Playing an RPG for the second time

Joel Haver

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    Adventure awaits again.
    The third installment of the RPG series -
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    1. Joel Haver

      This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

      1. Jesus Valles

        What RPG is this? 😂

      2. Match Box

        Hope you have the time and effort to make more of these

      3. Karl Hansen

        Rewatched this so many times and still makes me laugh, I have no idea what or how the quirky (sort of cell shaded?) animation style is done but really looking forward to seeing any more you create! And the writing 😂 omg, I want to be in on the brainstorming sessions... Right up there with Llamas with Hats, and that coming from a guy named Karl

      4. Bordoy

        @Blayze kinda sorta... but i like the weird animation effect on this one better

      5. Blayze

        @Bordoy I got some definite Apollo Gauntlet vibes from this.

    2. Marc Giofel Lauron


    3. pedro rossi


    4. Yousef Jeddi

      I literally just started replaying Oblivion :o

    5. Raymond Raymond

      this series would present the wisdom from doing something wrong the first time around and doing it great even better the following time as you learn from it. This series is a reflection on life itself, to fail the first time and do better

    6. Stan Kolodin

      The ending is...

    7. Sandvich Mann

      1:44 The most iconic of lines in internet history

    8. Kilami Harem

      They all connect!! Hazaaahhh!!

    9. Snake Bolt

      I want to see a series from this channel o wait you did and I love it

    10. farinheit2celsius

      Nice ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    11. rylog8

      The second playthrough is always the best

    12. moxpanda

      I like how this works fine even without the context of the previous episodes

    13. soulsearcher 117

      This is we Xbox One players would react if Fallout New Vegas permitted mods on the Xbox One console. Hopefully, they will be permitted on the Xbox Series X.

    14. HalfLucan

      “You are important and you have value” “Thanks. No ones ever told me that before” Me neither...

    15. Vincent Law

      that moment when he stood in the door frame, hell that was dramatic. Literally

    16. Neal Buatti

      So in playing an RPG for the third time he will kill Marshall but not the Ghoul boy and then head to town but the Ghoul boy will tell everyone that he murdered Marshall and the town will try and kill him... lol

    17. Stephanie Curtis

      It is more funny when you run both videos side-by-side

    18. The Grey Crusader

      That "oh fuck" was felt heavily.

    19. Octonio Walker

      Another wholesome ending...

    20. legion999

      What in the fuck am I watching

    21. 10 11

      Guys help I don’t get it

    22. Teghan Felisko

      Guy: starts screaming. subtitles: music.

    23. Asgrod Elros

      I need all Joel videos with spanish subtitles so my friends can understand the videos :c i always share them but NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!!!! otherwise i'll have to find bilingual friends...

    24. Jacob

      Uhhhh, guess I am the enemy now

    25. Nathan Awbrey

      Keep on keeping on buddy

    26. Erush

      I’d give an arm and a leg to do voice acting for this

    27. Antonio Terracciano

      At the end, an epic adventure he got. So it is also true, only a good villain can lead to a good story

    28. YoshiieKun

      If this was a really looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong series. I wouldn't stop watching it.

    29. Daniel Aguilar

      Marshal oh Marshal 😔

    30. Joel Lee

      hello friend.

    31. Flufferz626

      "Marshall has no moral compass, he's a rat." 🤣🤣🤣

    32. James Cooper


    33. Clavanz

      This is just so good lmao!

    34. Dilideo

      “A health bar only shows who is an enemy to themselves.” Skyrim me after butchering a small nation’s worth of people: “By the gods...what have I done?”

    35. Igi122

      i love the oblivion sfx

    36. Walter Burton


    37. Brian Turak

      This was incredible

    38. ChronoMune

      This “game” being entirely different after starting over is like if everything promised about cyberpunk (or Skyrim) was true.

    39. BeetleBuns

      is this mocap or just a super unique animation style, I can't tell

    40. Dr Wondertainment

      I remember this video and he seems so broken and dead in the first half

    41. MEKK the MIGHTY

      the fuck did i just watch

    42. Berd

      i am in love with this

      1. Ann Hiro Channel

        Even berd finds love.

      2. Wyatt Devine


      3. Steadyjumper



      The poor king wasn't even that corrupt.

    44. big channel

      i love how everyone is nuetral and nobody is bad or good. (except marshal the rat he is bad)

    45. Soren S

      "Marshalls evil now, he has a gun" the line killed me. The delivery was so good *chef kiss*

    46. Sebbe

      Lol that oblivion music

    47. Master Chron

      He's so sick of doing everything wrong now, just wait until his beautiful maiden starts giving him -chores- quests.

    48. Mamma Jamma

      1:49 story of my life

    49. James D, writer of Fahrenheit 1984

      pretty wholesome I give it a B+

    50. You'reThatMantis

      Marshall is the new Thanos

    51. Swordfish

      hahahahaa best scene 3:10

    52. monkee014

      i watch this when i feel distraught and yearn for grander adventures.

    53. generic bot

      I'm gonna quote this til my lungs give out

    54. Pingouin 366

      This is pretty epic

    55. Genesis Plus

      I love this.

    56. That2jzSupra

      "Oh fuck" - adventurer

    57. Definitely Soft

      This is basically you when playing through the Witcher 3

    58. Lexyvil

      I love how the "What posters?" became a running gag.

    59. Ocean Breeze

      What a great finale to the skit comedy cinematic universe

    60. MattBrown_online

      I love how this is available in 4k

    61. Nefarious Cookie

      A warrior with 0 defence 2 atk power

    62. Zachary Leszcynski

      Anyone notice that Jacob no longer has a health bar at the end of the video? He's no longer a threat to himself.

    63. ResentedGhost

      Say what you want about him, Marshal has the most ambitious story yet. From Street rat to the Ruler of the kingdom, by any means.

    64. Samuel McConen

      Oh my God. This series start with the main character saying: "No prison can hold me!". Marshall freed him with the rest of the worst criminals of the country. This is absolutely amazing.

    65. Jim Hyllan

      All we need now is a live-action version starring Bill Burr.

    66. ChuRa

      As someone who is playing through the Witcher 1-3 series for the first time.............. this.

    67. RitchiesRule

      Kill marshal but don't kill his son and you get the good end that gets rid of his skin condition

    68. Rancid Lion

      My daughter and I are going around the house making the old man whimpering noises and cracking each other up.

    69. JustWanna HaveFun Gaming

      You telling me i made enemies hate themselves when i hurted them and they died hating themselves....

    70. Ryan Helmbold

      This is unbelievably satisfying

    71. Thierry Decker

      Why is this unironically awesome?

    72. Paolo Marinos

      Adventure..... awaits. Made me tear up

    73. Jordan Haag

      Giant ending is the best ending in this rpg

    74. Bravo Squash Actual

      “Marshall has no moral compass- he is a rat.” Well, being a rat didn’t stop him from using a gun.

    75. jelshok

      Recklesness, aceptation and redemption this series has it all

    76. Jakob Schaff

      Just wanted to say thank you for uploading these because of you I got this goober picture and a bunch of references with my brother xoxo

    77. Dominic The Donkey

      Wow, these skits had more build up, emotional pay off, and continuity than most stuff made by companies

    78. SomethingShort

      Oblivion ambience gave this a heart.

    79. Manly_Manthony

      If this was an actual videogame I’d play it lol

    80. Howard Lott


    81. Joshua Belliveau

      These animations are the most wholesome, comedic, and entertaining videos I've seen in a long time. Keep up the good work, my dude

    82. 24 Arrian

      Marshal is the only man powerful enough to chop someone’s leg off with a gun

    83. Moon Goose

      Best end!

    84. D2_


    85. Malaki Deatherage


    86. John Sixsmith

      What a wholesome ending

    87. 74 g

      This was strangely very comforting and emotional. I'm serious.

    88. Xeno101

      This is real Vtubing

    89. Luke Hadly

      literally if joel from mst3k was in the elder scrolls. literally.

    90. Lehy

      The casing is bigger than the gun xD

    91. 2 dollar Mariachi

      I’ve watched this video like 8 fucking times

    92. mrraisintheawsome

      This was probably one of my favorite videos so far. The vibes were absolutely immaculate and loved it.

    93. Andrew Liu

      you'd have to watch the prequel to understand

    94. BlikenavE

      This was the first video I saw from this channel about a week ago, and just now I watched "Playing an RPG for the first time" and everything makes so much sense.

    95. maxyboxparadox

      That was....nice.

    96. HAOSov

      EPIC! Hello from Ukraine

    97. Joel

      Next Big Lez Show. You got fat potential in this, run with it!


      Infinity wars is the most ambitious cross-

    99. Steven Choong

      The complete saga

    100. Revenant the Adventurer

      is this Rotoscoped?