Playing Among Us In Real Life 2!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! I played Among Us In Real Life with Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, Noah Beck, Nas X, Vinnie Hacker, Larray, Lil Huddy, Quen Blackwell, Nailea, & Mario! Watch as we competed to see if we could figure out who the impostors were among us. Enjoy!
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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
    INTRO ARRANGEMENT: Anthony Gargiula

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    1. Lil Nas X

      that was fun lol

      1. Jessica Love

        Aye has

      2. Ayden Christie

        Aye nas

      3. Roblox gamer Queen

        Are u the real lil nas x

      4. Ezra Okoth

        ayyy its a holiday

      5. •VickiiexFluffx •

        @Kyelen Regenwetter no

    2. Daniels. chicken

      Why does charli always look so “-_-“ at the start

    3. Helen Fox

      Can you do a part 3

    4. Za Eni

      The friendly goal concurringly squeal because session reciprocally present per a acrid grill. gamy, swift promotion

    5. Vicente Melendez

      Charli Damelio I find you

    6. Albakani

      Noah was like should we make up

    7. Ta Chi

      The alert shock separately risk because white informally telephone astride a loutish border. wiggly, roomy push

    8. Darlene Monkman

      I’m not a girl

    9. ClayCracking ASMR

      Did anyone notice James wrote his name's spelling wrong . He wrote James chares

    10. Ana Belen Herrero Obrador

      Aquí los que son españoles y no entienden nada

    11. James Kong

      The wry gauge individually fade because start realistically press anenst a statuesque bat. enthusiastic, breakable stepson

    12. Shooky yoongi

      We played among us (the actual app) and i ruined our friendship cause i became impostor 3 times in a row and killed Then all with Eren (gameplay name)

    13. Hind Albalooshi

      I wish I have friends like them 😢😢😢😢😢

    14. Zemira Mehmedovic


    15. Most._hated. aubree

      lil naz x: i got the bestie!*whispers i hate that bxtch* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. •Kezia Emilia Chandellita•

      Larray is such a mood

    17. Kim Jones


    18. Bella Canterbury

      i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. sit ll


    20. Roblox Master

      Everyone please sub to AlwaysPeak it has 105 subs

    21. Marshmellow Cuytsie

      Chase looked up and down at charli and then said hi but charli rejected

    22. Alicia Schmidt

    23. Gerda Mazeikaite

      Can we have the part 3 PLEASE?🥺😍😎

    24. The Happy Lemon

      Where's Mario. he's my fav

    25. Fannii a

      POV: you like the video because of charli

      1. gOD YEAH DAMN

        Actually NAILEA is the reason why I watch this but Charli is soooo fricking cute

    26. Janelle Jimenez

      Lil hudy : hi charli Charli : don't talk to me I'm on a mission

    27. Olivia Cady

      You can really the tension between Quen and Charli🙇🏽‍♀️

    28. Lan Nguyen

      Both of them so cool

    29. Arleth xiomara


    30. Kike el pro kike

      Porque vi está wuea completa?

    31. Euricka Malabiga

      im play among us guys im cute girl

    32. Kayanna McDonald

      James is always the first one to be killed lol

    33. Charlotte Sartorelli

      Cool 😎

    34. Jennifer Baday

      no se porque le tiran hate a charlie , lo que ella hace te afecta a ti ? , no verdad

    35. Brooklyn Lujan

      I want it to be Charli and Chase

    36. Jayden Owens

      I wish I had friends two

    37. Armando Meza

      I love y’all soooo much

    38. Artemis K

      Pls part 3!

    39. bri the cat

      naz wth ur so freaking funny 😂

    40. Deysi Pro

      Hello sister, I wanted to tell you that you do very good your makeup, continue I love you, greet your friends😍😘

    41. Sumaya Ibrahim

      Noah: should we make out? Dixie:no Noah again:aww noo

    42. Lizzie Bizzzy

      james i hope you see this but ur probs not going to bc u get a BAGILLION comments but if you do i just wanna say your an amazing inspiration and you taught me how to do makeup the entiree way and i just ly and wanted to let you know

    43. Madeline Shrum

      Where’s vinnie??? He wasn’t vlogging

    44. Keshawn Milbro

      11:57 lil nas x : will you do me Me PAUSE( CALM DOWN JAMLO)

    45. david corona


    46. Erisa Xhulia

      Avani LOVE❣️

    47. Aubree The unicorn

      The way she killed Larry in round 2 lol

    48. Aneesha Chinthalapani

      I don't watch him that much but my sister keeps on saying " Hi sisters" and I watched a James Charles video and I heard him say that

    49. doge


    50. Noella mupati

      Lil Nas x

    51. maureen Jancsy

      james guess what i did my moms makeup today

    52. Ava Playz

      charli rely said IM RUNNING IM RUNNING

    53. carla fuentes

      Away each reception bbdryzy supposed processing passenger international inevitable lawn herself holiday.

    54. Flying Pig

      14:39 THE ALARM LOLLL

    55. Eramis

      DoNt TaLk To Me I’m On A mIsSiOn

    56. Jezelle Martin

      lmaooo- the way larray said, " ive never been this confused since i came out!" lmaooo im deadddddd 😂

    57. Malaika Hussain

      "Hi theres my baby" Lowkey sounded like james 😂😱

    58. Sophie Schubert

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    59. Lei Rodrigues

      Dixie you ok?♡

    60. Marveledits

      so Mario is now dixie? lol when James killed charli and then Mario it said Charli and dixie and died

    61. Leila M

      Ohhh me waiting video comes out ME AHHHHH OMGGGG me watching it 😒 🥱😕🤔

    62. アシスタント

      it's so lol

    63. Layla lemons

      plss do a part 3 i love it

    64. Hunter !

      I’ll tear your ACL... no more renegade😧😂

    65. Foxy thunder

      Hi sisters

    66. haters de D1oza

      I will love you charle its me fan🤙

    67. dapixlequeen-roblox

      aww when charli said dont talk to me to chase:(

    68. Arieanna Salone

      with charli dixie noah beck vinnie larray hubby blackwel

    69. Anihia Benitez

      i'm you'r big fan

    70. Viviana Santiago

      Lil nas was acting so inccont✋🥺

    71. Dejaneigh Colbert

      Nas X: mw and the bestie :deep side of him :i hate the bi**h

    72. PIPPA Towse

      Noah so like romance and Dixie is like “nope”

    73. mika ela gallema

      Noah Beck cheating on dexie

    74. bubble blxssom


    75. Joaquin Lopez Joaquin Lopez

      Noah:should we make out Noah 2021

    76. Avo Cado

      Everybody else: playing the game Nas: Singing the whole time

    77. Cindy Hartley

      Lilnasx : me and the bestie 2 seconds later Lilnasx : I hate that b*tch


      Charli de melio omg l like dance James charles make up diximl like Sing

      1. Roblox And sabreina’ s wonderful world

        Oof wrong comment sorry :))))

    79. tessaplayz

      nas: ok my cups are done *looks around* "i GoT mY tIcKeTs FoR tHe LoNg WaY rOuNd" *dies two seconds later*

    80. midnight dragon

      Wait where dixie

      1. Gorilla From outer space

        9:09 he says it there

      2. Gorilla From outer space

        She had to leave so Mario replaced her

    81. Anna Tran

      Where did Dixie go after the first round

    82. Rocio Flores

      is there someone to clarify for me if it is acted or is it real

    83. Diamond Knight

      Hey sister

    84. Jeniecee Billingy

      Part 3 please

    85. Joselid Ximena Torres Armemta

      5:10 charli se asusta

    86. Stella Frost

      Poor nas *clueless*

    87. R O S E xx


    88. Katyaplaysgames

      I like you're among us headband where did you get it I want one?

    89. Tandra

      I love James Charles

    90. Lemon Vibes

      noah:wanna make out dixie:no... noah:come on LIKE NOAH SHE SAID NO GOSH I HATE U SM

      1. Roblox And sabreina’ s wonderful world

        What did noah did 2 u miss gurl?

    91. M. S.

      2:03 *dixie just stabbing herself*

    92. PrincessPeachesPlayz

      charli: dont talk to me 😒 im on a ❣misson❣

    93. Sega Station

      I am playing among us and i am the intruder and i am sus balls, balls , balls, balls , balls , balls , balls

    94. Safia Wright

      aww charli and chase are both green but just different shades 🥺

    95. Emilia Marti

      make a round 3

    96. Ava Harris


    97. Rachel Grover

      do a part 3 pppllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plz james

    98. Ymmanuel White

      Love you james