OneRepublic - Wild Life (Film Version)


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    Listen to OneRepublic’s single “Wild Life” from the Disney+ Original Movie “Clouds” now:

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    I’m staring at these sudden waterfalls
    Tears that don’t make sense to me at all
    This life's what happens when you’re making plans
    Don’t know what happens next or where I stand
    Wanna live this wild life, wild, every day
    Wanna say the things people never say
    I’ll take all the love and all the pain
    Wanna live this wild life, wild today
    Give me all your love and all your pain
    Gonna live this wild life wild today
    I’m staring at these faded signs ahead
    But all these turns just fill me up with dread
    But life's what happens when you’re making plans
    Dive or step right in but please don’t stand
    Wanna live this wild life, wild, every day
    Wanna say the things people never say
    I’ll take all the love and all the pain
    I want to live this wild life wild today
    Give me all your love and all your pain
    Gonna live this wild life wild today
    Gonna live this wild life wild today


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    Director - Christian Lamb
    Production Company - Black Dog Films
    Executive Producer/Video Commissioner - Jared Shelton
    Executive Producer - Molly Bohas
    Producer - Stephan Bielecki
    Production Coordinator - Trevor Albair
    Director of Photography - Tyler Weinberger
    Editors - Nick Pezzillo and Mike Spagnoli
    Colorist - Dave Hussey at Company 3
    VFX - Chris Riley
    Steadicam Op - Greg Arch
    1st AC - Karson Holbrook
    Choreographer - Genna Moroni
    Dancer - Courtney Scarr
    Dancer - Matthew Gibbs
    PA - Sarah Francis
    Movie Footage Appears Courtesy of Disney/Wayfarer

    #OneRepublic #WildLife #Clouds
    Music video by OneRepublic performing Wild Life (From The "Clouds" Soundtrack). © 2020 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

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    1. Lim Yoona

      This song deserve 300m views,

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      I love the scenery vibes

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      Cant stop crying

    4. Peachy Thegreat

      OneRepublic never fail to amaze me

    5. PatronusKnight13

      One of the things on my bucket list is seeing OneRepublic live in concert. Ryan has such an incredible voice.

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      Just perfect ❤️ i loved it

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      Estou em lágrimas

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      have you ever leftover well there are so many people who don't know OneRepublic

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      Best song of 2020 ❤

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      OneRepublic 🤩


      I love it🤩

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      Even a billion views aren't enough for this song 🙌

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      Who dislike this!!!!!! God haters

    15. Krtin Narayanan

      *When are we going to see a OneRepublic - Coldplay COLLAB???*

    16. Santiago Naranjo Cárdenas

      like si hablas español

    17. Osman doski

      This song makes me feel like I want to watch the movie every day of my life until I memorize every word in the movie.

    18. Ryan White

      What a beautiful song

    19. Gadhavi Gaurav

      Just say wow

    20. Macy Roberts

      I watched the movie yesterday and I was like at the end WHAT ITS WILDLIFE I heard the first part of the song. U did a good job 👏🏻 BROVO BROVO

    21. Eduardo Jesús Daniel Pantoja

      The #clouds soundtrack is amazing

    22. Eduardo Jesús Daniel Pantoja

      OneRepublic its the best band in the world / #Clouds

    23. MA GR

      Awesome as usual...One Republic N°1 fan...

    24. Zahwa Andi

      i thought this song is will be great OST first time hearing it and it really OST

    25. David Souza

      Reminds me Jonsi

    26. Evelin Costa

      acabei de assistir o filme e estou destruída

    27. Bareerah Khan

      This song makes me happy and sad a masterpiece ❤️

    28. Emily Morales

      Es increíblemente bueno, nunca me decepcionan.

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      that is the most beautiful dance i ever seen

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      😙😍 from Sri lanka

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      He's a legend! One republic 💙

    33. Silvia Mosquera

      Historia de amor ?

    34. Silvia Mosquera

      Los que no sabemos inglés , alguien dice por favor concepto esta canción, gracias!

    35. carcielma santos

      beautiful music one republic never disappoint! ❤

    36. Korn Flakes

      I just finished watching the movie. 😭

      1. Srinath sudheer

        Any good?

    37. בית הספר לכדורסל של אור

      This is my favorite song I can't stop hear that

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      Best song ever❤❤❤❤😩❤❤❤🖤

    39. Silvia Mosquera

      Alguien puede decirnos a los latinos el concepto básico de este tema que de escucha hermoso por favor, gracias!🏆

    40. Shinsz Shine

      U see the movie guys💥❤️

    41. Clara Mustapha

      I watched this movie but...uh, wait what?!

    42. Jon Stinson

      I love OR and ID too, if anyone is interested, not already aware and while we’re all waiting for Dan, Ryan and guys to drop another song/album check out On The Larceny (another level), Valley of Wolves (rise) and/or WillyEcho (smoke)

    43. shady singh

      His Voice make me feel Live again

    44. Роман Бондар

      Как называется фильм о больном парне ?

    45. ben pugsley

      Such a beautiful song to match a beautiful movie

    46. Glenn Mathews

      they really outdid themselves this time (again)

    47. pope


    48. Nash Dsouza

      Which movie is this?

      1. Kinga Szymańska

        Clouds ☁️

    49. Seval Ghori

      And this song became my birthday gift...❤️❤️

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    50. Inna Nik

      One the best song 2020 👍💞❤️😍🤩

    51. Music&More 4u

      nice song #lovecalibremusic# hi every one !

    52. Kender Michel

      OneRepublic,my favorite band,an outstanding the thing i love the most in its songs is when you listen to a song for the first time then you don't find it so amazing or you even dislike it then just after some minutes it becomes your favorite one,you spend days listenning it,love it, finally becomes mindblowing. Wildlife is perfect example !

    53. Adrian Averescu

    54. Deathstroke Gaming

      I dont understand the hidden meaning of the video , can someone please explain? Not arrogant , just curious

      1. Deathstroke Gaming


      2. Luke Koran

        The clips are from the new movie Clouds, based off of the life of Minnesota teen Zach Sobiech. As he battled osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, he turned to music to say "goodbye." His hit song "Clouds" went viral in 2013. The way he lived his life while dying - living it to the fullest, making others happy - is the main message of this amazing Disney+ movie

    55. Scatter

      this song wants me to enjoy life while we have it

    56. Bastian P.1000

      Really good❤️

    57. Rizki Ferdian

      I don't know yet my connection with you guys, OneRepublic. In October 2010 I returned from Europe after lived 8 years there and many other years many other countries/places since child all alone, 3 years Bali 2011-2013 and Your "Good Life" came out as soundtrack of "Eat, Pray, Love" (Elizabeth Gilbert/Julia Roberts) both the song and the movie reflect myself and my life, then returned to Java/Jakarta and now the past 3 years since November 2017 back to my Ancestry roots and our Ancestral inherited private lands here on Equator, Sumatra, Indonesia. Yes, love wildlife.

    58. Mike Playz

      I love the song it brought me to the movie which taught me live life to the fullesy

    59. Jonathan Cervantez

      Una hermosa canción, saludos desde León Guanajuato México ❤️

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    61. Дима Пономаренко

      I consider myself a national music connoisseur . And everything connected with it . It helps to live .

    62. Дима Пономаренко

      greetings from the USSR .

    63. Дима Пономаренко

      Dying people is normal how you feel . You are not a stone but a man .

    64. Jason Lowery

      I think I'm responsible for at least 2 million of these views

    65. P Y

      904 people dislike.why?i can not least write why.

    66. Army fofa

      Sim , vocês são perfeitos. Sempre.❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️☺️☺️☺️☺️🇧🇷🇧🇷🌻🌻🌻

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    68. Lewi Robson

      I love how Ryan Tedder makes songs relating to relationships life etc, everything that everyone can relate to. ❤️ this hits me deep about a relationship

    69. SERGAMERTSH: random

      Im love you

    70. X J

      The most sadness is not you were born sickly but experience a good life then get sick. The beautiful memories can crash your mind.

    71. Noel Fabrigas Jr

      Why does the chorus reminds me or sounds like from a musical movie but I can't remember.

    72. momongs sanjyu plus

      Love the song and the movie also....

    73. I DON’T CARE

      People who disliked this were cryin’ and accidentally hit the dislike button and thought this was the like button

    74. Septemmy J


      1. Septemmy J

        @Yngrid Soares Leite Clouds

      2. Yngrid Soares Leite

        what's the name of the film?


      Good morning Diane


      Buenos días 🕉 ✡️ ⚛️

    77. James Clark

      Here's the real Zach, top top guy! Make sure you watch this! I hope this doesn't get fired into spam because it's a link. It's a really good watch and very emotional!

    78. JustReallyObvious

      this song inspire people to never give up in love

    79. I DON’T CARE

      0:36 : how I look 2:52 : how I wanna look

      1. Francis Fleur

        Hahaha I get it but still both looks great

    80. Denise Lee

      Beautiful song ❤️

    81. Christina Cropsey

      this song hit defrently than there other songs like if u agree

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      super onerepublic's joli chant et music 🎶🎶👍👍salut !!!💕🎵

    83. ZEDD Z

      After watching the music video I had to watch the movie it’s great!

    84. Lily M

      God Iv fallen in love with onerepublic & Ryan since I was 20 and now Im 32 & still in love, impressed & proud of their music. Pure talent. As always great song writting with great message behind the lyrics. First class artistery. You guys deserve every big worthy platform to shin. Ryan love your voice, your soul, your personality. Keep on feeding our aching souls in need for every ounce of peace & hope.

    85. taufivk hdyt

      So good

    86. WasaVy

      2 weeks later, if you are reading this you are a legend

    87. uke slowed

      i'm here after the movie, i really fucking hate cancer.

    88. Elton Cruz

      Que filme é esse alguma brasileiro?

      1. Elizabeth Alves

        Tbm quero saber Rs

    89. Evolved Coders

      This life's what happens when you’re making plans Don’t know what happens next or where I stand

    90. Eduardo Jesús Daniel Pantoja

      Wonderful lyrics

    91. Monster Mom X

      it hurts i wasted my life and it is soon over.. i just want to make sure my kids can be without all their pain but feel powerless

    92. OPZANGA _

      Wondering why people disliked :(

      1. P Y

        me too

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      Feeling M83 vibe anyone?

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      most beautiful song i have heard this year

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      Under rated.

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      Best song ever!

    98. สายใยรัก จันร์ดาวฟ้า

      When..i say Whern..i say trut.. I well say... Goodby.. Orthe...we 1+1..go...^^

    99. nicolas Vasquez

      many emotions awakens you when you listen to it, very good