Pokimane Is Actually Delusional


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    today we talk about pokimane, her bad takes, and her simps
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    1. Pegasus

      that reddit is the most pathetic thing i've ever seen in my life


        Uhh Pegasus don’tcha think you are being a bit mean

      2. Alvin Lee

        The battle of HUfast vs twitch thots Alinty vs pewdiepie Pokimanie vs keemstar

      3. Joli UWU

        @parotto S P E E D

      4. Goutam Boppana

        Keemstar is that type of man who is an extremely extroverted

      5. Bobby Timmin

        Pokimane hot is down

    2. Delta Seltz

      7:35 the guys channel is a guy named Diecies

    3. Yuri Satou

      This people is simping Simping mad

    4. Anime Kouhai

      i really pity simps:(


      Pokimane simps found this vid and disliked

    6. applebunny knight

      Im not gonna search up pokimane simps and laugh at them

    7. Karter Daniel

      Polo is my killerqueen uwu Please my fellow chads They took me and injected me with a drug. Idk what it was Please help me Yeah, so she’s a good queen omg and so cool

    8. EpicGooseHonk

      Dude keemstar is the lord of all trolls and i love it

    9. Brainless

      7:12 SIMP YOU SHOULD OF PUT NEGATIVE! if you dont know this is a joke

    10. luc King

      The same amount of likes as probably how much are in this poke Hot subreddit

    11. blinking white guy

      5:14 oh yes i enrolled in booty college

    12. Boiloiled_Midget_Buscum Prev_Lumer

      her body rn: ⌛

    13. Outer Space

      10:35 pretty sure that's a fetish, not even a simp

    14. omarion schoolmates

      Poki "Summer days drifting away" Keem "Its hot out thotting it out"

    15. A Goose Killed Me

      If they exist, there's a toxic community of it somewhere

    16. The Grim-Reaper

      i respect keem more than my own country the best troll on the interwebs

    17. TMH

      10:46 *This* isn't simping, this isn't creepypasta, and this is deffinitely NOT sattyr. *This,* my friend is hypnotism.

    18. Julius Steele

      can you imagine the backlash if he said negative infinity out of 10

    19. Raaid Fajandar

      wow those are some real losers

    20. PizzaTermite Archive

      Everyone's talking about keemstar and pokimane, what about that double take at 1:03?

    21. turtle dog human monkey goat

      3:15 lol you legend

    22. Salty B. Gaming


    23. M G

      Pokimane is a 6.5 out of 10 for looks, I don't get the hype.

    24. Blue Critical

      I don't know pokemane personality, idk if she is bad, but her simps are absulstly disgusting no doubt

    25. EmeraldLions

      diskiles are simps

    26. Andrew Moreno

      I was looking at the title and read it as "pokimane is actually delicious"

    27. Alexander (Lex) Franzen

      jesus christ the burns this made were enough to burn down the entirety of la

    28. prodbyjona

      wat the hell is the game he is playin nobody is tellin me

      1. Mal'Aki Hedman

        Cluster truck, i found it after scrolling thru new comments, yw

      2. Mal'Aki Hedman

        Tag me when you find out

    29. sloth her0

      I’d throw up meeting these people irl

    30. Alpha Wolf

      1.3 million

    31. Property of Alex

      Soooo what’s the game called looks fun

      1. Mal'Aki Hedman

        Cluster truck

    32. Qui-Gon Jinn

      The only girl I simp is my cat, she's cute

    33. potato

      I dont know pokimane until now...

    34. Lap Hedge

      I watch pokimane just cuz sometimes (not always btw) it's kind of entertaining and it atleast makes me kind of happy

    35. ZAY THA KID

      1 mil

    36. Future Pirate King

      3:12 savage damnnnn

    37. Jake Moro

      I dont even know who pokimane is😐

    38. Yves Bogaerts



      I expect good logic from chemical Engineering students

    40. TetSim

      Oh my lord, I followed my gut feeling and guessed right on with the subreddits numbers

    41. david fofuh

      Keemstar: tweets one word and a 2/10 The whole twitter community: OFFENSIVE Keemstar: U just fell for one of the classic blunders

    42. no name

      Poki to me 😁 In history = the colonizers that colonized my country for 350 years In math = my problem that I've been trying to solve for 3 hours In art = my cheap dried paint that doesn't work one bit In science = my pollution In geography ( i think thats how to spell it)= The sketchy alley that people gets murdered in In music = the broken guitar In PE = mah stinky socks that i sweat a lot on Lol btw poki is 0.1/10

      1. wut?

        Bruhify is literally slowly taking over HUfast

      2. Mr. Blitzwing

        You destroyed her in the first one lmao

    43. -Toxic Gamer -

      Sometimes i wish i was in a coma so that this shit aint real

    44. Assbeater420

      whats the name of the game

      1. Mal'Aki Hedman

        Cluster truck

    45. The Anonymous

      3:53 i thought 5 mil

    46. RealGirlChip

      I'm not a fan of her but you guys act like she can control how many fans she has and if people like her for her personality or looks People hate her cause she has "simps" and it's kinda sad

    47. Emperor Need Jr.

      I don't know WTF is wrong with these SIMPs. Because Pokimane isn't beautiful either.

    48. TheOnly_ROBTV

      I hate how much impact pokimane made on other streamers to defend her. it's obvious she only uses them to defend her but the streamers are goddamn idiots smaller creators which she can ban and delete their channel with no problem need to talk but fucking bigger strreamers won't say shit even tho they know she fucking uses them and does dumb shit and the worst part is she never admit's that she made a mistake it's always on somebody else cuz she's *perfect* as a moron

    49. loçał cracĸheađ

      lmfao tf is pokimane?💀

    50. Drax-San

      “Ain’t no one talks to her followers and fans as much as she does.” Bruh paymoneywubby exists. And also some other good streamers lmao. #ISimpForWubby

    51. yourmum 123


    52. Goutam Boppana


    53. your ordinary guy

      10:21 most pathetic shit ive seen in a long time

    54. Madilyn Dalizu

      I’m a simp for u Pegasus 😏

    55. AngolanSalvador

      Without Simps Pokimane is nothing

    56. diana

      youre good at jumping on truck

    57. Vørtex Gaming

      10:11 These guys have basically no self-respect or personality. They should get a life.

    58. kalysta gutierrez

      Some of these guys are taking "a happy wife is a happy life" saying waayyyy too far

    59. The Wind

      They called keem a masagonist(i dont even know if that's spelt correct) for his opinion? Like, i myself is not a fan but really?

      1. Mr. Blitzwing

        Bruh what does masagonist even mean? What's wrong with being a table? (masa means table in turkish and i had to do it)

    60. Xtra

      Why am i laughing at this part of the playthrough and not the video im an idiot 1:00

    61. フェリシア エロ

      Me watching the cluster truck gameplay in the background gave me the brain cell count of poki simps

      1. Mal'Aki Hedman


    62. Kaiten

      People: Looks, being hot, and having a good body image doesn't matter Me:

    63. Cailin McNulty

      YOUR MEAN KEEMSATAR U JUST KICK PEOPLE DOWN UNTIL THEY CANT GET BACK UP Btw wanna watch some Minecraft live-streams

    64. EyeOfSauron69

      That's just sad

    65. buttith boi

      67K members

    66. The Maceus'

      jesus needs to bless the simps with unsimp water

    67. • NotLeila •

      I get shes making a big deal out of this and so is everyone else but j dont think she should be the only one to blame. I mean there sexualizing her. I dont mean this rudely in any way just my opinion ^-^

    68. ValFilho

      rae is like pokimane but with a much better personality sooo...

    69. sleepymush

      dude these vids on poki are actually soooooo entertaining and good! i used to love poki nad now i realized what she is

    70. EthoDaChill

      Mans got played by the goal trick

    71. Mikeytheweirdo

      I have one thing to say to the simps Congratulations, you played yourself.

    72. Levi Phillips

      Also, some of the people watching pokimane stream without a camera might be hoping that she will turn her camera.

    73. Flexon360

      it got banned btw

    74. nintendoge _

      no, i think the problem here in 2:36 are the trucks flying ur way lol

    75. Roaming Loner

      At one point I was just watching the gameplay more than listening 😂

    76. Wesley Clarke

      whenever i first got twitch, i was into fortnite and minecraft so i was watching those ppl, and i saw someone named pokimane was streaming, i had never watched her before but i recognized the name and she seemed popular so i was like "ooh content" and I have to say that was some of the most boring shit i have ever watched in my life

    77. Genji Nara

      Oh I thought the 2/10 was her birthday

    78. Svantics


    79. TheLipeGames Todos os conteúdos

      Man I used to watch poki for her videos and personality, now I just watch her for her personality because she only makes among us vídeos now so I also think her face is cute and her legs are thicc but Thats not why I watch and love her.

    80. Ryan Dags

      Twitch Coomers Pepelaugh

    81. APi5ch

      God why do these burdens exist.

    82. DeShortPenguin

      7:29 the shameless plug, i put in the URL into a tab, said video was unavaible :/

    83. DeShortPenguin

      6:40 rae's response has 69 retweets. nice

      1. Mr. Blitzwing

        *N O İ C E*

    84. brandonx real life situation

      lol that bs

    85. Ruhm Vaterland

      Hey it's me your skin

    86. TheIronPotato

      YVONEE lmao

    87. RIco Chamberlain

      Bro ppl find Pokimane attractive?? I don’t see it

    88. pan go bonk

      r/pokimanehot has been banned as of the time of posting from reddit we did it boys

    89. lordy voldy

      I don't watch Poki's videos, but I do watch Sykkuno, Corpse and Valkyrae and Poki is in some of those videos. I have to say, Poki is a great Among us player, but I can't imagine ppl watching her videos for her game skills. She didn't show much personality in the videos i've watched. Corpse, Sykkuno and Rae or Toast and Pewdiepie show personality you know what I mean? It's hard to explain lmao.

    90. Briam Mendez

      Are simps pedophiles,????

    91. Taki Land

      people simp over corpses voice, even though he hasn't shown his face yet.

    92. Saphia Phone

      omg your laugh is so cute 👁️👄👁️💅✋ stop your laugh is too much for mah heart

    93. Tha boi named Mel

      Im sorry everyone i simp for pokimane

      1. Scorch

        u deserve the Death sentencce

      2. RickRoll


    94. The cringe coconut !

      Pokimaine get your head out of the clouds and start living in the real world you hobgoblin

    95. Hooman in earth

      Keem's tweet "2/10" about Pokimane and others said it's cyber bullying.... I mean- I can't understand. It's his opinion and he even doesn't add any other bad or mocking words. It's just *points* 🤦‍♂️

    96. Lynda Emanuel Raman

      Bruh I can bet that their comments in her tweets or whatever is just them being simps and they won't do it for their actual wife or gf lmao

    97. Samantha Small

      Posted On Pokimane Hot Saying That A YT Link Was A Pokimane Complimation It’s A Rick Roll

    98. Banana Doppio

      Who’s pokimane to me? In math: garbage In words: stupid My life: die

      1. no name

        @Mīchael fair enough

      2. Mīchael

        @no name dude stop she's not 0.1 out of ten She's *negative* 5 octillion /10

      3. no name

        In history = the colonizers that colonized my country for 350 years In math = my problem In art = my cheap dried paint In science = my pollution In geography ( i think thats how to spell it)= The sketchy alley In music = the broken guitar In PE = mah stinky socks that i sweat a lot on Lol btw poki is 0.1/10

      4. Metiqlous

        In math: irrational In history: The emu war of Australia In art: Modern pieces In science: CO2 In geography: Bir Tawil

      5. Queenlynn RoseArt


    99. P3ACEjustcos

      I entered the sub reddit instant regret

    100. Arman Umbre

      Pegasus:Simps are different fucking breed. Me:Who are you so wise in the ways of science. Okay okay I will like the video so that you can get a chocolate bar.