NewsNOW Stream Part 3 - 01/11/21

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    1. Here 24

      If ANY celebrity or politician takes the vaccine I want two independent lawyers verifying and confirming exactly which vaccine was injected (BionTech/Moderna/Pfizer). All else can be faked by our media. In Biden's case, you don't even see a needle.

    2. dee Boso

      That is the worst fake of an injection I have ever seen, no flinch, hand in front of needle, and seriously, I think this is CGI, and not really Biden and not really happening... His shirt is buttoned up as far as it can go, this is someone wearing a mask..


      Who cares he’s not important he’s a fraudulent president.

    4. Ivbeen Zucked

      The ex-president of the United States (Donald Trump) meets all the criteria for being permanently barred from public office under even a rigid originalist reading of the third section of the 14th Amendment, ratified after the Civil War as a way to expel public officials who sided with Confederate insurrectionists over the union. The 14th Amendment's text plainly states that "no person shall ... hold any office, civil or military," who, "having previously taken an oath ... to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid and comfort to the enemies thereof."

    5. doire aintu

      It’s the flu that he’s locking us down for. There’s a lot from other countries they’re not letting us see. We’re just like North Korea now.

    6. Evi Rotziou


    7. seiom jvony

      Fake vaccine, he took a fake vaccine like they all do. We should randomly choose a vaccine dosage and a doctor to do it. Biden should be charged with a coup

    8. Raffaela Tonnellato

      Questo non è bidet troppo goivane

    9. Nancy K.

      But Antifa got bailed out of jail????

    10. pida siouy

      Fake News who knows what was in that needle?

    11. Kevin Harmon

      Joe got a second covid vacine6 . What a dumb ass.

      1. seiom jvony

        I say clone and where was the needle, Biden has (had) blue eyes

    12. Karen Hudnall

      Did you notice Biden coughed on his hand??

      1. bilishu aliss

        Fake vaccine, he took a fake vaccine like they all do. We should randomly choose a vaccine dosage and a doctor to do it. Biden should be charged with a coup

    13. David Appleby

      And that is not the same guy from the debates. Keep your eye out for the “threat to OUR democracy” its not the people’s Democracy

      1. bilishu aliss


    14. David Appleby

      How many comments say “placebo”

      1. pida siouy

        If you cut down a president says it all about your broadcast station!!!

    15. dolita windo

      couple weeks ago.... bybye CHIDEN

      1. doire aintu

        It’s the flu that he’s locking us down for. There’s a lot from other countries they’re not letting us see. We’re just like North Korea now.

    16. Stavroula Antonopoulos

      I don't believe what I see

    17. Michael Riggs

      Theives oil on cloth can protect. Look up history of Theives Oil and how it got its name.

    18. Michael Riggs

      Many people dont want the vaccine abomination...

    19. Gideon Ros

      Dementia vaccine. Can't believe that I have lived to see a dementia vaccine be discovered.

      1. dolita windo

        He is cheating the people of America

    20. entelektüel kabızlığın fitili

      even stole watching

    21. bilishu aliss

      This is actually brilliant

    22. ashadance1

      Hope you like GITMO

    23. ashadance1

      Nice Fake Headlines , where’s Trump ? Liars

    24. Elizabeth du Preez

      I say clone and where was the needle, Biden has (had) blue eyes

      1. bilishu aliss

        I will never take this poison..

    25. людмила скулкина

      Пусть все рептилойды и инсиктойды провакцинируются послушно,и маски не снимают,так их легче определить,Китай и Япония особенно

    26. yuoop noke

      people like this

    27. Lichtwerkers videografie

      If you cut down a president says it all about your broadcast station!!!

    28. Don Reid

      Haha likely bacteriostatic water.. If not, give him two more.

    29. Bike Girl

      Is that turd going to prosecute those that rioted in Washington DC mobbing the white house this summer? Burning the historic church? Or those that set the federal court house on fire in Portland? If not then he is just a hypocrite which is one reason we protest his stolen election and his Presidency. He is compromised by China payoffs and should be impeached on first day

      1. yuoop noke

        is it me were the jab only see them putting plaster on him

    30. Getting By On almost Nothing

      Biden gets second shot and thousands dying at his feet nice 300,000,ooo haven't gotten one.

    31. Chino Mustang

      I hope they put rat urine in.

    32. Mai Pham

      He is cheating the people of America

    33. Justin Law

      Why does he keep COUGHING IN HIS HAND?

    34. Queen Auset


    35. J P

      Will you heard him he said hold them all accountable go and arrest every single Democrat, Anti-fun & BLM Mainstream media and big tack for sedition and inciting violence. They have been actively trying to overthrow the duly elected government for the last 4 years now their temper tantrum has crossed the line into treason.

    36. EscapeMatrixEnterprise

      I bet its an injection of water...BS

    37. Laura __________

      Joke and liar!

    38. Mary Hils

      I will never take this poison..

    39. Ильяс Юмаев

      GO FUKC YOURSELF FOX! or fukc wiz u'r lovelly sniffer joe

    40. Ильяс Юмаев

      Ahahahahhaa!!!! Why don't you wear a 3rd mask, sniffing joe????!!! Ahahahahahhaahha

    41. Debi Friis Hambright

      Not gonna happen

    42. Debi Friis Hambright

      Vit B12

    43. Jean-Claude Couture

      I’ll bet anything that he didn’t get the vaccine they did not show the vaccination. He is a corrupted liberalism layer.

    44. rod west

      is it me were the jab only see them putting plaster on him

    45. Fridrich Hláva

      Bidet tries to do the swine job....has nothing to do with the interest of US people...and it is a question: did he really get the VACCINE? I do not believe- this action belongs to the cheap tricks...

    46. Ga H

      Ему не повредит, можно и большой шприц взять...

    47. Renee Upchurch


    48. Renee Upchurch

      I think it would be hilarious if these government clowns thought they were going to put on a show and a rubber prop needle used, yet the nurse actually used a real needle and real vaccine on them! I WOULD

    49. Shunequa Ramos


    50. Ray Slogar

      Hip hop to the hippity hop to the bang bang boogie to the beat

      1. Ray Slogar

        Freedom justice free I'm rich enclosure zeze one of a kind like his mom nobody can be him we're all equal nobody's better than anybody oops there

      2. Ray Slogar

        That's me the hip and hippity hop but I flip flop

    51. Ray Slogar

      Play hip hop to the hippity hop song


      ...vitamins are very useful...

    53. Timothy Coleman

      That was probably a flu shot don't trust that clown or any Democrat

    54. Marilyn Ann Manes

      Jill Biden cheated on her first husband with Joe Biden. A FACT !!!

    55. Carol Haynes

      🤔😳 Basically a mask causes you to breathe the exhaust of your own carbon dioxide. Sound tempting?

    56. Douglas Christensen

      What was in that SHot it worked he wound up with that GO GO shot

    57. Ju Ju

      Disgusting old man 🤮🤮

    58. Ju Ju

      So bad to have a president and vice like them. Poor America 😔😪😪

    59. Eliana Marta

      Povo americano, vcs vão aceitar esse golpe?? Será o sepultamento da democracia. Lamentável

    60. Lisa Alldrin

      you cant force anyone to get a vaccine!

    61. Derek Eggleston

      The vagina is killing people and making them worse don't get it is planed world population controls thay want to kill us of but make it look like a virus did it when in reality it is them the dems plan thay are afraid cause thear are more of us then them wake up

    62. Jose Parada Sr.

      They lie it Vitamina B12

    63. Charles Rahr

      Trump rules!

    64. mr chaidez

      The mail in president biden is a complete joke

    65. Jackie Aley

      What a boring man, hands up who's yawning?

    66. Nícia Maria

      VELHO ridículo!!!!!!!!! Farsante!!!!

    67. Kenan Yuksel

      is this america? disappointed...


      E velho. Voce esta no princio da fila. Que o demonio o carregue.

    69. carlobocchioart

      is water

    70. Stacey Robinson

      Didn't take long to get that chill😱😨

    71. Stacey Robinson

      So disappointed in these people! Cough cough, he's so oblivious to what he really is.

    72. heran kim

      Vaccine is the effort of President of Trump. China Joe is receiving the benefit very first place!😠

    73. Jon Mullinix

      What is he trying to say ? I can't understand a word of his.

    74. David Derler

      As Soon As Dopey Joe Gets 2 nd Shot. It's OK to Ditch Mask and Cough All Over. Rules for Thee and Not For Me. Typical Democrook.

    75. Debbie Duncan

      Who fkn cares

    76. Moise Zigo

      He may have took chlorocquin but that latter covided him . .

    77. G.P FAVORE

      Demons of the end time

    78. Follow Jesus

      Congrats mr. President

    79. Vishnu Om & Prema Love Divine Haidiyakhandi

      Until there is True Justice nothing will change..people have seen way too many lies..and authoritarian insanity imposed upon our President Trump and the American people at large.The Apeasement of public unrest and frustration will only come.. when you deal with those truly just deal with the goons on the street does not end this..nor does it satisfy the publics need to see Justice in our Courts of Law. 4 years of hate slander and treason to our elected President the news these past 4 years and u will see who causes social unrest..the stench of lies in the media is unbearable.. dem panic and guilt and treason is exposed to the whole world ..absolutely embarrassing to this great Country..but obviously absolutely necessary..and so is their absolute culpability to being the cause of severe division and social unrest and social agitation..their guilt and desperation and treason continues to unfold..the closer they get to full accountability...the more dem lash out with lies and more treason..enjoy the show..these are the judgement days.

    80. Shaun Daly

      Grandpa Biden looks tired time for his nap.

    81. N 2

      Why he wants Trump's vaccine? Don't like hypocripsy

    82. Nicole G.


    83. Debbie Dickson

      He's So pathetic....he still coughs in his hand..not elbow as is safer...and talking about how to be safe during covid🙄

    84. carolyn ruhle

      no thanks not going to happen!

    85. Jessica

      Harris is stupid. She said she was listening to 2pac in college and he was in middle school then not even in the spot light yet

    86. Jessica

      Plus they are saying there's a limited supply yet wanting us to rush out to get one, sorry but those who lie to the people for their own benefit$ don't care about people getting better

    87. Jessica

      Why is it so important they mention in the arm repeatedly.

    88. rod harris

      Probably a vitamin shot I doubt he got the covid vaccine.


      Wenn das echt war...isser weg

    90. Daniel Walsh

      Is this a joke ?

    91. Speak The Truth

      What a lot of crap!!!!!!! These guys are pathological pathetic liars watching this is making me feel sick.

    92. Дмитрий Зубарев

      Цирк и главный клоун в шоу с вакцинацией Байден )))

    93. Melida Hdz

      Lol, anyone saw him been vaccinated? Not me. He's reading the monolog, which is moving left and right.

    94. patty stewart

      Probably a Placebo.

    95. Barbara Ann

      I can't watch this bye he like the rite thing and pray he sees his need for Jesus he cause problems too this country

    96. Lucia Norbiato

      Bella farsa e se l' ha fatto davvero a 80 e passa anni cos' ha da perdere ?

    97. Barbara Ann

      That's not good it's not studying i won't do I won't be forced I have my rite and people it will make you not good change ur dna and make sick it has

    98. James Gray

      Obamainear receives second Elastoplast NO VACCINE.....

    99. Cindy Moore

      What a very ignorant man. He has no idea on how to run our country. He needs to go back to his basement!!!