PKA 379 w/ Kitboga - Wings/EDP Drama, Trump v Biden Fist Fight, UFC 223


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    Timeline by LegitRage
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    0:00:00 - Kyle introduces Sponsors & guest
    0:00:11 - Who is Kitboga? How does he troll scammers?
    0:07:45 - Kit’s voice modulators
    0:11:13 - Vulnerable old ladies being fooled by scammers
    0:12:49 - Why is it always Indians involved in these scam artist calls?
    0:17:02 - Kit’s Valley Girl accent & Kyle’s Russian accent
    0:20:37 - What's the furthest Kit has gone with a scam caller?
    0:24:29 - Should Kit do “To catch a Predator” style trolls?
    0:30:27 - PKAs infamous prank phone calls - Bubble baths & boxing gloves
    0:34:08 - Video: Scammer peaks inside Kit’s nude folder
    0:35:41 - Female twitch e beggars
    0:42:27 - Police poor use of technology and insufficient pay
    0:48:35 - Kyle wants Kit to troll Wings
    0:50:50 - Roy D Mercer prank calls
    0:53:39 - Childhood mischief: Prank calls, TP’ing, lawn destruction & more
    0:57:04 - The poop dollar prank
    1:01:19 - Shamefully large fast food orders
    1:03:39 - Amazon’s LoTR Show has a $500m budget for first 2 Seasons
    1:07:36 - Will Kevin Spacey & Aziz Ansari get a second chance?
    1:10:55 - Return to the LoTR show & The Walking Dead gets a roasting
    1:17:26 - Lost went downhill similarly to TWD
    1:19:49 - Battlestar: Galactica talk
    1:22:28 - Ad Read: Casper
    1:23:37 - Wings has a new excuse as to why he can’t get his surgery
    1:35:06 - Kit’s interest in soccer & the hosts views on eSports
    1:36:40 - Return to Wings talk - Raging & more trolling channels
    1:47:51 - Kit’s experience of streaming & thoughts on Twitch Clips
    1:51:17 - Video: The darkest clip you’ll see of a Wings stream
    1:54:45 - Kit pimps his Social Medias and leaves
    1:56:25 - Kyle’s notepad/memos of Wings quotes & more Wings talk
    2:02:47 - Woody’s dad vs Taylor in a religious debate - Who wins?
    2:06:10 - Ad Read: Dollar Shave Club
    2:08:21 - Woody wants Wings on the show badly… but at what cost?
    2:15:18 - Video: EDP445 calls out Wings with no mercy shown
    2:27:16 - The PKA AMA questions suck & fat shaming fans
    2:32:30 - How effective would Wings be as a hockey/soccer goalie?
    2:36:18 - PUBG and Sea of Thieves talk
    2:43:41 - Roman showers; People enjoying being vomited on
    2:44:56 - Video: Howard Stern guy enjoys being vomited on (ew..)
    2:52:45 - Joe Biden vs Trump - draft-dodging & who wins in a fight?
    3:00:11 - Which President is most likely to win a fight?
    3:03:22 - Putin playing Ice Hockey & Olympic hockey players
    3:05:03 - Video: Obama on 60 minutes (Funny or Die! Spoof)
    3:10:44 - Woody horribly messes up 3 names in 10 seconds
    3:13:37 - Kyle & Taylor really want the voice emulators
    3:15:09 - Woody’s extraordinary ability to mispronounce names
    3:16:25 - HUfast is banning videos that promote firearms
    3:23:00 - Taylor’s recent homeless man encounter
    3:24:01 - Video: Man blows his leg off after lawnmower explosion
    3:31:44 - Kyle’s infamous close encounter with the truck door
    3:34:18 - Do we live in The Matrix? And The Matrix’s phone
    3:37:34 - Phone keyboards, electric typewriters & Jackie’s “computer”
    3:40:02 - Puppet shows, Jeff Dunham & ventriloquism
    3:42:25 - Paramotor talk - Social media growth & paramotor heists
    3:44:46 - Deadpool 2 trailer & Woody’s copyright issues
    3:47:40 - Internet intellectualism & Woody’s copypasta
    3:49:35 - Where have all the good TV shows gone?
    3:50:47 - UFC 223 talk: Lauzon, Khabib, Ferguson - It’s a big one
    4:03:26 - Video: Kit trolls a scammer with a jumpscare
    4:04:50 - Kyle calls it a show & thanks sponsors/guest

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    1. ookami145

      2:18 what a wholesome moment on woody's cam


      Kit is a legend with others like Jim Browning

    3. Big Al

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      JD Harymeyer AKA DABADASS

    5. Gabriel López

      I’ve never wanted to see this trans man more in my life 😂

    6. Chase

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      1. HoovAir

        Longmont Potion Castle > ALL. You’re welcome.

    7. Johnny Blazem

      If he comes in you should bring on metokur

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    9. Heather

      This Kyle guy seems to be really disconnected from the conversation, or he's just not capable of reading people. Obviously Kit is not the kind of guy who is going to speak poorly of a race/culture, and he's just being incredibly offensive. He's just so dense.

      1. trexmaster9000


    10. Jigsaw Woman

      ❣ Kitboga ❣

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    12. Crab Eyes

      Ah man, love seeing kit here, he's such a nice dude and his streams are great

    13. DBERT ONE

      Woody complaining about never being able to get the name of literally anything, and everyone making fun of him for "putting out a hint" like it's their fault 🙄

    14. MrBking77

      Roy d mercer, what a reference

    15. Art Vandalay

      Interesting idea for a tv show series, since we're taking big names, Planet of the Apes tv series.

    16. Indie Dank

      I didn't know Kitboga was on here. I knew about and watch woody back in the day, but came across KB anti scammer videos like a month ago. This is sweet.

    17. True2Live

      9:00 for anyone wondering how kitboga does his voice

    18. MGP L

      Wrong crowd, Kitboga

    19. lazyorbit

      I love how when the other hosts get racist, kit just goes, "watch it"

      1. Bloodwyrm Wildheart

        Observable facts are "racist" to the weak and delusional.

      2. The KYLE Projekt

        I watched the first 2 hours twice and never heard any racism, timestamp?

    20. Colleen

      The three other guys: That Twitch streamer is a loser. Let's laugh at him. Kitboga: How can I get him Heart Support's number?

      1. The KYLE Projekt

        Notice how in 2 months you got 0 likes?

    21. Colleen

      Only watched because Kit was on. Won't be back. No shade...just not my thing.

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      Who is Kyle? Is he FPSRussia?

    28. Drab Majesty97

      HoaxHotel is my fav scam buster

    29. Occisoft

      trying to justify indian grifters because they are indian. pretty gay

    30. James Brown

      yall need to give sean raklin a shoutout lmfaooo he's a god

    31. Eric Thatcher

      Kyle I thought you were in jail for felony drug charges and be jail for 30 years

      1. Rhine

        only 2 months

    32. KosmonautOfficial

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    37. Zaki

      the older fighter beat the younger in Ali's third time getting the title

    38. Unlimited

      Jeff Dunham is a mixture of Woody and Phillip DeFranco

    39. Jeff Theissing

      2:23:37 You just hit that R a little hard! Lmao!!!!!!!

    40. Eric

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    45. Scott Williams

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    46. Gabriel Oberfeldt

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    47. Zack Force

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    48. Ksiyas

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    49. vRagg

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    51. Unlimited

      You know I really thought that Woody would bigger than the "hard r". I'm not angry, just disappointed.

    52. Blayke Berkemeier

      WATCH THE NEW SEASON. TWD IS GOOD AGAIN. Also it's a show, it's not always gunna be perfect. You have to just play along. Like in a magical movie or hero movie

    53. Joseph Stealin

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      Are the AMA questions bad and uninteresting or is it that their stories have already been told so many times and that makes them bad or uninteresting? You can't blame them since there's been 379 episodes of pka and a couple of pkns but there are only so many angles you can attack the same stories.

    65. Leonard Sizemore

      Kyle is a very likeable guy ;)

    66. Marcus Allen

      Hell of a good guest. Thanks, Chiz.

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    68. dlepi40

      I remember in college all of my roommates and I sat on top of our roof playing poop dollar. Watching people get furious and look all around to find the culprit was hilarious. The worst part is one of the roommates girlfriends was on her way over and she picked it up and we all had to act like we had no clue what was going on.

    69. Enrique Sedano Jr.

      Got damn woody is so white. Some may say tooo white. He legit did not get the obama bit lol

    70. Michael Boland

      I’m excited at the possibility of EDP445 as a guest because he’s such a real guy that the conversations you guys would have would be amazing!! Plus he sounds like he’s got an incredible story too... MAKE IT HAPPEN! (Please lol)

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      1. Matthew Dev

        The deal will always be to promoted their stuff/channels... That's the point. The same exact reason why actors go on chat shows when they have a new film out. Its no secret.

    80. dpon _

      soo im new...but why doesn’t kyle upload fps russia videos anymore?

    81. Whiplashed

      Who's this chiz they refer to?

      1. Matthew Dev

        Whiplashed I can't tell if you're trolling but if not Dr Chiz is basically the manager/producer now. Used to be on the show occasionally, just one of their mates. He sits on the call supporting behind scenes but not with a mic

    82. 365Fitness

      great guest, shame he wasnt a little bit more chatty. 10/10 for his content though

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