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    1. Karl Björn

      Still wonder if Recorder was based on Accord from Drakengard 3

    2. Karl Björn

      so wholesome

    3. Craftee

      I can't believe it. This is a proud moment. I hope jet ski saw this video. I hope he's happy wherever he is. I really can't believe it. Cult of jet has just had it's purpose fulfilled. And i'm even 2 months late to see it. Amazing.

    4. Robert Pankevitch(ST)

      love iron mouse

    5. curlkat the kneecap theif

      I actually wanna rate them myself sooo; G o r d a n r a m s y; maybe a 8/10 actually. Looks comfy. ✨Swiper✨; eh... 5 or 6/10 ...daisy?; mmmh 5/10. P u d d I n'; I actually rlly like this one. 9/10 No-face; 8/10! Looks nice. Bob ross; also a 8/10 D a r l i n g; mmm mmmh i guess 7/10. Why is she in a maid outfit I didnt ecxpect that; 9/10 the dress is rlly cute. Uhm; eeh maybe a 7/10 Uh Nazuko?? Uhhm; 8/10. But for Henry, 9/10. Belle: also 8/10 maybe 9/10 tho That; 1 0 / 1 0 jkjk- 9/10. Or not to be; 9/10. Maybe 10/10! Flute; 9 or 8/10 Hhh I'm tired.

    6. alexander schiano

      low the be more chill reference

    7. Holocron Library Fox

      Liked for the red one ;-)

    8. Erza N

      The Nezuko one is awesome!

    9. Mshojat

      *"without the facepaint that's just a onesie. 1/10"* but the chef outfit was literally the same thing.

    10. rayne david

      i just realized that this is a trilogy 1st Mxr reddit video, where the last video they reacted to Belle Delphine "I'm back" video 2nd Jeannie bought Henry an onlyfans of Belle Delphine 3rd this video

    11. Mario

      I clicked because Belle.

    12. This Zombie Bites Everything

      Daisy’s last name is duck ... so it’s his wife....or family member(I mean it is Disney after all 😆)

    13. Darkzz

      Minnie the pooh tho

    14. P4F Elton

      19:45 did he just pulled a square of family friendliness on the most clotched cosplay? :D

    15. Sumlut Sut

      he dont even have affection for her. . poor girl

      1. Andres Higuera

        how da fuk you get that from this video?

    16. Agama 55

      This is cringe, cotton candy sweet, and bloody hilarious all at once

    17. SpartaNation

      I'm a mother fcking duck

    18. Muhammad Aizat Anuar

      10.15 just turn into onlyfans. 😂😂

    19. Gene McDermid

      Panda in background looks so depressed

    20. R t J

      Dude you so beta, she must be so unsatisfied. Do some pushups n situps n weights at least.

    21. BurningWitchStudio

      I tell my wife same thing. That's not cosplay it's a onesie!!!

    22. Zach

      8:20 this is what you came for.

    23. FranchiseSIX5

      How to passive aggressively turn on 11yo boys, acting this way while simultaneously critisizing the other girls who dress this way in their videos. Used to like these two. Now the anoying is coming out.

    24. Ryan Landfried

      The neck piece for chefs is to help regulate body temp because we go from hot cooking areas to coolers to freezers and back multiple times in a shift

    25. GameAce6

      Which anime girl do you want as a gf? Henry: "Yes."

    26. john mason

      Might of just turned gay when he had this red things on his head.

    27. Francois Justyne Abhram Dinauto

      Henry is dating a modd NPC.

    28. BlackMagnum 06

      omg! Recorder! 😍

    29. Peter Zhao


    30. jryr3

      Psycho Jeannie is disturbingly attractive. And I'm glad the cosplay I found you got ''Perfection rate''.

    31. Magdalena Gladka

      Rem has a blue hair color not pink

    32. Ikkithefenix

      you give her 9/10 just for the fucking buttons

    33. Zaedar Tsarn

      A tennis racket as a weapon? (Chris Pratt face) So it was a mashup cosplay of Harley Quinn and Jim Cornette? :D

    34. Tommy Guillemette

      12:36 Henry : "She watches hentai in the bathroom?" Ajeannie *without any ounce of hesitation* : "Oh hells yeah !"

    35. chinmay madavi

      4:14 how the hell??....why does she has rinnegan??

    36. Bastian Carr

      is it sad that i thought the first cosplay outfit was the Swedish chef from the muppets

    37. Lord Darkstorm

      Wow. Jeannie cosplayed as Recorder finally ... and nobody in the comments cares?

    38. PurplePrideFTW

      I'm a bit shocked she doesn't have a female Negan cosplay. Imagine a short clip of female Jeannie Negan playing ini mini miny mo with all the other cosplays of Jeannie? Ini mini miny mo, catch a panda by the toe. If he hollers let him go... Spoiler Bob Ross Jeannie gets hit with her baseball bat... Henry 😂😂😂

    39. Kenny Kurniawan

      I never thought how awesome it is to see nezuko with a katana

    40. Wall St Tech

      Either 3 or 7 out of 10 with the cosplay. This lady should be cloned, seriously.

    41. agentorangecb1

      Bob Ross and the Chef were fun

    42. David Gopaul

      Well I’m lonely

    43. Mr. sadlilweeb

      I love this dude and his content and sense of humour is fuckin spot on... and yet at the same time I have a MurDerOus jEAloUS RAGE! aimed directly at his SOUL!

    44. RobertQ Martinez

      why belledelphine that low? i really tought you were going to give it a 10... or is it because of what Jeannie said? LoL

    45. BlueKing_666

      Me two favorite things zeroTwo and Jennie

    46. suicidal maniac


    47. suicidal maniac

      Daisy duck naaaah Katrien Duck yes

    48. A Silva

      lol in portugal donald duck girlfriend is "margarida", also nesuko dont have a katana ... she uses her demon powers and fingernails :)

    49. Chiranjib Kar

      03:07 Its like "I am stuck Step Bro"

    50. eren eren

      Your guys are so cute together 🤭🤭

    51. Grant Lyons

      Do u ever wonder what they do behind the scenes

    52. Tim Mason

      Score out of 10. I'd give her one. Sorry..... I'm bad.

    53. Deben Torba

      Those eyes. They scare me.

    54. jjones

      i thought she chef girlardee

    55. Skylër Auditorë

      Henry, Demon Slayer is totally awesome and worth watching. 10/10

    56. Leo Freihofer

      19:51 Henry's eyes and expression tells it all. What was he doing at 20:23? lol

    57. Luis Lima

      This dude will be drop by her so fast xD

    58. Jasson Chappell

      Now Henry has corrupted poor little Jennie, now he has her dressing up as jennie Delphine. Immersive...😵😟☹😢😭🥰😍😇👍👰

    59. Bu Jin

      I can't believe Jeannie was willing to pretend to be her arch nemesis, Belle Delphine!!!!

    60. Pholoso Motang

      Are u gay

    61. Pholoso Motang

      Early kwin dosent wear that

    62. Pekka Tervala

      Gordon Ramsay? Lol

    63. Anthony Torres

      I love Michael in a bathroom though real talk

    64. CAML8

      Santana means like saint ana

    65. CAML8

      Can she become a vtuber

    66. Augustus Sherman

      I know all the comments have been hater-istic, and I would hope you two live happily ever after, but dude:. I think you're just a comment away from her being on her way sometimes. That crack you made about her not having something to look at? Man. You're gonna miss her when she's gone. She doesn't need HUfast. Bet she gets likes all day.

    67. Godwin Immanuel Zane Gabral

      Zero two cosplay comes on: (Misses the chance to say:) “DARLING! OHAYO!”

    68. キラ

      8:24 eren liked it

    69. Sean Ruebush

      Minnie the Pooh!

    70. Johnathan Mahoney


    71. afuabdu

      pov your looking for jeannie simps

    72. God Father

      The Great Panda 🐼 just woke up!

    73. Danger Edition

      Jeannie in cosplay goodness and only 800k views WTF TY! splat this into EVERYONE'S suggestion stream..should be mandatory!!

    74. Ivan Ivanov

      Jeannie cosplaying as 2B.. i can now die in peace :D

    75. AcceptYourDeath

      LOL 4:40 "You have a thing for pony tails................ you sick foook"

    76. Insatiable Malfatto

      Lucky man, she's gorgeous on so many levels😅

    77. Danny Sherwiod

      Sorry, but do you know that Bob Ross hated to paint people in his paintings.

    78. michael Bishop

      Dude, your Jeannie is absolutely adorable. You are the luckiest guy! Wow!

    79. ICE KING

      Cant wait for a season 2 of demon slayer

    80. Silverdagger258

      Must say nezuko was THE most impressive one

    81. Munster0001

      HAHAHAHA! You guys are SO adorable! Thank you for being you....

    82. Garden Gnome

      This dude is an absolute fool. His very pretty girl friend is dressing up for him and he gives less than 10? What a DOOFUS. 10 dude 10 keep your real feelings hidden unless they are complimentary.

    83. Chris Retired

      Are you kidding me dude, Jeannie’s legs are awesome sexy, and she is gorgeous 💝

    84. Tim West

      10:16 lol Henry cracks me up

    85. Mzosquare

      Tomar is the only Cosplay Girlfriend i need.

    86. WolFang

      I came here for your girlfriend.

    87. raisedTwIsTeD

      Looks like a man

    88. Jim Thompson

      Jeannie is, without any doubt whatsoever, a 10 out of 10 any day...every day!! PERIOD!! No matter what she wears...PERIOD!!

    89. Mythbinks

      69k likes, i have never been so proud ;-;

    90. wayne williams

      She should just have the apron on and nothing else lol g wizz lol oh my

    91. Victor Alfaro

      BEST PART 12:28

    92. static Void

      4:40 thos are twin tails 😤

    93. earthnote green

      This marks the end of a meme

    94. Funk DeMann

      You're a fortunate man Henry.

    95. Ricardo Ebel

      Süß ja, gordon nein. 4 aus 10 Panda definitiv und genau so süß! 9 aus 10 Daisy war ok, mehr Schleife, weniger Fächer, mehr Schnabel. XD 5 aus 10 Harlequin, zu ordentlich 6 aus 10 Noface, bitte setz dir ne Maske auf oder schmink dich, dann 10 aus 10 4 aus 10 Bob richtig gut! 10 aus 10 Darling 10 aus 10 Er mit Hörnern 10 aus 10. XD Ram und verdammt das sind Beine😊 10 aus 10 Ironmouth 9 aus 10 Deamonslayer perfekt. Ist aber sicher unangenehm zu tragen. 10 aus 10 Belle wie das Original. 10 aus 10 Aber ja lieber daisy als belle. Hinata passt nicht gut zu dir. 8 aus 10 für gute Ausführung Nier perfekt 10 aus 10

    96. mrzelz

      "step on me quuueeen" 😂💀

    97. Broly Short

      bru dat nezuko like hot damn. low key Henry should cosplay tanjiro and make some REAL patreon content UwU would subscribe to onlyfans for that shit no lie lolol luv yallz!

    98. Phillip J

      18:34 I mean I never made it to the end of Naruto but that SPOILERS --------------------------> Big demon tree that's been eating good off of all that war and death and blood the humes have been up to might make a baby that's not a pod person. Did the alien goddess's sons actually have a father or were they sort of spawned from the tree?

    99. TheNotorious C.I.G

      omg Henry you lucky fork imagine lockdown with Gini

    100. Golden Eagle

      So many fantasies, so little time.