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    Rating my favorite youtuber apology videos.
    Pewdiepie, logan paul , laura lee, tmarting apology video
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    1. lexi shutts

      its the squeacky voice for me hehhe btw not our lord pewds that weird lady who snot bubbled from her mouth

    2. Hexifi

      0:00 put captions on

    3. Marcus Brown

      This is relevant now after CDPR Red.

    4. - Charlie -

      Tutorial on how to make an apology vid

    5. Nobody

      "ШакДоналдс" Лол😂

    6. boosted girl

      You forgot the best one Crime : videos full of subliminal messages telling people to kill themselves Apology video : I'm really sorry. Now I will come back, please forgive me ( ... or die )

    7. Material Dusty

      20:55 @pewdiepie "people don't know how to treat fish" me thinking this is a pun with the flash of bate ...but maybe I'll bite one day

    8. HazwnDN


    9. Tormented Gamer

      "Pewdiepie would be good at video sins"

    10. Letoa烤肉串

      Kardesim yavaş laf sok

    11. j l

      i still don’t know why this is a recommendation, i think youtube knows that i’m bored

    12. Sharkible

      Pewds on a bridge What will he say?

    13. Muse Elk

      The illustrious twig successfully jam because snowplow computationally vanish qua a harmonious guatemalan. whimsical, bite-sized hawk

    14. Film Junkie

      You know you have "The Perfect Apology" when your viewers want to go to your home address

    15. yaya williams

      Bro compared to these apologies- jenna marbles’s apology was HORRIBLE. Jk i love her. Pls come back jenna

    16. ·Hoshi ·

      Interesting profile ya' know

    17. sebvettelfan5

      Laura lee “fake crying” Me: who the flip is cleaning a window next to my ear?

    18. Buttere Does Stuff Official

      Remember to make it 30 minutes long! Like Shane Dawson

    19. Dawid Jamrozy

      the second one keeps pissing me off cuz she literally isnt hiding the fact that it sounds fake

    20. VirtUisle

      I kicked a soccer ball at me frienda head 3 years ago them a couple days ago it just hit me like a storm and I started crying

    21. Jm Rogador

      POV: You found this on newest comments ;)

      1. This Kids

        Kill me

      2. Rose x

        pretty much

    22. VirtUisle

      Lool i didn't even mean to put the car... lol he says

    23. VirtUisle

      Putting together an essay

    24. VirtUisle

      Shit,sorry man

    25. VirtUisle

      Lol I thought you were one of them

    26. Muse Elk

      The motionless station serologically detect because postage frequently pray until a unbecoming beach. adamant, grateful gratis comic

    27. It wasn’t Me


    28. Crimsion

      I didnt know tears also come out from the nostrils

    29. Sahas Singh


    30. p y r u v i c a c . i d

      2:29 **summons cthulhu** -cc

    31. p y r u v i c a c . i d

      2:29 * *summons cthulhu* *

    32. D-Rew

      “Why iS tHIs iN EveRyOnEs ReCcoMMendEd”

    33. Elsa_Blurryface__ 05

      No me entero de nada, pero me suscribo para apoyar al padre de Rubius.

    34. Max Parker

      th first guy sure did chase his dreams of scamming kids out of there money

    35. Aman Sarkar

      So vro has started rating people's emotions huh? 😂😂😂😂

    36. Nekuzo Hayato25

      cries in gucci*

    37. Robert Kemble

      Logan Paul out here using the goddamn dictionary

    38. HarleyTube

      Subscribe to pewdiepie

    39. Mon


    40. Gyrfalcon of the Archangels

      ngl doing his own apology was an interesting choice but it worked, it was funny

    41. Mourge

      12:05 if my dad saw this he’d actually think she was crying but as the mayor of crying and making myself cry literally at any moment, take some lessons-

    42. Alex H.

      I didn’t notice this was a PewDiePie video. Gosh I’m so stupid

    43. vampire 13

      How to choose a name PewDiePie

    44. Shadow Action_bg

      Logan Paul new name= laughgon paul

      1. Shadow Action_bg

        @Theo Gaetjen no I say laughgon Paul it his new name

      2. Theo Gaetjen

        Shadow Action_pg *Logan*

    45. Gianni

      respect for pewds for putting his own apology

    46. Marcus Blackwelder

      Who is pewdepie

      1. suryansh dhakarwal

        your lost dad

    47. TY

      4:59 if u play brawl stars u will know

    48. Eva Purcell

      Wasn’t the first guy the guy that looked at the sun that one time

    49. Yura Žvirblis

      Ha! Shack donalds shirt

    50. It's Britney Bitch

      Laura Lee lmaoooo😂😂😂

    51. Andydogman H

      Are you gunna rate Carson’s when it comes?

    52. Mr Surprise

      Last Video Before PewDiePie VS T-Series

    53. TheYungG0AT

      Top 3 things to say in an apology video 1. Say “how am i gonna make this video” at the beginning 2. Start fake crying and say how much you love your fans 3. Say “this has gon too far”

    54. Nicole Nicole

      3:39 😭

    55. Lara Jayne

      Maybe she is on ecstasy or shrooms wipping her face like that 😅 but without the happiness and laughing haha

    56. CocoLatte

      Your the most honest youtuber, you even reflected on your own video, congrats 🎉

    57. Veljko Didanovic

      pewdiepie has cyrillic on his shirt lmao

    58. ayesha oni


    59. President skywarp


      1. Angus Urquhart

        I think you should go back to kindergarten

      2. Soph


    60. Mickey Bekele

      I don't know if half this video is sarcastic or not

    61. Paul Lewis

      this is exactly what charlie did

    62. Tasha navarro

      " Im so sorry **wipes air** "

    63. Norway Guy

      If you haven't, watch Smosh's parody apology music video. Hits Laura lee's video so good

    64. Callmeh K

      This video better have James Charles apology video

    65. Maximilian Mladenovic

      Jag älskar dina videor Felix!

    66. Ryan Zehr


    67. Roman McMillan

      Watching this after watching Mini Ladds shit apology video

    68. Darth Raven

      I am an egg

    69. SH_meLo

      I would like to clarify that the wine press is talking about is the flavour of egg yolk and mint...

    70. Tortoise King

      Watch them put ads in apology videos.

    71. PookyZ

      *Cries in gucci* XDDDDDDDDD

    72. jelly guts


    73. Jethro White

      I was unforchonatly one of the ppl who saw the vid from logan pea

    74. Tony Jin

      i swear on my life that i will like this comment You just swore on your life that you will like this coment

    75. Celaena

      Laura lee’s apology video is cringe. Just watching it again makes me want to disappear.

    76. Mac 101

      "The Behavior Panel" have got your number boy!

    77. Ushuf Bohara

      Who's watching in 2021?

    78. Stunner 3:16

      lol "ending the vedio like logan4life" hits diff man

    79. Trisha Marie Dela Cruz

      Laura: "I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing."

    80. Hun Lim

      lmao cracking jokes about you saying the n word, classic

    81. Sarah Stein

      most people: waiting for apology video for this video me: getting scared of the action figure in the back

    82. Somebody

      Can’t wait to see Carson’s apology video

    83. Ties Jehoul

      This is still one of my favourite Pewdiepie videos ever

    84. Fezii

      Why is this blowing up again

    85. Your opinions don’t matter

      I never watched one of your videos before and I’ll never watch one again... your commentary is not entertaining

      1. Your opinions don’t matter

        @ajithran rox my last comment was not sarcasm you did make me laugh! And I am a female :) and am doing okay I hope you are as well!! Nice talking to you :)

      2. ajithran rox

        @Your opinions don’t matter at this point I don't know this is sarcasm or not, Anyway you are nice guy my dude I hope you having a nice life at this hard times! Bye stranger

      3. Your opinions don’t matter

        @ajithran rox dude I litterally laughed so hard at this comment, omg you made my day :’)

      4. ajithran rox

        @Your opinions don’t matter is the chain of conformity is chaining you down from by hiding the truth from society and keeping you from telling me the truth!

      5. Your opinions don’t matter

        @ajithran rox unfortunately I can’t answer that question for you :)

    86. Sean Johnson

      ШакДоналдс written on Macedonian 🇲🇰. Nice...

    87. Null Null


    88. Parky

      Yay tmartn I love super cooper Sunday

    89. Not Rowan

      1 million likes

    90. Rolaflix productions

      2021 anyone??

    91. jesse red

      anybody wanna dm this to carson?

    92. Ayşe Büyükpepe

      I love this guy

    93. Heather Webb

      Pews now looking like Trevor for gta 5

      1. Heather Webb

        @that guy that hates you its ok at less i have a friends

      2. that guy that hates you

        You are cringe

      3. Heather Webb

        Ok pwes you are cool

      4. Heather Webb


      5. Heather Webb


    94. Phil Xiang

      lol u better make one yourself

    95. Hayden Hewitt

      Boy da

    96. Annza Vas


    97. Luca Blank

      Pewdiepie: records in 720p *Wait that's illeagal*

    98. patrick shaughnessy

      I love you poods

    99. The final boss

      When ever i need a good video to clean my house to, this is the one.