Pokimane Adresses Fedmyster Being Kicked Out + Her Side Of The Story | OfflineTV Drama


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    Pokimane comes out with a statement on the whole OfflineTV drama happening recently. Poki adresses fedmyster being kicked out of OfflineTV, her experience with him and more.
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    1. Brimstone

      This brings a lot more context to the whole situation, what are your thoughts?!

      1. Heliana Banes

        Ummm... another person's context, not necessarily the truth.

      2. Puregamez Games and entertainment made in Italy


      3. Ellway34 k

        @Dosui tbh man idk what i wrote in this

      4. Dosui

        @Ellway34 k he didn't

      5. Memelord the 64th

        This comment has aged horribly

    2. BakedVaderBeans

      Why da fck this pop out in my youtube recomendations?

    3. Dezxye Land

      Why did 3k people dislike this shes telling a story about sexual assault or harassment

    4. yvng_niji

      Wait this video is so fucking long someone pls cut me to the point and tell me a very short version of this story

    5. Ze Doc

      What a drama... like in a telenovela

    6. APL Minecraft

      It's scary to think that you need to live with a manipulator

    7. The Godz

      Now that fed is out of the picture, us lads have a better chance at poki ;)

    8. Belle Benson Turnbull

      Consent is a FIRM yes, NOT the absence of a no.

    9. Heliana Banes

      I am gonna go out on a limb and make a guess, they are all on HUfast, they are all at least a little selfish and prone to leaving out a lot of truths. Feel bad for Yvonne and Lilly though, unless they invite you in to their room, you are not welcome!

    10. xstrktu

      3:42 oh it's rewind time

    11. itzmeh_ victoria

      So how long ago did this happen like 6months?

    12. Coochieman

      To all the person confused just go on HUfast and rite fredmyster and there is a lot of videos explaining your welcome

    13. jackie cuellar

      Honestly I knew something was going on with him he acted really weird and just annoying it made me so annoyed how he told those guys they were a thing.

    14. Wade The Togre

      Kinda sucks to feel like you've wasted 3 years on a "friendship" that almost ended up costing the true happinesses with others.

    15. chloe martyr

      Full support to you all! You make amazing content and each and every one of you deserve a safe and supportive workplace environment. I follow your hopes. I am a late fan as I have only recently found you all. But I see the spirit you all have behind your craft. Best of luck moving forward. Ignore all haters. They have nothing better to do. You are all amazing people.

    16. Stressed Out Azim

      bookmark 20:50

    17. Ella Cuenca

      Bruh this brakes my fucking heart, i hate that i see her pain and can hear the pain in her voice. I feel so fucking bad

    18. Hannah Galon

      That’s so sad

    19. ғᴀᴛ cj

      Micheal just in his room making a taser fleshlight while this stuff happened

    20. David_ Dave

      I'm 6 months late to this sad news. I just want to point out 21:50 - 23:18 is interesting because she's literally describing the behavior of someone that is being abused. A similar scenario is a parent being stern to It's kid for having low grades, when those grades reflect the fact that something isn't right in their school environment. Whether it be abuse, a teen breakup or even school drama. It's just sad to see that the victim's language of saying something's wrong is losing interest in whatever they are expected to have accomplished. God I feel so bad for Yvonne :(

    21. Mih0

      This feels like a fist 👊 not just 2 fingers

      1. Nathan Armitage

        Literally, how are people still on pokis side after all this was leaked

    22. Heyy Flux


    23. SquishyMuffin

      Women shouldn't apologize for having a period or performing worse during that time ffs!

    24. Daniel [PAVOLU]

      If she had not done the video, we would not have found out that she uses her fist...

    25. paulaxa1

      Fed is just a friend zoned angry boy

    26. yolo jaku

      Ok what you saying poki is it's ok when you drop a n bomb and nobody cares and when fed gets kicked out its bigger than the pandemic

      1. Kuldeep Kaur

        No one is saying that. People are just calling him out for being a creep. Poki apologize( though it is not my place to accept or deny her apology) Fed however would run to anyone who wasn't aware of the things he did and shit talk the people who called him out. He sexual assaulted Iily and Yvonne and manipulated many other of the girls in the circle. So in my eyes he is definitely worse than Poki

    27. J M

      The part about her telling him the people she likes and then him telling them she's with him is so warped and twisted to begin with but then everything else on top...then including all the others and what they went through...geez what the f*ck this is the guy that everyone tried to defend against the girl from that dating show almost ruining her life in the process. Them being remotely willing to forgive after what they've been through is incredible. Just incredibly twisted that anyone with a conscience would be ok with themselves in that position, just the first part alone let alone everything else. And what's scary is how he would have done it indefinitely had it not finally come back to him had she not found out from one of the guys.

    28. ChssyButtWaffles

      This got apology video vibes

    29. ItzXoxPlays

      i don’t think it is a good idea for him to move in again even if he become a better person and claims he stops doing this it could happen again so it would be better to have less alcohol in the house to stop incidents like this

      1. ItzXoxPlays

        @A 007 not sure yet hey said they don’t know because of his fans are trying to persuade him he did no wrong but he is trying to become a better person maybe but after a long long time of Fed going through the journey of self improvement first

      2. A 007

        Wait is fed moving in again?

    30. ItzXoxPlays

      Will Pokimane be moving into the new offline tv house now Fed/Fedmyster has left OfflineTv

      1. Kuldeep Kaur

        I don't think so. She seems so like living with Rae Janet and Celine

    31. Jordan Blanco

      This why ppl be saying men ain’t shit, bc some fr be selfishly thinking with just one “head”

    32. Jana Francisco

      I feel like she should be a politic person cuz she speaks so perfect and she speaks very clearly for smart people to understand.

    33. Miguel Patino

      Fed is one of those dudes that can’t handle the idea of not having all the girls. This causes him to envy them.

      1. A_AW

        And poki is one of those girls that likes to manipulate boys with her looks for pleasure. Because that’s want she done to fed.

    34. Mr Egg

      Tik tok house gets ruined by horny step bro

      1. Mr Egg

        This has become a whole drama series now

    35. mR. wigleegiggle5

      K tbh I don’t really keep up with poke very much but I see her as a pretty positive light within the streaming scene. I don’t really understand why she always immediately gets hammered down on by everyone as soon as things come out, especially since this time I really do think she’s in the right. Kinda impressive to see her continue despite all of the constant toxicity in that community.

    36. Maiva La

      She’s just trying to act all sweet and innocent, but it’s clear that she’s not telling the truth. Don’t believe a thing that comes out of Pokimane’s mouth. Look at how good she’s at lying in Among Us. She does the same IRL

      1. Kuldeep Kaur

        She is recounting what has happened not only to her but several girls. By saying this you are trying to take away from the stories of the actual victims(Lily and Yvonne) the drama between Fed and Poki doesn't make Fed sexual assaulting Lily and Yvonne okay

    37. IM POSTER

      I'm new to this, so they basically played among us but the imposter lost just because of noob level sabotages without getting a single kill-

      1. A_AW

        @Kuldeep Kaur ok then imposter poki votes out fed (imposter) in order to gain trust from her tier 3 simps(crew mates) to then find out at the end poki wins

      2. Kuldeep Kaur

        @A_AW fed inappropriately touched Lily and Yvonne that's not a lie made up by Poki. That's why he is an impostor not anything Poki related

      3. A_AW

        Nah it’s more like the imposter(poki) says that fed(crewmate) vented and all the other tier 3 sub simps playing with them decided to lick her pussy and be her puppet

    38. hoffieldj

      How is it dumb we watching im hella late but wth is going on over there

    39. Amy4 024

      Its the fact that everyones stories add up. Like leslie thinking poki was a bad person because of what fed was telling leslie.

    40. Chris Paul

      I'm honestly so confused now, because I really don't know who to believe.

      1. Kuldeep Kaur

        Im not sure about the recent Poki drama but Fed did do those things to the girls. Lily Yvonne Toast Scarra and Leslie have talked about it and confimed all of this happened(idk if anyone else also spoke out)

      2. haha xx

        You shouldn't be confused.


      im confused of who is in the wrong now

      1. Nathan Armitage

        @haha xx Not really, have you not seen the leaked documents that basically explain Feds side

      2. anaskye

        They both are.......

      3. haha xx

        FedMyster is in the wrong. You shouldn't be confused.

    42. Father Noon

      Being able to study this, knowing she's lying. Good experience to protect yourself against people like this.

      1. Kuldeep Kaur

        Can I ask what she is lying about? The whole situation with him shit talking her was confimed by Leslie who in her stream told how he would constantly complain about Poki to her. He was inappropriate with many girls which was confimed by all the victim that came out so what did she lie about. Or are you just using the recent drama as an issue to defend a predator.

      2. planet 4

        @Maiva La talking about how body language alone isnt enough of an indicator doesnt make me a simp, esp since im not even a fan

      3. Maiva La

        @planet 4 hey simp it’s obvious that she’s lying.

      4. haha xx

        This was 5 months ago. Your words don't mean anything.

      5. Father Noon

        @planet 4Bro, just read your comment before you smash enter. Anyways, to address your poor argument, body language is such a key element in lying. That's why Police interrogation techniques use body language, not only as a manipulator to get a confession but one to tell whether or not this person is hiding something.

    43. Rajeev Rajagopal


    44. Ultra Ryuchi

      the one piece of hair is giving me anxiety.

    45. Little Fatal

      I mean how do we know what she is say is true though she could be lying and there so more too it and it doesn’t seem sincere she so reading off a script

    46. - SpaceNav -

      It's so clear she's talking straight out of her ass, she can't even keep eye contact lmao

    47. smol_boi


    48. smol_boi

      Fed: *Exposing Pokimane with proof* Pokimane: "Nah das cap"

      1. Nathan Armitage

        @duhnuh pir Please tell me in what context those screenshots make poki the good guy here

      2. duhnuh pir

        it was convenient screenshots though and mostly tells of his shitty character as explained by poki and most of the offlinetv people. he's trying to salvage a little reputation by turning it on poki.

    49. rayharttwinsfuture wifeyy

      what happened???

    50. Jason Kariuki

      This didn't age well....yikes

    51. Daniel

      Aged like milk

    52. Cameron Valencia

      This aged pretty well. Feds doc was faked and lacked a lot more context, provided by poki. Glad she won't have to deal with his toxicity. The least he coudlve done was made it clear that his doc was full of lies to make her look bad. Poki cant catch a break.

      1. Cameron Valencia

        ​@LovedPain You know what interesting. The word jujitsu Poki uses to "defend" herself on the vegas trip. Her conclusion was "all the girls ended up in his room", and ignored the parts where she tells Fed "I" want to go to your room. So basically, she was flirting with him (but then calls her thirst/flirt with him cringe???), and she also wants to be with him in his room. BUT without the pressure of leaving her girls behind for a guy at night.....& maybe no pressure to do stuff, while being alone with Fed. So I would imagine, her comment of "I wanted all of us to be together, so its more fun", was the same lie she had told the girls to convince them to go to fed's place. Fed understandably was shocked to see them all there, BUT as Fed clarified "Poki and I ultimately shared the bed together"......so bascially they both got what they wanted (win-win for both of them) and Poki left her friends none the wiser. Also Fed being the "im not gonna question whatever poki says or does" doesnt complain to her why she said "I" instead of "we." Although I dont understand why she is sooo regretful of admitting to liking him.

      2. Cameron Valencia

        But a couple of things on poki's initial account. 0 mention of them having an "on/off cycle" constantly with fed, 0 mention of her problem with ppl becoming creators and her stance against that. 0 mention that Fed never actually wanted Yvonne gone, (Fed actually was going to bat for Yvonne to make it work), but I imagine everyone was also concerned of her productivity. The convenience of grown adults taking "Fed venting" as the reason for them to view Poki negatively. I don't believe that for a second, even if they claim it to poki, its just convenient to not take responsibility and kinda unbelievable. Even on her response, fails to mention that she herself wanted to go to his room ("I can go to urs"/she didnt say "we"), and brought all the girls instead. She would regularly call him honey/dear, but says "babe" is not allowed.....but except for poki its okay twice a week, but pet names is a big NONO.....ughh okay? What kind of border is that? IDC, that she "made it clear they were gonna be just friends" after the canada trip, bc she admits to an "on/off cycle" of flirting and "getting close", meaning that regardless of the Canada trip she's not distancing herself from him in a friendly manner. Her initial response made it look like Fed was clearly friendzoned and was acting like a creeper randomly telling ppl they had this "non-existant thing" yet now she admits to having a "constant on/off thing". The worst part is how she reacts to "being petty", why is that so funny to her or even her concern how quickly he comes back. "Her best friend" (former friend I imagine).....she says "who asked lol".

      3. Cameron Valencia

        @LovedPain I think they both aren't as "evil" as they claim each other to be. Poki admitted to feeling resentment towards him, so I now think she did her "piece on Fed" out of anger towards him.She did a lot of assuming his intent. And ppl ran with her narrative. Fed got his own issues and should've made an attempt to clear the air once and for all with her instead of being love-struck for so long. But I agree my comment aged poorly, but tbh I've flipped so many times in this drama. XD Also vvv

      4. LovedPain

        How can the document be fake when there’s messages leaked? Poki provided no evidence and lacked more context than fed. If you sit there and say he’s faked it, you’re a simp to poki

    53. Michael M

      This presents a lesson here ladies and gentleman: HUfastrs are real people. They have problems like everyone else, and I don't know much about this situation as I had just began to investigate but I think that it's really a personal thing. I think Fedmyster seriously messed up with what he did, but it wasn't something I've never seen normal people get away with (If kissing was what he did without consent). The only reason he was in so much trouble was because another HUfastr with a voice spoke up. It shows a real problem with society nowadays, only the verified people with big following can have a say. I think that drama like this only rips people apart from one another and I think that we should instead of taking sides, stay away from it, and look at this situation as a chance to learn a lesson; These people were born and raised and have lived their entire lives just like everyone else, and have to at least be given the benefit of the doubt instead of being "cancelled" and get. handed fuming toxicity to their faces. I'm sure we've all messed up in our own ways before and it's because we're humans and are not perfect creatures. One thing I learned in my years of life is to never look up to someone as a role model, but instead look to God as a role model (if you're not religious then have the mentality of being the best in the world and push yourself to try and be better and maintain that position). I know this is a very long comment and probably very confusing as well but I just hope we can change this horrible toxicity and instant judgement based on a mistake someone made (depending on severity). It's what makes our world so angry, toxic, and divided, and honestly I think the best thing to do in situations like this is to just move on and worry about ourselves.

    54. Wander the Nomad


    55. Wander the Nomad

      Poki saying she didn't know about the Yvonne incident when they were talking about possibly replacing her is as false as Fed saying that he never wanted Yvonne fired. It's possible that what Poki *meant* to say was that she knew about the incident, but didn't have enough details about it to connect it to Yvonne's behavior(playing more league). Likewise, it's possible that what Fed *meant* to say was that he wasn't the *first* person to think Yvonne was lazy and wanted her gone, instead of saying that he NEVER wanted Yvonne fired. Though this is assuming that Peter's story was true and accurate.

    56. Wander the Nomad

      21:55 From the leaked document, this seems to be an example of weaving in lies with the truth. Fed said it was true when he said "Yvonne won't brainstorm with me and work on stuff with me". This was probably because of the incident he had with Yvonne. His fault. But Poki is trying to paint Fed as someone who was trying to make Yvonne look bad to Poki(saying she was lazy and playing league all the time) to silence Yvonne about the incident, while the DMs in the leaked document however show that Fed didn't even *think* about the incident with Yvonne and didn't think she was being lazy until Poki mentioned it to him. Poki mixing in the truth with lies makes Fed look much worse than he is. Whether she did this intentionally to smear Fed's name or just stated her speculation as fact, both are incredibly dishonest. I think what CAN be confirmed is that at one point, both Fed and Poki(possibly the whole of OTV) thought Yvonne was being lazy and was planning to fire her. Peter can confirm that Fed at some point thought Yvonne was lazy and wanted her fired, while the DMs from Fed's leaked document confirm that Poki thought Yvonne was lazy and suggested that she might be replaced. The only question I have is, who was the first to call Yvonne lazy? In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter because Yvonne's situation seems fine now. But it's concerning to me that both Fed and Poki used Yvonne as a tool to make each other look worse. Tl;dr: Fed's incident with Yvonne *did* cause her to work less and play more League, leading to her almost getting fired. But implying that *he* was the first one to suggest she was lazy AND to imply he did it to make Yvonne look worse to silence her is incredibly deceitful because it makes him look much worse than he is.

    57. Wander the Nomad

      hufast.info/plan/vide/anq5bKx9zGWngps @1:00 Taking things to be one way when the person actually meant in another way. Is this acceptable or unacceptable behavior? Cause I'm getting mixed messages. Fed venting about his experiences about Poki to friends and inadvertently souring their opinions about Poki. Poki has clarified that Fed didn't mean to do that intentionally, but she is still critizing him for it(which I think is fair). Poki admitting that she flirted with Fed and that she may have possibly led him on at times. Well to be clear, she didn't use that wording. She said Fed was the one being led on by the flirting, not that she was the one leading him on, intentionally or not. In other words, it's Fed's fault for being led on by her flirting and taking it to mean that he still has a chance with her. It's kind of a dick move to criticize Fed for unintentionally turning people against her, while also absolving herself of any blame for, intentionally or not, leading Fed on. If she was more consistent with her beliefs, it would be okay. But right now, she just seems like a hypocrite.

    58. Wander the Nomad

      4:14 "complicated dynamic" Yea, that has certainly been illustrated.

    59. Анастасия

      I'm new to this drama but coercion is far heavier than lying to me.. imma update when I check another vid

      1. Daniel Wyatt

        i want to seee your opinion

    60. The Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Here after Fed's response.....


        imma gonna rob the fbi personal information see ya

    61. Caleb Crawford

      Here’s what I don’t understand: people continuously saying, “Poki lied, but Fed was still wrong for what he did.” Never once in the newly released documents did Fed excuse himself for his past mistakes. He’s owned up to them. This is an entirely different situation in the documents. What was shown recently with Fed releasing the documents is that Poki straight up lied about Fed as well as manipulated him. It would be great if people could stop bringing up Fed’s sexual harassment when he’s owned up to it. It has nothing to do with Poki lying.

      1. Wicked Pro

        Those people who said "..but fed sexually assaulted blah blah" are the one who is just finding some excuse to defend imane which is stupid and ignorant. What fed did in the past is wrong BUT he is owning it up and seeking help unlike this piece of trash who ain't taking responsibility and just sitting in her fucking sweaty ass chair

    62. hXnako

      *Oh how the turn tables*

    63. Berndt van Deventer

      Such a long video of her explaining but in reality not really saying shit tbh

    64. Saran.

      Oh how the tables have turned. Fed is still wrong for what he did, but pokimane lied about everything.

    65. a wizard

      she said she was cringing far deep but it looks like she was going to laugh

    66. Savannah Echeverria

      I hate the amount of people that are still defending Fed. Poki lied, but Yvonne and Lily were telling the truth and Fed admitted to it. Poki AND Fed are bad.

      1. Dosui

        @Savannah Echeverria Weird asf

      2. Savannah Echeverria

        @Dosui YO HOLD UP IM SO SORRY I DIDNT KNOW YOU REPLIED A WHOLE 2 WEEKS AGO. DO I???? REPLY STILL?????? Like its almost 2021 and I gotta prepare for my moms birthday in like 2 days???????? Sorry for just leaving you hanging there, dude. Sorry that you couldn't change my mind about anything but it was nice getting your opinions about this situation. Just gonna head on out of my old comment now

      3. Dosui

        @Savannah Echeverria touching of the thighs and touching of the arm 2 different things and isnt harassment

      4. Savannah Echeverria

        @Dosui I gave the reason on why you should name a streamer. I cant think of any female streamer that's done that. Touching hair is different than sliding your hand under a shirt. "And I know because they loved being in my hair"??? Okay, calm down there, Trump Jr. If you want to talk about experience, I can explain about my experience of having someone slide into my bed at 3 am and touching my thigh while I was trying to sleep. It was terrifying and it was harassment.

      5. Dosui

        @Savannah Echeverria why do i have to name a streamer?? wth??? girl: -touches a guys hair onlookers: aww she likes him guy: -touches a girls hair onlookers: yo wtf that guys a creep and i would know cuz they loved to be in my hair its still super dumb tho saying she was traumatized becuz he touched her side its not only ridiculous but he could actually sue her for that i would Like ur in a bed with a girl u like and u end up touching her side and kissing her hand trying to make a move oou he sexually assualted me call the police !!!!!!!!!! ridiculous

    67. That1dude

      I feel a strong sense of "the loin the witch and the audacity" comments

    68. Ian Rhee

      Who came to read the comments after recent events?

    69. Backnormal 999

      Look at how bad she’s lying she won’t even look at the camera she’s literally like ↗️➡️↘️⬅️↙️⬆️↖️⬇️↕️

    70. Adham Tohamy

      shit aged like fine wine

      1. Nathan Armitage

        More like milk

    71. Abigail

      yikes who knew she was the imposter all long? this video response is bull shit

    72. Fortzub

      Shes a liar!

    73. allana

      i hope we're not waiting for a whole nother month for her to get her script together lmao

    74. Jared

      Hello, welcome back guys, if you're reading this then it's probably because of the recent leak. Going back and looking at these comments after reading the leak, these comments are so dumb and biased, based on absolutely nothing, but it is understandable since they were done when context was never given, I feel bad since the backlash probably had a huge impact on his mental health. when will pokimane be canceled? Maybe never 😔 ✌️? More like ✊️ 😭🤣🤣

      1. hXnako

        @edgar first of all they should have spoken to Fed PRIVATELY, not wait and announce it to millions of people

      2. Dosui

        @edgar i mean if anything yvonne kinda sus, she had a boyfriend yet still invited fed to sleep in bed with her... like wtf 😂😂

      3. Dosui

        @edgar i mean #1 touching someone side is not sexual harassment so them canceling him for that was stupid (if u cant see that then im sry for u) #2 poki lied and said fed was the one who tried kicking yvonne out of OFTV but fed shows that it was actually poki... yet yvonne still acts like poki is a great friend. sounds pretty small brain to me what do u think?

      4. edgar

        @Dosui so u saying that yvonne and all the other girls who came for him are small brain?

      5. Dosui

        @edgar you sound Like 12 years old kid, fed is not a harasser u small brain 'toy, he touched a girls side wtf is wrong with u. IG I should be out behind bars for holding this girl hand huh

    75. Bruhbruh

      These comments aged like a fine milk

    76. Oajb Yhij

      this didn't aged well lmao

    77. typical human

      This comment section aged well poki ain't so innocent anymore

    78. T

      I've literally seen milk that's aged better than this video

    79. Seymour Vatt

      Here after the leak lmao poki and fed were both in the wrong but yall shouldn't support poki completely

    80. Oliver Snow

      This whole comment section is full of simps 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it aged liked milk. You might as well throw the video and this whole damn comment section away!!!

      1. Savannah Echeverria

        It wasn't simps. Yvonne, Fed or Lily never said that Poki was wrong. There was no proof that she was lying until the document by Fed was released.

    81. Neptoons

      We knew she is fake!

    82. Game Face

      And now new context comes out. Y’all feel like changing your opinion?

      1. Mohamed Asad

        She lied about him and every member in the group spoke against him ofcourse every one will suport her now everyone knows the truth they turn against her

    83. Papi Chulo

      pokimane sus ngl

    84. Ishizuka Hikaru

      I LOVE WATCHING THE HOUSE OF CARDS CRUMBLE NOW~! And seeing 99% of you weak men take Poki's lying ass side just proves your all sheeple! Not ONCE did I EVER believe Poki to be telling the TRUTH! Must be embarrassing huh guys!

    85. R0bek R

      Funny to see all the comments after the truth came out

    86. Sam Slayer

      This aged like the milk on my wall

    87. Marco Bedin

      Ah yes now we can Say It even nere. This did noet Age well Now please stop with this comment i Is becoming a meme

    88. Valentino

      what a fkn liar

    89. Mark Chang

      22:40 hmmmmmmmm

    90. Shane ASMR

      Damn lol. This went to "Wow, this brought much more context to the situation" to "Wow, Pokimane left out so much damn context." Jokes aside, I'm glad that Fed's truth is out and honestly he should be glad that his document got leaked because it completely changes the story. Obviously this doesn't excuse what he did. It's still incredibly bad what Fed did, but at least he knows how to improve unlike a certain someone...

      1. Shane ASMR

        Malak Cheetah m More like both of them were an imposter. These documents hurt Pokimane more than it hurt Fed since we really didn't gain really anything new that was on Fed. He still did the awful things he did to Yvonne and Lily and it looks like nothing changed in the fact that he might have wanted Yvonne fired. However, we did gain some valid context we didn't know about Pokimane. She lead Fed on which I thought was messed up a bit, but she herself also seems like she wanted Yvonne fired. Other than that, it's just two terrible people fighting just making it worse for each other.

      2. Mteh

        I literally felt like fed was sus but lil did we know he was the imposter.

      3. Shane ASMR

        @Cameron Valencia Yep, unfortunately lol. Shit changes so fast. At this point I’m just gonna say that both the 2 of them aren’t the best persons in the world and leave it at that.

      4. Cameron Valencia

        Now we're at "wow Fed's doc was full of BS, and heavily misconstrued the context to make Poki look bad" I'm glad Poki addressed further each lie made in Fed's doc. The least he could've done was to admit his doc was heavily inconsistent with the actual events. But now Poki cleared her name. Unless Fed provides more evidence, instead of carefully cut ss.

    91. Keanu Singh

      What incident?

    92. Emeraid


    93. Xavier Bester

      She is a good liar i will say that.

      1. Xavier Bester

        @Papi Chulo also don't forget this was around the "Me Too" movement. The one where a bunch of allegations where going around in a bunch of gaming communities.

      2. Xavier Bester

        @Papi Chulo now i know back then tho I believed because believing her made sense and thats what the problem was. She knew no one would believe Fed and everyone would believe her because it was for yvonne and lIly's "Protection". However, we all know know that she was just feeding everyone false narratives and lies, so she could increase her relationship with OTV and Just Friends. So yea I will say it again she is a good liar.

      3. Papi Chulo

        U being fr? Its so blatantly obvious she's lying, she can't even look at the camera and talk for 1 minute 😂

    94. Grease Lord

      And I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling truth tellers ;)

    95. Sara Delgado

      Im about to watch the vid, will pokis hair remain defying gravity?

      1. Sara Delgado

        Just saw it fell, thank god lmao

    96. KingTheodore


    97. Andre Pettersson

      Don't mind me... just sipping some tea

    98. Whaffle Person


    99. Alpha

      Well this hasn't aged well.

    100. BreadAndButter

      She’s a psychopath liar and manipulater. It’s cruel what has come out about her.

      1. Redpill

        psychopath, no sociopath, yes