylene Chan

      Jaiden has never been this scary before..

    14. Ash benlolo

      stockholm syndrom anyone?

    15. Clezal

      Pewds in cams : omg corpse died! Jaiden : corpse died?? Pewds : surprised pikachu face. 😳

    16. Pls give me a name

      wow this is amazing i think that was nogla and jaiden in the same video

    17. Soup Le Soup

      Funny Timestamps~ 10:44 20:33 17:52 5:05 8:53 16:46 5:57 15:14 9:57 17:47 20:18 5:45 2:50 Add more if you'd like~

    18. Nabaa Eyddan

      It just amazes me how pewds betrayed them then carried them to victory all in one game.

    19. NOT JACOB

      6:00 placing this here

    20. Partha Pratim Patra

      You are here for the 10:44 clip

    21. Agjelos Gjana


    22. redaalah bouraada

      i like mr beast

    23. pumationYT

      All the wies are because Jaiden was here

    24. pumationYT

      Jaiden coment here

    25. Umer Sharif

      when the impostor is sus!

    26. 차욱제

      It would be perfect if pewds didn’t swear

    27. Pamela Singletary

      PewPie i am 9 so no g fuel for me and my 2 year old watch coco melan so cool traller

    28. NaTaLiE343

      Jack said "I would nEVER I'M super Irish" lmao i can't. i just. i need to see corpse, jack and felix togetherrrrr more

    29. Amalie Lundsholt

      PJ: Guys guys, I think CORPSE may be the killer XD

    30. Alan Ortiz

      5:04 got me dead xD

    31. Me Me


    32. Eisha Dia

      I love every. single. thing about this video. Never get tired of it.

    33. Keilyn Medina


    34. KZ Games And Songs

      Lol I forgot I was not subbed I just corrected myself. 😆

    35. DX Nicole

      Jaiden has the best timing ever 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Orlando Garista Gordiano

      11.21 bruh pew why

    37. Wiggler Wiggler

      10:39 is the best part of this entire video

    38. Kythe Rome Lescano


    39. fitra yulianti

      Pewdiepie: a home new world CORPSE: EHAHAHAHA (LAUGHING) Pewdiepie: dudududududu is nice CORPSE: *What the fu*k*

    40. Oskar Enefjord

      The name of the music? 12:35

    41. Illegirl Noona

      when corpse noticed felix’s little kid lmao twas their look out iM WHEEZING

    42. Crazyish

      10:44 is what you guys are looking for

    43. FORT EPICE J

      And you stole thumb nails before poopypie Dennis is the best youtuber

    44. FORT EPICE J

      Y poopy pie Dennis daly is the best

    45. Murad Ruiz

      i love jaiden

    46. Samyukta Amsarajan

      this is the best video ive seen in this world

    47. Jairus paul Vergel de dios

      Why the task bar is not coming up

    48. Oskar Enefjord

      The name of the music? 14:28

    49. iPhone ll x

      You mean the *simpsons*

    50. Blob Hobbyn

      2:18 dvd did go to corner and you missed it

    51. Lunaresca

      Saving these timestamps so I could watch them again when I feel sad QwQ 10:44 and 20:33

    52. Emma Stearns

      Dont mind me, just listing my favorite moments for my own enjoyment: 5:07 5:58 8:53 10:39 11:20 15:15 16:39 16:47 17:47 21:34

    53. Sivie Lovegood

      Im so dumb Iv just started waching JadenAnimatones and Iv realised...

    54. ROYCE THE GAMER Avila

      Best youtuber

    55. ROYCE THE GAMER Avila

      Your my bes5youtuber

    56. Wintyr

      20:40 is what yall came here for

    57. hi Hi

      Dude people ship pink and black lol!

    58. Rochelle Lobo

      A whole new world 💫

    59. 이산

      Helo pewdiepie i am korea in

    60. Hussain Maaish

      Me: watching this video now and missing the best gfuel offer😭

    61. Isabella Jensen

      Imagine being Marzia making pasta and Felix is just screaming with his among us friends

    62. lilith's beloved sekai&chanbaek


    63. Brandon Fazbear

      10:44 Best moment.

    64. Adji Kuncoro Bhangun

      5:07 your scream reminds me with aloona's scream :v

    65. Doodle Army

      The memes...........

    66. ivann


    67. Raedell Resurreccion

      did he stole cocomelons intro AGAIN

    68. Super Ducky


    69. Red Bandit

      2:38 yes

    70. Sariah Ouellette

      10:29 AHHHHH lmfg I’m deD

    71. addi9760 addi9760

      is this hide n seek?

    72. Jonathan

      19:44 PewDiePie became dio

    73. Shurbay

      OMG I never new that Jaiden new PewDiePie!!

    74. lesklé umývadlo

      9:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. Konstantin Todorov

      5:06 is the best scene

    76. Fefgie 7


    77. Jad Maksoud

      your the imposter 9in the video

    78. Lilac Lycanvic

      God I love Jaiden. And corpse. And like... most of everyone. Everyone is great UwU But mostly I love Jaiden and Corpse I love them both so much So much that my heart could possibly explode from all the love I have for them No I’m not a simp, leave me alone

    79. Lancelot De Montréal

      Why do you guys play like this

    80. ArtCatDraws

      So why they saying the imposter and not reporting bodies?

    81. Amjad alhindi

      this is the best one i ever watched. i love this

    82. Nindia Utami

      lost connection suddenly

    83. Nindia Utami

      felix: : (

    84. XxOliverTheWolfxX


    85. Liam Wheaton

      Pewdiepie just being earrape the whole video

    86. Det

      Corpse be killing pewds in among hs be like: Corpse: i am speed. Pewds: **no emotions**

    87. Jocelyn Claudio

      Change the title to Jaiden is best

    88. Log

      He looks like trever both game and rirl

    89. Cait Ni Chinneide

      +10 Irish luck *exists* Me: Muah ha ha ha!

    90. nick Lies

      5:00 me messing with a cat

    91. Stonky

      Timestamp for the meme: 10:37

      1. Well Then

        The video posted on his sub is so cool

    92. Lord Shaxx


    93. The Mos Eisley Cantina Band

      I'm a dumb kid I thought lmao was an acronym and pronounced lama o

    94. Evelina Gacha

      Русские, я что? Одна его смотрю? (

    95. Isabel Ramirez

      5:06 This moment keeps f***ing killing me.

    96. Lara Maria Taala

      Ok this is the second time i have watched this so im downloading this its way too funny🤣

    97. Tucker the bichon

      The corpse noises are masterpieces

    98. Pamela Singletary

      i love g fuel i got the pewpie one it is pretty good


      5:08 killed me