Pokimane Got Exposed Big Time...


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    so keemstar has pokimane's discord mods on payroll lmao...
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    1. Pegasus

      “Pokimane fart compilation 4k hd” LMFAO

      1. Cate_Roses_

        *_4k HD_*


        I am genuinely angry.

      3. Jax Finlay

        Hey Pegasus. Are you in the Cobra Kai tv series. You sound just like one of the characters/actors.

      4. Emmett


      5. Lisa's glued ass bangs

        Lmao wtf

    2. Karter Daniel

      Yo like I don’t wanna sound like a massive beta simp but Seriously imagine being a HUfastr/streamer and your viewers don’t like you because you have a relationship with your partner and stops following you because you have a significant other that just proves even more that the pok I aim viewers like her for her looks and nothing else lol,XD you ACTUALLY thought I felt bad? LOL 😂 wow so #beta of you lol

      1. Karter Daniel

        Sorry chill jk

    3. syrup


    4. hello there

      Pegasus telling people how good diesel is *apes together strong* Also yes I've seen him, hes top teir

    5. Christian Sullivan

      Let me guess: The banned youtube link is either a criticism video or a rickroll.

    6. N T F

      since i live under a rock i never knew pokimane even existed until now

    7. Cow !

      I think the link is a Rick roll

    8. Cosmic Edits


    9. GRM_ZZZ

      wow she even got diesel patches in there lol

    10. Perc

      might as well do it to every single word heyy

    11. Onionhead 2008

      Pegasus sounds like gasoline

    12. Nuzhar Nur

      Did any brave soul check out what the links are?

    13. Galactic Games

      People in T3 coronavirus looking at the band words

    14. Jake Moro

      I love how he call her whispering in mic and making little noises during live is called... *"C O N T E N T"*

    15. Nistor Sebastian

      "WORK" other people:she has simps if thats work i dont know the definition of the word work

    16. sunny shaibu

      Pegasus let me tell about this called JaidenAnimations she has a whole army of simps

    17. Stickz.

      Pegasus more like pega *sus* Im sorry.

    18. Luuk Verhoeven

      part #5 of me asking for a youtooz

    19. Vørtex Gaming

      Words banned- Simp, diesel patches, Content nuke, keemster, S1mp, tier 3, Gundam, It'sagumdam now pegasus

    20. Frilux

      Poki is so fragile lmao

    21. ValFilho

      keemstar is a god (dont say that im a simp idiot)

    22. Bill Cipher

      This was posted 2 days after my birthday 🎂

    23. Rae A

      "If I were her... It's so simple to get on everybody's good side. All you have to do is [make an apology video]..." Uhh, no!! Do you not notice that especially when beauty gurus mess up and make HUfast apology videos, almost everyone in their comment sections say they don't believe their apology, or that it doesn't sound genuine enough? It's way more complicated than that! #cancelculture

    24. Conor Q

      I think it's funny how people are speedrunning getting banned from poki's server

    25. TASTE-GOD

      ok hear me out. Pokimane is being nice. You know why? She's giving easy content to commentary channels but overall she is not a good person

    26. bababoey boux

      for once in his life keemstar is right

    27. Xzn

      Why is keemstar a banned word

    28. Gavin Pashak

      Pokimane discord banned speedrun any%

    29. Frence wrabbit and Storm night

      Tier level it’s over 99,000

    30. Elijah Ray

      I'm surprised her _thicc_ skull didn't get in the way in playing Among Us with CORPSE Husband, let alone playing Among Us at all.

    31. BlueCrush

      I committed seppuku after reading that, Someone send help

    32. CampfireDudeシ

      I got banned because my name had leaf in it

    33. caratjoy

      I think poki is a decent looking woman without makeup, pretty with it but her attitude and personality is what makes her a 2/10

    34. Eric Smallwood

      1:18 he got Pokimane to recognize him job well done

    35. ItsLumber

      Here’s some loopholes if u wanna troll on the server Slmp lefyy lvl 3 sub poki=trash You’re welcome

    36. magnum Bates

      we are seeing the life span of popular influencers lol

    37. Zaden Clarke

      Pokimane does not have any breast cause she is a boy.

    38. Catbert 45

      Hypocrite banned? I'm tempted to make a discord alt and join the server just to post a custom image which has a hippo on the left and the TF2 critical hit text on the right. Hippo crit lol, that's one way to bypass filters...

    39. Shining Edited Moon

      Anyone knoe the game in the vid?

    40. YellowBerrio

      "I'll see you guys next time, byeee"

    41. TET2005

      Pokimane is so plastic... so guys forget about it.

    42. congratulations Merry

      tbh i came for the gameplay

    43. Itachi Uchiha

      She blocked diesel patches name

    44. Saratox

      Who's Pokimane?

    45. Sentai Gam1ng

      A guy in ur comment section actually gave us that 4k fart complication🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. pubagu 87

      pokimane sucs

    47. Midnight fire

      Tbf I like Pokimane, well, until now. Legit had no fucking idea this was happening

    48. W A T E R

      Was the links rick rolls?

    49. JAWMOW

      Am I the only one who thinks one of those links was never gonna give you up

    50. NathanPY

      Why does pokimane in the thumbnail look like that one aunt at your relatives' wedding party

    51. Spotless

      The fact that the fart compilation was "4k HDR Dolby Digital" makes me wanna die

    52. M4GZY

      Keem put up a solid fucking argument lol-

    53. Sloth Ham

      why is the word "leaf" banned waht if someone in chat wants to say "look i found a cool leaf" do they just get banned

    54. Henderman1

      Pokimain: Lawful Evil Keemstar: Lawful Neutral Pink Guy: Rice Fields

    55. An Idiot

      I think the random HUfast video link are either rickrolls or criticism vids

    56. Landon Seay

      Even though all this happening I’m just vibing in online class B)

    57. Emmett

      i love keem star I LOVE EXPOSING POKIMAIN omg i hate her so much

    58. Tito Plata

      I’m sub to Diesel patches

    59. Rexxidy

      0:37 really. REALLY you get banned for saying A KIND OF FUEL? SERIOUSLY? FUEL?

    60. farTT clan 404

      I got a Taco Bell commercial that said witnessing a miracle this must be good

    61. II SmileyBun28 II

      “Pokimane is trash” *that’s kinda mean... TO TRASH* 😂😂😂😂

    62. Eric Smallwood

      1:18 And then I found my own video lol had me dying

    63. Glizzy Jr.

      Everyone gangster until keemstar pulls your IP address

    64. Davie Jonathan

      Hate to admit it, but keem spitting fax. Everyone for support because they expect something outta it, but now when they realize they're not, they going into hiding. Blending in with the crowd.

    65. RandomStuffLife Fun

      She is fake tho she hides her real look and puts like a hole tub of makeup on just to hide it

      1. RandomStuffLife Fun

        True and I respect those reasons

      2. M k

        I agree but many people wear makeup for other reasons (not including poki)

    66. Rex 7567

      Also Pokimane 1/10

    67. Rex 7567

      Idk why people would have a tier 3 subscription, also if they wanted to ask about tier 3 sub rewards they could literally just use roman numerals

    68. Project Rebørn

      I saw ur videos and the only thing u do is throw shade and i just hate it

    69. Ahmad M K S Darwish

      Also one person fpund that pne time someone sent her a vig black dildo then i think a few months after someone found a dildo in the background on tip of a drawer

    70. chin chin

      Normal people: she said the n word she has no permission to say that Simps: she could she is the rule of this world

      1. Daniel Ashar bin Mohd Fraziali *

        Is there a video? I haven’t heard about this

    71. Disassemble

      Im about to speedrun ban on her server B) edit: 0.3 seconds B)

      1. Disassemble

        @Big Fat Oompa Loompa TM well no but I think I misquote it it was 3 seconds

      2. Big Fat Oompa Loompa TM

        you got proof?

    72. Wyatt Wilson

      2:33 “I don’t get offended by criticism.” -Pokimane

      1. Niq Ice

        She’s hella scared of that word itself

      2. Mariam Adel


      3. Mariam Adel


    73. Valentino Vendramin

      I bet after a month shes gonna lie and say she broke up with her boyfriend

    74. Carson Barnett

      Lmao Keemstar, what a legend.

    75. pickytugboat951

      the links have been taken down lol

    76. David William

      Not a fan of poki or anything. But i do think alot of youtubers is just straight up jealous of her. She didnt even do anything to those youtubers critizing her.

    77. Dominik Suska

      Keem speaking truth

    78. Tophat Dio

      Banned the rick roll link lol

    79. ツNovocaine

      ksi reacted to your vid hufast.info/plan/vide/mYfZadxuu5m8lIU

    80. Un Kpo

      Who is keemstar I only see him im 2009 with sunglsases in a meme Who is he?

    81. Brookie_ Pooh

      My dishwasher started going by itself and I thought it was my stomach Have a great day

    82. Peperotz

      *I watch pLlaEntA FmaYn

      1. Peperotz

        Plant man and leafy combined

    83. YEETBOI 420

      Why is gundam BANNED i love gundam and gunpla

    84. TheDarkTemple

      So.....he bought backdoor access like a scumbag and, while it is pretty fucking dumb, it's nothing new? Like most of these were already known

    85. t o f u

      pokimane gotta catch them all

    86. Krabs


    87. Useless Starman

      One of these youtube links is a rickroll why else would she ban this

    88. Mew Master

      Simps: *"Impossible..."*

    89. LIogicc

      why is gundam on the list

    90. Rose :3

      Ok but like... I don’t think poki is a bad person. I think she’s not so good when it comes to her job, but she seems nice. All of this isn’t really criticism (the poki is ugly stuff) it’s just mean lmao. I don’t blame her for banning stuff like poki is ugly. K imma go watch someone stream among us with her in it :)

    91. yes

      I don't like Pokimane or anything but damn imagine unfollowing a girl you simp for because she has a boyfriend because you thought that you'd actually have a chance to be her boyfriend like KDSKJDSAK

      1. pratyush mitra


    92. Mohammed Hassan

      The most bothering thing about her is the fact that she’s part Moroccan.. *I’m half Moroccan..* :’)

    93. itsyafishy boi

      Gotta say at the end keem was spitting straight fax

    94. AEmilkyway

      i must say pokimane is a very weird person 😂

    95. Dingo Plus

      I followed pokimane bc i didn't know anything about her when i first joined twitch so i followed popular streamers that i know nothing and now i unfollowed bc shes an idiot (2/10 you might say)

    96. marcus ureilius

      this is all quack

    97. The ultimate BRUH moment

      not trying to simp im not at all but do u not realize she works endlessly to create content idk

      1. The ultimate BRUH moment

        @ツflipflip2378562ツ please remember everyone needs to take a break from their job at some point and she has a reason for it -_-

      2. The ultimate BRUH moment

        @Iloveass2 i agree she is really trash

      3. Iloveass2

        she's trash

    98. Ryan Peralta

      Just put one of the banned links in and it’s not available anymore since the account got terminated

    99. Ron Ashly Galang

      The simp queen down