Nurse Reacts To Attaway General... the tiktok hospital

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    Nurse Reacts To Attaway General, the new tiktok hospital show. This tiktok show has me WHEEZING ya'll. Although it's hilarious, please do not send hate to the videos or the children. They are minors and don't deserve to be personally targeted. Let me know if you want more reaction videos! :)
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    1. Penny Tovar

      brb leaving a yelp review for this hospital 0/10 will not be going back again

      1. Ayasha

        Like the episode ain't even funny but your reaction 🤣🤣🤣. I died

      2. Ashley monique

        This is hilarious please do more like this show

      3. Maliha Ibrahim

        zara Jalloul yessssss !!! I always wanted a review

      4. Cindy C

        Could you review Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil line pls

      5. Nay Alemán

        Me encantan tus vídeos! :D Como ingeniera biomédica me parece que en la imagen del 07:45 es un electroencefalograma (EEG) has más videos reaccionando a series médicas! (L)

    2. Jewel Marcia

      “That’s a deep cut That is not a kid that’s a vato dude” IM DEADDD 💀💀

    3. Yagami

      your commentary was hilarious.😂😂😂 "listen Prudence.. you better eat your applesauce and your bread ok? cause if you don't, it's going down... DOWN YOUR OESOPHAGUS." 😂😂, caught me off guard, and the music.

    4. Rubi Camacho

      The series were so cringe 😭 I got second hand embarrassment 😂Ain’t even a nurse

    5. Baby Sierra

      dixie gives me kristen stewart in twilight vibes

    6. Ncs Organizer

      I hate the way she talks and love it at the same time

      1. Penny Tovar


    7. CalmSongs

      It’s the bad acting for me😼🤚🏽

    8. Mirelle Paz

      I totally admire how educated you are. An inspiration. 🙌🌧🍁🎓 Study tips video? 😉😄

    9. yari ko

      lmao kinda cringed

    10. general kiwi

      penny: they've only known each other for three days and they already have drama!!?? also penny: wait they're tiktokers so it's normal.

    11. Josh Henderson

      Ummm 🤔 boy 🤨 ?

      1. Josh Henderson

        🧐 😂

      2. Penny Tovar

        Ummm 🤔 sure 😛

    12. _Izzy _

      I’m still over here waiting for part 2

    13. natural_bbyy


    14. Nappypuff

      Sis was faking to get a check lol

    15. Anna


    16. amara_ nthxnee

      im not an actress but like the tone of their voices, its so casual. LIke no feelings or any exaggeration, just plain casual and it's bothering me

    17. Claudia Contreras


    18. Katarina Džojić

      The kid flatlined out if the blue then opened her eyes but the line stayed flat..

    19. l Xethyl l

      Haha you’re amazing 😍 Love the fact you have a Tokyo Ghoul T-shirt!

    20. Lat Rhone

      The acting is soo bad.

    21. Ezequiel Isaac Mora

      ruin the 666 and made the official 667th comment lol sorry.

    22. Basma Aldoseri

      Reached minute 5:55 and that was it for me. The show is honestly cringy 😖

    23. Shiya Verma

      Ohh wait they are tiktokers right?😂😂 When she told that 😂😂😂omgg

    24. TIna Gary-Carter

      Fellow nurse, NO time for drama/romance at work ANYHOO! & the acting here, can we just talk about how bad it is....!?!?!

    25. Hip-hop Anonymous

      More reactions videos this was great ☺️

    26. Carla Cano

      “How ‘bout you read an instruction Manuel on how to wipe your nalgas” 😂😂😂😂😂

    27. H

      6:27 imagine being so boring u send someone into a comatose

    28. limegreenlotus

      Yup HIPPA will get you!! 🤦🏽‍♀️

    29. Vee2

      Ew, heck no. If they didn’t want to be there, don’t volunteer! I’d love the chance to volunteer 😡 Gotta build up that experience and resumé and be humble!!! Wtheck is this portrayal!!! 😭

    30. Heleen Diaz

      The acting is so bad it sounds so staged how did they get into the show I really think this show would have good potential but the actors oh my God I was fired every single one of them and find some good actresses I would literally higher a child that can actually Act they're so bad

    31. The Random Jack Show

      Add 15 seconds her face was everything.

    32. Daniela Palomo

      Omg!!! Loved your reaction!!! Sooooo funnyyyyyyy 🔥🔥

    33. gracepink

      Can you please do this for the new episodes??

    34. Jonathan Pascual

      9:00 “uhh... what the...?” Good lord, that dude has the worst acting I’ve seen in a long while.

    35. Kasia Lester

      The show is so cringy lmaooo but your reactions are great !

    36. Sofia Moreira

      I can’t with the acting....

    37. Jojo Rich

      The fact that there were almost 2 nurses behind her when she was giving the chest compressions and they could have done something

    38. Yasmine Al Jamil


    39. Maddie Rader


    40. xx_donnie_in_transit_xx

      the most patient interaction i EVER got in the actual hospital wing/emergency room as a volunteer was like.. vitals in triage of the ER and that was it.

    41. Dioselina Magadan

      If you saw the whole/ all of the episodes and seasons you would get it

    42. lemooo lol

      Omg soo funny how you react. Part 2 please🤣

    43. Akeelah Thompson


    44. nicole

      watch chicago med

    45. ABB 4523

      Yes she out here with the Tokyo Ghoul

    46. Macey Evelyn

      Can you react to chicken girls rookie and Stephanie

    47. Macey Evelyn

      Just subscribed

    48. Seedney 1456

      React to greys anatomy

    49. glitter grrrl

      "that is not a kid that's a vato dude" PENNYWNXHSUFID WHY WUXUS

    50. Aziza Sultana

      Losing my sheit rn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Faiths Place

      ummmm sooo ppl if ur gonna make fun of the show make sure not to make fun of the tiktok stars also REMEMBER that this is for kids and its not gonna be so realistc. ANNNDDD @ 1:15 Just to tell you SPOILER ALERT one of the guys got the job because of him getting introuble but everyone else was probably wanted to do it AGAIN IT IS FOR KIDSSSSS

      1. Faiths Place

        And @ 6:01 you say you dont know there names but u should if you were paying attention sry :)

    52. Flower on Discord

      Dr. Mcstuffins is more accurate

    53. Nitrix yt

      When the office is more medically accurate than a show about a hospital

    54. Danielle Carey

      I hadn't heard of this show until now...But I want to watch it???

    55. mr shades boii

      is she you know?

      1. Penny Tovar

        I have a husband sowwy 😳😔

    56. RayThe Person

      Your tokyo ghoul tshirt is my life

    57. Karen starring veatrice

      She opened her eyes because she was close to waking up and it was working

    58. Karen starring veatrice

      The acting and storyline is really good

    59. paola alvarez

      The Entertainment Industry will do any thing and everything to have Tik-Tokers to be in their shows. Their acting is horrible. 😂 😂

    60. Guadalupe Ramirez

      imagine you’re privileged enough to act dead (aka get paid to sleep)

    61. cynthia

      I laughed too hard when she said “how about you read an instruction manual on how to wipe your nalgas first” 😂😂

    62. j6nnah;

      i love dixie, but her acting in this wasn’t it😭

    63. Baby C

      1 worst acting... 2 worst acting... 3 worst acting... 4 whoever wrote the story and the script is a pre-schoolers

    64. Ana Iova

      i love your ken kaneki shirt oml.

    65. The Random Jack Show

      Can you give care in the sense of telling doctors and nurses that work there that someone is help mediately.

    66. Heather McNamara

      Just so y’all know HIPAA is COPPA’s older cousin and y’all know what COPPA’s like sooo.....

    67. Axmy chavarria

      Penny is so my mama 😂😂

    68. Maria Garza

      Haaha! Worst acting ever...omg! Lol😂

    69. Olivia Shafer

      It’s a tic toc teen soap opera!!! Lol

    70. Tania Marques

      The show is a joke why do you have to be so mean

      1. Jonathan Pascual

        Who said it’s a joke show?

    71. patchworkpig89

      When she bribed the nurse and Penny burst out laughing so did I. “HIPAAAAAAAA VIOLATIOOOON” 🤣

    72. Maria_

      The kaneki shirt😌

    73. K C

      "Does he even know how to wipe his butt" my mother always says this....🤣🤣🤣

    74. ahana Roy choudhuri

      Dude I don't know so much about the work that doctors have to do. But along with the scripting the acting is pretty much shallow too

    75. the original loser rip

      You n doctor Mike need to collab👏👏

    76. Youselande Simon

      🤦🏾‍♀️, why does this even exist?????. THE CRIIIIINNGGGEEEE IS REAL!!!!!🤮

    77. Paige Pereira

      “This is not a kid, thass a vato dude” 😭🤣

    78. Shira

      this was so hilarious and at the same time informative!!

    79. Tinara Nathania

      here my eyes r stuck on your kaneki shirt. GREAT AND FUNNY REACTION BTW HAAHA

    80. Karimee Sanchez

      Ayeee Office Stan!!!! Love you 😭😭😭😭

    81. Rybug 0228

      I love this show!

    82. liza just liza

      Wait they are tiktokers right!!😹😹😹

    83. angela. g.

      This film is literally just the definition of bad acting and bad production

    84. Vaeh K

      Brat is the channellll👑👏🏽

    85. Kassandra Reyna-Vela

      i want a part 2 to this 😭

    86. Kids Millan

      U should review shein outfitsssss

    87. Cierha Rasasane

      Isn’t the one flirting with dixie a nurse himself tf

    88. IsabellaaMUA

      Do greys anatomy! 😂

    89. Aaliyah G.

      O my goddd the acting was so bad I almost clicked off this video😖 but stayed because of your informed reactions 🤗

    90. Amy Gomez

      They really trying to be the kidz bop of grey’s anatomy 😂

    91. Hannah

      This is so whack 😂😂😂

    92. Do Your Face With Diya

      who told these people they could act... and then this went through various levels of production and writers... who tf approved of this omg

    93. Abby

      Did she bribe her with a chocolate bar?? 😂😂😂

    94. K Abbott

      I love you, you make great videos!

    95. Shahad S


    96. Luz Perras

      First video, and I’m subscribed ❤️

    97. Mother of all frogs

      First I got crocs because of u. Now, I want to be a nurse cause of u.

    98. Saifuddin Ahmed

      Noooooo, I wanted you see one of the tiktoker actually touching the arrow WHEN its in his knee lol

    99. Saifuddin Ahmed

      Lol if they don't consult you for Season 2, I swear to gawd Ill lose my shit mann!

    100. Juliana Sukut

      do reactions to every single episode this is so funny