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    1. BTD6 BLOONS

      Yessssssssssss furies are amazing

    2. Alt account 101

      I love furries :3

    3. Galaxy gaming 1987

      2:02 I need to go to Ark real quick

    4. 《 callmezee 》

      0:51 the post says grandfather but- *visible* *confusion*

    5. Modern Combat

      Ok I think almost all of us searched up markiplier reacts to ww2 and yea it’s real

    6. bossi boi

      I love how much robin took control and swore in this vid

    7. Yui x

      I'm convinced that you're swaggersouls

    8. sci-fire games

      1:59 because have you seen him in ROBLOX BEAR* / BEAR (Alpha)?

    9. The cat snail thing

      0:50 “I’ve sometimes wondered how it would feel to jump into a swimming pool filled with grape jelly.” You probably could with all that money.

    10. Jeremy Gonzalez

      damn larry must of had a nice day

    11. Wanda

      Sorrh i not a rap person but i have nothing against rappers. But wraps yum Thanks for wasting your time have a nice day

    12. NeoMordicai

      3:43 she just mad he ain't thirsty for her

    13. The Pepega Lord

      No one: Literally no one: EmKay: SHUT UP I DIDN’T PISS MYSELF

    14. Onii Chan

      *b y e b y e l a r r y*

    15. That Random chunker

      yup Larry is having a Blast [EDIT] your welcome robin for being the 2,000 commenter :D

    16. ツrawr

      So when I decided to search up markiplier during this vid, the first search that came up was 'markpilier reacts to ww2'. You were right. It is in fact real.

    17. FlowerCat

      What happened to the more kid friendly EmKay ;(

    18. Talon1124

      How did they corrupt you too? The Ass-Sassin's order. Nothing is pure. everything is corrupted.

    19. Stefan Drenth

      Not veggitales! D:

    20. Bucky Jones

      2:01 he will stab you how do I know I met him

    21. F.B.I *

      6:06 Bro its just a CAPIBARA 😂

    22. נחמדTM

      4:52 gay guys would sound better

    23. Fire lord Zuko

      Hey its me zuko here

    24. Movingheyyal

      5:12 prove it

    25. Anime_robloxGamers

      bruh, nobody gonna talk about the bitlife part

    26. Soan 01

      "Nobody can say Eminem sucks" Me:Eminem sucks

    27. Draven Pyles

      1:18 Lets Talk About Stuff That Got People Killed, *B E T T E R G E T M Y F U R S U I T*

    28. I hate everything González


    29. Marc C. Strini

      furries are fine emkay: thats why nobodys subbed to u me: u ok?

    30. Tyler Grecco

      Well I guess Larry can’t break anyone’s neck anymore(asdf reference)

      1. Mitchell Davis

        Larry, this is an intervention. You need to stop breaking people’s necks. What are you talking about? Larry! What? Larryyyyy!

    31. Ripper UwU

      doug won.

    32. Witold Dembiczak


    33. Nathan Naudts

      Just realised that beware of bob's abbreviation is bob

    34. Ryan Crishian

      The cheese...

    35. Save02

      6:01 Isso é uma capivarakkkkkkkkkk

      1. Snmerr 309


    36. Xx_soul-taker_xX pork

      guys we gotta ship robin and zack now

    37. Liam Logan

      Watching robin is the same feeling I get when I stand over a sewer grate and think “what if my phone jumps out of my pocket”.

    38. Weirdest Creatures

      They are capybaras, not giant guinea pig...

    39. The O B S E R V E R

      Yes is a yellow and orange color

    40. Aoife Canning

      Yes is the color “I’m to tired to even bother to do my job” your welcome

    41. Plopsy 27

      F for the man who woke up with poop in his pant

    42. Joseph Stalin

      Eminem sucks

    43. Shadow Dragon

      4:46 man looks like fucking Cortex from crash bandicoot

    44. Daspianna Lamoose

      the color of yes yes

    45. FIREBALL_Z42 -

      The EmKay leaf grows on the EmKay tree

    46. The Wind Waking Hero

      I believe the color yes is very close to black

    47. The Wind Waking Hero

      well people find other human pain funny so this fits right at home with this video I cracked my head off my window (apparently so hard I forgot there was 2 w's in "window")

    48. EaRtHwOrMsLiM 479

      Taco bell 3:51

    49. Krimson Card

      2:42 Followup video: Doug vs Constipation

    50. Mr Huntix

      11:32 On a EmKayliptus

    51. oh it's that ǥuy

      the colour yes it typically the colours you see when you have fallen down the stairs while high and/or drunk

    52. Gotekeeper

      I am highly offended. Capybaras are clearly large guinea pigs, not hamsters

    53. crazy animal squad

      yes couler is yes it is obvis p.s i cant spell

    54. PARS KUTLU

      “Beware of bob” Actually thats pretty true. I was playing a game with my friend Bob and he was a dinosaur.

    55. Andr_son

      9:38 whats that spongebob ep.

    56. Sceptile Stone

      that intro made me think that your robbin da bird

    57. TheMinecraftian

      1:21 what in the unholy ravioli

    58. c m

      'Whats Bob's gonna do?' 'You messed up bro its Bob the builder he gon build a wall around you.'

    59. Anti Gen

      Ngl whats vegetales vege tale whatever

    60. NASA Games

      This, *THIS* is the chubbiest kitten: hufast.info/plan/vide/mYfZadxuu5m8lIU

    61. The Crossroad Gathering

      3:43 really i carry gallons of water with me everywhere I go its cheaper than the bottles has more water and doesnt pollute as much with the waste. Its just more practical

    62. Springtrapboy9111

      oh i though it was robbin da bank not the bird robbin

    63. Moonlight

      Emkay yes stands for yellow in short

    64. Ayden Coutlee

      5:37 i like ya cut g *Slaps frog's hotdog* frog: pisses all over dvd player

    65. Gary Eslicjk

      8:52 what if its not a big pizza but just small plural word for pepperoni

    66. Æ My man

      “I blow my neighbor” Florida man:...pathetic...

    67. Xander Slover

      In the doug vs 10 pound cheese thing, he literally at 10 pounds worth of cheese. Yes he finished it

    68. The Vader Of Darth

      What's bobbin, he's Robin and he's today's narrator!

    69. funny gamer

      Markliplier reacts to world ww2 is real😥

    70. lolipop • 15 years ago

      **goodbye larry**

    71. Never gonna Give u up

      No, Markiplier DID actually do it... here’s the link hufast.info/plan/vide/nYimh7-fspXPg3U

    72. Koolj4ce

      5:28 my name is in this picture, and I do not like it

    73. Yy Sss

      Friend: i have 10X your IQ Me: has an IQ of -1

    74. The Weeb Gamers

      Doug did beat the cheese

      1. Yy Sss

        Infinit smart

    75. Nooby’s Animation Station

      Yes is a brownish red, you’re welcome

    76. Noah Spakes

      I was just want to gloss over the step frog joke

    77. Karen Knight

      YES IS YES

    78. Deania Ortega

      9:17 what 😂😂😂😭

    79. Deania Ortega

      0:49 is no one gonna talk about the money they have on bitlife

    80. Unizivi

      6:01 for some reason. I actually laughed

    81. derpy king

      If they changed the name to fall gays and added pride skins I would delete it

    82. the wild t-rox yt

      1:10 that belongs in tiht

    83. Shuichi Saihara

      *me going to search up what bukkake is* edit: im gonna jump off a bridge now

    84. Liam Allenspach

      1:01 thats a video game

    85. spectrum gurl

      6:05 capybara [not sure if i spelled it right but they are related to guinnea pigs and hampsters........

    86. Namiizan

      I literally have a jug of water next to me right now for when I get thirsty

    87. Hack

      The colour YES is a lighter version of the colour 7.

    88. Aaron Reynolds

      did this man review an add ?

    89. Jumin Han

      me: *eating the new M&M's* also me: Hm...they must have added a new kinda nut

    90. Ravin Claw

      It's true markiplier has reacted

    91. A I

      "Flushed Grandmas Ashes Down The Toilet" -Devils Fear 2020

    92. ravioli poptart UwU

      robin it's too late. It's all corrupted.

    93. Pyro

      Who else went to Twitter to see the VeggieTales tweet?

    94. Jack Cooper

      During this time i have lots of people in my school who bring jugs of water

    95. Schmoop Doop

      what have you done with damien

    96. *WoLFie*

      9:51 dat pfp do be cute tho

    97. Hanne Prøis-Røhjell

      The video calld markepliier reacts to ww2 is real

    98. King.Everything1

      "beware of Bob" *creepypasta fans* uh-

    99. Brogan A. Fitzgerald

      yes is like a tan color