NOTHING CAN TOP THIS! Asmongold BEST Mount Off Competition

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    Asmongold hosts the most intense mount off competition ever, it took almost 2 hours for the literal god to reach the final stage of this insane contest, a brilliant event to wrap of the best World of Warcraft expansion, BFA! And now for more Mounts collecting in Shadowlands!...
    Qualifiers 0:00
    Quarter-Finals 24:47
    Semi-Finals 32:19
    FINALS 55:58
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    1. Vulf

      What song is at 47:56

    2. Joe C

      Jfc those teeth. 🤮 terrifying to have pop up on recommended.

    3. Nadeem Khorshid

      Lmao the Gmod part was to funny

    4. özkimo

      Icebringer is a legend

    5. HWO NWA

      asmongold is just as cringe as his viewers, i think thats why it works..

    6. noah stump

      Icebringer could sell his account for 25k if he wanted

    7. Silvan Trindler

      haha those eyebrows

    8. Rannerud

      Magical and he did not even use the qirage mount ... this was exiting to see..

    9. The Jetsons

      Look at asmon’s face at 13:29

    10. Alexander Hopper

      Stylist Shadowfall lost! Begin Crab Rave!

    11. Jordan Leighton

      Winter spring frost saber is not hard to get 😂 20 daily quests and done. I’m on like 17 rn I’m just a casual

    12. Cameron Chartier

      He is quite self righteous for someone whos greatest accomplishments in life are collecting mounts

    13. Garrett Palmer

      That’s not where u get phosphorescent stone drake just saying

    14. Jeniffer Michelle

      He’s a legend! What a G!

    15. Garrett Palmer

      If they do t have a before the curve mount they gone ez

    16. Garrett Palmer

      Honestly phosphorescent stone drake takes like 4 years to get

    17. Garrett Palmer

      My first best mount was virtuous stone drake my first run on my 1st character I ever played during a random dungeon finder group the first time I ever played .. it really is lucky.... I have been in a guild named Completionist since I started hardcore playing world of Warcraft and we have been some of the quickest achievement grinders check it out

    18. 4E Projects & Consulting

      you are just an asshole lol ...

      1. Slick Beats

        why would you describe yourself like that

    19. Niisson Zewiix

      How can this be so entertaining

    20. Brucey69

      Icebringer bought his account, he doesn’t have the original big blizzard bear

    21. Brucey69

      I didn’t see a big blizzard polar bear

      1. Brucey69

        @Slick Beats an astral tiger was used, wtf are you talking about

      2. Slick Beats

        TCG mount can't use it

    22. Drifter_77

      Is this dude related to Tom Green?

    23. Rickard Nilsson

      damn i lost at the mail muncher... did not know it existed untill i did see this so i thank you :) so it is out farming for me :D

    24. Tais

      Never even seen 90% og the mounts shown in the mount off... Gotta get farming i guess

    25. CloutMuzik Beats

      good stuff ice

    26. D Jimmy

      This was fun to watch. I haven't played WoW in years, but I loved collecting mounts when I did play. I was one of the first people on my server to get the Dragonhawk mount from the 100 mount achievement. I stopped playing shortly after that. I guess quite a few mounts have been added since then lol.

    27. TheMisa92

      Well you have only one life... and you spend it farming ton of this shits, and after it, showing them to this twat... alliance is a joke, its no strange why they suck most of the time... haha :D

    28. Joe Torres

      He gets on a random fucking bear 💀💀💀

    29. JamFilledJars

      I’m honestly more interested in the comments section freaking out about the Halo music and asking for song names, as well as guessing the wrong game for different songs of the franchise.

    30. Mark Jackson

      this man is beyond that of a god he is WoW itself

    31. Jacob Francato

      what mount is that at 53:20?

    32. mickey chan

      I remember being there for this i was shitting my pants hahahaha

    33. john bohman

      1500 days played?! Its like 6h a day since day 1 of wow. Or am I counting it wrong?

    34. anonymous anonymous

      Why I watch whole this video, i don't play event WOW

    35. Reiwas

      he has all the gladiator mounts that you had to be actually good at pvp back then.

    36. caseycasem

      *doesn't have a .1% drop chance mount* you're absolute trash!

      1. Slick Beats

        @caseycasem just as i thought lol pathetic

      2. caseycasem

        @Slick Beats I mean you can wait all you want, I'm not watching this again lol so find the timestamp yourself

      3. Slick Beats

        pinpoint me a timestamp where that happened in the video, I'll wait

    37. Jon Osborne

      What's up with my man's eyebrows

    38. Jason Skelton

      1500 days!?!?? That's like 10 hours every day since the game began... sad cunta

      1. Slick Beats

        most likely bought the acc anyway

    39. Patrick Smith

      Fun fact: if he started the account at launch, Icebringer has spent 4 hours, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE PAST 16 YEARS PLAYING THIS GAME. terachad.

    40. moshiko ssaass

      when i heard 10k mount im like, hmmm 5 high end pc's

    41. RealOceanic

      I was doing firelands cuz i had 1 more achieve for the firelands raider (bucket list) i went to alysrazor and im like lol imagine i goot the mount id give like 5k gold to random person (5k is a decent amount for me) i got the mount i was going through the loot and im like lol no mount ofc then the mount appeared

    42. matty208

      I have the original swift razzashi raptor and watching these videos makes me wanna play again just to show it off.....

    43. M simone

      Love the halo music background

    44. vankozz

      nolifers lvl - over 9000

    45. far22186

      I dont have war bear

      1. Slick Beats

        of course you don't you're not able to get it since like TBC

    46. Nuno Henrique Fangueiro

      The way the 1v1 are made makes no sense. The person starting with fewer points has never the chance to win... Should be a best of 3 to try and figure out a mount that the other doesn't have. And then it's the other turn to do the same... This would have some logic

    47. Tobias Wallin

      Epic mungtoff!!!

    48. Tony Thompson

      All bow to the mighty Icebringer. *clap clap* Legendary player.

    49. Fleshmount

      Asmongold: " Okoay I'm upping the difficulty now. I'm gonna throw them a curve ball." Asmongold when people don't have it: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!!?"

    50. Anthony Weetman

      Eyebrow control is not a thing in here

    51. Fuck Craft Beer

      I’ve never played this game once in my life, but what I learned from this video is; it takes a damn good amount of dedication and self discipline to earn these so called mounts


      Icebringer! Yes the Master of The Games, The Master of The Gods, The Master of WORLD of WARCRAFT !!!

    53. Doodle Shrimp

      I Lost The Game

    54. Oscar 420lmaoxd

      I feel like the best one is where asmon gets demolished but is that even possible

    55. Literally Shaking

      That dude plays the game.

    56. Sean Delaney

      Wtf is wrong with this guy eye brow

    57. Sua

      I don't even have 10 mounts xD

    58. Gimbatul

      Silly rules. So they keep getting to challenge till the other person doesn't have? Literally setup to go back and forth rather than a whitewash. there should be consequence to putting up things the other person has. There's a really simple fix. The person that matches should be the one to draw his mount as a challenge.

    59. Luke Lorraine

      If I was watching this live I would’ve went off like ur trying to knock them out so stop with the easy shit

    60. Raulete XD

      What’s wrong with his ewebrows? JAJAJAJAJ

    61. Ray

      Is Scarab Lord title really what I think it is? Could only one person per server get that?

    62. Slippin Jimme

      im agreeing with asmon like yeaaaaa what an idiotttttttttt i dont have any of these mounts

    63. Golraka

      Fuckin hate PVP mounts . They're all the same, basically saved the guy's life by pulling the same mount with different pre fix for pvp shit

    64. Senji

      I need to know what the music at 1:04:00 is

    65. SfcSpadesRpg

      Anyone seen the video (2020 for sale) Corrupted Ashbringer = Scarab Lord = Full T3 - Insane WoW Warrior, cause this guy looks exactly like the character that was being sold lol, Multi gladiator mounts, Scarab Lord, full t3 same tabard even


      What wrong with his eyes...?!

    67. Siticmon

      i keep getting you in my yt feed, this is the first time i actually clicked on one of your videos what the fuck is going on with your face, it's like those eyebrows want to escape from there

    68. BRG


    69. pepe

      your eyebrow movements are so annoying

    70. AWKVengence - Let's Play

      His eyebrows are going to fall off lol

    71. Dal-tonico


    72. Hazma Fire

      lmao I don't even play this game, watched the whole thing


      Icebringer saw that Southpark Episode and said "bet"

    74. Anton Rayment

      This was actually super funny 👍🏽

    75. Jaylay Larsen

      What is up with his eyebrows it always bother me lol and I’ve never seen someone move them so much so weirdly.

    76. DeadXOcean DeadXOcean

      I’m new to WoW like I just downloaded today and wow this was so intense! I was like oh shit!!!! How much money have these guys dropped total for these mounts??! Like be said a 10k mount like is that really true?!? Why are they so expensive

    77. Julien

      36000 hours, O_O

    78. DoctorWeeb103

      Man I need to get back into this game, I got eliminated by the Winterspring Frostsaber :(

    79. Marubin MGD

      change title to "neckbeard getting shamed and destroyed multiple times"

    80. Homesman


    81. Sunny DeGroat

      "If it weren't for those stinkin kids 🤣🤣"

    82. Kevin Lloyd

      This was like a fire at the circus, in tents BABY

    83. Dxill Pixll

      The halo wars music was Fucking amazing

    84. Mihailo Stefanovic

      15:08 Jim Carrey

    85. PoPaDoseYo

      Man. The Halo music. Good old 2001-2006. Online FPS will never feel as good as those days. I was one of the best in Halo 2. Level 39/40 in almost every Playlist. Couldn't go past 41-50 rank, too many modders. So 39-40 was considered the best. Unless you bridged for host. The best part about Halo 2 rank system was that you could lose your rank by losing matches.

    86. Ariel Caballero

      Whats the song running at 44:15?

    87. Louise

      so his /played is about 1500 days which is 4,1 years of nonstop playing. Assuming he's been playing wow since Vanilla release in 2004, he's been spending 6 hours in wow each day for 16 years. Legend or no-Lifer?

    88. xXRaMsiisXx

      imagine a neckbeard fuck calling ppl that got a job and dont play all day an idiot lol

    89. Can Dogan

      42:20 killed me

    90. Nathaniel Neal

      Mail in ballots are cheating

    91. psrabe

      I realize that they have probably used bots and how multiple people farming that account but to put it into perspective there have been less than 6000 days since WoW was released meaning Icebringer has logged more than 25% of the last 16 years on this game.

    92. Thomas h

      I guess Asmon founds his masters ;)

    93. The Fireside

      This guy’s eyebrows are their own character

    94. Key Account

      You know, some Botox would fix that eyebrow problem you have.

    95. Evie Cobalt


      1. Evie Cobalt

        and dumb AF, another nerd but a better nerd than you, because he got glad when you didnt ALOT! hahahaha get rekt, 1v1 him and lose ezpz. ASSmunCOLD

    96. Grim Daddy Dog

      58:53 just look at this joke who moves their eyebrows that much also.. 'I have every glad mount' *other guy gets on a glad mount* 'shit!!' assuming you don't have that one bud. gg.

    97. chukky1124

      i love the mount offs and the idea behind it... but hes so cocky for someone who got half his mounts sponsored, not everyone gets the drops within a few years lol

    98. Lu Lu

      Jeff Bezos can't buy Icebringer account

    99. Lu Lu

      Icebringer don't know the frustation of don't having unobtainable mount